Beyond Vassar

Books Noted


Leaving The Life
Lesbians, Ex-Lesbians and the Heterosexual Imperative

By Ann E. Menasche ’72
Onlywomen Press, Limited, 1999

Through interviews with life-long-never-heterosexuals, married lesbians, ex-lesbians, and self-defined bi-sexuals, Menasche "attempts to increase our understanding of the institutions that limit and define our choices as women. Such feminist inquiry always forces us to look critically at our own lives and that of the women and men around us."

American Heritage
Book of Great American Speeches for Young People

Edited by Suzanne McIntire ’73
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001

The Enduring Power of Female Friendship

By Sandy Granville Sheehy ’67
William Morrow & Company, 2000

Making Babies, Making Families
What Matters Most in an Age of Reproductive Technologies, Surrogacy, Adoption, and Same-Sex and Unwed Parents

By Mary Lyndon Shanley, Professor of Political Science
Beacon Press, 2001

Hardcore From the Heart
The Pleasures, Profits, and Politics of Sex in Performance

By Annie Sprinkle, edited by Gabrielle Cody, Associate Professor of Drama
Continuum, 2001

Painted on a Cobweb
Travails and Travels of a Young Woman at the Turn of the Last Century

By Polly McLaughlin ’34
Goose River Press, 2000

BECK: The Art of Mutation
By Nevin Martell ’97
Pocket Books, 2001

The Art and Power of Being a Lady
By Noelle Cleary ’88 and Dini von Mueffling ’88
Atlantic Monthly Press, 2001

Grill Power
By Holly Rudin-Braschi ’76
QVC Publishing, 2000

You Look Beautiful Like That:
The Portrait Photographs of Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibe

By Michelle Lamunière ’88
Harvard University Art Museums and Yale University Press, 2001


The Deadhouse
By Linda Fairstein ’69
Scribner, 2001

Carley’s Song
By Patricia Sprinkle ’65
Zondervan Books, 2001


Mother Tongue
By Wendell Hawken ’66
Argonne House Press, 2001