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Photo credit: Courtesy of "Jeopardy!" Productions, Inc.

Vassar Students on Jeopardy!, America’s Got Talent

Speaking of AirCappella, as we finished preparing this installment of the eNewsletter, we heard two great pieces of news: First, that current first-year Greg Lichtenstein ’12 (pictured) will be competing against fourteen other students in the Jeopardy! 2009 College Championship. This is, according to the CBS press release, the first time a Vassar student has competed. Lichtenstein’s first (and perhaps only? — contestants, alas, are sworn to secrecy) appearance will be on May 6.

Secondly — but no less significantly — Vassar’s one and only all-whistling a cappella group (which you may have read about in our December eNewsletter), says that they’re going to appear on America’s Got Talent on June 23.

Mark your calendars; set your TiVos — and tune in!

May 2009

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