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Four Phases of the Fall 2020 Campus Experience

To maximize community health and safety, we are planning a four-phase campus experience in Fall 2020, with target dates for each phase. The specific implementation dates for the different phases will be responsive to public health conditions on campus and in Dutchess County, as well as New York State guidelines. These phases are subject to change at any time and we will only advance to the next phase if campus and local health conditions permit.

Phase 1: Return to Campus (August 8–31)

Students will return to campus gradually during the three week period beginning August 8, although some students may be approved to return earlier. Estimated return dates for each student are provided. Each student will have a specific window to move into their campus housing. Please pack light for the Fall 2020 semester. This will facilitate an easy move-in process and swift move-out, if public health conditions require students to leave campus prematurely. Within the first three days of arrival, all students will be required to take a COVID-19 test provided and administered by the College.

Regarding Vulnerable Populations

All students who may not feel comfortable returning will be invited to participate in academic and co-curricular activities remotely. When needed, we will provide internet connection capability to their home to ensure they have access to remote learning. Furthermore, students who are residing on campus but need accommodations to feel safe will be guided by the Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunities (AEO) on campus. Services for accommodation include, but are not limited to, note takers, extra time on assignments and tests, and academic coaches.

Phase 2: Confirming Community Standards (August 31–September 25)

Phase 2 is a period to establish routines that affirm safe community standards. We will all need to support each other in practicing social distancing, wearing masks (and appreciating reminders to wear masks), and navigating campus in a way that promotes lower density. Students living in campus housing will be expected to remain on campus during the academic semester. With very limited exceptions, such as medical care, off-campus student travel is not permitted. In addition, all meetings beyond formal classroom, lab, or research sessions should be held outdoors or via videoconference technology (Zoom) until September 7. After September 7, pending an assessment of health conditions on campus, student organizations may register to use specific meeting rooms for low-density activities; any gatherings must be pre-scheduled and will require social distancing, masks, and adherence to occupancy limits based on room size and New York State guidelines.

Phase 3: Structured Group Student Off-Campus Travel Permitted (September 26–November 20)

In Phase 3, structured student travel will be permitted according to specific guidelines to promote community safety. Examples of such structured group student off-campus travel include: athletics contests, class-based research or site visit activities, and College-sponsored performances.

Phase 4: Students Depart Campus (November 20–22)

The last day of in-person classes is Friday, November 20. Classes will be in recess the week of November 23, resuming online only on Monday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 9 (the final day of classes). Please see the revised academic calendar for the Fall 2020 Semester at Students will be expected to depart campus housing for the semester by 10:00pm on Sunday, November 22. We expect that campus housing will reopen for the Spring Semester in January 2021.