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Never Before Has Your Like Been Printed: The Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493

Exhibition Checklist

Case 1: Nuremberg

Map of Europe (from Andrew Pettegree, The Book in the Renaissance)

Facsimile of colored view of the city from the Nuremberg Chronicle, in Elisabeth Rücker’sHartmann Schedels Weltchronik

Case 2: “A Community Project”

Map showing “Preacher’s Lane,” where patron Sebald Schreyer, compiler Hartmann Schedel, and others involved in the project lived, from Wilson, The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Schedel’s colored self-portrait, from frontispiece to Stephan Füssel’s Chronicle of the World

Case 3: Hartmann Schedel’s Sources: Two Examples

Giacomo Filippo Foresti da Bergamo’s Supplementum Chronicarum (facsimile of leaves from 1492 Venice edition in the Valencia Library)

Aeneas Piccolomini, De Europa (edited by Bisaha and Brown)

Case 4: Michael Wolgemut and Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, artists

Facsimile of Schatzbehalter of 1491

Case 5: The Manuscript Layouts

Images of Schedel’s manuscript layouts, from Wilson, The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Case 6: Anton Koberger, printer

View of Egidienplatz (site of his print shop), from The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Image of Koberger, from The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Case 7: Marketing

Color facsimile of the “Commendatio,” or prospectus (in the Bavarian State Library)

Map of sales network (from Pettegree, The Book in the Renaissance)

Case 8: Liber Chronicarum, 1493

Facsimile of leaf announcing the index

Facsimile of leaf depicting the Creation (from The Story of the Creation of the World)

Case 9: Liber Chronicarum, cont.

Leaf CLXXVII, showing Kings of Italy (Folio Z, 49 cm)

Case 10: Liber Chronicarum, cont.

Leaf CLXXXIX, showing Emperor Henry III, etc.

Case 11: Das Buch der Chroniken, 1493

Leaf VI, showing creation of Eve from Adam’s rib

Leaf XXXIX, showing city view of Paris

Case 12: Das Buch der Chroniken, cont.

Leaf XLI, showing King Saul, and Ulysses and Circe

Case 13: Das Buch der Chroniken, cont.

Leaves LVII and LVIII, double-leaf spread of Rome

Case 14: Das Buch der Chroniken, cont.

Facsimile of leaves CCLXXXVI and CCLXXXVII, showing map
of northern Europe, from Chronicle of the World

Case 15: Augsburg reprints

Facsimile of title page and leaf VI, showing Adam and Eve, from the
Augsburg German edition of 1496 (in the Duchess Anna Amalia Library)

Case 16: Augsburg reprints, cont.

Leaf C, showing Augsburg, from the Augsburg Latin edition, 1497

Case 17: Influence of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Facsimiles from Sebastian Franck’s Chronica, 1536

Case 18: Influence of the Nuremberg Chronicle, cont.

Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, 1578

Case 19: Recent Scholarship

Stephan Füssel, Die Welt im Buch

Christoph Reske, Die Produktion der Schedelschen Weltchronik

Case 20: Recent Scholarship, cont.

English translation by Michael Zellman-Rohrer

Case 21: (in Special Collections): Liber Chronicarum, 1493

Open to leaf CCLXVII, showing Aeneas Piccolomini
(Pope Pius II) and the Emperor Frederick