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Campus Support Systems

  • Transportation

    Dutchess County Bus

    Anyone with a Vassar ID can ride for free. Several routes serve the City/Town of Poughkeepsie. Route L stops closest to Vassar at College View Avenue and Fairmont Avenue, by Billy Bob’s BBQ.

    Vassar Student Association (VSA) Saturday Bus Shuttle

    The VSA sponsors a free, one-hour shuttle that stops at:

    • central, downtown Poughkeepsie
    • Poughkeepsie train station
    • Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall
    • Stop & Shop supermarket

    Look for the yellow school bus at the bus shelter by Jewett House and show your Vassar ID. The bus leaves campus on the hour from 1 to 9pm. See the full schedule (times are approximate)

    Vassar Bike Shop

    Vassar Bike and DIY Repair Shop

    The student-run bike shop, located in Strong House’s basement, will ensure that you have a reliable means of transportation. Stop by for help, service, tool access, or a repair workshop. Visit/like the shop’s facebook page for hours, events, and offerings.



    Two Zipcars are parked in North Lot behind Jewett House for students, faculty, and staff to rent by the hour. Visit Zipcar for discounted membership with complimentary gas and up to 180 miles/day included.



    Members of the Vassar community can use 511NYRideshare ride-matching system to find others with similar travel routes/schedules to set up carpools, biking partners, and more.

  • Waste Management

    Electronics and Batteries

    Batteries, smartphones, computers, printer cartridges, chargers and power cords should not be thrown away. These items can be dropped off in the collection bin at Computing & Information Services office in the College Center.


    • If your fluorescent ceiling light burns out, put in a work order to have to the bulb replaced
    • If you need to dispose of light bulbs from a lamp of your own—fluorescent/compaact fluorescent/LED—contact Facilities Operations
    • Use LED light bulbs in your own lamps

    Textbooks/Books: Donate Instead of Landfill


    Anything that can’t be composted or recycled can be placed in the “landfill” bins throughout campus. The Dutchess County Resource Recovery Facility incinerates collected trash creating steam energy that is sold to Central Hudson Gas & Electric. Whatever is left over, is either recycled or taken to a landfill in Upstate New York

  • Compost

    What can be composted

    Recyling - Glass: glass bottles, jars and food containers; Paper: newspaper, office paper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard boxes, dry food cartons; Cans: aluminum cans, metal cans, clean foil, steel bottle caps; Palstic: #1 to #7; Please empty and rinse all food and beverage containers

    Where to put compost

    • bins are located in Gordon Commons, Express, and the Retreat
    • students living in the Terrace Apartments, Townhouses, and South Commons can collect compostable items and place them in the central collection bins located at.

    Compost is sent to Greenway Environmental Services, Clintondale, New York

  • Collaboratory

    The Collaboratory, sponsored by Creative Arts Across Disciplines (CAAD), is a solar-powered, retrofitted trailer open to all campus organizations and individuals that has housed a variety of projects including thesis presentations, theater pieces, art installations, film screenings, and solar-powered concerts. Have an idea? Apply for use of the Collaboratory.

  • Zero-Waste Events

    It’s super easy to run a campus program with little to no waste. The zero-waste philosophy views the flow of resources holistically and ultimately seeks to minimize consumption.

    Contact the sustainability interns at sustainability@vassar.edu or come by our office hours (look in the sustainability newsletter to find out our office hours for the semester) for help organizing a zero-waste event.

    In the last 4 years we’ve made Founder’s Day, ViCE Concerts, House Team Trainings, House events, and Department events all more waste conscious.


    • Use reusable water bottles and compostable cups instead of plastic water bottles
    • Reserve a compost bin through the event reservation form
    • Campus orgs can contact the Office of Sustainability for compostable plates, napkins, and utensils for events
    • Avoid using paper by downloading electronic versions of ballots, forms, programs, etc. If you need to print something, use both sides and/or use a half sheet size
    • Store and reuse decorations instead of buying and disposing for each event
    • Avoid using cars to transport things for events—carry things to your event location
    • Post leftover food on sounds like free food at vassar college but ok