The Photographers

Ryan Muir ’06

By Vassar Quarterly


It was strange being back and realizing this was the first year that every student with whom I’d walked the halls of Vassar had graduated. The place didn’t change much, and it was too cold to really observe a lot of student life that was out in public (because there wasn’t any). I don’t think I felt the place had changed much, but it was great to feel so welcomed by our subjects, and everything went pretty smoothly for me on a busy day.


Ryan Muir majored in film studies and has been working in Brooklyn, New York, as a freelance Web photojournalist. His photographic specialty is working in music, film and stage performance, and naturalistic and candid documentary photography. Muir’s work has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, the Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Vibe and on the websites of La Blogotheque, IFC Films, Wired magazine, Gothamist, and VHI.

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