Crego Lectures News

The Martin H. Crego Fund is to be used for visiting lecturers in the Department of Economics. Such lecturers are persons of recognized ability in some area of the field of Economics or related subjects and come to campus to share their experience and practices in talks and meetings with students and participation in classes.

The fund was established by Jean E. Crego ’32 in honor of her father, Martin H. Crego. She writes “the study of Economics was a source of interest and satisfaction throughout his life and [his] keen judgment and wise handling of economic matters, and the generous legacy received from him, make possible this gift in his memory.”

Martin H. Crego Lectures

2011 - George Akerlof, Berkeley
“Identity Economics”

2010 - Calude Henry, Columbia University
“Intellectual Property and Innovation for Sustainable Development”

2009 - David Reiley Jr., University of Arizona
“Retail Advertising Works! Measuring the Effects of Advertising on Sales via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo!”

2009 - Daron Acemoglu, MIT
“Rethinking The Wealth of Nations”

2008 - Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University
“Bad Samaritans – The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism”

2007 - Paul Ruud, Berkeley
“Econometrics and Magical Thinking”

2007 - Janet Currie, Columbia University
“Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? The Effect of Health on Childhood Human Capital,”

2005 - William Easterly, New York University
“Can Foreign Aid End World Policy?”

2005 - B. Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University
“Public Policy Towards Addictive Substances: An Economist’s Perspective”

2003 - George Borjas, Harvard University
“Reflections on the Economics of Immigration”

2002 - Samuel Bowles, University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
“Fugitive Resources: The Weightless Economy and the Invisible Hand”

2001 - Paul Romer, Stanford University
“From New Growth Theory to New Policy Initiatives”

2000 - John Taylor, Stanford University
“What Should We Do With the Big Budget Surplus”