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Visited the Memories section of the Vassar 150 website lately?

If you haven’t, here’s a glimpse of what you’ve been missing:

Jeannette Hopkins, Class of 1944 writes of “a story told to me by my mother, Gladys Hull Hopkins, Class of 1913. It is part of family lore that Matthew Vassar had invited one of our family to join him as a partner in his brewery, and that our ancestor, a Nathaniel Moulthrop, had declined that invitation on the grounds that he did not want his three sons to drink.”

Read about Hopkins' quest to find the true story behind the family legend.

Don’t forget to submit your own memory to Sesquicentennial website! Share any aspect of your personal Vassar experience—recollections of your time on campus, inspiring faculty, friendships forged, how the college changed you, how you changed the college and the world.

May 2011

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