Vassar Today

Innoculations Stop Y2K Bug

Vassar joined the rest of the world in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best from the Y2K Bug. 

In a telephone interview shortly before Christmas, Director of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) Diane Balestri said that every division of the college had performed extensive tests on all computer systems to ensure Y2K compliance, and problems were identified and remedied. While Balestri could be sure that the college’s computer system could manage the date change without difficulty, she could not be as confident in the power companies. So, CIS requested that the campus close, and that everyone unplug everything before leaving. Students were not permitted to reside on campus from December 22 until January 4.

But, the college sailed into the new century without a hitch. Was it because of all the preparations? According to Maureen Romey, associate director for administrative systems, “Definitely.”