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Meet the Class of 2015

Six hundred and seventy-one freshmen selected from the largest applicant pool in Vassar College's history began classes on August 31. Vassar received 7,985 applications for the Class of 2015, and offered admission to only 22.5 percent of applicants, making 2015 Vassar's most selective class ever.

Among the many measures of the academic strength of this class, together they had the college’s highest ever average combined SAT scores (2092). Nearly 38% of Vassar's new freshmen are students of color, and 45% are men, two more historic marks. This is also a very socio-economically diverse first-year class, with 60% receiving Vassar scholarship funding. Moreover, 67 members of the class are first generation college students. The class as a whole hails from 46 states and 32 foreign countries. Its members speak 33 first languages, including Akan, Gujarati, and Tagalog.

Not surprisingly, the Class of 2015 is no stranger to the arts and literature. Nearly 50 of them were the editor-in-chief of a major high school publication. One is a dancer who has performed more than 100 times with the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. One is an actor who appeared in a soap opera on CBS.  Another appeared on Nickelodeon. Yet another curated an art exhibit at a gallery in San Francisco.

That’s not to say the class is all brains and no brawn. Some 113 were varsity sports captains in high school. Two are award-winning equestrians. Five hold black belts in various martial arts. One is a nationally ranked squash player, while another is a certified yoga instructor.

It’s also a caring and engaged group. Six of its members are certified EMTs. Another four established their own nonprofit organizations, including a microcredit banking group, an organization that raised money to purchase water filters for rural villages in Africa, an after-school tutoring group, and an online community in China for students considering going to school abroad.

Finally, they are connected to the land, an ethos that should fit right in at the Vassar Farm and in the greater Hudson Valley. One is a beekeeper. Another is a farmhand. Another breeds and raises goats. And yet another makes maple syrup from scratch each year.

“We always seek to admit the most talented and interesting students possible," says President Hill. So it is with Vassar’s Class of 2015, arguably as diverse and accomplished a class as any in the college's history. –Peter Bronski with Jeff Kosmacher

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