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Guide to the Frédéric Louis Ritter Papers, ca. 1840-1891

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Ritter, Frédéric Louis, 1834-1891
Title: Frédéric Louis Ritter Papers
Dates: ca. 1840-1891
Quantity: 5.5 cubic ft. (19 boxes)
Abstract: Materials relating to the life and work of the noted composer and Vassar College professor of music.
Forms of Materials: Manuscripts, musical scores, correspondence, publications, and photographs

Biographical Note

Frédéric Louis Ritter, composer and music professor, was born in Strasbourg on 22 June 1834. His family name was Caballero, and his surname was translated from the Spanish word for "gentleman" to the German word for "knight." Both evoke a similar chivalric ideal. Growing up in Alsace, Ritter was influenced by French and Germanic musical styles. He studied first with Hans M. Schletterer and [unknown] Hauser. Starting at the age of 16, he studied in Paris under the supervision of his cousin Georges Kastner. "Possessed with the idea that beyond the Rhine he would find better opportunities for the study of composition," Ritter ran away to modern-day Germany. This was usual for serious students of composition at that time. Ritter returned to Lorraine in 1852, and soon accepted a position as professor of music at the Protestant Seminary of Fénéstrange.

Some of Ritter’s relatives immigrated to the United States and persuaded him to follow in 1856. John Shepard notes that "when he came to the U.S., he transported a musical library which would have been notable for a collector at the end of his career; for a 23-year-old man it was nothing short of extraordinary." Ritter settled in Cincinnati, where he stayed for a few years. He founded the Cecilia and Philharmonic Societies while he was there. In 1862 he moved to New York City, where he directed the Sacred Harmonic and Arion Choral Societies and established what is considered to be the city’s first music festival in 1867 at Steinway Hall.[1] That same year, Ritter was made Professor of Music at Vassar College and assumed responsibilities as Director of the department in 1878. He supervised the installation of its first organ. Ritter died while in Antwerp on holiday 6 July 1891 at the age of 57.

Ritter received an honorary Doctor of Music from New York University in 1877, contrary to several sources that claim that the actual degree was conferred in 1878. Ritter was named examiner of Trinity College in Toronto in 1883. [2] Ritter wrote several books, including Music in England and Music in America , which became the standard works on their respective subjects for many years. A History of Music was his most important work. Two volumes were published; a third was planned but never released. In 1882, Robert Challoner plagiarized Ritter’s work in his Art & Science of Music . The publisher later withdrew the book. He also contributed articles that appeared in English, German, and French periodicals and scholarly journals. He also kept up a healthy correspondence with musicians across the globe, including former colleagues in Cincinnati. Personal recollections of Ritter depict a "singularly genial and cheerful" individual. According to one interviewer, "[his] words were spoken with a German accent just noticeable enough to be charming."

Ritter’s second wife, the English native Fanny Raymond, was "an able assistant of her husband in his labors as an author."[3] This obituary does her a disservice, diminishing her role as musician and scholar. Indeed, she was "the author of several works" and "an accomplished singer."[4] Ritter dedicated several songs to her, and she operated as collaborator and librettist for many of his vocal compositions. She translated, edited and annotated Robert Schumann’s Music and Musicians, among other works. Raymond was also instrumental in organizing and performing in historical recitals at Vassar College, which featured music from as far back as the thirteenth century.[5]

[1] There is evidence that The First Musical Convention was actually held at the Broadway Tabernacle in New York City on 8-10 October 1845

[2] Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (2006), s.v. "University of Trinity College."

[3] Poughkeepsie News-Press, 27 Oct. 1890.

[4] Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, 27 Oct. 1890.

[5] See Edward R. Reilly, The College Collection of Musical Instruments: A Brief Guide and Catalogue, p. 1. Transcriptions by Fanny Raymond of Byrd, Gibbon, Blow, Dufay and Ockeghem can be found in the collection.



22 June 1834 Born in Strasbourg
1852 Appointed Professor of Music, Protestant Seminary of Fénéstrange, Lorraine, France
1856 Immigrated to the United States
1862 Moved to New York City
1867 Established New York City's first music festival at Steinway Hall
1867 Appointed Professor of Music, Vassar College
1878 Appointed Director of Music Department, Vassar College
6 July 1891 Died in Antwerp, Belgium

Scope and Content Note

The Ritter papers contain a considerable collection of music manuscripts, mostly original copies of Ritter’s works in fair condition. There are also drafts present, as well as a few fragments. His music represents several genres, including the symphony, concerto, chamber and choral music, and German lieder.

All of Ritter’s major orchestral works are present, with the notable exception of Ritter’s first symphony. The orchestral score and parts for Ritter’s Festival Cantata, written for the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Vassar College, appear in the choral music category, since the cantata is a choral work even though the orchestral score does not include the voice parts. Most of the music scores appear to be autographs. The parts appear to be professionally produced by a copyist. One can assume that all of the original compositions are Ritter’s, even if they are not identified as such by his signature. For the purposes of this project, only scores identified with his name are included in the official register. The works attributed to Ritter are most likely his, and in most cases are easily classified with his other compositions by the handwriting. One important work attributed to Ritter is what appears to be an unfinished symphony. It does not have a number, but it does comprise four movements and does not relate to any of his previous symphonies.

Ritter’s correspondence consists of hundreds of letters spanning the last four decades of his life. The letters are in English, German, and French. Of special note are two letters from his former teacher Schletterer. The bulk of the series concern business transaction, although there is one letter from one of Ritter’s nieces, thanking Mrs. Ritter for a dress. There is a letter addressed to Franz Liszt; there is no indication of whether or not the it was ever sent.

Other materials include programs, announcements, reports, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous publications. Several musical groups are represented, including the Poughkeepsie Choral Union, the New York Philharmonic Society, and various Vassar College performing ensembles. Also included are materials relating to Ritters writing and lecturing, including notes, booklets, and bibliographies.



This collection is arranged in 6 series. The musical manuscript series is organized into subcategories by genre. The genres are ordered by their relative importance. Thus, Ritter’s orchestral compositions, which include his symphonies and comprise the bulk of his collection, come first. Within these subcategories, the compositions are arranged alphabetically. Parts are listed in concert order (woodwinds, brass and strings in descending range) following the full score. The Cello Concerto and Symphony No. 2 belong to the first series, and are both present in another form (see Folder 2.20, for example).Ritter's letters have been organized chronologically, since many of the signatures are undecipherable. The folder divisions were created prior to 2006. Ritter drafted replies on the backs of some letters to him; these have been removed and placed in a separate folder.The portfolio case in Box 9 was the original enclosure for the notes in Box 9.Top


This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

  • Bliss, L.A. "Frédéric Louis Ritter". The Vassar Miscellany 21 no. 2 (Nov., 1891): pp. 82-89.
  • Howe, Granville L. "Dr. Frederic Louis Ritter", A Hundred Years of Music in America, ed. W.S.B. Matthews. Chicago: G. L. Howe, 1889. pp. 686-87.
  • Jenks, F.H. "Frederic Louis Ritter," in A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. George Grove. Vol. 3. London: Macmillan: 1883. pp. 137-38.

Subject Headings


  • Ritter, Fanny Raymond, 1840-1890


  • Musicians -- Correspondence.
  • Composers -- United States -- correspondence.
  • Music -- United States
  • Symphony orchestras -- United States


  • Vassar College -- Faculty.
  • Vassar College. Dept. of Music.

Document Types:

  • sheet music
  • scores
  • scrapbooks

Encoding Information

Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari and Laura Finkel, 2009.


Preferred Citation

Frédéric Louis Ritter Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Troy Bailey, August 2006.

Updated by Laura Finkel, 2009.

Acquisition Information

Donated by the Cincinnati Historical Society, 10 Dec 1976. Additional acquisition (M2021-006) gift of Roger Geiser.

Custodial History

The bulk of the collection was discovered in the estate of one of Ritter’s aunts, possibly Louisa Drach, and auctioned.


Series List

Series I.Biography (Boxes 10, 14 and 19)

Series II.Correspondence (Boxes 11-13)

A. To Ritter
B. From Others
C. Between Others

Series III. Musical Manuscripts (Boxes 1-8, 18)

A. Orchestral Music
B. Chamber Music
C. Choral Music
D. Keyboard Music
E. Songs
F. Fragments/Untitled/Attributed to Ritter
G. Works By Other Composers and Traditional Melodies

Series IV.Published Music (Boxes 11 and 17)

Series V.Writings and Research Material (Boxes 14 and 19)

Series VI.Institutions, Clubs and Professional Organizations (Box 14 and 19)

Series VII.Unprocessed Material [M2021-006] (4 boxes)

Container List

Series I. Biography

Folder 14.1 Frederick Ritter — General
Folder 14.2 Frederick Ritter — Wallet given by Hamlet Bannerman to Louis Ritter
Folder 14.3 Frederick Ritter — Personal Notebook
Folders 14.4 - 14.5 Frederick Ritter — Miscellaneous Programs for Ritter Performances
Folder 14.6 Fanny Raymond Ritter — General
Folder 19.1 Fanny Ritter — Plan for her memorial monument
Folder 14.7 Marriage Certificate
Folder 14.8 Photographs — Ritter (see also VC Photograph Files)
Folder 14.8 Photographs — Others
Box 10 Scrapbook

Series II. Correspondence

A. To Ritter
Folders 11.6 - 11.30 1851-1875
Folders 12.1 - 12.13 1876-1888
Folders 13.1 - 13.3 1889-1891
Folder 13.4 undated
Folder 13.5 undecipherable
Folder 13.6 fragments
B. From Ritter
Folders 13.7 - 13.17 1867-1891
Folder 13.18 drafts
C. Between Others
Folder 13.19 Abbott, Ellen W. to Mrs. Ritter, 1889
Folder 13.20 Brothers to Ritter, 1890
Folder 13.21 Dannreuther to Berger, 1880
Folder 13.22 Elwell to Berger, 1889 (form letter)
Folder 13.23 Foster, Morrison (brother of Stephen C.) to Caroline F Griffith (VC 1884), 1883
Folder 13.24 Mrs. Ritter to "Dear Sir"
Folder 13.25 Raymond, J.H. to Mrs. F.L. Ritter, 1876-1877
Folder 13.26 Taylor, J.M. to Mr. Gilder, 1891
Folder 13.27 White, Frederick Grant to Mr. Gilder, 1884
Folder 13.28 unknown to Berger, 1861

Series III. Musical Manuscripts

A. Orchestral Music
Concert für das Violoncello mit Begleitung des Orchesters
Folder 18.1 Orchestral Score
Concerto for the Pianoforte in B minor
Folder 1.1 Orchestral Score
Folder 1.2 Piano Solo
Folder 1.3 Piano Secondo
Folder 1.4 Flauto I & II
Folder 1.5 Oboe I & II
Folder 1.6 Clarinette I & II in A
Folder 1.7 Fagotto I & II
Folder 1.8 Corno I & II in D
Folder 1.9 Clarini I & II in D
Folder 1.10 Violino I
Folder 1.11 Violino II
Folder 1.12 Viola
Folder 1.13 Violoncello
Folder 1.14 Basso
"Episode Ellègiaque" Fantasie pour Clarinette Basse avec Accompagnement d'Orchestre
Folder 1.15 Orchestral Score
Introduction & Scherzo for Orchestra
Folder 1.16 Orchestral Score
Ouverture Dramatic for Orchestra, op. 18
Folder 1.17 Orchestral Score
Folder 1.18 Orchestral Score
Folder 1.19 Piccolo
Folder 1.20 Flauto
Folder 1.21 Oboe
Folder 1.22 Clarinetti in B flat
Folder 1.23 Fagotti
Folder 1.24 Corno I & II in C
Folder 1.25 Corno III & IV in E flat
Folder 1.26 Trombe in C
Folder 1.27 Trombone I & II
Folder 1.28 Trombone III
Folder 1.29 Timpani in C & G
Folder 1.30 Violino I (2 copies)
Folder 1.31 Violino II (2 parts)
Folder 1.32 Viola (2 copies)
Folder 1.33 Cello (2 copies)
Folder 1.34 Basso (2 copies)
Stella (Victor Hugo) Poëme Symphonique
Folder 2.1 Orchestral Score
Folder 2.2 Orchestral Score
Folder 2.3 Piccolo
Folder 2.4 Flauto I & II
Folder 2.5 Oboe I & II
Folder 2.6 Clarinett I & II in B flat
Folder 2.7 Fagott I & II
Folder 2.8 Corno I & II in F
Folder 2.9 Corno III & IV in F
Folder 2.10 Clarini in F
Folder 2.11 Trombone I & II
Folder 2.12 Trombone Basso
Folder 2.13 Tuba
Folder 2.14 Tympanie
Folder 2.15 Arpa
Folder 2.16 Violino I (8 copies)
Folder 2.17 Violino II (8 copies)
Folder 2.18 Viola (5 copies)
Folder 2.19 Cello (5 copies)
Folder 2.20 Bass (6 copies)
Symphonie no. 2 E moll für grosses Orchester (New York, Sept. 1868)
Folder 18.2 Orchestral Score
Symphony no. 2 in E minor for Grand Orchestra
Folder 2.21 Orchestral Score
Symphony no. 3 in one movement for Grand Orchestra
Folder 2.22 Orchestral Score
Symphony no. 4 in E Flat
Folder 3.1 Flauti I & II
Folder 3.2 Oboe I & II
Folder 3.3 Clarinetti I & II
Folder 3.4 Fagotti I & II
Folder 3.5 Corni I & II
Folder 3.6 Corni III & IV
Folder 3.7 Trombe I & II
Folder 3.8 Trombone I, II & III
Folder 3.9 Timpani
Folder 3.10 Violino I
Folder 3.11 Violino II
Folder 3.12 Viola
Folder 3.13 Cello
Folder 3.14 Basso
Folder 3.15 Orchestral Score
B. Chamber Music
"Andantino" pour le Violoncello avec Accompagnement de Piano
Folder 4.1 Piano Score w/Solo
Concerto pour le Violoncello
Folder 4.2 Piano Score w/Solo
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Violoncello
Folder 4.3 Full Score
Folder 4.4 Full Score
Folder 4.5 Violine I
Folder 4.6 Violine II
Folder 4.7 Viola
Folder 4.8 Cello
Quintet for Two Violins, Two Violas and Violoncello
Folder 4.9 Full Score
Folder 4.10 Full Score
Folder 4.11 Violino I
Folder 4.12 Violino II
Folder 4.13 Viola I
Folder 4.14 Viola II
Folder 4.15 Violoncello
Romanze und Allegro für Violin und Piano, op. 4
Folder 4.16 Piano Score w/Solo
Serenade for Flute, Horn, Two Violins, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass
Folder 4.17 Full Score
Folder 4.18 Full Score
Folder 4.19 Violino I
Folder 4.20 Violni II
Folder 4.21 Viola
Folder 4.22 Cello
Folder 4.23 Bass
Folder 4.24 Flauto
Folder 4.25 Corno in F
Folder 4.26 Partial Scores
Three Movements from Serenade
Folder 5.1 Violino I (4) (4 copies)
Folder 5.2 Violino II (3 copies)
Folder 5.3 Viola (2 copies)
Folder 5.4 Cello (2 copies)
Folder 5.5 Basso (2 copies)
Trio for Violin, Cello & Pianoforte
Folder 5.6 Full Score
Folder 5.7 Piano
Folder 5.8 Violin (2 copies)
Folder 5.9 Cello (2 copies)
C. Choral Music
"Alfin mi sia Concesso" Scena ed Aria per Mezzo Soprano coll'accompagnemento d'Orchestra [New York, 18 October 1868]
Folder 5.10 Orchestral Score
Folder 5.11 Flauto I & II
Folder 5.12 Oboe I & II
Folder 5.13 Clarinetto I & II in B
Folder 5.14 Fagotto & II
Folder 5.15 Corno I & II in F
Folder 5.16 Trombe in F
Folder 5.17 Timpani
Folder 5.18 Violin0 I (4 copies)
Folder 5.19 Violino II (3 copies)
Folder 5.20 Viola (2 copies)
Folder 5.21 Violoncello et Basso (4 copies)
Belshazzar (Barry Cornwall) A Dramatic Scene for Baritone Solo, Male Chorus, and Orchestra or Pianoforte, op. 20
Folder 5.22 Orchestral Score
Folder 5.23 Piano Score
Festival Cantata (IX. Psalm), op. 25
Folder 5.24 Orchestral Score
Folder 5.25 Flute 1&2
Folder 5.26 Oboe 1&2
Folder 5.27 Clarinetto 1&2 in B flat
Folder 5.28 Fagotto 1&2
Folder 5.29 Corno 1&2 in F
Folder 5.30 Tromba 1&2 in F
Folder 5.31 Timpani
Folder 5.32 Violino I (3 copies)
Folder 5.33 Violino II (2 copies)
Folder 5.34 Viola (2 copies)
Folder 5.35 Cello (2 copies)
Folder 5.36 Basso (2 copies)
The Forty-Sixth Psalm for Mezzo Soprano Solo, Chorus and Orchestra
Folder 6.1 Orchestral Score
Folder 6.2 Piano Score
Folder 6.3 Organ
The Fourth Psalm for Baritone Solo, Chorus and Orchestra, op. 17
Folder 6.4 Orchestral Score
Folder 6.5 Piano Score
Folder 6.6 Flauto 1& 2
Folder 6.7 Oboe 1 & 2
Folder 6.8 Clarinetto 1 & 2 in A
Folder 6.9 Fagotto 1 & 2
Folder 6.10 Corni 1 & 2 in E (2)
Folder 6.11 Corni 3 & 4 in E
Folder 6.12 Trombi in D
Folder 6.13 Trombone 1, 2 & 3
Folder 6.14 Timpani
Folder 6.15 Violino 1 (3 copies)
Folder 6.16 Violino 2 (2 copies)
Folder 6.17 Viola (2 copies)
Folder 6.18 Violoncello
Folder 6.19 Cello et Basso (3 copies)
The 95th Psalm for female voices with the accompaniment of the organ
Folder 6.20 Score
Songs of the Flowers (Leigh Hunt) Cantata for Solo, Chorus and Orchestra, op. 25
Folder 6.21 Orchestral Score
Folder 6.22 Pianoforte Score
Folder 6.23 Pianoforte Score and Lyrics
D. Keyboard Music
Folder 7.1 Dirge for Two Veterans (Walt Whitman)
Folder 7.2 4 Präeludien für Orgel, 1852
Folder 7.3 Grand Sonata
Folder 7.4 Ouverture zu Othello
Folder 7.5 Vier Stücke für des Pianoforte
E. Songs
Folder 7.6 Abendlied
Folder 7.7 Ave Maria
Folder 7.8 Four Part Songs for Male Voices (Barry Cornwall)
— Song for Twilight
— A Dreamer's Song
— A Bacchanalian Song
— The Vintage Song
Folder 7.9 Fünf Lieder für eine Stingstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte, op. 24
— Frieden (Rosa Maria Assing)
— Nachtgruss (Franz Kugler)
— Zwei Rosen
— In der Sternennacht (Theodor Klein)
— Im stillen Nacht (Heinrich Weiser)
Folder 7.10 Fünf Lieder für Männerchor, op. 19
— Um Mitternacht (E. Mörike)
— Seerose (H. Lingg)
— Zurguten Nacht (C. Oswald)
— Barcarole (C. Oswald)
— Nachtgruss (J.v. Rodenberg)
Folder 7.11 Hymn to Diana
Folder 7.12 Indian Serenade "I arise from dreams of thee" (P. B. Shelley)
Folder 7.13 Lieder
— My song is like the evening air (Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
— The Water Lily (Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
— The Maiden’s Song (Ludwig Pfau)
— Silence
— The warrior’s death
— Oh, mountain! from thy summit (Ludwig Pfau)
— Fairy-Love, op. 2 (A. Grün)
— Six Songs, op. 3 (Fanny Malone Ritter)
— Der Liebe Frühling/The Spring of Love (Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
— Im Kahn/In the boat
— Bitte/Supplication (Lenau)
— Nachtblumen/Night Flowers (L. Pfau)
— Liebe/Love (H. Rollet)
Folder 7.14 Lieder für die Jugend
Folder 7.15 Phrygier-Gesang
Folder 7.16 Three Choruses for Male Voices
— Hearing Music (Leigh Hunt)
— The Nun (Leigh Hunt)
— Ballad (Thomas Hood)
Folder 7.17 [Two songs]
Folder 7.18 Zwölf Deutsche Volkslieder für enie Singstimmen mit Belgeitung des Pianoforte
— Lieben bringt Freud
— Herzengruss
— Liebesschmerz
— Im Walde
— Liebesgruss
— Scheiden
— Was ich möchte
— Die Graf und die Sonne
— Die höfliche Jäger
— Der treue Knabe
— Häsleins Klage
— Liebes klage und Abshied
F. Fragments/Untitled/Attributed to Ritter
Folder 7.19 Miscellaneous works by Ritter
Folder 7.20 Untitled works by Ritter
Folder 7.21 Miscellaneous works attributed to Ritter
Folder 8.1 Sonate
Folder 8.2 Streichquartett C-dur — Full Score
Folder 8.3 Streichquartett D-moll — Full Score
Folder 8.4 Trio [for Violin, Violoncello and Piano] — Piano Score w/ Parts
Folder 8.5 Trio [for Violin, Violoncello and Piano] — Violino
Folder 8.6 Trio [for Violin, Violoncello and Piano] — Violoncello
Folder 8.7 Unfinished Symphony
Folder 8.8 Fragments
Folder 13.28 Counterpoint notebook
G. Works By Other Composers and Traditional Melodies
Folder 8.9 Works by other composers — Fanny Ritter translations
Folder 8.10 Works by other composers (unknown)
Folder 8.11 La Rachelina - Paisicllo
Folder 8.11 La Danse - Gritry
Folder 8.12 Early Music
Folder 8.13 Traditional
Folder 8.14 Works by others (unknown)
Folder 8.15 Miscellaneous parts
Folder 8.16 Miscellaneous manuscripts
Folder 8.17 Harmony workbook
Folder 8.18 Miscellaneous fragments

Series IV. Published Music

Folder 17.1 Drei Stücke für Pianoforte und Violoncelle von Arthur Foote [Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1882]
Folder 17.2 Four Songs – Vier Lieder [Milwaukee: Wm. Rohlfing & Co., 1888]
— The Spring of Love/Der Liebe Frühling (Hoffman v. Fallersleben)
— At thy dear feet oh let me lie/Zu deinen Füssen will ich ruhen (Otto Roquette)
— Nightflowers/Nachtblumen (L. Pfau)
— Hafiz/Hafiz (Daumer)
Folder 17.3 "God be merciful" 67th Psalm for Sop. Solo and Chorus for Female voices, op. 8 [New York: G. Schirmer, 1872]
Folder 17.4 Les Fleurs, Trios morceaux mélodieux et faciles Pourle Piano [Cincinnati: David A. Traux, 1853]
— La Tulipe (2)
— La Rose
— La Danse des Fleurs (2)
Folder 17.5 Services for the Episcopal Church by J. Mosenthal [New York: William A. Pond, 1866]
— Venite
— Te Deum
— Glorias
— Bonum est
Folder 17.6 Study and Recreation, 6 Morceaux Caracteristiques for Two Performers on the Piano
— Andante (2)
— Marcia
Folder 17.7 Summer Evening [Cincinnati: F.W. Rauch, 1858] (2)
Folder 17.8 10 Irish Melodies [New York: Edward Schuberth & Co., 1875]
— While gazing on the moon’s light
— The Shamrock
— The Minstrel Boy
Folder 17.9 Trio and Choruses for female voices
— "To Earth May Winds are bringing" Pilgrimage of the Rose ®. Schumann, op. 112)
— The Spanish Tambourine-Girl (Schumann, op. 69)
— "Morn’s Gates again unclose" (M. Hauptmann)
— "Sprites of Air" Oberon C. M. von Weber)
— "Calm is the glassy" Idomenco (W. A. Mozart)
— Nightfall and Darkness (L. Giorigiani)
— The Tempest (Fabio Campana)
— "Low bending before you" Matrimonio Segreto (D. Cimarosa)
— The Stars (J. E. Leonhard)
Folder 17.10 2 Sacred Songs [New York: Martens Brothers, 1872]
— O Salutaris (2)
Folder 17.11 With Doubt and Trembling I Whisper’d in Her Ear (T.B. Aldrich) [Cincinnati: F.W. Rauch, 1859]
Folder 17.12 Zehn Kinder-Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte, op. 3 [Leipzig/New York: J. Schuberth & Co., 1867] II Heft
— Wiegenlied/Cradle Song
— Vöglein und Englein/Birds and Angels
— Die drei Blümchen/The three Flowers
— Abendgebet/Evening prayer
— Gute Nacht/Good Night
Folder 11.1 Festival Cantata (IX Psalm.) for Solo voices, Chorus and Orchestra composed for the Celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary of Vassar College, op. 25 [New York: Edward Schuberth & Co.] (5)
Folder 11.2 Fünf Lieder für Männerchor, op. 19. Leipzig: Fr. Kistner/New York: Edward Schuberth & Co., 1890 (2 copies)
Folder 11.3 Gesang deutscher Auswanderer, für Männerchor [Cincinatti: Wm. Berger, 1855]
Folder 11.4 The Rose of Jesse’s Race by M. Praetorius [Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: Chas. H. Hickok, 1882]
Folder 11.5 Miscellaneous Published Music

Series V. Writings and Research Material

Folder 14.9 Reviews of Ritter's Work
Folder 14.10 Advertisements for Ritter's Work
Folder 14.11 Lecture Announcements
Folder 9.1 Lecture Announcement
Folder 14.12 "The History of the Hymntune" — Lecture and Notes
Folder 9.2 A History of Music — Galley Proof
Folder 14.13 A History of Music [?] — "Ancient Greek Scales" notebook
Folder 14.14 A History of Music [?] — Notes
Folders 14.15 - 14.17 Music in America — Notes
Folders 14.18 - 14.19 Miscellaneous Notes
Folders 9.3-9.9 Miscellaneous Notes
Folders 9.10 Portfolio case for notes
Folder 14.20 Clippings — Relating to Ritter
Folder 14.21 Clippings — Richard Grant White articles
Folder 14.22 Clippings — German
Folder 19.2 Clippings — German
Folders 14.23 Clippings — Miscellaneous
Folders 19.3-19.5 Clippings — Miscellaneous
Folder 14.24 Bibliographies
Boxes 15-16 Card File Bibliography
Folder 14.25 Article on Colonel George Ward Nichols [by Ritter?]

Series VI. Institutions, Clubs and Professional Organizations

Folders 14.25 - 14.28 Brighton Beach Music Hall, New York, June-Aug 1889 (12 items)
Folder 19.1 [Central Park Garden?]— "Plan of Galleries and Promenade for Proposed Thomas Concert Garden and Hall
Folder 14.29 Chickering Hall, 1879-1890, n.d.
Folder 14.30 Church of the Holy Trinity, New York 1869-1871
Folder 14.31 Church Music Association, 1869-1871
Folder 14.32 Music Teachers National Association
Folder 14.33 New Orleans Philharmonic Society
Folder 14.34 [New York City] Beethoven Jubilee, 1870
Folder 14.35 [New York City] May Festival, 1882
Folders 14.36 - 14.37 New York Philharmonic Society — Annual Reports, 1844-1884
Folders 14.38 - 14.42 New York Philharmonic Society — Programs, 1842-1891, n.d.
Folder 14.43 New York Philharmonic Society — Miscellaneous, 1873-1880
Folder 14.44 Philharmonic Society of Brooklyn
Folder 14.45 Poughkeepsie Vocal Union — Programs, 1881-1885
Folder 14.46 Poughkeepsie Vocal Union — Clippings, 1881-1885
Folder 14.47 Steinway Hall, NY 1869-1871
Folder 14.48 United States Bureau of Education — Music in Public Schools, 1886
Folder 14.49 University of Trinity College — Exams
Folder 14.50 Vassar College — F. L. Ritter Lecture Programs and Announcements, 1880-1890, n.d.
Folder 14.51 Vassar College — Cecilia Society, 1870-1871, 1874
Folder 14.52 Vassar College — Soirée Musical, 1868-1891
Folder 14.53 Vassar College — School of Art announcements
Folder 14.54 Vassar College — Music orders
Folder 14.55 Vassar College — Miscellaneous Programs, 1869-1891
Folder 14.56 Miscellaneous Programs
Folder 14.57 Miscellaneous Advertisements
Folder 14.58 Miscellaneous Printed Materials

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