Vassar Today

The Old Story of Raucous Campaigning

If the heightened frenzy of the presidential campaigns hasn't quenched your thirst for politics, then check out Assistant Professor of History Rebecca Edwards's website, "1896. The Presidential Campaign: Cartoons and Commentary." Ms. Edwards, together with Ford scholar Sarah DeFeo '99 and Michael Joyce, director of Vassar's Center for Electronic Learning, began the site in 1997 as a repository for a vast collection of rare political cartoons gathered while researching a book on women and politics in the late 19th century. While the site has been universally accessible since its inception, it was just recently completed and officially launched. A trip through the website provides a glimpse into the world of the Gilded Age-women's suffrage, labor issues, anti-Semitism, racism, and a host of other issues you may be surprised have been around for more than a century.