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Guide to the Frederic Goudy Papers, 1903-1966

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Goudy, Frederic W. (Frederic William), 1865-1947
Title: Frederic Goudy Papers
Dates: 1903-1966
Quantity: 6 cubic ft. (14 boxes)
Abstract: Correspondence, articles by and about Goudy, type specimens, type and other printing hardware, memorabilia, and other materials relating to Frederic Goudy and his type designs.
Forms of Materials: Correspondence, printed matter, memorabilia

Biographical Note

Frederic William Goudy was one of the foremost American typographers and printers of the twentieth century. Over the course of his long career, he designed dozens of typefaces—including Lanston, Kennerley, and Goudy Old Style—many of which are still used today. Goudy is also known for his work with the Village Press, which he founded in 1903 with an associate, William Ransom. After buying out Ransom, Goudy moved the press to a number of locations, eventually establishing it in 1920 at Deepdene, his home in Marlboro, New York. At Deepdene, Goudy and his wife, Bertha Sprinks Goudy (1869–1935), who worked as compositor, produced a wide range of books, pamphlets, broadsides, and ephemera. In 1924 the Goudys purchased the Albion printing press that had belonged to William Morris, founder of the Kelmscott Press. Goudy continued to use this press until 1939, when a fire destroyed his Deepdene workshop, forcing him to close the Village Press permanently. In addition to operating the Village Press, Goudy served as artistic director of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company, for which he designed many notable typefaces. He also lectured at several educational institutions, including Vassar College. Born on March 18, 1865, in Bloomington, Illinois, Frederic Goudy died on May 11, 1947, at his Deepdene home.


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, articles by and about Goudy, type specimens, type and other printing hardware, memorabilia, and other materials relating to Frederic Goudy and his type designs.



This collection is arranged in ten series. See Series List below for arrangement within each series.Top


This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.


Subject Headings


  • Borden, Fanny
  • Emmons, Earl H., 1888-
  • Goudy, Bertha, 1869-1935
  • Kennerley, Mitchell, 1878-1950
  • MacCracken, H. N. (Henry Noble), b. 1880
  • Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957


  • Lanston Monotype Machine Company
  • Maverick Press
  • Village Press


  • Printing--United States--History--Sources
  • Type and type-founding--United States--Specimens

Document Types:

  • type (composition equipment)
  • type specimens

Encoding Information

Encoded by Mark Seidl December, 2011. Updated by Mark Seidl January-March, June, 2014.


Preferred Citation

Frederic Goudy Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Processed by Mark Seidl December, 2011. Reprocessed by Mark Seidl January-March, 2014.


Series List

Series I. Correspondence, 1923-1955 (Box 1)

This series includes Goudy's correspondence with Fanny Borden, Alice Goudy Lochhead's correspondence with Fanny Borden, Goudy's correspondence with the Vassar College Library, correspondence relating to the Vassar College Village Press collection, and unidentified correspondence. Arranged chronologically.

Series II. Essays and Addresses, circa 1933-circa 1941 (Boxes 1, 6, and 13)

This series consists of Goudy's essays and addresses. Of particular interest are the addresses he delivered at Vassar College. Arranged chronologically.

Series III. Publications, 1903-1960 (Boxes 1, 2, and 13)

Divided into two subseries, this series consists of articles by and about Goudy. Each subseries is arranged chronologically.

Series IV. Type and Type Specimens, circa 1923-1946 (Boxes 2, 6, 8, 9, and 14)

This series includes type, quoins, and other printing hardware, as well as printed specimens and other materials relating to the typefaces Goudy designed. Arranged alphabetically.

Series V. Broadsides, circa 1920-circa 1942 (Boxes 4, 6, 14, and 15)

This series includes broadsides printed by the Village Press and Maverick Press, as well as unidentified broadsides. Arranged alphabetically.

Series VI. Slides, After 1933 (Boxes 10-12)

This series consists of photographic slides of examples of Goudy's typefaces, monograms, and other designs. Arranged numerically.

Series VII. Book Covers, Bookplates, and Other Designs, 1910-circa 1946 (Boxes 2, 6, and 15)

In this series are book covers, bookplates, brochures, pamphlets, title pages, and monograms designed by Goudy. Also included are examples of the masthead Goudy designed for Vassar College's Miscellany News. Arranged chronologically.

Series VIII. Exhibits, Honors, and Tributes, 1923-1966 (Boxes 2, 3, 6, 13, and 14)

This series includes materials relating to exhibits of Goudy's type faces and designs, as well as addresses, songs, and other materials produced in honor of him. Arranged alphabetically.

Series IX. Portraits and Memorabilia, c. 1930-c. 1946 (Boxes 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, and 14)

This series consists of photographs, portraits, and memorabilia. Of particular interest is a bas relief portrait of Frederic and Bertha Goudy. Arranged alphabetically.

Series X. Miscellaneous Files, 1932-1957 (Boxes 4, 5, and 6)

This series includes files relating to the death of Bertha Goudy and Goudy's Deepdene estate. Also included are materials pertaining to the Bruce Rogers Lectern Bible and to the Maverick Press. Arranged alphabetically.

Container List

Series I. Correspondence

Folder 1.1 Letters to Fanny Borden, circa 1923-circa 1945
Folder 1.2 Alice Goudy Lochhead letters, circa 1939-1952
Folder 1.3 Vassar College Library to Frederic Goudy (copies), 1942-1943
Folder 1.4 Vassar College Library Correspondence re. Village Press Collection, 1927-1960
Folder 1.5 Unidentified Correspondence with Goudy, 1939, undated
Folder 1.6 Unidentified Correspondence regarding Village Press, 1938

Series II. Essays and Addresses

Folder 1.7 Addresses at Vassar College, circa 1933-circa 1940
Folder 6.1 The Design of Types, circa 1941
Folder 6.2 "Evening at Deepdene," 1938
Folder 1.8 [Origin of the printer's mark], undated
Folder 1.9 "The Type Speaks," 1938
Folder 13.1 "The Type Speaks," 1938 [oversize]

Series III. Publications

Articles by Goudy
Folder 1.10 1921-1930
Folder 1.11 1932-1936
Folder 1.12 1937-1938
Folder 1.13 1940-circa 1942
Articles about Goudy
Folder 1.14 1919-1923
Folder 1.15 1924-1929
Folder 1.16 1932
Folder 1.17 1933-1935
Folder 1.18 1936-1937
Folder 1.19 1938
Folder 1.20 1939
Folder 1.21 1940-1942
Folder 1.22 1944-1945
Folder 13.2 1930-1948
Folder 1.23 1947-1948
Folder 2.1 1953-1970
Folder 2.2 undated
Folder 2.3 (minor mentions), circa 1920-1938
Folder 2.4 (minor mentions), 1939-1948

Series IV. Type and Type Specimens

Boxes 8-9 Assorted type and printing hardware, undated [boxes are heavy]
Folder 2.5 "Californian," circa 1940-circa 1941
Folder 6.3 "Collier Old Style," 1923
Folder 2.6 "Deepdene," 1935-1961
Folder 2.7 "Franciscan," 1934, 1940
Folder 2.8 "Friar," 1938
Folder 2.9 "Garamond," 1928-1939
Folder 2.10 Goudy types, 1929-1938
Folder 2.11 Goudy types, 1941-1956 [includes "A record of Goudy type designs," compiled by Goudy]
Folder 2.12 Goudy types, undated
Folder 6.4 Goudy types, undated
Folder 2.13 "Greek," circa 1934
Folder 2.14 "Italian Old Style," circa 1924-circa 1926
Folder 2.15 "Kaatskill," circa 1930-circa 1936
Folder 2.16 "Kennerley Old Style," circa 1930-circa 1940
Folder 6.5 "Kennerley Old Style," circa 1930-circa 1943
Folder 2.17 "Lanston," 1939
Folder 2.18 "Medieval," 1930, 1939
Folder 2.19 "Modern," circa 1918, 1934-circa 1940
Box 7 Monograms, undated
Folder 2.20 "New Style," 1949
Folder 2.21 "Old Style," 1935, 1948, undated
Folder 2.22 "Pabst Old Style," circa 1938
Folder 6.6 "Record of Goudy Types," undated
Folder 2.23 "Saks," 1934
Folder 6.7 "Saks," undated
Folder 14.1 A Specimen of Types Designed and Sold by Frederic W. Goudy, 1921
Folder 14.2 A Specimen Sheet Showing Almost All of the "Lost" Goudy Types, after 1936
Folder 2.24 "Text," circa 1930-circa 1940
Folder 2.25 "Tory," 1937
Folder 2.26 "Trajan," 1940
Folder 2.27 "Truesdell," 1939, 1941
Folder 2.28 "Village," 1937, undated
Folder 2.29 Unidentified type, 1932, 1943

Series V. Broadsides

Village Press
Folder 14.3 Concerning Literary Style (Goethe), 1932 [3 copies]
Folder 14.4-14.5 Excerpt from the Second Inaugural Address by Abraham Lincoln, circa 1932 [10 copies]
Folder 15.1 Gettysburg Address, undated [2 copies]
Folder 14.6 Good Taste, Skill, 1932
Folder 14.1 A Specimen of Types Designed and Sold by Frederic W. Goudy, 1921
Folder 14.2 A Specimen Sheet Showing Almost All of the "Lost" Goudy Types, after 1936
Maverick Press
Folder 4.8 Assorted broadsides, undated
Miscellaneous Broadsides
Folder 14.7 Development of Printing Types, undated
Folder 15.1 Gutenberg's Invention, 1942
Folder 15.2 I am New York, circa 1939
Folder 15.3 Oath of Hippocrates, 1942
Folder 6.16 Assorted broadsides, circa 1922-circa 1940

Series VI. Slides

Box 10 Slides 1-200
Box 11 Slides 201-400
Box 12 Slides 401-500

Series VII. Book Covers, Bookplates, and Other Designs

Folder 2.30 Book covers
Folder 2.31 Book jackets, brochures, etc., circa 1928-circa 1951
Folder 6.8 Book jackets designed by Goudy, 1918-1946
Folders 2.32-2.33 Bookplates, monograms, and title pages, circa 1910-circa 1945
Folder 6.9 Bookplates, monograms, and title pages, circa 1910-circa 1945
Folders 2.34-2.35 Books, programs, etc. designed by Goudy, circa 1903-circa 1950
Folder 6.10 Books, programs, etc. designed by Goudy, circa 1903-circa 1950
Folder 6.11 Exhibit catalog design, undated
Folder 2.36 Miscellany News masthead, 1939
Folder 6.12 Monogram design
Folder 2.37 Vassar College bookplates designed by Goudy and Borden bookplates, circa 1934-circa 1940
Folder 15.5 Vassar Cooperative Bookshop sign design, undated

Series VIII. Exhibits, Honors, and Tributes

Folder 14.11 "Le Chapeau Immortel," 1928
Folder 2.38 Exhibits, 1933-1948
Folder 2.39 Exhibits at Vassar College, circa 1933-circa 1947
Folder 2.40 Goudy Dinner, 1929
Folder 3.1 Goudy at Vassar College, circa 1932-circa 1947
Folders 3.2-3.4 Honors, tributes, etc. 1930-1950, undated
Folder 6.13 Honors and tributes, circa 1930-circa 1947
Folder 3.5 Songs, verses, etc. to Goudy, 1935-1938
Folder 6.14 Vassar College News Items, Exhibits, Birthday Parties, 1932-1944
Folder 13.3 Village Press 35th anniversary poster, 1938

Series IX. Portraits and Memorabilia

Box 7 Bas relief portrait of Frederic and Bertha Goudy, 1933
Folder 3.6 Goudy at Vassar College pictures
Box 7 Master's degree award medal, 1901
Folders 4.1-4.2 Pictures, Portraits, etc., circa 1935-circa 1948
Folder 14.8 Portrait of Frederic Goudy, 1928 [2 copies]
Folder 14.9 Portrait of Frederic Goudy, 1932 [3 copies]
Folder 14.10 Portrait of Frederic Goudy, 1942
Folder 6.15 Portraits of Frederic Goudy, 1935, undated
Folder 13.4 Portraits of Frederic Goudy, circa 1930-1942
Folder 13.5 Portraits of Frederic and Bertha Goudy, 1932-1938
Folder 4.3 The story of the Goudy bas relief, 1937
Folder 4.4 Watermark Portrait, undated

Series X. Miscellaneous Files

Folder 4.5 Ars Typographica-announcements and prospectuses, circa 1918-1935
Folder 4.6 Bertha Goudy, circa 1935-circa 1938
Folder 4.7 Bruce Rogers' Lectern Bible, circa 1935-1948
Folder 4.8 Deepdene Estate, 1939-1948
Folder 4.9 Maverick Press, circa 1936-circa 1940
Folder 6.16 Miscellaneous printed material, circa 1922-circa 1940
Folder 5.1 Vassar College Village Press Collection, circa 1932-circa 1938 [Correspondence relating to collection]
Folder 5.2 Village Press Bibliography, 1931-1945
Folder 5.3 Village Press Bibliography, 1947
Folder 5.4 Village Press Collections at Other Institutions, 1941-circa 1960

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