Vassar Today

Night Vision

By Emery Bernhard

One evening last year, neuroscience major Sasha Litwin ’07—assisted by the residents of Noyes House—arranged illuminated windows to create a pattern of “repeating units and modules” for Professor of Art Harry Roseman’s Sculpture I class.


Night Vision at Noyes House
Night Vision at Noyes House

“This project was about taking one unit and repeating it to explore the concept of patterns,” explained Litwin. “I wanted to make something big, so I decided to use a building. I organized the Noyes residents, getting each room either to turn their lights on or off, which created a wave pattern with the lights in all the windows facing Noyes circle.”

Roseman had praise for his student’s work. “Specific restrictive parameters put onto an undertaking, notwithstanding assumptions to the contrary, can open up practically inexhaustible conceptual and formal possibilities. Litwin’s excellent solution to this modular assignment is a good example of this premise.”

Photo Credit: Sasha Litwin '07