About VQ

Mission Statement

The mission of the magazine is described in the first issue, published in 1916: "To keep alumnae/i in touch with the living, working Vassar, so that even the most distant alumnae/i know of the changes in equipment, in curriculum, in regulations, in student thought and life, and may thus realize that the college is not static but progressive, meeting new problems as human beings do, and that on its success in solving them depends its value to the coming generations. Its mission is also to give to alumnae/i a meeting place in thought, a place where we may learn of each other's interests, opinions, and achievements, and through them of the world's work and thought, and so judge of the dynamic value of the Vassar spirit."

The Vassar Quarterly is published three times per year - Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter - by AAVC. It includes news of, by, and for members of the Vassar community and is mailed to 38,000 readers.


Elizabeth Randolph
Associate VP, Editorial and Publications; VQ Editor
(845) 437-5447

Nada Glick
Class Notes Coordinator
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Joan Giurdanella
Class Notes Editor