Class Notes & Profiles

An Amazing Adventure

By Lindsay Dawson ’05

Before appearing on CBS’ The Amazing Race 3, Zachary Behr ’01 and Florinka (Flo) Pesenti ’01 had only traveled together once, a trip they dubbed a “one-day marathon drive” from New York to Boston. Of their journey, Zach reported, “It was rugged, but good training, I hope.” The pair will undoubtedly encounter much more challenging tasks as contestants on the reality show, in which 12 teams compete to see who can be the first to reach various destinations around the globe. Zach insisted that his talents include “logistics, directions, and keeping a cool head,” while Flo “keeps it fun.”

Apparently, Flo’s instinct for fun was what initially drew her to Zach when she first saw him in ACDC their freshman year. His unusual fashion choices (on that particular day, an ironic hat and a camouflage suit) caught her eye. They have been friends ever since, working at the Mug together as upperclassmen. Flo said, “We would go crazy making drinks for the whole bar, trying to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail. It was so fun to be silly with someone while working.”

Zach majored in political science, and Flo studied psychology. Between them, they speak five languages, including Czech and Italian. Both are seasoned travelers who have visited several continents. Zach felt well prepared for the show, especially with his self-described “super high-tech underwear” that supposedly makes him run faster. Despite Flo’s penchant for “falling asleep in random places” while traveling, she hoped to see China and win some prize money.