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Standing: Adam Perrelli '99, Tom Driscoll '07, Evan Hannay '07, Mike Chin '05, Dave Cronan '91, Alan Kapson '79, Josh Beauregard '00, Ed Pittman '82, John Clancy '92, Joe Slotnick '99; Kneeling: Colm O'Malley '91, Joe Ward '07, Anthony Mannara '80, Mike Merlo '98, Dave Padrino '00 Not pictured: Avi Kramer '04, Sean Sweeney '83, Dave Kaplan '83

17th Annual Alumni Basketball Game

Eighteen former Vassar men’s basketball players returned to campus in January to reminisce, watch the current undergraduate team play, and take to the court. Many of the alumni players came from East Coast cities such as Washington, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. But Anthony Mannara ’80 worked his visit into a business trip and made the trek from Italy to return to campus.

The weekend started with an overtime win for Vassar’s varsity team versus Hamilton College. On Saturday, alumni were in the stands for another Vassar win, this time against Hobart College. Finally, it was time for the college students to officiate, keep score, and cheer for the alumni—and the alumni did not disappoint. The final score was 74-72. The Burgundy Team won with a last-second shot by David Padrino ’00 on an assist by Josh Beauregard ’00. Head Coach Mike Dutton, who had coached many of the returning players as undergrads, said, “It’s nice for the students to meet the guys who came before them, and for the alumnae/i to watch Vassar’s team play well—and for some of them, even see and play on the new basketball court for the first time. It is a weekend of connections and reconnections.”

February 2008

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