Exhibition Checklist

By Laura (Finkel) Streett, Special Collections Librarian

Case 1:

  • Matthew Vassar's statement to the Board of Trustees, 26 February 1861.
  • Matthew Vassar's eye glasses and pocket watch.

Case 2:

  • Reproduction of current mission statement.

Case 3:

  • Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. London: Printed for J. Johnson, 1792.
  • Reproduction of painting of Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie.

Case 4:

  • Milo P. Jewett, Origins of Vassar College. Unpublished manuscript, 1880.

Case 5:

  • Catalog of Cottage Hill Seminary. New York: Edward O. Jenkins, 1856.
  • Catalog of Cottage Hill Seminary for Young Ladies. Poughkeepsie: A. S. Pease and Co., 1860.
  • Circular of the Poughkeepsie Female Academy. Poughkeepsie: Osborne and Killey, 1860.

Case 6:

  • Autograph letter signed by Catharine Beecher to John H. Raymond, 22 May 1872.
  • Catharine Beecher, Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education, Presented to the Trustees of the Hartford Female Seminary. Hartford, Conn.: Packard and Butler, 1829.

Case 7:

  • Vassar Female College: Report on Organization, 1863.
  • James M. Taylor and Elizabeth H. Haight, Vassar. New York: Oxford University Press, 1915.
  • Reproduction of photograph of Milo P. Jewett.

Case 8:

  • Prospectus of Vassar Female College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 1865. New York: Printed by C. A. Alvord, 1865.
  • Photograph of John H. Raymond.

Case 9:

  • Photograph of the Art Gallery in Avery Hall, [ca. 1880].
  • Ticket and program for a Music Department event, 17 June 1867.
  • Programs for Music Department "Soiree Musicale" events, 1868-1869.

Case 10:

  • Autograph letter signed by Matthew Vassar to Sarah J. Hale, 28 October 1865.
  • Engraving of a painting of Sarah J. Hale.
  • Matthew Vassar's statement to the Board of Trustees, 23 June 1868.

Case 11:

  • Rev. H.H. MacFarland, "What are they Doing at Vassar?" Reprinted from Scribners Monthly, August 1871.
  • Enlarged reproduction of cyanotype photograph of students in Ely Gynasium, [ca. 1891-1895].

Case 12:

  • Physical Education Department "Gymnasium Record" ledger, 1884-1894.

Case 13:

  • Vassar College Students' Manual, Poughkeepsie: Telegraph Steam Presses, 1867.
  • First Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Vassar Female College, 1865-66. Poughkeepsie: John A. Gray & Green, 1866.

Case 14:

  • Scrapbooks of Jessie F. Wheeler, VC 1882.
  • Physical Education Department "Gymnasium Record" ledger, 1884-1894.

Case 15:

  • Broadside announcing planned suffrage rally at Vassar College, [October 1915].

Case 16:

  • Draft of speech given by Harriot Stanton Blatch at the National American Women's Suffrage Association Convention in Buffalo, 16 October 1908.
  • Clipping of image of Harriot Stanton Blatch, ca. 1911.
  • Helen C. Putnam, "Education for Parenthood," Journal of Education, 6 July 1911.
  • Photograph of Helen Putnam, ca. 1878.

Case 17:

  • Selection of articles on euthenics in the November 1924 Vassar Quarterly.
  • [Opening of Blodgett Hall], Listening In at Vassar College, January 1929.
  • Brochure for the Institute of Euthenics, Summer 1938.

Case 18:

  • Vassar College Catalogue. Poughkeepsie: Vassar College, 1946.
  • Photograph of Vassar students meeting representatives of the Women's Army Corps.

Case 19:

  • Coeducation and the New Curriculum. Vassar College Office of Admission, [1970].
  • "Coeducation at Vassar," The Misc, 2 October 1970.

Case 20:

  • Current publications for various programs and events.