First Words

Summertime and the Living is Busy

By Samantha Soper '91

By the end of the academic year, thousands of people have traipsed across Vassar’s campus. In May, parents, friends, speakers, and graduating students converge on the outdoor amphitheater for Commencement. Two short weeks later, thousands of alums, student workers, and AAVC staff celebrate the annual Vassar reunion. When the last of the alumnae/i have left campus, when the lost and found boxes are full, and remnants of picnics and fireworks are cleared, one can imagine that the much-trod campus sighs with relief and looks forward to three months of peace and quiet before the freshmen arrive in late August. But clamoring at the gates are dancers, athletes, actors, musicians, and scholars. This is just the beginning of summer at Vassar.

Below is a list of the many programs offered on campus during the summer:

  • Vassar and New York Stage and Film’s Powerhouse Program, June 9–August 10
  • Summer Music at Vassar, June 15–July 26
  • American Academy of Ballet, June 25–August 10
  • Filmmaking and Screenwriting Workshop, June 9–July 24
  • The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, June 14–June 20
  • The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill Girls Leadership Workshop, July 26–August 3
  • Internal Drive Technology Camp, June 23–August 8
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted, June 28–July 18, July 20–August 9
  • Sidwell Friends School Leadership for Women, July 13–July 25
  • Summer Sports Camp, throughout the summer
  • Estée Lauder Executive Programs, throughout the summer

For more information on Vassar’s Summer Programs, call 845.437.7000 or visit