Beyond Vassar

Mixed Media


The Effects of Light
By [Lucy] Miranda Beverly-Whittemore ’98
Warner Books, 2005

Book Cover: Calamity and Other Stories
Book Cover: Calamity and Other Stories
The Drowning Tree
By Carol Goodman ’81
Ballantine Books, 2004

Calamity and Other Stories
By Daphne Kalotay ’92
Doubleday, 2005

Hot on the Trail: A Bel Barrett Mystery
By Jane [Siegendorf] Isenberg ’62
Avon/HarperCollins, 2004

April Fool’s Day
By Josip Novakovich ’78
HarperCollins, 2004

The Street
by M.J. Momot Price ’93
PublishAmerica, 2004

Book Cover: Lauren's Line
Book Cover: Lauren's Line
By Linda Fairstein ’69
Scribner, 2005

Lauren’s Line
By Sondra Spatt Olsen ’57
University Press of Mississippi, 2004


The History of Riverside Church in the City of New York
Contributing chapters by Lawrence H. Mamiya, professor of religion/Africana studies, and Judith Weisenfeld, associate professor of religion
New York University Press, 2004

Dancing Trees and Crocodile Dreams: My Life in a West African Village
By Marcy L. Spaulding ’00
Poppyland Publishing Company, 2004

Alive With Alzheimer’s
By Cathy Stein Greenblat ’61
University of Chicago Press, 2004

Transcendental Illuminations: Autobiographies of a Seeker and a Saint
By Mari Tankenoff ’87 and Scott Berger
Beaver’s Pond Press, 2004

Global Entertainment Media: Content, Audiences, Issues
Edited by Ann [Messerly] Cooper-Chen ’66
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004

With All Our Strength: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
By Anne Brodsky ’87
Routledge Press, 2003

Liminal Lives: Imagining the Human at the Frontiers of Biomedicine
By Susan Merrill Squier ’72
Duke University Press, 2005

Book Cover: 20th Century Sprawl
Book Cover: 20th Century Sprawl
Objects of American Art Education
By Diana Korzenik ’61
Huntington Library Press, 2004

20th Century Sprawl: Highways and the Reshaping of American Landscape
By Owen D. Gutfreund ’85
Oxford University Press, 2004


A new interactive CD-ROM, “morphing” 48 creature-filled, brightly colored ink paintings, each accompanied by original synthesizer sound motifs composed by the artist. To see non-morphing samples of the work and to contact Jan Marx Knoop ’57, visit