Class Notes & Profiles

Vassar '38

By Carol F. Rosenberg ’38

We’re faithful old-timers, live relics of Vassar’s,
Pre-Space-Age, of course, and post antimacassars,
The era when Vassar was totally girls
Wearing saddle-shoes, socks and Brooks sweaters and pearls;
The days of Dean Thompson and Prexy McCracken
When cars on the campus were pretty much lackin’,
When nine o’clock bells signalled apples and milk.
We danced to Glenn Miller and bands of that ilk.
The college was drug-free, there were no computers,
And the guys on campus were weekend commuters.
We ate in the dorms, either near or disheveled,
And shopped Lucky Pratt and nearby "Vassar-deviled."
We sweated our topics, stayed up nights to cram,
And when we stayed out too late, got in a jam.
But we all got diplomas, from Vassar we fled
To go out in the cold world to work and/or wed.

P.S. The thought of our fiftieth has us unnerved,
But all things considered, we’re damn well preserved.
If I left out some memories, don’t be upset,
I’m an old Thirty-Eighter and bound to forget.

By Carol F. Rosenberg ’38, written for her 50th reunion at Vassar in 1988. (A Potpourri of Poems and Parodies, Dorrance Publishing Co., 1994)