Class Notes & Profiles

On a Conquest

By Samantha Soper '91

With the recent debut of their first full-length CD, What’s Up Fireball, these Vassar graduates are on the brink of invading the music scene. Called “the magnificent seven of rock” by The Village Voice and “more fun than you’d like to admit” by Guitar World Magazine, Conquistador's clever songwriting skills and energetic stage shows have taken them from tours of the East Coast and California to appearances on MTV, Comedy Central, and ESPN.

As friends at Vassar, these musicians formed the now-defunct ska-band Skabba the Hut. After a few personnel and name changes and a new musical direction, Conquistador emerged. “I think our collective friendship has not only kept us together for so many years, but it’s what brings us to a higher level as a band.... We live together, party together, and work together and that manifests itself in a truly positive way, both onstage and in the studio,” said guitarist Brian Grosz ’99.

Next stop on their tour of the music industry: the soundtrack for the upcoming Pauly Shore film and stops along the Northeast club and festival circuit. “Eventually we’d like to have our own line of action figures and maybe our own video game but we’re keeping our feet on the ground for the time being,” added Grosz. To read more about Conquistador, visit