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Vassar Takes Earth Month OnlineOffice of Sustainability Invites Community to Engage in Fun Competitions, Streaming Resources, and More

Finding ways to sustain the environment has become one of Vassar’s core tenets. As the nation prepares to observe the 50th anniversary of the first National Earth Day this month, the college’s Office of Sustainability has planned a series of celebratory activities.

A student holds a hand-made sign during Vassar’s Climate Strike on Sept. 20, 2019.

“Earth Month is based on the idea that all of us, no mater who we are or where we live, can come together to preserve the environment for future generations,” said Vassar Sustainability Director Micah Kenfield. “It’s a call to action in the face of an existential challenge, but it’s also a celebration of hope. With Vassar’s physical presence on pause right now, the Office of Sustainability invites the campus community to join us in a month-long series of activities online.”

Vassar has valued stewardship of the land ever since its founding.

Take part in the activities!

Ongoing All Month

  • “Photograph Your Natural World”
    The VCNature Instagram account typically features snapshots of nature from the Vassar Campus. For the “Photograph Your Natural World” contest, we’re asking members of the Vassar community—wherever they may be—to send us shots of the natural world around them. Visit the competition page
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    We can’t all participate in environmental actions on campus right now, but we can make a difference wherever we are. The Office of Sustainability is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt, asking people to complete a series of activities to promote sustainability—and stay engaged from a distance. Check out the competition page.
  • Earth Day 2070
    April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and its message has never been more pressing. We’re asking the entire Vassar community to send us their pledges of what they’ll be doing to preserve the Earth for future generations and ensure that the 100th Earth Day in 2070 is a cause for celebration, not regret. These messages will be collected in a time capsule to be opened on the 100th Earth Day. Go to the submission page.
  • Greener Home Offices
    Vassar’s Green Office Program won’t be launching formally until campus reopens fully, but in the meantime, we’re offering our telecommuters tips on how to be more sustainable at home while also having a chance for their areas to compete against other departments to see whose home offices are the most sustainable. Get more information on the Greener Office challenge.

Growing and Expanding Throughout the Month

Sustainability Resources
Throughout April, the Office of Sustainability will be rolling out resources to help everyone bring sustainability to their socially distant lifestyles. Perhaps of most note is our Streaming Sustainability guide to free Earth Month entertainment—including a curated list of wildlife live-cams certain to entertain everyone in your household.

150+ Years of Sustainability Site
Since its founding, Vassar has exemplified the values we now see as at the core of sustainability. Twice a week, we’ll be updating the site with news clippings, photographs, and interviews to spotlight over 150 years of Sustainability at Vassar.

Vassar’s Ecological Preserve is a source of both research and relaxation for students, faculty and staff.