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Committee and Contributors

Committee Members

  • Carlos Alamo-Pastrana
    Dean of the College, and Associate Professor of Sociology and Latin American and Latina/o Studies (co-chair)
  • William Hoynes
    Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Sociology (co-chair)
  • Colleen Ballerino Cohen
    Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies, and Faculty Director of Affirmative Action
  • Marianne Begemann
    Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources and Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Lisa Brawley
    Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies and American Studies on the Anne McNiff Tatlock Chair
  • Rosaleen Cardillo
    Director of Procurement and Auxiliary Services, Purchasing
  • Jaime Del Razo
    Assistant Professor of Education
  • Michael Drucker
    Director of Residential Education
  • Amanita Duga-Carroll
    Vice President for Communications
  • Carlos García
    Vice President for Technology and Human Resources; Chief Information Officer
  • Luis Inoa
    Associate Dean of the College for Residential Life and Wellness
  • James Kelly
    Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, Facilities Operations
  • Amanda Lion
    Class of 2021
  • Wendy Maragh Taylor
    Associate Dean of the College for Student Growth and Engagement
  • Ann Murtagh Gitto
    Senior Associate Director of Student Financial Services
  • Lori Newman
    Assistant Professor of Psychological Science, House Fellow
  • Prashit Parikh
    Class of 2021
  • Terry Quinn
    Associate Dean of the College for Campus Activities
  • Bridget Romani
    Nursing Coordinator, Health Services
  • Stephen Rooks
    Professor of Dance
  • Arlene Sabo
    Director of Safety and Security
  • Margot Schinella
    Director of Health Services
  • Jeffrey Schneider
    Associate Professor of German Studies
  • Kathleen Susman
    Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Biology
  • Bryan Swarthout
    Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Michelle Walsh
    Director of Athletics and Physical Education


  • Tobias Armborst
    Associate Professor of Art and Director of Urban Studies
  • Andrew Ashton
    Director of the Libraries
  • Jens Astrup
    Class of 2022
  • Nandeeta Bala
    Class of 2022
  • Leonel Belanger
    Class of 2021
  • Capria Berry
    Director of the Transitions Program, Student Growth and Engagement
  • Elijah Chilton
    Class of 2021
  • John Collier
    Director of User Services, CIS
  • Kevin Collins
    Director of the Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center, Student Growth and Engagement
  • Bryan P. Corrigan
    Project Manager, Facilities Operations
  • Anne Dadarria
    Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Supervisor
  • Michael Drucker
    Director of Residential Education, Residential Life Office
  • Wendy Anne Freedman
    Director of Psychological Services, Counseling Services
  • Jonah Frere-Holmes
    Class of 2022
  • Sarah Garijo-Garde ’20
    Program Assistant for Dean of the College Offices
  • Taylor Gee
    Class of 2023
  • Bruce Gillman
    Senior Lecturer in Athletics and Physical Education
  • Eva Gomez
    Class of 2021
  • Jennifer Herrera
    Lecturer in Chemistry, and Dean of First-Year Students
  • Susan Higgins
    Director of Sports Medicine, Athletics and Physical Education
  • Maria Höhn
    Professor of History on the Marion Musser Lloyd '32 Chair
  • Corey Holton
    Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Welfare
  • Victoria Horner
    Class of 2023
  • Rich Horowitz
    Assistant Dean of Student Living and Wellness, Director of Student Conduct
  • Leah Isseroff Bendavid
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Lizzie Jáuregui
    House Advisor and Assistant Director of Residential Life
  • Anna Belle Gadsden-Jones
    Manager of the Residential Operation Center
  • Lisa Kaul
    Director, Office of Community-Engaged Learning
  • Mary Kay Cutilli
    Nurse Practitioner, Health Services
  • Douglas Kugel
    Physician Assistant, Health Services
  • Brynn Lautenbacher
    Class of 2021
  • Kaitlin Leach
    Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student-Athlete Welfare
  • Colleen Mallet
  • James McCowan
    Lecturer in Athletics and Physical Education
  • Tina McDermott
    Head Men’s Tennis Coach
  • Andrew Meade
    Director of International Services and Assistant Dean of Student Growth and Engagement
  • Jasmine Marie Mitchell
    Campus Activities Program Manager
  • Miles Mitchell
    Class of 2021
  • Lisa Monaco
    Interim Head Women’s Golf Coach
  • Ethan Murray
    Class of 2021
  • Nancy Myers
    Associate Director of User Services, CIS
  • Sohaib Nasir
    Class of 2021
  • Julia Noonan
    Class of 2021
  • Tom Pacio
    Director of Creative Arts and Community Engagement
  • William Peabody
    Executive Director of Facilities Operations
  • Madelaine Pelletier
    Class of 2022
  • Andrea Pesavento
    Director of Health Promotion and Education
  • Lisl Prater-Lee
    Associate Professor of Athletics and Physical Education
  • Chelsea Quayenortey
    Class of 2022
  • Teresa Quinn
    Associate Dean of the College for Campus Activities
  • Michelle Ransom
    Director of Student Activities and The College Center, Campus Activities
  • Lucia Robinson-Griggs
    Lecturer in Athletics and Physical Education
  • Will Rush
    Assistant Director of Campus Activities
  • Paul Ruud
    Professor and Chair of Economics
  • Steve Scardina
    Resident District Manager, Vassar Dining Services
  • Ananya Suresh
    Class of 2021
  • Jean Tagliamonte
    Assistant Director, Office of CIO, CIS
  • Steven Taylor
    Director of Academic Computing Services, CIS
  • Keri VanCamp
    Director of the Field Station and Ecological Preserve
  • Vanessa Vazquez
    Class of 2021
  • Michael Warari
    Lecturer in Athletics and Physical Education
  • Jason Waterman
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Grace Yacura
    Class of 2021
  • Debra Zeifman
    Dean of Studies and Professor of Psychology
  • Sarah Ziegler
    Class of 2022