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Exhibition Checklist

Curator: Mark O’Berski, Millay Society Vice President.

All cases include candid photos of life at Steepletop, excerpts from Millay’s letters, first edition books, and poems relevant to the particular season.

Winter at Steepletop

  • Southwestern jewelry from 1927 trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, including her iconic ring she was often photographed wearing
  • The King’s Henchman opera book completed in Santa Fe
  • Sleigh Bells from Millay’s sleigh
  • Christmas card from Steepletop
  • Shells collected from Caribbean and Florida beaches
  • Music written by Millay

Spring at Steepletop

  • Bird watching binoculars
  • Bird book
  • The Indigo Bunting (memoir by Vincent Sheehan)
  • Steuben bird
  • Monogrammed libation flask
  • Millay’s gardening tools
  • Seed packets

Summer at Steepletop

  • Bottle of homemade wine
  • Jar of preserved raspberries
  • Jar of preserved pickles
  • Bottle of maple syrup tapped from Steepletop’s  maple trees
  • Barware from the outdoor bar
  • Millay’s tennis racket

Autumn at Steepletop

  • Wedgewood Witch china tea service
  • Dinner place service: china, crystal, sterling flatware
  • Property posted sign
  • Millay’s handbag
  • Millay’s enamel and jeweled compact
  • Lace handkerchief
  • Millay’s beret
  • Silk and rhinestone scarf

Artifacts: Art Library

  • Millay’s red velvet performance gown
  • Hat collection
  • Traveling typewriter
  • Millay’s riding saddle
  • Riding boots and crop
  • Millay’s hunting rifle