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September Speakers

Author Michael Sledge, pictured, will read from his latest novel The More I Owe You, a tale of Elizabeth Bishop's years in Brazil and her love affair with Lota de Macedo. Sledge received his BA from Stanford University and his MFA in writing from Columbia University School of the Arts. The reading will take place on September 14th at 5pm in the Class of 1951 Reading Room located in the Library. Learn more about Sledge and his published works.

Elizabeth McAlister, professor of religion at Wesleyan University, will be speaking on September 27th at 7pm in Sanders Classroom. Sponsored by the Anthropology department, her lecture is entitled “Singing from the Rubble to the Telethon: Music, Religion, and the Haiti Quake.” McAlister has published multiple works concerning Afro-Caribbean religions and music. She has also produced three compilations of Afro-Haitian religious music. Read an interview with McAlister.

Paul Volcker, economist and former chairman of the Federal Reserve, will be holding a question and answer session on September 28th at 5pm in the multipurpose room of the Students' Building. As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Volcker served under presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  Currently, he is chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under Barack Obama. Read an article about Volcker that recently appeared in The New Yorker.

September 2010

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