Heat, Humidity, and High Spirits: Reunion 2008

By Phyllis Davison Teasdale ’43
Reunion 2008 Parade
Reunion 2008 Parade

“Your face is so familiar
that I know we’ve met before
was it at our monthly book club
yoga class? or at the store?

Perhaps we go back further
to our days in PTA
or when we took the kiddies
to the park so they could play

It may be our auld acquaintance
has a much more ancient stamp
could it be that we were roommates
at the Woodland Girl Scout Camp?

I admit I’m at an impasse.
‘cause I haven’t got a clue
as to where — or when — or how
I first became involved with you

I have just one consolation
that from guilt now sets me free:
I am certain you’re in agony...
you simply can’t place me!”

Phyllis Davison Teasdale ’43

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Photography by Carlisle Stockton