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Community Shuttle Brings Students into Poughkeepsie

The vibrant city of Poughkeepsie has a lot to offer residents and visitors in terms of culture, shopping, and schools — but without a car, it is difficult to gain access to those places from Vassar. This year, however, the new Poughkeepsie Shuttle will make it easy for all students to get off campus and explore the city. The 29-seat Leprechaun Bus, appropriately printed with “Catch the Magic” on its side, will make eight off-campus stops in a 45-minute rotation running from 12:15 to 6:30 p.m.

Among its stops will be the Poughkeepsie Middle School and High School (for people who tutor and student teach at the schools), the historic Lower Main Street gallery and restaurant district, the Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and the city train station. The Campus-Community Advisory Committee felt that students wanted to get out into Poughkeepsie, and started the shuttle as a convenient and safe way to explore life beyond the college campus.

October 2008

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