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Field Work Support for Anthropology Majors and Correlates

The Catherine E. Montgomery and Julia F. Gehan Field Work Funds

The Catherine Elliott Montgomery Fund was established by Archibald and Anita Montgomery to promote field work by Vassar College undergraduate anthropology students. The Julia Floyd Gehan Fund was established by the department from a bequest received from Ms. Gehan. It is used to support students whose field research is related to medical anthropology, Ms. Gehan's own field of interest. The Catherine Montgomery Fund has supported student ethnographic field work in such locales as Cuba, the Eastern Caribbean, Belize, Kenya and Costa Rica; student field work in primate studies; and student archaeological field work at sites in France, New Mexico, Belize, and Peru. The Gehan Fund has supported student field research on Botanicas in Puerto Rico and on medical pluralism in India.

Request for Proposals

The Anthropology Department welcomes applications from majors or correlates who would like support from either fund in undertaking anthropological field work. Awards will be made by the department faculty on the basis of the quality of the proposals submitted and the amount of money available in the funds. Applications will be received at any time and will be considered by the selection committee in December and May of each year.

Applicants are requested to submit the following information:

  1. A research proposal, to include:
    1. a  2-3 page detailed description of the proposed field work with references cited
    2. the estimated time period
    3. an indication of whether the work will be part of an established program or is to be carried out independently
    4. if independent, proposal should indicate what research on the topic and courses relevant to the topic will have been completed before project is undertaken and name of department faculty supervisor
    5. signature of faculty advisor or faculty project supervisor, indicating that the project proposal has been discussed with her/him
  2. A discussion of the importance of the proposed field work to the applicant's Vassar education.
  3. A budget estimate indicating:
    1. the total cost of the project including transportation, living expenses, tuition, if any
    2. the amount of money the applicant would like to receive
    3. the minimum amount of money which would make it possible to pursue the desired work.

Successful applicants will be expected to submit a field report following the completion of the field work and present a "Marco Polo" talk on the project.

All inquiries should be addressed to department chair; completed applications should be submitted electronically to