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Photo credit: Courtesy of Yolanda Sabio ’73

African American Alumnae/i Celebrate Triennial IX

African American Alumnae/i of Vassar College (AAAVC) serendipitously chose an exciting weekend for their ninth Triennial Program, which took place from November 7-9 — three days after Barack Obama’s presidential win. This historic and joyous occasion set the tone for the event, which brought 53 alumnae/i and their families back to campus for a social and intellectual reunion and a return to the classroom. The classes of 1964 to 2008 were represented in the best turnout in many years.

AAAVC was founded in 1984 by black alumnae/i who wanted a chance to connect with each other and advance the interests of Vassar, and the group has returned to campus every three years since then. This year, many of their members stepped up to lead new fundraising efforts and reinvigorate the group. Events included a reception with student leaders and a career-mentoring lunch with more than 60 current students, a forum with professors titled “Imagining Obama: Historical and Political Reflections on the Promises and Problems of an Improbable President,” and a conversation with President Catharine Hill, her senior officers, and five members of the Board of Trustees. Overall, the program was a great success, says attendee Yolanda Sabio ’73: “For me, it is Vassar for a lifetime! This weekend makes me want to go back to school and confirms why I continually encourage young people to consider Vassar. I am confident that the vision and structure laid out this weekend will come to fruition and be a ‘win win win’ for the Vassar community.”

December 2008

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