Beyond Vassar

Mixed Media


Not One of the Boys
Living Life As a Feminist

By Brenda Feigen ’66
Alfred Knopf, 2000

Sunday at the Ballpark
Billy Sunday’s Professional Baseball Career, 1883-1890

By Wendy Knickerbocker ’70
Scarecrow Press, 2000

Fifty Writing Lessons That Work

By Carol Rawlings Miller ’83
Scholastic Professional Books, 1999

Oracle8 Certified Professional DBA Practice Exams and
Oracle8 Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide 

By Jason Couchman ’95 
Osborne / McGraw-Hill, 2000

Rainbow Rights
The Role of Lawyers and Courts in the Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights Movement

By Patricia A. Cain ’68
Westview Press, 2000

The Routledge Historical Atlas of Women in America
By Sandra Smyth Opdycke ’57
Routledge, 2000

Dreamworld and Catastrophe
The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West

By Susan Buck-Morss ’63
MIT Press, 2000

The Social Health of the Nation
How America Is Really Doing

By Marc Miringoff and Marque-Luisa Miringoff, Vassar professor of sociology
Oxford U. Press, 1999


The Remember Box
By Patricia [Houck] Sprinkle ’65
Zondervan Publishing, 2000


Mood Swings to Murder

By Jane Isenberg ’62
Avon/HarperCollins, 2000

Remember the Alibi
By Elizabeth Daniels Squire ’47
Silver Dagger Mysteries, 2000


Ned’s Journal
The Big and Small Life Adventures of Ned

By Fan [Farwell] Brown ’49 and Elizabeth Brown
Tatra Press, 2000
Combines poetry and journal entries; for children ages 4 to 10.


Grill Power

Holly Rudin-Braschi ’76
QVC Publishing, 2000



Live Free or Die
Marion Lipschutz ’80 and Rose Rosenblatt, producers, directors, and writers
About the “abortion provider crisis”
PBS, P.O.V., 2000