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Guide to the Maria Mitchell Papers, 1853-2007, (bulk 1853-1889)

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Mitchell, Maria, 1818-1889
Title: Maria Mitchell Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1853-2007
Bulk Dates: 1853-1889
Quantity: 12 cubic ft. (52 boxes)
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, research material, and photographs relating to Mitchell's work as an astronomer and member of the faculty of Vassar College.
Forms of Materials: Correspondence, manuscripts, research material, glass plate negatives, and photographs

Biographical Note

Maria Mitchell, astronomer, was born on the island of Nantucket in 1818. Through her father, William Mitchell, she became interested in astronomy and assisted him in his observatory. In the late 1830s she was appointed librarian at the Nantucket Athenaeum, using its collection to educate herself while she worked with her father in the evenings. In 1847 she discovered a new comet, named for her, and was subsequently awarded a gold medal by the King of Denmark. A year later she became the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston; in 1850 she was elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

At the urging of Matthew Vassar, who was eager to add a woman of considerable stature to his first faculty, Maria Mitchell came to Vassar in 1865, where an observatory with a 12-inch telescope was built for her. The materials in the Vassar collection reflect her twenty-three years at Vassar, where she became one of the college's best and most well-known teachers. During this time, she continued her own research and publication. A founder of the Association for the Advancement of Women, she urged that women's ability in the sciences be recognized and that the scientific method be applied to the solution of social problems. In recognition of her breadth of outlook, Maria Mitchell was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1869, and in 1873 was made a vice-president of the American Social Science Association. Retiring from Vassar in 1888, she went to Lynn, Mass., to work in the small observatory she had built there. She died the next year of "brain disease" and was buried in Nantucket.


Scope and Content Note

These papers reflect Mitchell's professional life and include thirty-one notebooks of astronomical observations; observatory photographs; manuscripts, notes, and drawings; letters regarding the Nautical Almanac computations, 1853; notes for preparing Vassar College Astronomy Dept. reports, 1871-1886; and correspondence, 1861-1889, including her letters to Benson J. Lossing, Ann Eliza Morse, John H. Raymond, Mrs. John H. Raymond, Cyrus Swan, and James Monroe Taylor, and letters from James Edward Oliver, Arthur Searle, Rufus Babcock, Charles Farrar, Nathan Bishop, and Vassar College Presidents John H. Raymond and James M. Taylor. Other items include research correspondence about Mitchell, 1907-1974; excerpts from Vassar College Trustee minutes and copies of correspondence regarding the Astronomy Dept., the Observatory, and Mitchell's salary, 1862-1872; publications by Mary W. Whitney, Mary King Babbitt, and others about Mitchell; and letters from Helen Wright concerning her biography of Mitchell, ca. 1949.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Libraries Department of Archives and Special Collections without any additional restrictions.

  • Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association Reports and Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Rare Book Collection, Vassar College Archives and Special Collections, 520.92 M695 and 520.92 M6952

Subject Headings


  • Babbitt, Mary King, 1861-1912.
  • Babcock, Rufus, 1798-1875.
  • Bishop, Nathan, 1808-1880.
  • Farrar, Charles.
  • Morse, Ann Eliza.
  • Oliver, James Edward, 1829-1895.
  • Raymond, Cornelia Morse, 1861-1952.
  • Raymond, John H. (John Howard), 1814-1878.
  • Searle, Arthur.
  • Swan, Cyrus.
  • Taylor, James Monroe, 1848-1916.
  • Whitney, Mary Watson, b. 1847.
  • Wright, Helen, 1914-


  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Association for the Advancement of Women.
  • Vassar College--Faculty.
  • Vassar College. Observatory.
  • Vassar College. Astronomy Dept.
  • Vassar College. Board of Trustees.


  • Astronomers.
  • Astronomy--Observations.
  • Astronomy--Study and teaching.
  • Nautical almanacs.
  • Women college teachers.
  • Women's colleges--New York (State)--Poughkeepsie.
  • Women--Education.

Document Types:

  • Drawings.
  • Wet collodion negatives.

Encoding Information

Encoded by Elizabeth Clarke and Laura Finkel, November 2006. Updated by Mark Seidl, November 2019.


Preferred Citation

Maria Mitchell Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Original processing date unknown.

Updated August 1998 and April 2009.

Acquisition Information

Gift of various donors.


Series List

Series I. Correspondence

  • Letters to Maria Mitchell
  • Letters from Maria Mitchell
  • Letters about Maria Mitchell
  • Correspondence re: Maria Mitchell As Her Students Knew Her
  • Correspondence re: Sweeper in the Sky

Series II. Vassar College Astronomy Department

Series III. Maria Mitchell's Dome Parties

Series IV. Mitchell Notes, Lecture Notes, And Notebooks

Series V. Biographical Information

Series VI. Biographies of Maria Mitchell

Series VII. Publications

Series VIII. Oversized Material

Series IX. Microfilm of Maria Mitchell Association Collection

The copy of this microfilm was obtained by the Vassar College Libraries from the American Philosophical Society with the permission of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association.
Note regarding Reel 7, Item 64: There is no item 64.

Series X. Glass Plate Negatives

Glass plate negatives for images of Mitchell's observations of sun spots. Includes 808 plates in 35 boxes.
Note: Please contact the Archives and Special Collections staff for an individual listing of the plates.

Container List


Letters to Maria Mitchell
Folder 1.1 from S[tephen] M. Buckingham, 20 June 1871 (MS)
Folder 1.2 from C. H. Davis, 24 June 1853 (MS)
Folder 1.3 from B. S. Hendrick, 1 June 1853 (MS)
Folder 1.4 from B. S. Hendrick, 27 Apr 1853 (MS)
Folder 1.5 from B. S. Hendrick, 15 July 1853 (MS)
Folder 1.6 from B. S. Hendrick, 25 July 1853 (MS)
Folder 1.6a from M[ary] A. Livermore, 20 Feb 1876 (MS)
Folder 1.7 from J[ames] E[dward] Oliver, 25 Nov 1871 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.8 from J. H. R. [John H. Raymond], [n. d.] (TS)
Folder 1.9 from Arthur Searle, 7 Feb 1877 (MS)
Folder 1.10 from Arthur Searle, 16 Mar 1877 (MS)
Folder 1.11 from E[llen] H. Swallow, 29 Nov 1872 (TS)
Folder 1.12 from J[ames] M[onroe] Taylor, 9 Jan 1888 (MS, TS[draft?])
Letters from Maria Mitchell
Folder 1.13 to Elizabeth Owen Abbot, [ca. 14 Feb. 1874] (MS)
Folder 1.14 to Alvin Clark & Sons, 21 June 1887 (MS)
Folder 1.15 to Rev. [E. G.?] Ames, [ca. 5 Nov 1887] (MS)
Folder 1.16 to Dr. Rufus Babcock, 23 Oct 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.17 to Dr. Rufus Babcock, 18 Mar 1864 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.18 to Dr. Rufus Babcock, [n. d.] (MS, TS)
Folder 1.19 to Rev. Bartol, 1 Dec 1873 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.20 to President [Samuel L.] Caldwell, 13 May 1882 (TS)
Folder 1.20 to Miss Caufield, 30 May 1886 (MS)
Folder 1.21 to Professor [LeRoy C.] Cooley, [n. d.] (MS, TS)
Folder 1.22 to Miss Day, 25 June 1886 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.23 to Dr. [William B.] Dwight, [n. d.] (MS)
Folder 1.23 to Miss Fletcher, [n. d.] (TS)
Folder 1.24 to President Folwell, 24 May 1880 (TS)
Folder 1.24 to Mrs. Gibson, 29 May 1888 (Reprint)
Folder 1.25 to Miss Hillhouse, 3 Aug [n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 1.26 to Mary A. Hopson, 26 Nov [1883] (MS, TS)
Folder 1.27 to Joseph N. Jackson, 17 Sept 1869 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.28 to Kate, 4 Jan 1861 (MS, TS)
Folder 1.29 to Dr. [J. Ryland] Kendrick, 15 Nov 1881 (MS)
Folder 1.30 to Miss [Ella C.] Lapham, [n. d.] (TS)
Folder 1.30 to Mrs. [Mary] Livermore, 23 Aug [n.y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.1 to Benson J. Lossing, 13 Mar 1867 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.2 to Benson J. Lossing, 15 Mar 1867 (MS)
Folder 2.3 to Benson J. Lossing, 12 July 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.4 to Benson J. Lossing, 4 Nov 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.5 to Benson J. Lossing, 4 Nov 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.6 to Benson J. Lossing, 13 July [1870?] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.7 to Benson J. Lossing, 20 May 1871 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.8 to Benson J. Lossing, 8 June 1871 (MS)
Folder 2.8 to Benson J. Lossing, 3 Aug. 1871 (TS)
Folder 2.9 to Benson J. Lossing, 10 Nov 1871 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.10 to Benson J. Lossing, 16 Dec 1871 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.11 to Benson J. Lossing, 9 May 1872 (2 MS, TS)
Folder 2.12 to Benson J. Lossing, 3 July [1872?] (MS)
Folder 2.13 to Benson J. Lossing, 12 June 1875 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.14 to Benson J. Lossing, 12 June 1877 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.15 to Benson J. Lossing, 12 June 1879 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.16 to Benson J. Lossing, 30 May 1880 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.17 to Benson J. Lossing, 14 June 1880 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.18 to Benson J. Lossing, 2 Aug 1881 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.19 to Benson J. Lossing, 11 Aug 1881 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.20 to Benson J. Lossing, 16 Sept 1885 (MS)
Folder 2.21 to Benson J. Lossing, 25 Apr 1886 (MS, TS)
Folder 2.22 to Benson J. Lossing, 6 June [n. y.] (MS)
Folder 2.22 to Benson J. Lossing, [20 June n.y.] (TS)
Folder 2.23 to Benson J. Lossing, n. d. (7 MS, 7 TS)
Folder 2.24 to Mrs. Benson J. Lossing, [ca. 30 June n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.25 to A[nn] E[liza] Morse, 12 Aug [1878?] (MS)
Folder 2.26 to A. E. Morse, 11 Oct [1880?] (MS)
Folder 2.27 to A. E. Morse, 16 Feb 1882 (MS, TS [fragment])
Folder 2.28 to A. E. Morse, [1887?] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.29 to A. E. Morse, 1 Jan [1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.30 to A. E. Morse, 24 March [n.y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.31 to A. E. Morse, 11 April [n.y.] (MS, TS [fragment])
Folder 2.32 to A. E. Morse, [ca. 26 April n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 2.33 to A. E. Moore, n. d. (5 MS, 5 TS)
Folder 3.1 to "My Dear Little Friends," n. d. (MS)
Folder 3.2 to Isabel Nelson, [ca. 12 May 1882] (MS)
Folder 3.3 to Edith Nicholson, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 3.4 to [Louise Parsons], 31 May [1870] (TS)
Folder 3.4 to Mrs. Patton, 26 February 1886 (MS)
Folder 3.4 to Mrs. Patton, 21 July 1886 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.5 to Cornelia Raymond[daughter of John H. Raymond], [ca. 4 Mar 1885] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.6 to Cornelia Raymond, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 3.7 to John H. Raymond, 29 July 1867 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.8 to John H. Raymond, 8 July 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.9 to John H. Raymond, 22 Aug 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.10 to John H. Raymond, 7 Dec 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.11 to John H. Raymond, 25 Apr 1869 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.12 to John H. Raymond, 2 Oct 1869 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.13 to John H. Raymond, 16 May 1870 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.14 to John H. Raymond, 16 May 1870 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.15 to John H. Raymond, [28 Feb 1871] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.16 to John H. Raymond, 5 Dec 1873 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.17 to John H. Raymond, n. d. (5 MS, 5 TS)
Folder 3.18 to Mrs. John H. Raymond [Cornelia M. Raymond], [1878] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.19 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, 3 Aug 1881 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.20 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, [10 Aug 1883] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.21 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, 26 Jan 1887 (MS, TS)
Folder 3.22 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, [1889?] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.23 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, 12 January [n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.24 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, 19 August [1878-1883?] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.25 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, 12 December [n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.26 to Mrs. John H. Raymond, n. d. (7 MS, 7 TS)
Folder 3.27 to Mary C[arrington] Raymond, 20 Oct. [n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 3.27 to Mary C. Raymond, 9 July [1878] (TS)
Folder 3.27 to Mary C. Raymond, n. d. (4 TS)
Folder 3.28 to Mary Carrington Raymond [later Richardson], 9 December 1868 (MS)
Folder 3.29 to William James Richardson [son-in-law of Cornelia M. Raymond, wife of President Raymond], [Summer, 1883] (MS)
Folder 4.1 to Miss Scott, 10 Mar 1880 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.2 to Mary Scott, [July 1881] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.3 to Mary Scott, [6 Mar 1882] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.4 to Mary Scott, [ca. 21 Nov n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.5 to Miss A. Scott, [ca. 1 April n. y.] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.6 to Miss A. Scott, n. d. (3 MS, TS)
Folder 4.7 to Marion Scribner & Family, 23 Oct 1872 (MS)
Folder 4.8 to Cyrus Swan, 19 Dec 1865 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.9 to Cyrus Swan, [Jan 1866] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.10 to Cyrus Swan, [4 Apr 1866] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.11 to Cyrus Swan, 14 Aug 1866 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.12 to Cyrus Swan, 28 Aug 1866 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.13 to Cyrus Swan, 13 Nov [1871?] (MS)
Folder 4.14 to Cyrus Swan, [15 Nov 1871] (MS)
Folder 4.15 to Cyrus Swan, 26 Nov [1871?] (MS)
Folder 4.16 to Cyrus Swan, 14 Nov [n.y.] (MS)
Folder 4.17 to Frances Swan, 2 June [n. y.] (MS)
Folder 4.18 to Frances Swan, 10 July [n. y.] (MS)
Folder 4.19 to Frances Swan, n. d. (2 MS)
Folder 4.19 to Willie [Swan], n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 4.20 to James Monroe Taylor, 8 Jan 1888 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.21 to James Monroe Taylor, 15 Jan 1888 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.22 to James Monroe Taylor, [June 1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.23 to James Monroe Taylor, 18 Oct [1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.24 to James Monroe Taylor, 17 Jan [1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.25 to Robert Taylor, [ca. 15 Jan 1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.26 to John Thompson, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 4.27 to "Trustees of Vassar College...," [24 June 1872] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.28 to Matthew Vassar, 22 Nov 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 4.29 to Miss [Mary] Whitney, [ca. 11 Jan 1888] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.30 to Frances Wood, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 4.31 to Ida Wood, [ca. 23 Oct 1886] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.32 to Ida Wood, [1888?] (MS, TS)
Folder 4.32 to Ida Wood, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 4.33 to Miss Wood, 12 Aug [1878?] (TS)
Folder 4.34 to unknown addressee, Feb 1874 (TS)
Folder 4.35 Fragments, n. d. (3 MS, 3 TS)
Fragment "I send what I call a good view ..." includes hand- drawn diagram of Vassar College Observatory
Letters about Maria Mitchell
Folder 5.1 [Rev.] R[ufus] Babcock to M[atthew] Vassar, 8 Sept 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.2 [Rev.] Rufus Babcock to M[atthew] Vassar, 10 Sept 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.3 George F. Barnard to Moses A. Cartland, 29 Apr 1849 (TS)
Folder 5.4 Nathan Bishop to Dr. [Samuel L.] Caldwell, 1 Mar 1879 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.5 Alexis Caswell to Rev. Dr. Babcock, 4 Sept 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.6 Charles Farrar to President [John H.] Raymond, 13 Feb 1865 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.7 Martha LeB. Goddard to Mrs. Spaulding, 24 Sept 1875 (TS)
Folder 5.8 Abby M. Goodwin to Miss [Mary] Whitney, 17 Dec 1887; 11 Jan 1888 (2 TS)
Folder 5.9 Alice Hayes to Prof. Whitney, 28 May 1916 (TS)
Folder 5.10 Phoebe Mitchell Kendall to J[ames] M[onroe] Taylor, 28 Oct 1889 (TS)
Folder 5.11 Anne Mitchell Macy to Dr. [James Monroe] Taylor, 28 June1889 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.12 Anne Mitchell Macy to Dr. [James Monroe] Taylor, 27 July1889 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.13 A[nn] M[itchell] Macy to President [James Monroe] Taylor, 29 June 1889 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.14 Anne Mitchell Macy to Miss [Mary] Whitney, 21 Mar 1888 (TS)
Folder 5.15 Frances M. Macy to Dr. [James Monroe] Taylor, 28 June 1889 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.16 Henry Mitchell to President [James Monroe] Taylor, 29 June 1889 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.17 Henry Mitchell to Prof. [Mary] Whitney, 21 Jan 1890 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.18 Maria Mitchell & Alida Avery to Board of Trustees regarding terms of employment, (TS)
Folder 5.19 William Mitchell to Mary Carrington Raymond, 2 Oct 1868 (TS)
Folder 5.19 William Mitchell to Mary Carrington Raymond, 15 Jan 1869 (MS)
Folder 5.20 William Mitchell to[Maria Louise Booth], 21 Nov 1868 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.21 Benjamin Pierce to Dr. Babcock, 30 Aug 1862 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.22 J[ohn] H. Raymond to President Magill, 15 June 1874 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.23 [Mary C. Raymond] to Nell [Cornelia Raymond], 1 Feb [1885] (TS)
Folder 5.24 C[yrus] Swan to J[ames] M[onroe] Taylor, 11 Jan 1888 (MS, TS)
Folder 5.25 J[ames] M[onroe] Taylor to Miss [Mary] Whitney, 11 Jan 1888 (TS)
Folder 5.26 M[ary] W. Whitney to Dr. [James Monroe] Taylor, n. d. (MS, TS)
Folder 5.27 Correspondence re: Dassel & Humbolt paintings, 1889 - 1940
Correspondence about Maria Mitchell As Her Students Knew Her
Folder 5.28 Mary King Babbitt re: Maria Mitchell As Her Students Knew Her, 1912 - 1915
Folder 5.29 Mary King Babbitt re: Maria Mitchell As Her Students Knew Her, n. d.
Correspondence about Sweeper in the Sky
Folder 5.30 Helen Wright re: Sweeper in the Sky, 1939 - 1940
Folder 5.31 Helen Wright re: Sweeper in the Sky, 1946 - n. d.


Folder 6.1 Department Reports: Notes for 1871-1886
Folder 6.2 List of donations of books to the V. C. Observatory
Folder 6.3 Astronomical Classes at V. C. Observatory
Folder 6.4 Student (?) notes on reversing of transit instruments
Folder 6.5 Student (?) paper with drawings
Folder 6.6 Astronomical photographs


Folder 6.7 First Dome Party - 1870
Folder 6.8 Dome Party: Verses
Folder 6.9 Dome Party: Verses
Folder 6.10 Dome Party: Verses
Folder 6.11 Dome Party: Verses


Notes and Lecture Notes
Folder 6.12 Comet of 1881
Folder 6.13 Eclipse for 1885
Folder 6.14 Lecture notes: "Periods of Nature"
Folder 6.15 Lecture notes: "The Sun Dial"
Folder 6.16 Lecture notes on astronomical attraction
Folder 6.17 Miscellaneous fragments
Folder 6.18 "My Dear Little Nellie" [ms. poem by Mitchell written for Cornelia Raymond, President John Raymond's daughter]
Folder 6.19 Astronomical drawings
Folder 7.1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings on comets, 1843-1882
Folder 7.2 Notebook
Folder 7.3 Notebook: Book of questions
Folder 7.4 Notebook: Lectures [by Benjamin Peirce] on Quaternions, 1869-1870
Folder 7.5 Notebook: Observing -- rough notes, May 1884 - Jan. 1885
Folder 7.6 Notebook: Rough records of Observatory, Oct. 1885-Feb. 1886
Folder 7.7 Notebook: Observatory rough work, some Jupiter, 1885
Folder 7.8 Notebook: Rough work, Feb. 1886
Folder 7.9 Notebook: Observatory, Sep. 1886-Feb. 1887
Folder 8.1 Notebook: 1st rough observations with Equatoreal, 1865-1866
Folder 8.2 Notebook: Rough work, Recomputing of Decs. of zenith stars, no. 1
Folder 8.3 Notebook: Rough work, Recomputing of zenith stars, no. 2
Folder 8.4 Notebook: Rough work, [zenith?] stars, no. 3, [1872-1873]
Folder 8.5 Notebook: Recomputing of zenith disks, no. 4
Folder 8.6 Notebook: Longitude computations of occultations, 1872-1875
Folder 8.7 Notebook: Sun, meteors and other phenomena, (including remarkable meteoric evening of 27 November 1872), 1870-1873
Folder 8.8 Notebook: Observations of class of 1866-67 and 1867-68
Folder 8.9 Notebook: Student observations, 22 Mar-31 Oct. 1866; Meteors, 12 Nov. 1867
Folder 8.10 Notebook: Astronomical observations of the Advanced class, 1868-1869
Folder 8.11 Notebook: Observations of class of 1868-69, no. 2
Folder 9.1 Notebook: Class observations for time, 1872
Folder 9.2 Notebook: Sun, meteors, etc.; Risings and settings of planets, etc.; Miss Kellogg's record of August meteors,, 1873-1874
Folder 9.3 Notebook: Anna Mineah [student]
Folder 9.4 Notebook: S. C. Blatchley [student?] observations, 1866
Folder 9.5 Notebook: Observatory, Saturn, Sep. 1877-Jan. 1878
Folder 9.6 Notebook: Meteors, students' notes, sun spots, 1875-1876
Folder 9.7 Notebook: Meteors and students' notes, Nov. 1876
Folder 9.7 Notebook: variable stars, 1896-
Folder 9.8 Notebook: Class rough records, May, Sep. and Nov. 1886
Folder 10.1 Notebook: Observations with the twelve-inch equatorial, 13 April 1866-17 June 1877
Folder 10.2 Notebook: twelve-inch equatorial, 28 Sept. 1876-19 Oct. 1879
Folder 10.3 Notebook: twelve-inch equatorial, 25 Oct. 1879-31 May 1886
Folder 11.1 Notebook: Observations for time and for longitude; transit instrument, 22 Sept. 1865-6 Dec. 1871
Folder 11.2 Notebook: Transit instrument, 5 May 1878-8 Dec. 1887
Folder 11.3 Notebook: Observations with meridian instrument and zenith telescope
Folder 12.1 Notebook: Washington and Cambridge, record of time signals received from Washington
Folder 12.2 Notebook: Longitude, Cambridge and Vassar
Folder 12.3 Notebook: Venus transit, 6 Dec. 1882
Folder 12.4 Notebook: [untitled]
Folder 13.1 Notebook: C[aroline] E. Furness, M. M., R. L. Kimball, McGlynn Center
Folder 13.2 Notebook: Meteors
Folder 13.3 Notebook/scrapbook on Chauvenet, 1872
Folder 13.4 Notebook/scrapbook on Chauvenet
Folder 13.5 Notebook: Sun spots, 15 Mar. 1883-12 June 1893
Folder 13.6. Notebook: Observations for latitude
Folder 13.7. Notebook: Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vols. XVIII-L, Years 1848-1891, approximately 1891


Folder 14.1 Biographical notes
Folder 14.2 Association for the Advancement of Woman. Committee on Science circular, [n.d.]
Folder 14.3 Bust of Maria Mitchell, 1874-1968
Folder 14.4 Maria Mitchell Endowment Fund, 1887-1897
Folder 14.5 Death of Maria Mitchell, 1889
Folder 14.6 Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, 1902-1926
Folder 14.7 Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, 1930-1938, 1968, 2002 [n.d.]
Mapcase — Drawer 36 Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, ca. 2001-2007
Folder 14.8 Hall of Fame, New York University, 1907-1925
Folder 14.9 Evalyn A. Clark Symposium: Maria Mitchell and Her Influence, 1989
Folder 14.10 Maria Mitchell-Daughter of Nantucket, 1997


Folder 14.10 "Maria Mitchell, Pioneer Woman Astronomer" by Dorrit Hoffleit, 1984
Folder 14.11 "Maria Mitchell and Vassar College - Club Paper" by Mary A. Mineah [?], [1932]
Folder 14.12 "Life and Work" by Mary Whitney, pp. 1-9, [n. d.]
Folder 14.13 "Life and Work" by Mary Whitney, pp. 10-22, [n. d.]
Folder 14.14 "Life and Work" by Mary Whitney, [another draft], [n. d.]
Folder 14.15 [Untitled, by unknown author], [n. d.]


Works from the library of Maria Mitchell
Folder 15.1 The Domain of Physiology, by T. Sterry Hunt (Boston: 1882)
Folder 15.2 Instructions for Observing the Transit of Venus, December 6, 1882(Washington: 1882) with photograph of transit of Venus taken at Vassar College,December 1882
Folder 15.3 The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Assembly (NY: [n. d.])
Folder 15.4 "View of Dr. Herschel's Telescope" [engraving] with page from The Universal Magazine, 1796
Works about Maria Mitchell
Folder 15.5 Maria Mitchell bibliography
Folder 15.6 Newspaper clippings, 1858-1896
Folder 15.7 Newspaper clippings, 1910-1942
Folder 15.8 Newspaper clippings, 1949-1966
Folder 15.9 Newspaper clippings, 1968-1995
Folder 15.10 Newspaper clippings, [n. d.]
Folder 15.11 Correspondence Relative to the Award of the King of Denmark's Comet Medal to Miss Maria Mitchell of Nantucket ... (Cambridge: 1857) with Maria Mitchell Library reprint and holograph notebook of the work
Journal articles, Book Chapters, and Pamphlets
Folder 16.1 Publications, 1868, 1886-1893
Folder 16.2 Publications, 1895-1936
Folder 16.3 Publications, 1938-1968
Folder 16.4 Publications, 1969-1979
Folder 16.5 Publications, 1989-1990, [n. d.]


Folder 17.1 Fingerprints of Maria Mitchell, [n. d.]
Folder 17.2 Pencil portrait by C. Wenige of William and Lydia Coleman Mitchell, parents of Maria, [prob. before 1855]
Folder 17.3 Engraving of Maria Mitchell, [n. d.]
Folder 17.4 Mitchell family coat of arms, [n. d.]
Folder 17.5 Plan of Sherburne Bluffs, Nantucket, Mass., [n. d.]


Reel 1, Item 1 William Mitchell. Autobiography. b. 20 December 1791
Reel 1, Item 2 William & Maria Mitchell Correspondence [with scientists such as]:
Reel 1, Item 2 G. B. Airy
Reel 1, Item 2 A. D. Bache
Reel 1, Item 2 J. F. Bowditch
Reel 1, Item 2 Alvan Clark
Reel 1, Item 2 James D. Dana
Reel 1, Item 2 C. H. Davis
Reel 1, Item 2 B A. Gould
Reel 1, Item 2 Edward Everett Hale
Reel 1, Item 2 Joseph G. Harlan
Reel 1, Item 2 Joseph Henry
Reel 1, Item 2 Mathew Fontain Maury
Reel 1, Item 2 Benjamin Pierce
Reel 1, Item 2 and others
Reel 1, Item 3 William Mitchell Observations of the Eclipse of the Sun. 1831
Reel 1, Item 4 William Mitchell Meterological Observations at Nantucket , 1857-1861
Reel 1, Item 4 at Lynn, Mass., 1861-1865
Reel 1, Item 5 William Mitchell Meterological Observations continued by Maria Mitchell, 1865 1869-1872
Reel 1, Item 6 William Mitchell Meterological Observations at Nantucket, July 1849-1856
Reel 2, Item 7 William Mitchell Observations made for the purpose of correcting the chronometers of whale ships. Also includes observations of the Comet of 1847 for which Maria Mitchell obtained the gold medal from the King of Denmark, 1845-1850
Reel 2, Item 8 William Mitchell Manuscript of a lecture on comets, 1842
Reel 2, Item 9 William Mitchell Correspondence with family and personal friends.
Reel 2, Item 10 William Mitchell Lecture on stars
Reel 2, Item 11 William Mitchell
Reel 2, Item 11 Notebook, astronomical records, surveying notes. Account of Encke's Comet by Walter Folger.
Reel 2, Item 12 William Mitchell Lectures on the moon, distances, eclipses.
Reel 2, Item 13 William Mitchell Meterological Observations, 1844-1849
Reel 2, Item 14 William Mitchell Jounal of Weather [Nantucket], 1848
Reel 2, Item 14 Scrapbook and clippings, 1835-1840
Reel 2, Item 15 William Mitchell A brief memoir of the late Walter Folger
Reel 2, Item 16 Maria Mitchell Diary On travels in Europe[George Airy] Poems for children, 1854-1857
Reel 2, Item 17 Maria Mitchell Lectures telling of trip to Europe and Russia Travels with the Hawthornes, 1873
Reel 2, Item 17 Stay in Rome Visit to Vatican Observatory and Angelo Secci Lectures to students on Women's Rights, 1857-1858
Reel 3, Item 18 Maria Mitchell Correspondence relating to the awarding of the gold medal[William Mitchell, letters from Edward Everett, 1848-1864]
Reel 3, Item 19 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes: observations to be made by students
Reel 3, Item 20 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes: lessons in observing [1866] [class notes: 1866]
Reel 3, Item 21 Maria Mitchell Notes on Saturn 1877-1883 Diary notes 1882
Reel 3, Item 22 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes: notes on meteors and some corresondence
Reel 3, Item 23 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes: notes on distances. 1870
Reel 3, Item 24 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes: combinationof ideas for lectures and diary, 1880-1881
Reel 3, Item 25 Maria Mitchell Questions for students - test, etc.
Reel 3, Item 26 Maria Mitchell Notes to Chauvenet - eclipses
Reel 3, Item 27 Maria Mitchell Lectures on precession, sun spots, constellations, occultations, cycles of time, comets. Some diary notes for 1867 and [class notes 1867]
Reel 3, Item 28 Maria Mitchell[Introductory lecture - remarks on distance of stars] [class notes]
Reel 3, Item 29 Maria Mitchell Lecture: Ideas on Observing, on Women, [1874]
Reel 3, Item 29 Diary notes, 1872 and 1873
Reel 4, Item 30 Maria Mitchell Subjects of lectures given by students at Vassar and subjects of lectures given by Maria Mitchell, 1881-1887
Reel 4, Item 31 Maria Mitchell Notes and printed references on nautical Almanac. Studies in preparation for computational work done for U.S. Nautical Almanac first published in 1849.
Reel 4, Item 32 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes. n. d.
Reel 4, Item 32 Observations of Saturn and its satellites, 1879-1882 and 1877-
Reel 4, Item 32 Observations on Mars, 1869
Reel 4, Item 32 Lecture notes on the possibility of an intermercurial planet read in Nov 1869
Reel 4, Item 32 Observations on Mira, 1856-1858
Reel 4, Item 32 Lectures on Seasons
Reel 4, Item 32 Lectures on double stars.
Reel 4, Item 32 Lectures on early astronomers
Reel 4, Item 33 Maria Mitchell Lectures on the Eclipse of 7 August 1869.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on the Sun and Moon.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on Saturn.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on the Importance of Using Your Eyes.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on the Size of the Universe
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on the Moon [with photograph] and the Moon's Phases.
Reel 4, Item 33 Motion of the Planets and their Discovery.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lecture on La Place read February 1868.
Reel 4, Item 33 Lectures on Accidents in Observing
Reel 4, Item 33 Observations of Comets made in Nantucket.
Reel 4, Item 33 Observations of Comets made at Vassar, 1881-1882
Reel 4, Item 33 Lecture on Alvan Clark and Telescope Making.
Reel 4, Item 33 Notes on Gauss [Nantucket}
Reel 4, Item 34 William and Maria Mitchell
Reel 4, Item 34 Letters of William, Henry and Maria Mitchell
Reel 4, Item 34 Poems written by Maria Mitchell.
Reel 4, Item 34 Accounts of activities at Vassar [copied from the College newspaper].
Reel 4, Item 34 Obituary notices and miscellaneous memorials to Maria Mitchell.
Reel 5, Item 35 Book of clippings on astronomical observations made by other astronomers.
Reel 5, Item 36 Correspondence with Sir George Airy and Lady Airy, 1857-1882
Reel 5, Item 37 Diary notes and Ideas on Women's Education, 1886-1888. Including some observations, 1887-1888.
Reel 5, Item 38 William and Maria Mitchell
Reel 5, Item 38 Autographs, miscellaneous.
Reel 5, Item 38 Letters to William Mitchell from well-known people, 1825
Reel 5, Item 38 Letters to and from Maria Mitchell
Reel 5, Item 39 Clippings on Astronomers, on Vassar
Reel 5, Item 39 Reports of Comet observations; additional clippings on science and women, etc.
Reel 5, Item 40 Maria Mitchell Letters to Maria Mitchell and clippings on astronomical subjects, [1881-1888(?)]
Reel 5, Item 41 William Mitchell Clippings on women and astronomy, obituary of William Mitchell, computations.
Reel 5, Item 42 Maria Mitchell Early letters to Maria Mitchell received during her trip to Europe, 1857-1858
Reel 6, Item 43 Maria Mitchell Photograph and calling cards [Scrapbook of views & calling cards of European trip, 1857-1858(?)]
Reel 6, Item 44 William and Maria Mitchell Letters to Maria Mitchell from astronomers (1869) after her father's death.
Reel 6, Item 44 Obituaries of William Mitchell
Reel 6, Item 45 Maria Mitchell Lecture notes and diary, 1881-1882
Reel 6, Item 45 [Maria Mitchell private notes 1881-1882]
Reel 6, Item 46 Maria Mitchell Notebook on the Women's Congress [Association for the Advancement of Women 1880-1881]
Reel 6, Item 47 Maria Mitchell Notebook on the Women's Congress 1876. Questionnaire and Statistics on Women in Science.
Reel 6, Item 48 Maria Mitchell Private notes and journal, 1873, includes clippings.
Reel 6, Item 48 Accounts of travel to Europe.
Reel 6, Item 49 Maria Mitchell European notes, 1873
Reel 6, Item 50 Maria Mitchell Ideas on science and its popularization, 1874
Reel 6, Item 50 [Commonplace book, 1871-1880]
Reel 6, Item 50 On government and patronage
Reel 6, Item 50 On English gentlemen
Reel 6, Item 50 On music
Reel 6, Item 50 On transit of venus, 1874
Reel 6, Item 50 On Women's Congress, 1875-1876
Reel 6, Item 50 Life in the college, 1875
Reel 6, Item 50 Visit of Don Pedro, 1876
Reel 6, Item 50 Diary, 1878, 1879, 1880
Reel 6, Item 51 Maria Mitchell Clippings on Women's Congress in an old computations book, 1865
Reel 6, Item 52 Genealogy of the Mitchell Family, Phebe Mitchell [1864] [Chase, Joseph, A book of genealogy, 1815, copied by Phebe Mitchell, 1844]
Reel 6, Item 52 List of Shares sold for social library
Reel 6, Item 53 "Scraps to be saved about Jupiter," etc.
Reel 6, Item 54 Lectures on Saturn, Jupiter, Color of Stars, Women's Labor
Reel 6, Item 55 Book of clippings, engravings
Reel 6, Item 55 Obituaries of Edward Everett
Reel 6, Item 55 Maria Mitchell at Vassar
Reel 6, Item 55 Accounts of Life at Vassar
Reel 6, Item 55 Obituaries and Accounts of the activities of William and Maria Mitchell
Reel 7, Item 56 Letters from Maria Mitchell's students and famous people like John G. Whittier, John D. Rockefeller.
Reel 7, Item 56 [Letters to Maria Mitchell, 1886]
Reel 7, Item 57 "Scraps from newspapers, not very important."
Reel 7, Item 58 Reminiscenses of the Herschels
Reel 7, Item 58 Lectures by Maria Mitchell
Reel 7, Item 59 "Letters and Scraps -- some of them are very valuable."
Reel 7, Item 59 Letters of Introduction from George Bond to famous European astronomers, 1865
Reel 7, Item 59 Letters of famous astronomers to Maria Mitchell.
Reel 7, Item 59 Letters from famous women, such as Dorothea Dix, Julia Ward Howe, Frances Willard - to Maria Mitchell
Reel 7, Item 60 Maria Mitchell Printed Papers, articles in magazines and newspapers by Maria Mitchell
Reel 7, Item 61 Maria Mitchell Diary of trip to Europe 1857-1858 (Copy Book Copy)
Reel 7, Item 62 Maria Mitchell Diary account of a western trip, 1857, includes voyages on the Mississippi and travels through the south. Copied by William Mitchell.
Reel 7, Item 63 Lectures on Jupiter; on scientists and the popularization of science, on time [parts very faint].
Reel 7, Item 65 William Mitchell Kendall Autobiography and journal (European trip, 1881)
Reel 8, Item 66 Phebe Mitchell Kendall Diaries.
Reel 8, Item 67 Maria Mitchell Lecture on the moon
Reel 8, Item 68 Scrapbook containing letters to Maria Mitchell, 1870-1875
Reel 8, Item 69 Maria Mitchell Astronomical story.
Reel 8, Item 69a William Mitchell Lecture on meterology
Reel 8, Item 69a Report on a visitation to the Harvard Observatory
Reel 8, Item 69b Maria Mitchell Letters [1 volume]
Reel 9, Item 69c Maria Mitchell [actually Phebe Kendall] Diary in Europe, Part I [Part II is actually in Reel 8, item 66.]
Reel 9 Maria Mitchell Travel notes [1 volume]
Reel 9 Nantucket Athenaeum Library, Item 1 - Maria Mitchell, Weather Observations, 1846-1849, 1854-1856
Reel 9 Nantucket Athenaeum Library, Item 2 - Maria Mitchell, Weather Observations, 1850-1853
Reel 9 Nantucket Athenaeum Library, Item 3 - Maria Mitchell, Weather Observations, 1854-1856
Reel 9 Nantucket Athenaeum Library, Item 4 - Letter from Robley Dunglison to Nantucket Athenaeum, 1846
Reel 9 Nantucket Athenaeum Library, Item 5 - Letter from Maria Mitchell to officers of Nantucket Athenaeum, n.y.


Neg. boxes Glass plate negatives for images of Mitchell's observations of sun spots (808 plates in 35 boxes)

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