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New Hub for Alums!

The college launched its new and improved alumnae/i website, the Hub, in late March. The goal, according to Elizabeth Randolph, director of alumnae/i communications, was to create a site that is easier to navigate, more entertaining, and more interactive than the previous one.

In reconceptualizing the site, Randolph says, "We envisioned it, not as a place to push out information, but as a gathering place where alumnae and alumni could browse interesting content, participate in online discussions, catch up with classmates, network, and find volunteer activities." 

A "hub" became the working metaphor for the site’s development team, which included Vassar's Web Group as well as professionals in communications and alumnae/i affairs.

Both alumnae/i and students may benefit from the networking opportunities offered by the new site, Randolph added. The online Alumnae/i Directory, accessible from the Hub, has been enhanced, allowing those seeking to start or advance their careers the ability to reach out to alumnae/i for career mentoring, internships, and jobs. (The Directory's networking functions may be used in place of V-Net, Vassar's previous career networking site, which has been discontinued.)

In addition to a networking tool, the Hub operates as a weekly magazine. New feature articles and interactive content are posted each week, and social media tie-ins allow alumnae/i (and all members of the Vassar community) to comment on Hub stories and current events. 

"There is no shortage of interesting ideas being explored by Vassar alumnae/i, students, and faculty members, that's for sure," says Randolph. "We're hoping alumnae/i will visit the site, and visit often. We're hoping the Hub will help them to hook into that heady sense of intellectual exploration—and fun—they had when they were students."

Visit the Hub at:

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April 2012

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