Beyond Vassar

Mixed Media


Voices for Catherine Blake
A Gathering

By Barbara Lachman ’60
Schola Antiqua, 2000; 540.464.1195

Self-Portraits of Women Painters
By Liana De Girolami Cheney, Alicia Craig Faxon ’52, Kathleen Russo
Ashgate, 2000

Vassar College
By Maryann Bruno ’80 and Elizabeth Adams Daniels ’41
Arcadia Publishing Inc., 2001
A history in photos, culled primarily from the Vassar College Library Special Collections. Bruno is retired associate director of college relations; Daniels is college historian and retired professor of English and dean.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Migraines and Other Headaches
By Jeanne Rejaunier ’56
Alpha Books/Macmillan-USA, 2000

Reading Into Writing
Using Children's Literature to Teach Writing to Children

by Katie Webb Johnson ‘62
Sheridan Books, 2000

Helping Parents Help Their Children

Edward H. Jacobs ’75
Aronson, 2000


The Room Lit By Roses
A Journal of Pregnancy and Birth

By Carole Maso ’77
Counterpoint Press, 2000

Seasons at Sea Meadow
Gardening and other Pleasures on Block Island

By Jane Boone Foster ’30
Book Nook Press, 2000

Mom’s Marijuana
Insights About Living

By Dan Shapiro ’88
Harmony Books, 2000

The Fourth Wall
By Beth Saulnier ’90
Warner Books, 2001
In the third Alex Bernier mystery, our intrepid (and Vassar-educated) reporter solves the case of a long-lost movie starlet who disappeared in the 1920s—and whose body is found bricked up in the wall of an abandoned theater.

The Dollhouse Magic
By Yona Zeldis McDonough ’79
Illustrations by Diane Palmisciano
Holt & Co., 2000

Talking On Air
A Collection of Radio Commentaries from the North Country

By Eleanor Garrell Berger ’64
Twenty-three essays broadcast on North Country Public Radio in upstate New York, read by the author. (E-mail or write to Tapes, PO Box 1654, Plattsburgh, NY 12901)