Conversations about Vassar History with Historian Elizabeth A. Daniels

In 1995, Elizabeth Daniels asked me if I would be "willing" to engage in a series of video recordings in which she would tell me "all I've learned about Vassar." I was both willing and honored to be asked, and we started that fall a series of taped interviews, patiently recorded by John McCormick, ranging over a pre-arranged set of topics. I think that the experience for Betty was energizing, and I know that, for me, it was informative and delightful.

In time, we realized that the medium we had chosen was not the right one. We had many hours of video, the sound quality of which was only passable and the video content of which was of our talking heads and incidental indications of what the two of us wore as the year went along. Thanks to the efforts of Vassar's Media Resources department, the unwearying transcription of Majorie Krems '85, and editing by Julia VanDevelder and, later, Riane Harper '09, some of Betty's reflections on what she learned about Vassar are now passed along.

CJ, 2006, 2014