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Photo credit: Tamar Thibodeau

Thompson Library Named One of the Most Beautiful

Curious Expeditions, a website dedicated to unearthing and documenting the most remarkable places of past and present across the globe, has named Vassar’s Frederick Ferris Thompson Memorial Library one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Visit the website to view Vassar’s library, alongside the likes of The Long Room in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, the library in the Strahov Monestary in Prague, and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

Not only does Vassar’s main library rank in beauty, but together all of Vassar’s libraries are among the very best liberal arts colleges collections, currently providing students and faculty more than one million pieces. In addition to the Thompson Library (1905), Vassar’s libraries include The Van Ingen Library (1937), the Helen D. Lockwood Library (1977), and the Martha Rivers and E. Bronson Ingram library addition (1999), and the George Sherman Dickinson Music Library (located in Skinner Hall).

February 2008

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