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Campus SnapshotAlumnae Provide Pastries to Those Remaining on Campus

Welcome to Campus Snapshot, an ongoing series of vignettes that explores how life on campus is evolving during the COVID 19 pandemic. More than 200 students who could not travel to their homes are currently living on campus as they maintain social distancing and continue their studies through distance learning. Meanwhile, security officers, custodians and key administrators continue to venture to campus daily to perform their jobs.

The students LOVE the pastries sent to the Vassar campus by two anonymous alumnae.

Not surprisingly, the Vassar community has found ways to help those on campus cope with the stress. On April 21, two alumnae who asked to remain anonymous contacted a New York City bakery and arranged for the delivery of an assortment of pastries to the campus. The staff at Gordon Commons passed out “Vassar” pastries and cookies to students and staff as they showed up to pick up their daily meals, and President Elizabeth Bradley was there to greet some of them.

... and the President did, too.