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Welcome, Class of 2022!First-Year Students Arrive on Campus With Hope and Joy

Members of the welcoming committee at Main. Check out more Move-In Day photos on Flickr.

Monday, August 27 was Sophie Schoenbrun’s first day at Vassar, and after making the trek from her home in San Antonio, TX, with her parents, she was ready to dive into Vassar life. “Everyone has been so kind and welcoming,” Schoenbrun said as she waited in line in the Villard Room for orientation materials along with some of the other 688 first year students. “I’ve already decided to join the Outing Club. This is such a beautiful area, and I can’t wait to explore some of it.”

Laren and Michael Schoenbrun said they were as happy as their daughter that she had chosen Vassar. “We spent a lot of time looking at a lot of colleges, and Vassar was at the top of the list,” her mother said. “We were thrilled when she was admitted. It’s a perfect fit for her.”

Betchaina Dunac, of Queens, NY, said she was eager to begin taking classes at the “amazing” Bridge for Laboratory Sciences. She said her stay on campus during Accepted Students Day last spring had clinched her decision to enroll at Vassar. “Everyone I met, especially the students, made me feel like I was already part of the community,” she said.

Her father, Jude Dunac, said that warm feeling of acceptance extended to the whole family. “Every person we have met at Vassar has made us feel like we belong,” he said.

Family members were on hand to help organize their students′ dorm rooms.

New students and their parents weren’t the only ones excited about Move-In Day. “This is my 26th, and it’s just as exciting as the first one,” said Dean of Studies Benjamin Lotto. “You look at these first-year students and you see their excitement, and you think about all the possibilities ahead of them, and it makes you think: ‘Yes, this is why I’m here.’”

The class of 2022 pauses for a group photo in front of Main Building. And what a group it is!