First Words

First Words

By Georgette Weir

Why change the magazine? To get your attention.

To make the familiar new. To be a little more “with it”—more competitive—in this visual age. To freshen perspectives and change expectations of what the magazine might offer, for both readers and editors. Stay tuned. What haven’t we changed? We haven’t changed the mission or the basic organization of the magazine.

Our mission statement, which appears at the top of the adjacent masthead, is the same one that appeared in the inaugural issue of the alumnae magazine in February 1916. Sections have been renamed, but we are still of, by, or about alumnae, alumni, and the college. Other changes. Few people have been using the Class Notes postcard, especially since the advent of e-mail, so we have dropped that. Those who like to put pen to paper, please write to your correspondent directly or via the magazine office. Note below that we have a new street address, courtesy of Dutchess County’s new 911 program. This change applies as well to all AAVC offices and Alumnae House. Finally, this is a first and last Editor’s Note. In the future this space will go to the usual fare of college and alumnae/i news. Let us know what you think of the changes.

Georgette Weir
Vassar Alumnae/i Quarterly