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This site is no longer being updated as of June 2021. For the latest news and stories, visit Vassar News.

Vassar on Demand

As we continue the physical-distancing policies necessary to keep our community safe, we look forward to the days when we can once again enjoy a concert at Skinner Hall, a panel discussion in the Aula, or a walk through the galleries at the Art Center. In the meantime, there are many opportunities available online to explore the creative work of our very talented students, faculty, and alumnae/i and to join discussions on important issues. Gathered here are resources for entertainment and personal enrichment that you may not have realized are out there. We’re calling this directory “Vassar on Demand.” Enjoy the show!

College Offerings

Find out about Louise Bourgeois’s “Plate 7,” from the book He Disappeared into Complete Silence and more in the Art Center publications.Photo: © The Easton Foundation/Licensed by VAGA

A Deep Dive into the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center
Sign up for FLLAC’s weekly e-newsletter featuring video gallery talks, interviews, and more. Visit the wildly interesting blog by student docents.

Concerts from the Vassar Music Department
View recent concert webcasts—almost live from Skinner Hall.

Virtual Sustainability Resources
Check out livestreams of the natural world and sustainability actions you can take at home—offered by Vassar’s Office of Sustainability.

From Vassar’s Alumnae/i

Follow Lilli Cooper ’12 and Ethan Slater ’14, both Tony-nominated Broadway performers, and other talented alums.Photo: Joan Marcus

Matthew’s Mug Facebook group and playlist
Reunite with fellow Mug enthusiasts on Facebook or Spotify … and walk down Memory Lane.

Ethan Slater ’14, musical theater performer
Follow the YouTube channel of this Tony-nominated SpongeBob SquarePants star, which features acoustic performances.

Josephine Holtzman ’06 and Isaac Kestenbaum ’03
Check out the critically acclaimed true-crime podcast Midnight Son, cowritten and coproduced by Holtzman and Kestenbaum.
(Note: Requires subscription or free 30-day trial.)

Check out periodic performances by musician Kat Mills ’93.Photo: Courtesy of the subject

Kat Mills ’93, musician
Follow this singer/songwriter who regularly performs live on Facebook.

Emmie Lichtenberg ’10, reality TV star/producer
Watch the Netflix reality TV series I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry, coproduced by Lichtenberg.

Mira Lehr ’56, eco-feminist artist
Visit the artist’s website for a video tour and photo tour of her latest exhibition, High Water Mark—the first installment in a new online art series called MiraVision that she has created for this period of social distancing.

Lilli Cooper ’12, musical theater performer
Watch performances by this Tony-nominated Tootsie star (formerly of SpongeBob SquarePants).

Keep up with multidisciplinary artist Daniel Alexander Jones ’91.Photo: Fordham University

Daniel Alexander Jones ’91, performance artist
Watch musical performances featuring Jones’s alter ego, Jomama Jones. Or listen to a conversation between Jones and Jeremy Cohen, head of the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, about what artists can offer in the current crisis.

Elizabeth Bishop ’34, poet
Bishop’s poem “One Art” is the focus of an episode of the PBS series Poetry in America.

Natalie Keng ’90, multicultural marketing consultant, writer, and entrepreneur
Keng offers recipes, cooking demos, as well as the webcast: “Sharing Hope & Love during the Pandemic” at her website,

Eric Marcus ’80, founder and cohost of the Making Gay History podcast
In addition to the podcast, Marcus presents a weekly “listening club” of selections from the Making Gay History archive and discusses episodes live on Instagram every Friday at 3:00pm eastern time.

Deborah Macfarlan Enright ’82, producer and host of the 3 a.m. What’s Keeping You Up at Night? podcast
Listen to interviews with a variety of interesting people who are disrupting the status quo to improve the world—including various Vassar alums! 

Huang Hung ’84
On the Ted Radio Hour, writer Hung explains how China’s collectivist culture has helped the country battle the coronavirus pandemic

Natalie Nixon ’91, author of The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation and Intuition at Work
Nixon, an expert in design thinking, offers free motivational talks on creativity.

Lillie McDonough ’11’s band ALMA is ready to share their tunes.Photo: Courtesy of the subjects

Lillie McDonough ’11, musician
View performances by ALMA, McDonough’s three-part harmony experimental synth pop band.

Matthew A. Wilson ’99, Emmy-winning performer and founder of Vassar’s Barefoot Monkeys
Listen to Wilson’s TED Talk in which he discusses how can help patients and medical professionals alike get through stressful situations.

Howard Fishman ’92, musician
Follow the YouTube channel of this American culture writer, singer, guitarist, bandleader, playwright, and composer.

Deadria Harrington ’10, Associate Director/Producer at New Georges nonprofit theater incubator
Read “Tiny Plays for the Time of No Plays” by various artists who deftly capture life in the pandemic in one short scene.

Watch Recent Panel Discussions

The Benefits of Interns: Smart Solutions to Complex (or Simple) Challenges
Virtual internships are a boon to a variety of businesses. From helping to plan an investment strategy to pitching ad placements, Vassar students have made meaningful contributions to a broad spectrum of companies and industries. Whether your company has an existing internship program or has plans to create one, let Vassar help you make your working life easier. Learn how—and why—your company should Hire Vassar! Speakers include Richard Bi ’06, Andrea Dalton ’89, Ben Horst ’99, Valerie Silverman Kerr ’84, and Susan Smith from Vassar’s Career Development Office. Brought to you by the Vassar Club of Fairfield County (CT).

Art in the Age of Pandemic: A Conversation with Vassar Alumnae/i in Arts, Culture, and Nonprofit Organizations
The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented upheaval throughout American society. Arts and cultural institutions are facing particularly acute challenges and can no longer safely operate in the same ways. Not surprisingly, Vassar alumnae/i are on the front lines of these challenges. In this panel, brought to you by the Vassar Club of New York, several leaders in the arts and cultural sector discuss their challenges and approaches, including signs of innovation amidst chaos and uncertainty. Speakers include Whitney W. Donhauser ’89, Director & President, Museum of the City of New York; Eliana Glicklich ’03, Project and Operations Manager, Museum of Modern Art; Alisa Martin ’85, Vice President, Educational Operations, The Tenement Museum; Carol Ostrow ’77, P’09, ’15, Producing Director, The Flea Theater; Diego S. Segalini ’02, Co-Executive Director, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.