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Listen Anytime Online to WVKR, Vassar’s Independent Radio 91.3 FM

Did you know that you can listen to 91.3 FM, WVKR, Vassar’s independent radio station, anytime online? Visit to hear daily live broadcasts from the station.

WVKR, which began in the early ’70s as an AM station broadcast from Main Building just to the on-campus community, transferred to an FM frequency by 1975 and reached an 18-mile radius outside the Vassar campus. Transmission shifted to a stronger, off-campus transmitter in 1994, offering 24-hour, year-round programming to listeners in five (New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) states.

Almost completely student-run, WVKR also features community DJs that help put out the mix of programming that encompasses everything from a Polish hour to the nationally syndicated Democracy Now!: The War and Peace Report to classic country to a program called Library Cafe, on which scholars, artists, and librarians talk with Vassar Art Librarian Thomas Hill about books, ideas, and the formation and circulation of knowledge.

February 2008

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