Class Notes & Profiles

Not Just a Pretty Face

By Rachel Beck '04

Although the striking countenance of David Padrino '00 is featured in a national advertising campaign for Polo Jeans, his goals extend far beyond being photogenic. Appropriately, it was his heart and mind that got his face noticed, instead of the other way around.

In 2002, Padrino joined the Coro group, a non-profit organization whose mission "is to strengthen communities and the democratic process by preparing individuals for effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena." He participated in the Fellowship in Public Affairs, which gave him hands-on experience in a variety of public service sectors. "I've always felt that working for the government, an institution created to serve the public, would be a rewarding career," said Padrino, "and Coro helped me get there."

It was during his time at Coro that Padrino applied to take part in a Ralph Lauren campaign for GIVE jeans. Ten percent of the proceeds from the jeans go to non-profits, and the advertisements feature young men and women who work or volunteer for such organizations. Near the end of his time at Coro, Padrino learned that he had been selected as one of the faces for GIVE jeans.

This was Padrino's first experience with modeling, which he described as "a little surreal." But he enjoyed meeting the other models, who are also ambitious. "A lot of these people have fantastic stories and really high goals, which has elevated what I hope to do with my life."

Currently, Padrino is trying to put together a non-profit organization. "This project really gets me excited, and I think if I can make it work it will be a big part of my future," he said. It's a lofty aspiration, but if it doesn't work out, at least he can always fall back on his modeling career.