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Visited the Memories section of the Vassar 150 website lately? If you haven’t, here’s a glimpse of what you’ve been missing: 

Jacqueline Kory ’11, one of Vassar’s newest alumnae, writes “some people measure their lives in chapters, or by photo albums and video clips. Sometimes, I think I measure mine in journals…

“I pulled out a new notebook today ... and when I opened it, a silver piece of foil fell out. It had been tucked just inside the front cover, a Dove chocolate wrapper, the kind with little inspirational quotes printed on them. It said, ‘It’s never too late for a fresh start.’

“This, it’s a notebook for the start of whatever happens next.

“With summer coming fast, I’m paying more attention than I ever did to all the little things around me that I love about Vassar. The green floor in Walker Bay 5, where I’ve spent more hours than I’ll ever count training with the fencing team. The way a sunset looks across Ballantine field. The sound of monkeys calling “boo-a-woop!” from distant parts of campus, with similar cries echoing in return. Even the weird patterns painted on the ceiling in Main’s front lobby — have you ever looked up at them?

“Four years of my life.

“Seven semesters and two summers at Vassar. One semester abroad. One summer in Virginia…

“So many moments…"

Read the rest of Kory’s essay about the transition from Vassar student to Vassar alumna. Plus, read what your classmates and other Vassar alumnae and alumni are writing about their own time at Vassar.

Don’t forget to submit your own memory to the Sesquicentennial website! Share any aspect of your personal Vassar experience—recollections of your time on campus, inspiring faculty, friendships forged, how the college changed you, how you changed the college and the world.

June 2011

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