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By Vassar Quarterly


The Sculpture of Reform in North Italy, ca 1095-1130: History and Patronage of Romanesque Facades 
By Dorothy F. Glass ’64
Ashgate Publishing, 2010

Take Me To My Paradise: Tourism and Nationalism in the British Virgin Islands
By Colleen Ballerino Cohen, Professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies
Rutgers University Press, 2010

Southern Paiute: A Portrait
By William Logan Hebner ’78, photographs by Michael Plyler
Utah State University Press, 2010

Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity
By Thomas Block ’87
Fons Vitae 2010

New York Parties: Private Views
By Jamee Gregory ’70
Rizzoli 2010

Women and the Great War: Femininity under Fire in Italy
By Allison Scardino Belzer ’93
Palgrave 2010

Across the Great Divide: A Photochronicle of the Counterculture
By Roberta Price ’68
University of New Mexico Press, 2010

Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription, 
By Seth Meyers ’96, PsyD with Katie Gilbert
Adams Media 2010  

A Breath of Freedom: The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany
By Maria Höhn, Professor of History, with Martin Klimke
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

The Body in Early Modern Italy 
Edited by Julia L. Hairston ’84 with Walter Stephens
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010

Poor Women in Rich Countries: The Feminization of Poverty Over the Life Course
Edited by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg ’57
Oxford University Press, 2010

Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives
By Susan Osborn ’77
Cork University Press, 2009.

Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea
By Daniel Finamore ’83 and Stephen Houston
Yale University Press, 2010

Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists
Joshunda Sanders ’00 (contributor)
Seal Press, 2010


Harvest of Dreams
By Alison Weary Henderson ’76
The Wild Rose Press, 2010

Adventures in Atomville: The Macroscope
By Cindy Schwarz, Professor of Physics
Small World Books 2009

Spring Bear
By Betsy Connor Bowen ’66
Lonefeather Productions, 2009

You're Welcome (A Cycle of Bad Plays)
By Hannah Bos '00 and Paul Thureen '00
Playscripts, 2010

Silent Mercy
By Linda Fairstein ’69
Dutton, 2011 

Zora and Me
By Victoria Bond ’01
Candlewick Press, 2010

The Civilized World
By Susi Wyss ’86
Henry Holt and Company, 2011

The Einstein Solution
By Jean Adair Shriver ’54
Mischievous Muse Press, 2009


A Sea Change
By Lisa Fleck Dondiego ’66
Finishing Line Press, 2010


By Concorde Contemporary Music Ensemble
Jane Strong O’Leary ’68
Navona Records, 2010