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A view of the main common room of the newly renovated Davison Hall.

Davison House Renovation Brings Balance of New and Old

After a year of renovations, Davison House has reopened for the 2009-2010 school year. While alumnae/i might recognize traces of its prior form, the refurbished residence hall boasts an entirely updated interior with several new features unlike any other residential space on campus. Davison, for example, will be significantly more energy efficient than other dormitories and will feature low-flush toilets and showerheads. In addition, the entire building has been outfitted to comply with all codes for ADA accessibility, including the installation of a brand new elevator.

On each of its five residential floors there is a communal study space, complete with a sink and countertop, a community bulletin board, comfy chairs and side tables, and large windows overlooking the quad. Some of the heavy and opaque swinging hall doors in the dorm hallway have been replaced by double French doors and a set of windows have been added to the north and south ends of each hall, increasing the amount of natural light within the building.

The historical character of Davison was not altogether forgotten during the reconstruction. Original wood flooring and brick walls can be seen throughout the building and the trademark white window frames and cupolas of the quad dorm have been painted a deep forest green, echoing Davison’s earlier days. Remnants of the old Davison have been recycled for new use as well—old doors to rooms now serve as wall panels, concealing wiring in the basement. “We took the doors and re-used them to keep original architectural integrity literally within the building,” notes project manager Art Fisher.

New students moved into the newly completed building on August 25, followed by returning students on August 29. “The renovations are absolutely stunning,” says Davison House president for 2009-2010 Louise Conner ’11. “I’m extremely excited to make the year memorable and to help build a Davison community in our new dorm!”

September 2009

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