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Guide to the Henry Noble MacCracken Papers, 1907-1968

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Repository:Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator:MacCracken, H. N. (Henry Noble), b. 1880.
Title:Henry Noble MacCracken Papers
Quantity:circa 210 linear feet
Abstract:Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, contracts, publications, and other materials pertaining to Henry Noble MacCracken's tenure as president of Vassar College.
Forms of Materials:Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, contracts, publications, and other materials.

Biographical Note

Dr. Henry Noble MacCracken (1880-1970), was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1880. He graduated from New York University in 1900 with a degree in English literature, and returned to earn a master's degree in English in 1904. He went on to Harvard University for a second Master's and received his Ph.D. in 1907. He taught at Harvard University, Yale University, and Smith College before coming to Vassar in 1915.

MacCracken was Vassar's fifth president and his tenure was the longest in the college's history. He sparked controversy because of his advocacy for women's suffrage and his liberal views toward education and politics. He was fired in 1918 because of these views but returned to office after student-faculty protests and the resignation of three trustees. MacCracken contributed many important things to Vassar including service as an English professor and the endowment of a chair in the English department. He also worked to bring more foreign students to Vassar, increased student involvement in college policy making, established the Euthenics Department (1923), and supported Hallie Flanagan Davis in her work on the Experimental Theatre. MacCracken worked tirelessly through both world wars, spearheading Vassar's many contributions to the war effort. He also worked with the Red Cross and served as director of educational work on the New York Council of Home Defense.

MacCracken was also involved in many local and national organizations, both during and subsequent to his time at Vassar. He was a member of the National Committee of the League to Enforce Peace, an organizer for the Dutchess County Health Association, (the first county public health organization in the United States), and one of the creators of the Kosciuszko Foundation to promote relations between the United States and Poland. He was a key figure in the foundation of Sarah Lawrence College in 1926, a member of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and chairman of the conference's international meeting in London.

MacCracken also spent a significant amount of his time lecturing, at Vassar as well as at other institutions across the country. Topics included his religious views, the United Nations, civil liberties and English literature, among others. He also had an interest in local history and wrote several books on the Poughkeepsie area and Vassar. Titles included pan>The Family on Gramercy Park, The Hickory Limb, Old Dutchess Forever! The Story of an American County, and Blithe Dutchess: The Flowering of an American County from 1812.

MacCracken died May 7, 1970 in Poughkeepsie at the age of 89.


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, contracts, publications, and other materials pertaining to Vassar College Trustees and administration, Buildings and Grounds, faculty, students, alumnae, programs, and activities, 1914-1950; to the World Youth Congress of 1938; to his own teaching activities; to Sarah Lawrence College, 1926-1937; to World War I, 1915-1920; to the Dutchess County Health Association, 1919-1945; and to the Kosciuszko Foundation (New York City), 1923-1962. Correspondence files from his personal involvement in such organizations as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Congregational Church, American Red Cross, International Migration Service, National Student Federation, the Southern Women's Educational Alliance, and the National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1915-1946. Personal and business correspondence with Felix Frankfurter, F.J. Furnivall, Herbert Hoover, Charles Evans Hughes, G.L. Kittredge, Herbert Lehman, John M. Manley, Henry Morgenthau, Michael Idvorsky Pupin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Constance Rourke, Alfred E. Smith, William Howard Taft, M. Carey Thomas, Mary E. Woolley, and others, 1915-1946. His speeches, manuscripts, typescripts, publications, and related correspondence, some of which concern Dutchess County history. Scrapbook of letters and clippings concerning his radio talk on religious liberty in the United States, 1928. Letters and a notebook of miscellaneous records from the U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children, 1940-1942. Photographs and biographical information.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Librarywithout any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.


Subject Headings


  • Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965.
  • Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910.
  • Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
  • Hughes, Charles Evans, 1862-1948.
  • Kittredge, George Lyman, 1860-1941.
  • Lehman, Herbert H. (Herbert Henry), 1878-1963.
  • Manley, John M.
  • Morgenthau, Henry, 1891-1967.
  • Pupin, Michael Idvorsky, 1858-1935.
  • Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962.
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
  • Rourke, Constance, 1885-1941.
  • Smith, Alfred Emanuel, 1873-1944.
  • Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930.
  • Thomas, M. Carey (Martha Carey), 1857-1935.
  • Woolley, Mary Emma, 1863-1947.


  • American Civil Liberties Union.
  • American Red Cross.
  • Dutchess County Health Association.
  • International Migration Service.
  • Kosciuszko Foundation.
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews.
  • National Student Federation.
  • Sarah Lawrence College.
  • Southern Women's Educational Alliance.
  • United States Committee for the Care of European Children.
  • Vassar College==Administration.
  • Vassar College==Presidents.
  • Vassar College==Alumnae.
  • Vassar College==Faculty.
  • Vassar College==Students.
  • Vassar College. Board of Trustees.
  • Vassar College. Buildings and Grounds.
  • World Youth Congress (1938)


  • Charities.
  • Children==Europe.
  • College presidents.
  • College teachers.
  • Congregational churches==United States.
  • International relief.
  • Polish Americans.
  • Radio programs.
  • Social work with children==Europe.
  • Women's colleges==New York (State)==Poughkeepsie.
  • Women==Education.
  • World War, 1914-1918.
  • World War, 1939-1945==Europe==Civilian relief.


  • United States==Emigration and immigration.
  • United States==Religious life and customs.
  • United States==Social conditions.

Document Types:

  • Photoprints.
  • Scrapbooks.

Encoding Information

Encoded by Elizabeth Clarke, Feb 2007.


Preferred Citation

Henry Noble MacCracken Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Original proccessing date unknown. Container list updated and biographical note written by Elizabeth Clarke, March 2007.

Acquisition Information

Transfer from the Office of the President as well as gifts from the MacCracken family.


Series List

Series I. Trustees and Administration (Boxes 1-16)

  • Trustees and Administration, 1915-1920
  • Trustees and Administration, 1920-1923
  • Trustees and Administration, 1923-1925
  • Trustees and Administration, 1925-1927
  • Trustees, 1927-1929
  • Administration, 1927-1929
  • Administration and Endowment, 1928-1932
  • Trustees, 1929-1932
  • Trustees and Administration, 1932-1934
  • Trustees and Administration, 1934-1938
  • Trustee Committees, etc., 1934-1938
  • Trustees and Administration, 1938-1941
  • Trustees and Administration, 1941-1946
  • V.C. 50th Anniversary
  • College Endowment, 1915-1917
  • College Reconstruction Fund, 1918-1919

Series II. Buildings and Grounds (Boxes 16-19)

Series III. Faculty (Boxes 19-50)

  • Faculty, 1914-1916
  • Faculty, 1916-1918
  • Faculty, 1918-1920
  • Faculty, 1920-1926
  • Faculty, 1920-1922
  • Faculty, 1922-1924
  • Faculty, 1924-1926
  • Faculty, 1926-1928
  • Faculty, 1928-1930
  • Faculty, 1930-1932
  • Faculty, 1932-1934
  • Faculty, 1934-1935
  • Faculty, 1935-1936
  • Faculty, 1936-1939
  • Faculty, 1939-1940
  • Faculty, Aug 1940 - July 1941
  • Faculty, 1941-1943
  • Faculty, 1943-1945
  • Former Faculty

Series IV. Students (Boxes 51-57)

  • Students, 1915 - 1 Aug 1920
  • Students, Aug 1920 - Aug 1924
  • Students' Records, 1920-1924
  • Students, 1924-1934
  • Students, 1934-1938
  • Students, 1938-1950

Series V. Alumnae (Boxes 57-63)

  • General
  • Alumnae, 1915-1920
  • Alumnae, 1920-1924
  • Alumnae, 1924-1927
  • Alumnae, 1927-1930
  • Alumnae, 1930-1934
  • Alumnae, 1934-1938
  • Alumnae, 1938-1945

Series VI. Academic Lectures (Boxes 63-64)

  • Invitations, Aug 1931-1936
  • Lectures, 1932-1935
  • Preachers, 1933-1935
  • Lectures, 1936/1937 - 1937/1938
  • Preachers, 1935/1936 - 1938/1939

Series VII. Miscellaneous within Vassar College (Boxes 65-76)

  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1914-1920
  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, Aug 1919 - June 1925
  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, July 1, 1925 - Aug. 1, 1929
  • Institute for a Christian Basis of World Relations, 14-20 June 1924
  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1929-1935
  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, Aug 1935 - Aug 1937
  • Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1938-1943
  • World Youth Congress, 1938
  • Radicalism - Protests

Series VIII. H.N. MacCracken's Teaching at Vassar (Boxes 76-78)

  • Dr. MacCracken's Courses
  • Dr. MacCracken's Class in Drama, 1919/1920

Series IX. Associations (Boxes 78-89)

  • Associations, Aug 1919 - Aug 1923
  • V.C. Publicity and Publications, Aug 1919 - Aug 1923
  • Associations, Aug 1922 - Aug 1926
  • Schools, Aug 1922 - Aug 1926
  • V.C. Publications, Aug 1922 - Aug 1926
  • Other Colleges, Aug 1918- Aug 1923
  • Other Colleges, Aug 1922- Aug 1926
  • Associations, July 1923 - Aug 1932
  • Colleges, July 1923 - Aug 1932
  • Seven Colleges, 1928-1936
  • Five College Conference, 1926-1935
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • War Correspondence, 1915-1920
  • Dutchess County Health Association, 1915-1945
  • Kosciuszko Foundation, 1923-1934
  • Kosciuszko Foundation, 1934-1946

Series X. Personal Organizations (Boxes 89-96)

  • Personal Organizations, 1915-1924
  • Personal Organizations, Aug 1921 - Aug 1926
  • Personal Organizations, 1927-1929
  • Personal Organizations, Aug 1929-1936
  • Personal Organizations, Aug 1936 - July 1940
  • Personal Organizations, 1941-1946
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1939-1946

Series XI. Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence and Business (Boxes 96-110)

  • Personal, 1915-1921
  • Personal, Aug 1921 - July 1924
  • Personal, 1923-1926
  • Personal, 1927-1940
  • Personal Correspondence, Aug 1926 - Aug 1931
  • Miscellaneous Correspondence, Aug 1926-1928
  • Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1928-1933
  • Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence, July 1931 - July 1936
  • Miscellaneous Correspondence, Aug 1935 - Aug 1938
  • Personal Correspondence, 1936-1940
  • Personal Correspondence, 1940-1943
  • Personal Correspondence, August 1943-1946

Series XII.Biographical Information and Personal Publications (Boxes 111-117)

  • Bibliographical
  • Recognition
  • MacCracken Family
  • Publications, Speeches and Misc Professional Activities, 1907-1946
  • Speeches, 1923-1935

Series XIII.Unprocessed Personal Material (Boxes 118-167)

Container List


Trustees and Administration, 1915-1920
Folder 1.1Superintendent, March 1915-Feb 1918
Folder 1.2Superintendent, Feb 1918-June 1920,
Folder 1.3Director of Halls, 1916-1919
Folder 1.4A: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.5Trustees Committee on Art and Art Collections
Folder 1.6Committee on Administrating Policy
Folder 1.7Alumnae Trustees
Folder 1.8Auditor's report, years ending June 30: 1918, 1919
Folder 1.9B: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.10Budget system
Folder 1.11Budget, 1915-1916
Folder 1.12Budget figures of treasurer, 1916-1917
Folder 1.13Budget, 1917-1918
Folder 1.14Budget, 1920-1921
Folder 1.15C: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.16Building Committee
Folder 1.17College accounting
Folder 1.18Trustee Committee, 1917-1918
Folder 1.19Conferences: Treasurer
Folder 1.20Conferences: Trustees
Folder 1.21D: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.22Dimock, George E., trustee
Folder 1.23E: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.24Executive Committee: General correspondence
Folder 1.25Trustees Executive Committee: Investment Committee
Folder 1.26Trustees Executive Committee: Minutes, 10 March 1915
Folder 1.27Executive Committee: Minutes and dockets
Folder 1.28Executive Committee Ruling
Folder 1.29Faculty and Studies Committee meeting
Folder 1.30Faculty and Studies Committee: General Correspondence
Folder 1.31Fiftieth Anniversary
Folder 1.32General correspondence, Trustees
Folder 1.33Gowns: Trustees
Folder 1.34Committee on Grounds: Report, 1914/1915 (etc.)
Folder 1.35H: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.36Hearer charges
Folder 1.37Mr. Houck, trustee
Folder 1.38Income statement
Folder 1.39L: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.40League of Red Cross Societies
Folder 1.41M: trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.42Local Committee Reports
Folder 1.43Memorial Tablet Committee
Folder 1.44Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Folder 1.45Committee on Nominations
Folder 1.46P: Trustees: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 1.47Library Committee
Folder 1.48Pratt, C. M., trustee: Correspondence
Folder 1.49Pratt, C. M., trustee: Correspondence, 1918-June 1920
Folder 1.50President's Fund
Folder 1.51President's leave-of-absence for war work
Folder 1.52President's Office Expense
Folder 1.53President's report, 1915/1916
Folder 1.54President's report, 1916/1917
Folder 1.55President's report, 1917/1918
Folder 1.56President's report, 1918/1919
Folder 1.57Trustees: Miscellaneous
Folder 1.58Trustees
Folder 1.59R: Trustees
Folder 1.60S: Trustees: Miscellaneous
Folder 1.61Reports
Folder 1.62Superintendent of buildings, Mr. Sagar
Folder 1.63Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Folder 1.64Treasurer's Advisory Committee
Folder 1.65Treasurer: Miscellaneous, 1915-1917
Folder 1.66Treasurer: Miscellaneous, 1917-1920
Folder 1.67Treasurer's reports, 1914-1918
Folder 1.68Treasurer's reports, 1918-1920
Folder 1.69Treasurer re: salaries, March 1915 - March 1920
Folder 1.70Trustees' meeting
Folder 1.71Trustee, suggestion for
Folder 1.72Ways and Means Committee
Trustees and Administration, 1920-1923
Folder 2.1Trustees: minutes
Folder 2.2Director of Halls
Folder 2.3General Manager, Mr. Gillespie
Folder 2.4Messenger Room
Folder 2.5Superintendent of Buildings, Mr. Sagar
Folder 2.6Superintendent of Grounds, Mr. Downer
Folder 2.7Applications and Recommendations, Apr-May 1922
Folder 2.8Applications and Recommendations, May-Aug 1922
Folder 2.9Trustees: agenda
Folder 2.10Trustees: by-laws
Folder 2.11Statute of Instructions
Folder 2.12Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Folder 2.13Treasurer, Mr. Lesher
Folder 2.14Auditor's report, 1920, 1922, 1923
Folder 2.15Banker's Trust Company
Folder 2.16Salaries
Folder 2.17Salary endowment fund
Folder 2.18Treasurer's report
Folder 2.19Committees: Trustees
Folder 2.20Art Committee
Folder 2.21Building Committee
Folder 2.22Endowment Committee
Folder 2.23Executive Committee meetings, Sep 1920-March 1922
Folder 2.24Executive Committee meetings, May 1922-June 1923
Folder 2.25Executive Committee: Correspondence
Folder 2.26Faculty and Studies Committee meetings
Folder 2.27Faculty and Studies Committees: Correspondence
Folder 2.28Finance Committee
Folder 2.29Grounds Committee
Folder 2.30Household Management Committee
Folder 2.31Library Committee
Folder 2.32Local Committee
Folder 2.33Committee on Nominations
Folder 2.34Committee on Spiritual Life
Folder 2.35Trustees general correspondence
Folder 2.36Budget, 1923 for 1923/1924
Folder 2.37Treasurer: Miscellaneous, Sep 1920-Feb 1922
Folder 2.38Treasurer: Miscellaneous, March 1922-June 1925
Folder 2.39President's report, June 1921
Folder 2.40President's report, June 1922-June 1923
Folder 2.41President's fund
Folder 2.42A: Trustees
Folder 2.43B: Trustees
Folder 2.44C: Trustees
Folder 2.45D: Trustees
Folder 2.46E: Trustees
Folder 2.47H: Trustees
Folder 2.48L: Trustees
Folder 2.49M: Trustees
Folder 2.50N: Trustees
Folder 2.51P: Trustees
Folder 2.52R: Trustees
Folder 2.53S: Trustees
Folder 2.54T: Trustees
Folder 2.55W: Trustees
Trustees and Administration, 1923-1925
Folder 3.1A: Trustees
Folder 3.2Art Committee
Folder 3.3B: Trustees
Folder 3.4Arthur, George
Folder 3.5Auditor's report, 1923/1924
Folder 3.6Banker's Trust Company
Folder 3.7Budget Committee
Folder 3.81924/1925 Budget
Folder 3.91924/1925 Budget
Folder 3.10Buildings Committee
Folder 3.11C: Trustees
Folder 3.12Comptroller's Office
Folder 3.13Comptroller's Office, Nov 1921-June 30, 1921
Folder 3.14D: Trustees
Folder 3.15Comptroller's report, 1923-1925
Folder 3.16Current Business Committee
Folder 3.17Director of Halls
Folder 3.18Mr. Downer, superintendent of grounds
Folder 3.19E: Trustees
Folder 3.20Euthenics Committee
Folder 3.21Euthenics Committee
Folder 3.22Endowment Committee
Folder 3.23Executive Committee, Sep 1923-June 1924
Folder 3.24Executive Committee, June 1924-June 1925
Folder 3.25Committee on Expenditures, Dec 1924-Jan 1925
Folder 3.26Committee on Expenditures, Feb-June 1925
Folder 3.27Committee on Expenditures, May-Aug 1924
Folder 3.28Committee on Expenditures, Aug-Dec 1924
Folder 3.29Committee on Expenditures, Jan-March 1924
Folder 3.30Committee on Expenditures, March-May 1924
Folder 3.31Finance Committee
Folder 3.32G: Trustees
Folder 3.33General correspondence
Folder 3.34General Faculty and Studies Committee
Folder 3.35General Manager, Mr. Gillespie, Aug 1923-Sept 1924
Folder 3.36General Manager, Mr. Gillespie, Oct 1924-June 1925
Folder 3.37Grounds Committee
Folder 4.1H: Trustees
Folder 4.2Committee on Household Management
Folder 4.3J: Trustees
Folder 4.4K: Trustees
Folder 4.5L: Trustees
Folder 4.6Library Committee
Folder 4.7M: Trustees
Folder 4.8R: Trustees
Folder 4.9Memorial Tablet Committee
Folder 4.10Committee on Museum and Laboratories
Folder 4.11Music Committee and Trustees
Folder 4.12N: Trustees
Folder 4.13Nominating Committee
Folder 4.14P: Trustees
Folder 4.15President's fund
Folder 4.16President's report
Folder 4.17Committee on Religious Life
Folder 4.18Registrations (Presidents)
Folder 4.19Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 4.20Mr. Sagar, superintendent of buildings
Folder 4.21Salaries
Folder 4.22Salary Endowment Fund
Folder 4.23Secretary of Trustees
Folder 4.24Committee on Summer Use of Campus
Folder 4.25T: Trustees
Folder 4.26W: Trustees
Trustees and Administration, 1925-1927
Folder 4.27A: Trustees
Folder 4.28Art Committee
Folder 4.29Automobile owners
Folder 4.30B: Trustees
Folder 4.31Committee on the budget
Folder 4.32Budget controller
Folder 4.33Committee on Buildings
Folder 4.34C: Trustees
Folder 4.35Comptroller, Mr. Cassat
Folder 4.36Comptroller's reports, June 1924-1926
Folder 4.37Comptroller's reports, June 1924-1926
Folder 4.38Chapel exemptions
Folder 4.39Chapel programs
Folder 4.40Chapel service
Folder 4.41Consultant in psychiatry
Folder 4.42D: Trustees
Folder 4.43Director of Halls
Folder 4.44Mr. D. Owen
Folder 4.45Endowment Committee
Folder 4.46Euthenics Committee
Folder 4.47Executive Committee
Folder 4.48Committee on Expenditures
Folder 4.49F: Trustees
Folder 4.50Committee on Faculty and Studies
Folder 4.51Faculty: private data
Folder 4.52Faculty: residence on campus
Folder 4.53Finance and Investment Committee
Folder 4.54G: Trustees
Folder 4.55Grounds Committee
Folder 5.1H: Trustees
Folder 5.2Household Management Committee
Folder 5.3Trustees' Committee on Insurance
Folder 5.4Insurance: Faculty
Folder 5.5Insurance: Faculty
Folder 5.6J: Trustees
Folder 5.7K: Trustees
Folder 5.8L: Trustees
Folder 5.9Committee on Sarah Lawrence College
Folder 5.10Legal opinions
Folder 5.11Trustees: Library Committee
Folder 5.12M: Trustees
Folder 5.13Trustees' minutes
Folder 5.14Trustees' minutes
Folder 5.15Trustees' Museum Committee
Folder 5.16Music Committee
Folder 5.17Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 5.18N: Trustees
Folder 5.19Nominating Committee
Folder 5.20P: Trustees
Folder 5.21Trustees' Committee on Physical Education
Folder 5.22President's reports
Folder 5.23Register of funds in trust
Folder 5.24Responsive readings
Folder 5.25Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 5.26Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 5.27Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 5.28Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 5.29Mr. Richards, general manager
Folder 5.30S: Trustees
Folder 5.31Salaries: Comptroller
Folder 5.32Secretary of Trustees
Folder 5.33T: Trustees
Folder 5.34Treasurer
Folder 5.35Treasurer
Folder 5.36Trustees' Committee
Folder 5.37Trustees' Minutes
Folder 5.38W: Trustees
Folder 5.39Trustees' Minutes
Folder 5.40President's reports
Folder 5.41President's report
Folder 5.42Secretary of the Board
Folder 5.43Trustees: Suggestions
Trustees 1927-1929
Folder 5.44A: Trustees
Folder 5.45B: Trustees
Folder 5.46C: Trustees
Folder 5.47D: Trustees
Folder 5.48E: Trustees
Folder 5.49F: Trustees
Folder 5.50H: Trustees
Folder 5.51J: Trustees
Folder 5.52L: Trustees
Folder 5.53L: Trustees
Folder 5.54M: Trustees
Folder 5.55N: Trustees
Folder 5.56R: Trustees
Folder 5.57T: Trustees
Folder 5.58W: Trustees
Folder 5.59Trustees' Committees
Folder 5.60Trustees' Art Committee
Folder 5.61Trustees' Building Committee
Folder 5.62Committee on Endowment
Folder 5.63Committee on Endowment
Folder 5.64Trustees' Committee on Euthenics
Folder 5.65Committee on Expenditures
Folder 5.66Committee on Household Management
Folder 5.67Grounds Committee
Folder 5.68Committee on Finance and Investment
Folder 5.69Trustees' Library Committee
Folder 5.70Trustees' Memorial Tablets Committee
Folder 5.71Committee on Nominations
Folder 5.72Committee on Religious Life
Folder 5.73Committee on Undergraduate Life
Folder 5.74Treasurer: Trustees
Folder 5.75Executive Committee
Administration, 1927-1929
Folder 5.76Committee on Faculty and Studies
Folder 5.77Committee on Faculty and Studies
Folder 6.1Budget
Folder 6.2Mr. Cassat
Folder 6.3Mr. Cassat
Folder 6.4Financial Bulletins: Mr. Cassat
Folder 6.5Comptroller
Folder 6.6Comptroller's report
Folder 6.7Comptroller's report
Folder 6.8Comptroller's Report
Folder 6.9Insurance: Faculty
Folder 6.10Insurance: Faculty
Folder 6.11Euthenics week: March 4-9
Folder 6.12Employee pension
Folder 6.13Dix plans of reunions
Folder 6.14Economics week
Folder 6.15President's discussion class
Folder 6.16Courses, 1927/1928
Folder 6.17Bookshop Committee petition
Folder 6.18Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 6.19Commencement Program, June 12, 1928
Folder 6.20Commencement, 1929
Folder 6.21A. F. M. Christie, M.D.
Folder 6.22Chinese students
Folder 6.23College chaplain
Folder 6.24Mr. Clowry Chapman
Folder 6.25Baccalaureate Service, June 10, 1928; June 9, 1929; June 8, 1930
Folder 6.26Art and Music week
Folder 6.27Biological week
Folder 6.28Assembly
Folder 6.29Advertising
Folder 6.30Director of Halls
Folder 6.31Superintendent of Grounds, Mr. Downer
Folder 6.32Mr. Cameron
Folder 6.33Work dispatcher
Folder 6.34Mr. Arthur
Folder 6.35General manager, Mr. Richards
Folder 6.36General manager, Mr. Richards
Folder 6.37General manager, Mr. Richards
Folder 6.38General manager, Mr. Richards
Folder 6.39General manager's reports, 1927-1929
Folder 6.40General manager's reports, 1927-1929
Folder 6.41Legal Aid: Immigration: Printed Matters
Folder 6.42Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.43Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.44Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.45Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.46Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.47Legal Aid: Immigration
Folder 6.48History week, Feb 20-26, 1928
Folder 6.49Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 6.50Health Education Conference, Apr 9-12, 1928
Folder 6.51Founder's Day, 1929
Folder 6.52Fees for graduate study for hearers
Folder 6.53Class fees
Folder 6.54Relative to registration
Folder 6.55Relative to registration
Folder 6.56Relative to registration
Folder 6.57Relative to registration
Folder 6.58R and Hardex Service
Folder 6.59Psychiatry
Folder 6.60Progressive Education Conference, Feb 17-18, 1928
Folder 6.61Printing
Folder 6.62Physical Education
Folder 6.63Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 6.64Personal Research Bureau
Folder 6.65Pasteurization of milk
Folder 6.66Parents' Dinner, N.Y.C., Apr 16, 1928
Folder 6.67Boston Parents' Dinner
Folder 6.68"Other Doors" - Ann Linington
Folder 6.69Landscape gardening
Folder 6.70Retreat
Folder 6.71College seal
Folder 7.1Smoking
Folder 7.2Smoking
Folder 7.3Student assistants
Folder 7.4Tuition deposit
Folder 7.5Third Hall Play
Folder 7.6World Unity Conference, Nov 4-5, 1927
Folder 7.7Vassariana
Folder 7.8Vassar Church
Folder 7.9Vassar Church
Folder 7.10Vocational Conference
Administration and Endowment, 1928-1932
Folder 7.11Comptroller's reports, July-Dec 1928
Folder 7.12Comptroller's reports, Jan-May 1929
Folder 7.13Comptroller's reports, June-Dec 1929
Folder 7.14Comptroller's reports, Jan-May 1930
Folder 7.15Comptroller's reports, June-Dec 1930
Folder 7.16Comptroller's reports, Jan-Aug 1931
Folder 7.17Comptroller: Salaries
Folder 7.18Mr. Cassat
Folder 7.19Mr. Cassat
Folder 7.20Mr. Cassat
Folder 7.21Auditors' reports
Folder 7.22Auditors' reports
Folder 7.23Treasurer
Folder 7.24Director of Halls
Folder 7.25Mr. Arthur
Folder 7.26Mr. Cameron
Folder 7.27General manager
Folder 7.28General manager
Folder 7.29General manager
Folder 7.30Report of general manager
Folder 7.31Mr. Downer, superintendent of grounds
Folder 7.32Endowment secretary
Folder 7.33Endowment - B
Folder 7.34Endowment - C
Folder 7.35Endowment - F
Folder 7.36Endowment - I
Folder 7.37Endowment - K
Folder 7.38Endowment - M
Folder 7.39Endowment - P
Folder 7.40Endowment - W
Folder 7.41Endowment - Z
Folder 7.42Potential donors
Folder 7.43Harkness, Edward S., Miss Gertrude Moore
Folder 7.44Miscellaneous gifts and bequests
Folder 7.45Assistant to the President
Folder 7.46Assistant to the President
Folder 7.47Applications and recommendations (Assistant to President)
Folder 7.48Conferences: Assistant to the President
Folder 7.49Assistant to the President: Altman Foundation
Folder 7.50Assistant to the President: Falk Foundation
Folder 7.51Conrad Hubert Fund
Folder 7.52General Education Board
Folder 7.53Assistant to the President: Edward S. Harkness
Folder 7.54Rosenwald Fund
Folder 7.55Recommendations for Mr. Hauck
Trustees 1929-1932
Folder 7.56Minutes of Trustee meetings, Nov 1929-Feb 1930
Folder 7.57Minutes of Trustee meetings, June-Sep 1930
Folder 7.58Minutes of Trustee meetings, Nov 1930-Feb 1931
Folder 7.59Minutes of Trustee meetings, June-Oct 1931
Folder 7.60Minutes of Trustees meetings, Feb-June 1932
Folder 7.61Chairman, Board of Trustees: Conferences
Folder 7.62Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 7.63President's reports
Folder 7.64President's reports
Folder 7.65President's reports
Folder 7.66Secretary of Board of Trustees
Folder 7.67Trustees: General correspondence
Folder 7.68Suggested Trustees
Folder 7.69Trustees: Davis Resolution
Folder 7.70Trustees: A
Folder 7.71Trustees: B
Folder 7.72Trustees: C
Folder 7.73Trustees: D
Folder 7.74Trustees: E
Folder 7.75Trustees: F
Folder 7.76Trustees: G
Folder 7.77Trustees: H
Folder 7.78Trustees: J
Folder 7.70Trustees: K
Folder 8.1Trustees: L
Folder 8.2Trustees: M
Folder 8.3Trustees: N
Folder 8.4Trustees: P
Folder 8.5Trustees: S
Folder 8.6Trustees: T
Folder 8.7Trustees: W
Folder 8.8Trustee Committees, 1930-1932
Folder 8.9Budget Committee, Nov 1930-June 1932
Folder 8.10Committee on Buildings and Grounds: Correspondence
Folder 8.11Committee on Buildings and Grounds: Correspondence
Folder 8.12Committee on Buildings and Grounds: Minutes
Folder 8.13Committee on Buildings and Grounds: Minutes
Folder 8.14Endowment Committee
Folder 8.15Endowment Committee
Folder 8.16Committee on Euthenics
Folder 8.17Committee on Euthenics
Folder 8.18Committee on Expenditures
Folder 8.19Committee on Expenditures, June 1925-Nov 1927
Folder 8.20Committee on Expenditures, Jan 1928-June 1930
Folder 8.21Committee on Household Management
Folder 8.22Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 8.23Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 8.24Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 8.25Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 8.26Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 8.27Subcommittee on schedule of additional budget expenditures
Folder 8.28Joint Committee of Trustees and Alumnae for gym
Folder 8.29Committee on Nominations
Folder 8.30Committee on Undergraduate Life
Folder 8.31Committee on Warden's Department
Folder 8.32Committee on Warden's Department
Folder 8.33Committee on Warden's Department
Folder 8.34Committee on Warden's Department
Folder 8.35Executive Committee Correspondence
Folder 8.36Executive Committee Minutes
Folder 8.37Executive Committee Minutes
Folder 8.38Executive Committee Minutes
Folder 8.39Executive Committee Minutes
Folder 8.40Committee on Faculty and Studies: Correspondence
Folder 8.41Faculty and Studies Committee
Folder 8.42Faculty and Studies Committee
Folder 8.43Faculty and Studies Committee
Trustees and Administration, 1932-1934
Folder 8.44Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 8.45Chairman of Board of Trustees: Conferences
Folder 8.46Potential Trustees
Folder 8.47Secretary to the Trustees
Folder 8.48President's report
Folder 8.49Trustees' Meetings: minutes
Folder 8.50Trustees' Meetings: minutes
Folder 8.51Trustees: General correspondence
Folder 8.52Trustees: A
Folder 8.53Trustees: B
Folder 8.54Trustees: C
Folder 8.55Trustees: D
Folder 8.56Trustees: G
Folder 8.57Trustees: H
Folder 8.58Trustees: K
Folder 8.59Trustees: L
Folder 8.60Trustees: M
Folder 8.61Trustees: N
Folder 8.62Trustees: P
Folder 8.63Trustees: S
Folder 8.64Trustees: W
Folder 9.1Budget Committee, Oct 1932-June 1933
Folder 9.2Budget Committee, Sep 1933-June 1934
Folder 9.3Trustees' Committee on Buildings and Grounds
Folder 9.4Trustees' Committee on Buildings and Grounds
Folder 9.5Trustees' Committee on Buildings and Grounds
Folder 9.6Endowment Committee
Folder 9.7Endowment Committee
Folder 9.8Committee on Euthenics
Folder 9.9Household Management Committee
Folder 9.10Household Management Committee
Folder 9.11Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 9.12Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 9.13Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 9.14Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 9.15Committee on Health Records
Folder 9.16Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 9.17Nominating Committee
Folder 9.18Trustees' Scholarship Committee
Folder 9.19Trustees' Scholarship Committee
Folder 9.20Trustees' Scholarship Committee
Folder 9.21Committee on Undergraduate Life
Folder 9.22Comptroller
Folder 9.23Comptroller
Folder 9.24Comptroller
Folder 9.25Comptroller
Folder 9.26Comptroller reports, Sep-Dec 1931
Folder 9.27Comptroller reports, Jan-Apr 1932
Folder 9.28Comptroller reports, May-Aug 1932
Folder 9.29Comptroller reports, Sep 1932-Jan 1933
Folder 9.30Comptroller reports, Feb-June 1933
Folder 9.31Comptroller reports, July-Oct 1933
Folder 9.32Comptroller reports, Nov 1933-Feb 1934
Folder 9.33Auditor's report
Folder 9.34Auditor's report
Folder 9.35Comptroller: Salaries
Folder 9.36Faculty Studies Committee: correspondence
Folder 9.37Faculty Studies Committee: minutes
Folder 9.38Faculty Studies Committee: minutes
Folder 9.39Executive Committee: correspondence
Folder 9.40Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 9.41Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 9.42Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 9.43Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 9.44Treasurer
Folder 9.45Mr. Downer, superintendent of grounds
Folder 9.46Director of Halls
Folder 9.47Message Center
Folder 9.48Mr. Richards: Stenographic Bureau
Folder 9.49Superintendent of Power Plant
Folder 9.50General Manager
Folder 9.51General Manager
Folder 9.52General Manager
Folder 9.53General Manager
Folder 9.54General Manager
Folder 9.55General Manager
Folder 9.56General Manager report
Folder 9.57Applications
Folder 9.58Applications
Folder 9.59Applications
Folder 9.60Applications
Folder 9.61Applications
Folder 9.62Applications
Folder 9.63Applications
Folder 9.64Applications
Trustees and Administration, 1934-1938
Folder 10.1Comptroller, 1934
Folder 10.2Comptroller, 1934
Folder 10.3Comptroller, 1935
Folder 10.4Comptroller, 1935
Folder 10.5Comptroller, 1935
Folder 10.6Comptroller, Jan-Feb 1936
Folder 10.7Comptroller, March-July 1936
Folder 10.8Comptroller, 1936-1938
Folder 10.9Comptroller, 1936-1938
Folder 10.10Comptroller, 1936-1938
Folder 10.11Comptroller, Contingent Fund
Folder 10.12Comptroller, reports on budget, March 1934-Aug 1935
Folder 10.13Comptroller, reports on budget July 1935-June 1936
Folder 10.14Comptroller reports on budget, July 1936-June 1937
Folder 10.15Comptroller reports on budget, July 1936-June 1937
Folder 10.16Comptroller's reports, Sep 1937-Sep 1938
Folder 10.17Comptroller's reports, Sep 1937-Sep 1938
Folder 10.18Comptroller: salaries
Folder 10.19Comptroller: salaries
Folder 10.20Director of Halls
Folder 10.21Mr. Downer, superintendent of grounds
Folder 10.22General Manager, 1934
Folder 10.23General Manager, 1934
Folder 10.24General Manager, 1935
Folder 10.25General Manager, 1935
Folder 10.26General Manager, 1935
Folder 10.27General Manager, 1936
Folder 10.28General Manager, 1936
Folder 10.29General Manager, 1937
Folder 10.30General Manager, 1938
Folder 10.31General Manager reports, July 1933-June 1938
Folder 10.32Work Dispatcher
Folder 10.33Trustees: A
Folder 10.34Trustees: B
Folder 10.35Trustees: C
Folder 10.36Trustees: D
Folder 10.37Trustees: E
Folder 10.38Trustees: G
Folder 10.39Trustees: H
Folder 10.40Trustees: K
Folder 10.41Trustees: L
Folder 10.42Trustees: M
Folder 10.43Trustees: N
Folder 10.44Trustees: P
Folder 10.45Trustees: S
Folder 10.46Trustees: T
Folder 10.47Trustees: V
Folder 10.48Trustees: W
Folder 10.49Chairman of Trustees: conferences
Folder 10.50Chairman of Trustees: correspondence
Folder 10.51Chairman of Trustees: correspondence
Folder 10.52Legal Counsel
Folder 10.53Resident Secretary
Folder 10.54Secretary, Board of Trustees
Folder 10.55Trustees: general correspondence
Trustee Committees, etc., 1934-1938
Folder 10.56Committee on Endowment
Folder 10.57Committee on Endowment
Folder 10.58Committee on Endowment
Folder 10.59Executive Committee: minutes, 1936-1938
Folder 10.60Executive Committee: minutes, 1936-1938
Folder 10.61Executive Committee: minutes, 1934-1936
Folder 10.62Executive Committee: minutes, 1934-1936
Folder 11.1Executive Committee: correspondence, 1934-1936
Folder 11.2Executive Committee: correspondence, 1937-1938
Folder 11.3Faculty and Studies: correspondence
Folder 11.4Faculty and Studies: correspondence
Folder 11.5Faculty and Studies: minutes
Folder 11.6Faculty and Studies: minutes
Folder 11.7Committee on Health
Folder 11.8Committee on Health: report of a study of public health...
Folder 11.9Committee on Investment and Finance, 1936-1938
Folder 11.10Committee on Investment and Finance, 1936-1938
Folder 11.11Committee on Investment and Finance, 1936-1938
Folder 11.12Committee on Investment and Finance, 1934-1936
Folder 11.13Committee on Investment and Finance, 1934-1936
Folder 11.14Committee on Investment and Finance, 1934-1936
Folder 11.15Committee on Investment and Finance, 1934-1936
Folder 11.16Investments, July 1936-June 1937
Folder 11.17Investments, March 13, 1934-June 30, 1936
Folder 11.18Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 11.19Committee on Budget
Folder 11.20Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1934-1936
Folder 11.21Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1934-1936
Folder 11.22Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1937-1938
Folder 11.23Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1937-1938
Folder 11.24Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1937-1938
Folder 11.25Nominating Committee
Folder 11.26Nominating Committee
Folder 11.27Teachers' Loyalty Oath Committee
Folder 11.28Portrait of President Committee
Folder 11.29Committee on Undergraduate Life
Folder 11.30President's report, 1934-1936
Folder 11.31President's report, 1934-1936
Folder 11.32President's report, 1934-1936
Folder 11.33President's report, 1936-1938
Folder 11.34Trustees: minutes, 1936-1938
Folder 11.35Trustees: minutes, 1934-1936
Folder 11.36Trustees: minutes, 1934-1936
Folder 11.37Potential Trustees
Folder 11.38Treasurer
Trustees and Administration, 1938-1941
Folder 11.39Legal Counsel
Folder 11.40Board of Trustees: general
Folder 11.41Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 11.42Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 11.43Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 11.44Potential Trustees
Folder 11.45President's reports
Folder 11.46Trustees: minutes
Folder 11.47Trustees: minutes
Folder 12.1Trustees: A
Folder 12.2Trustees: B
Folder 12.3Trustees: D
Folder 12.4Trustees: E
Folder 12.5Trustees: H
Folder 12.6Trustees: K
Folder 12.7Trustees: L
Folder 12.8Trustees: M
Folder 12.9Trustees: N
Folder 12.10Trustees: P
Folder 12.11Trustees: R
Folder 12.12Trustees: S
Folder 12.13Trustees: T
Folder 12.14Trustees: V
Folder 12.15Trustees: W
Folder 12.16Committee on Budget
Folder 12.17Committee on Budget
Folder 12.18Committee on Budget
Folder 12.19Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.20Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.21Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.22Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.23Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.24Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.25Clearance Committee
Folder 12.26Committee on Endowment
Folder 12.27Committee on Endowment
Folder 12.28Committee on Low-Cost Housing
Folder 12.29Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.30Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.31Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.32Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1939-1941
Folder 12.33Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.34Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.35Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.36Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.37Committee on Investments and Funds, Aug 1938-1939
Folder 12.38Joint Committee on Future Financing
Folder 12.39Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 12.40Committee on Nominations
Folder 12.41Publicity Advisory Committees
Folder 12.42Committee on Refugee Scholars
Folder 12.43Committee on Undergraduate Life
Folder 12.44Executive Committee: correspondence
Folder 12.45Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 12.46Faculty Studies: correspondence
Folder 12.47Faculty and Studies: minutes
Folder 12.48Applications for Comptroller's position
Folder 12.49Comptroller, Aug. 1938-July 1939
Folder 12.50Budget for 1941-1942.
Folder 12.51Budget for 1941-1942.
Folder 12.52Budget for 1941-1942.
Folder 12.53Budget for 1941-1942.
Folder 12.54Comptroller, Aug. 1939-July 1941
Folder 12.55Comptroller, Aug. 1939-July 1941
Folder 12.56Comptroller, Aug. 1939-July 1941
Folder 12.57Investments, July 1940- July 1941
Folder 13.1Comptroller reports, Sep 1939-June 1941
Folder 13.2Comptroller reports, Sep 1939-June 1941
Folder 13.3Comptroller reports, Sep 1939-June 1941
Folder 13.4Comptroller reports, Sep 1939-June 1941
Folder 13.5Comptroller reports, 1938-June 1940
Folder 13.6Comptroller reports, 1938-1938
Folder 13.7Comptroller reports, 1938-1939
Folder 13.8President's emergency fund
Folder 13.9Comptroller: salaries
Folder 13.10Treasurer
Folder 13.11Personnel Bureau
Folder 13.12Personnel Bureau
Folder 13.13Director of Halls
Folder 13.14General manager
Folder 13.15General manager
Folder 13.16General manager
Folder 13.17General manager reports
Folder 13.18Mr. Downer, superintendent of grounds
Folder 13.19Trustees, Oct 1938-May 1946
Folder 13.20Trustees, Oct 1938-May 1946
Folder 13.21Trustees, Oct 1938-May 1946
Folder 13.22Trustees: A
Folder 13.23Trustees: B
Folder 13.24Trustees: C
Folder 13.25Trustees: D
Folder 13.26Trustees: E
Folder 13.27Trustees: H
Folder 13.28Trustees: K
Folder 13.29Trustees: L
Folder 13.30Trustees: M
Folder 13.31Trustees: N
Folder 13.32Trustees: P
Folder 13.33Trustees: R
Folder 13.34Trustees: S
Folder 13.35Trustees: T
Folder 13.36Trustees: W
Folder 13.37Board of Trustees: journal
Folder 13.38Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 13.39Chairman, Board of Trustees
Folder 13.40Secretary of Trustees
Folder 13.41Potential Trustees
Folder 13.42President's report to Trustees
Folder 13.43Trustees Committee to Consider an Accelerated Program
Folder 13.44Committee on Administration of Summer Program
Folder 13.45Advisory Committee on Public Relations
Folder 13.46Advisory Committee on Public Relations: Educational Secretary
Folder 13.47Alumnae House Operations Committee
Folder 13.48Budget Committee
Folder 13.49Budget Committee, 1941-June 1943
Folder 13.50Buildings and Grounds Committee
Folder 13.51Trustee Committee on Business Administration
Folder 13.52Chaplain Committee
Folder 13.53Endowment Committee
Folder 13.54Endowment Committee
Folder 13.55Endowment Committee
Folder 13.56Committee on Investments and Finance: minutes
Folder 13.57Committee on Investments and Finance: minutes
Folder 14.1Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.2Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.3Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.4Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.5Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.6Committee on Investments and Finance
Folder 14.7Joint Committee on Future Finance
Folder 14.8Committee on Future Enrollment of Joint Planning
Folder 14.9Committee on Long-Range Planning Committee
Folder 14.10Memorial Tablets Committee
Folder 14.11Committee on Nominations
Folder 14.12Publicity Committee of Summer Institute
Folder 14.13Committee on Undergraduate Life
Trustees and Administration, 1941-1946
Folder 14.14Executive Committee: minutes
Folder 14.15Executive Committee: correspondence
Folder 14.16Committee on Faculty Studies: minutes
Folder 14.17Faculty Studies Committee: correspondence
Folder 14.18Faculty Studies Committee: correspondence
Folder 14.19Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.20Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.21Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.22Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.23Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.24Budget for 1942-1943
Folder 14.25Budget for 1943-1944
Folder 14.26Budget for 1943-1944
Folder 14.27Budget for 1943-1944
Folder 14.28Budget for 1943-1944
Folder 14.29Budget for 1943-1944
Folder 14.30Budget for 1944-1945
Folder 14.31Budget for 1944-1945
Folder 14.32Budget for 1944-1945
Folder 14.33Budget for 1944-1945
Folder 14.34Budget for 1944-1945
Folder 14.35Budget for 1945-1946
Folder 14.36Budget for 1945-1946
Folder 14.37Budget for 1945-1946
Folder 14.38Budget for 1945-1946
Folder 14.39Salary Contingent Fund
Folder 14.40Comptroller-Salaries
Folder 14.41Comptroller-Salaries
Folder 14.42Comptroller
Folder 14.43Comptroller
Folder 14.44Comptroller
Folder 14.45Memorandum to the Executive Committee, 1946
Folder 15.1Investments, Aug 1941-Sep 1943, 1
Folder 15.2Investments, Aug 1941-Sep 1943, 2
Folder 15.3Investments, Dec 1943-Sep 1946, 1
Folder 15.4Investments, Dec 1943-Sep 1946, 2
Folder 15.5Treasurer, 1
Folder 15.6Treasurer, 2
Folder 15.7Treasurer, 3
Folder 15.8Department of Halls
Folder 15.9Mr. Henry Brown
Folder 15.10Mr. Downer
Folder 15.11General Manager, 1
Folder 15.12General Manager, 2
Folder 15.13General Manager, 3
Folder 15.14General Manager, 4
Folder 15.15Statute of Instruction, 1
Folder 15.16Statute of Instruction, 2
Folder 15.17Statute of Instruction, 3
Folder 15.18Statute of Instruction, 4
V.C. 50th Anniversary; College Endowment 1915-17; College Reconstruction Fund 1918-1919
Folder 15.19Faculty 50th Anniversary Committee, 1
Folder 15.20Faculty 50th Anniversary Committee, 2
Folder 15.2150th Anniversary Publications
Folder 15.22A
Folder 15.23B
Folder 15.24C
Folder 15.25D
Folder 15.26E
Folder 15.27F
Folder 15.28G
Folder 15.29H
Folder 15.30I
Folder 15.31J
Folder 15.32K
Folder 15.33L
Folder 15.34M
Folder 15.35N
Folder 15.36P
Folder 15.37R
Folder 15.38S
Folder 15.39U
Folder 15.40V
Folder 15.41W
Folder 15.42Y
Folder 15.43Albany - Alumnae
Folder 15.44Chicago - Alumnae
Folder 15.45Class of 1900 - Mrs. H.G. Plum. Secretary
Folder 15.46Class of 1905 - H. Kenyon -Endowment
Folder 15.47Class of 1906
Folder 15.48Class of 1907
Folder 15.49Class of 1908 - L. Loyd, Sec'y - Endowment
Folder 15.50Class of 1910
Folder 15.51Class of 1911
Folder 15.52Class of 1913
Folder 15.53Class of 1916
Folder 15.54Cleveland Alumnae
Folder 15.55Cole Engravings, 1
Folder 15.56Cole Engravings, 2
Folder 15.57Denver Vassar Club
Folder 15.58Detroit Alumnae-Endowment
Folder 15.59Endowment Campaign Methods
Folder 15.60Endowment Committee-Alumnae, 1
Folder 15.61Endowment Committee-Alumnae, 2
Folder 15.62Fiftieth Anniversary Correspondence
Folder 15.63Fiftieth Anniversary Fund, 1
Folder 15.64Fiftieth Anniversary Fund, 2
Folder 15.65Fiftieth Anniversary Fund, 3
Folder 15.66Fiftieth Anniversary Fund, 4
Folder 15.67Fiftieth Anniversary Fund, 5
Folder 15.68Former Students- Endowment
Folder 15.69New York Alumnae-Endowment
Folder 15.70Prospective Endowment, 1
Folder 15.71Prospective Endowment, 2
Folder 15.72St. Louis Club
Folder 15.73Undergraduates
Folder 15.74Wheeler, H.A. - Chairman, Parents' Committee
Folder 15.75Associate Alumnae
Folder 16.1B - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.2C - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.3D- Emergency Fund
Folder 16.4E- Emergency Fund
Folder 16.5H - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.6J- Emergency Fund
Folder 16.7K - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.8L - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.9M - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.10N - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.11O - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.12P - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.13R - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.14S - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.15T - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.16V - Emergency Fund
Folder 16.17W- Emergency Fund
Folder 16.18Reconstruction Fund-Misc., lists, etc., 1
Folder 16.19Reconstruction Fund-Misc., lists, etc., 2
Folder 16.20Emergency Fund Surplus


Buildings and Grounds, 1915-1949
Folder 16.21Acoustics
Folder 16.22College Architect-general, 1
Folder 16.23College Architect-general, 2
Folder 16.24Architects, 1
Folder 16.25Architects, 2
Folder 16.26Architects, 3
Folder 16.27Architects, 4
Folder 16.28Alumnae House, 1
Folder 16.29Alumnae House, 2
Folder 16.30Alumnae House, 3
Folder 16.31Alumnae House, 4
Folder 16.32Alumnae House, 5
Folder 16.33Alumnae House, 6
Folder 16.34Alumnae House, 7
Folder 16.35Alumnae House, 8
Folder 16.36Alumnae House, 9
Folder 16.37Alumnae House, 10
Folder 16.38Alumnae House, 11
Folder 16.39Alumnae House, 12
Folder 16.40Alumnae House, 13
Folder 16.41Arboretum
Folder 16.42Architecture
Folder 16.43Architect: Appointment of new firm, 1937
Folder 16.44Assembly Hall
Folder 16.45Aula
Folder 16.46Avery Hall, 1
Folder 16.47Avery Hall, 2
Folder 16.48Bakery, 1
Folder 16.49Bakery, 2
Folder 16.50Blodgett Hall
Folder 16.51Blodgett Hall, Jan 1, 1929-
Folder 16.52Blodgett Hall, Jan 1, 1929-
Folder 16.53Blodgett Hall, Jan 1, 1929-
Folder 16.54Blodgett Hall, Lists of Furnishings, 1
Folder 16.55Blodgett Hall, Lists of Furnishings, 2
Folder 16.56Browsing Room
Folder 16.57Buildings, 1
Folder 16.58Buildings, 2
Folder 16.59Buildings, 3
Folder 16.60Buildings, 4
Folder 16.61Candy Kitchen
Folder 17.1Chapel Building, 1
Folder 17.2Chapel Building, 2
Folder 17.3Chapel Building, 3
Folder 17.4Chapel Building, 4
Folder 17.5Chapel Building, 5
Folder 17.6Chapel Organ, 1
Folder 17.7Chapel Organ, 2
Folder 17.8Chapel Organ, 3
Folder 17.9Chapel Chimes
Folder 17.10Chapel Tower Room, 1
Folder 17.11Chapel Tower Room, 2
Folder 17.12Chapel Tower Room, 3
Folder 17.13Chapel Tower Room, 4
Folder 17.14Classical Museum
Folder 17.15Concrete Benches
Folder 17.16Classrooms
Folder 17.17Cushing Hall, 1
Folder 17.18Cushing Hall, 2
Folder 17.19Dean's House
Folder 17.20Diet Kitchen
Folder 17.21Dining Room - Treasurer
Folder 17.22Eleanor Conservatory
Folder 17.23Ely Hall
Folder 17.24Ely Hall
Folder 17.25"Exeter" Room
Folder 17.26Blodgett Hall - Through Dec 31, 1928
Folder 17.27Blodgett Hall - Through Dec 31, 1928
Folder 17.28Blodgett Hall - Through Dec 31, 1928
Folder 17.29Beatrix Farrand - Landscape Gardener
Folder 17.30Faculty House
Folder 17.31Faculty House
Folder 17.32Faculty House
Folder 17.33Faculty House
Folder 17.34Faculty House
Folder 17.35Faculty House - Suggested Plans
Folder 17.36Trustees Executive Committee - Faculty Rooms
Folder 17.37Professor House
Folder 17.38Professor House
Folder 17.39Professor House
Folder 17.40Farm
Folder 17.41Treasurer - Fire Regulations
Folder 17.42Furniture
Folder 17.431882 Gateway
Folder 17.44Geology Dept. - Changes
Folder 17.45Golf Course
Folder 17.46Good Fellowship Clubhouse
Folder 17.47Greenhouses
Folder 17.48Grounds
Folder 17.49Grounds
Folder 17.50Grounds
Folder 17.51Grounds
Folder 17.52Gymnasium [i.e., Ely Hall]
Folder 17.53Heating Plant
Folder 17.54Head Warden's House
Folder 17.55Highways
Folder 17.56Ice Hockey Rink
Folder 18.1Ice Plant
Folder 18.2Indoor Garden
Folder 18.3Infirmary
Folder 18.4Insurance
Folder 18.5Interior Decorator
Folder 18.6Josselyn Hall Fire
Folder 18.7Kendrick House
Folder 18.8Lathrop Hall
Folder 18.9Library
Folder 18.10Library
Folder 18.11Library Addition - Development of Plans, Jan 1, 1935-June 30, 1936
Folder 18.12Library Addition - Development of Plans, Jan 1, 1935-June 30, 1936
Folder 18.13Library Addition - Development of Plans, July 1, 1936-
Folder 18.14Library Addition - Miscellaneous
Folder 18.15Library Addition - Dedication
Folder 18.16Library Addition - Building Companies
Folder 18.17Library Addition - Seminars
Folder 18.18Library - Shelving Estimates
Folder 18.19Library Addition - Lighting
Folder 18.20Library Furniture
Folder 18.21Library Addition - Mr. Kahu
Folder 18.22Library Addition - Landscaping
Folder 18.23Library Addition - Development of Plans, Nov 1, 1932-Dec 31, 1934
Folder 18.24Library Addition - Development of Plans, Nov 1, 1932-Dec 31, 1934
Folder 18.25Underhill Hall
Folder 18.26Library Addition - Development of Plans to Oct 31, 1932
Folder 18.27Library Addition - Development of Plans to Oct 31, 1932
Folder 18.28Lighting
Folder 18.29Lot Option
Folder 18.30Main Building
Folder 18.31Main Building
Folder 18.32Main Building - Alterations
Folder 18.33Main Building - Alterations
Folder 18.34Main Building - Fire
Folder 18.35Memorial Tablets - Companies
Folder 18.36Memorial Tablets - Companies
Folder 18.37Men's Club Room
Folder 18.38Metcalf House
Folder 18.39Metcalf Pavilion
Folder 18.40Museum
Folder 18.41Music Building
Folder 18.42New England Building
Folder 18.43New England Building
Folder 18.44North Hall Fire
Folder 18.45Officers' Parlor
Folder 18.46Offices
Folder 19.1Open-Air Theatre
Folder 19.2Phiel House
Folder 19.3Post Office
Folder 19.4Poultry Farm
Folder 19.5Physics Laboratory
Folder 19.6Physics Laboratory
Folder 19.7Physics Laboratory
Folder 19.8President's House
Folder 19.9President's House and Garage
Folder 19.10Psychology Laboratory
Folder 19.11Raymond Avenue [ see also 17.55 Highways]
Folder 19.12Raymond House
Folder 19.13Raymond House Decorations
Folder 19.14Raymond Reading Room
Folder 19.15Red Cross Room
Folder 19.16Riley House
Folder 19.17Rockefeller Hall
Folder 19.18Rockefeller Hall
Folder 19.19Sagar House
Folder 19.20Sanders Chemistry Laboratory
Folder 19.21Science Group
Folder 19.22Skinner Hall
Folder 19.23Social Museum
Folder 19.24Soundproofing
Folder 19.25Sound Projection Apparatus
Folder 19.26Sound Projection Apparatus
Folder 19.27Sound Studio
Folder 19.28Squash Court
Folder 19.29Students' Building
Folder 19.30Summer Use of Campus
Folder 19.31Swan Lane
Folder 19.32Swift Infirmary
Folder 19.33Swimming Pool
Folder 19.34Taking Pictures
Folder 19.35Taylor Hall
Folder 19.36Taylor Hall
Folder 19.37Tennis Courts
Folder 19.38Taxation
Folder 19.39Tennis Courts
Folder 19.40Training Camp Memorial
Folder 19.41Vassar Brothers Laboratory
Folder 19.42Warden's House
Folder 19.43Williams Hall
Folder 19.44Vassar Lake
Folder 19.45Williams Hall
Folder 19.46Williams Hall
Folder 19.47Williams Hall
Folder 19.48Williams Hall Building Committee
Folder 19.49Williams Hall - Wings 1 and 3
Folder 19.50Williams Hall - Wings 1 and 3
Folder 19.51Wing Farm
Folder 19.52Grey Wing Farm
Folder 19.53Wing Farm
Folder 19.54Worrall Farm


FACULTY, 1914-1916
General, 1914-1916
Folder 19.55Absences
Folder 19.56Acceptances
Folder 19.57Faculty Bibliography, 1914/1915
Folder 19.58Faculty Bibliography, 1915/1916
Folder 19.59Heads of Departments
Faculty Committees, 1914-1916
Folder 20.1Admission of Freshmen Committee
Folder 20.2Certificate Privilege Committee
Folder 20.3Codification of Faculty Rules
Folder 20.4College Publications Committee
Folder 20.5Committee to Appoint Committees
Folder 20.6Correlation of Freshmen Work
Folder 20.7Faculty Club, 1914/1915
Folder 20.8Curriculum Committee - Faculty
Folder 20.9Intercollegiate Relations Committee
Folder 20.10Faculty Committee
Folder 20.11Convocation Committee
Folder 20.12Joint Committee
Folder 20.13Josselyn Hall Faculty
Folder 20.14Phi Beta Kappa Faculty
Folder 20.15Faculty Suffrage
Folder 20.16Twelve-Hour Privilege Room
Folder 20.17Committee on Curriculum
Folder 20.18Faculty Club
Folder 20.19Committee on Forms of Annual Reports
Folder 20.20Freshmen Board
Folder 20.21Committee on Intercollegiate Relations
Folder 20.22Joint Committee
Folder 20.23Student Records Committee
Folder 20.24Lecture Committee
Folder 20.25Library Committee
Folder 20.26Faculty Play - "Eastward Hoe"
Folder 20.27Student Records Committee
Folder 20.28Twelve-Hour Privilege Room Committee
Folder 20.29Count of Courses
Folder 20.30Miscellaneous
Folder 20.31Absences - Faculty
Folder 20.32General Letters
Folder 20.33Heads of Departments
Folder 20.34Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 20.35Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 20.36Academic Suffrage
Folder 20.37Committee on Advanced Degrees
Folder 20.38Committee on Admissions
Folder 20.391915/16 Committees
Folder 20.40Botany Dept. Committee
Folder 20.41Calendar Committee
Folder 20.42Codification Committee
Folder 20.43Committee on Committees
Folder 20.44Committee to Confer with Trustees
Folder 20.45Convocation Committee
Folder 20.46Faculty for 1915/16
Folder 20.47Faculty Budget, 1916/1917
Folder 20.48Faculty Budget, 1916/1917
Art, 1914-1916
Folder 20.49Reports
Folder 20.50Officers
Folder 20.51Officers
Folder 20.52Conferences
Folder 20.53Courses
Folder 20.54Appointments
Folder 20.55Re: Winifred Smith
Folder 20.56Reports
Folder 20.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.58Taylor Hall Art Gallery
Folder 20.59Conferences
Folder 20.60Courses
Folder 20.61Applications and Recommendations
Astronomy, 1914-1916
Folder 20.62Officers
Folder 20.63Reports
Folder 20.64Appointments
Folder 20.65Conferences
Folder 20.66Officers
Folder 20.67Reports
Bible, 1914-1916
Folder 20.68Reports
Folder 20.69Appointments
Folder 20.70Courses
Folder 20.71Conferences
Folder 20.72Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.73Officers
Folder 20.74Reports
Folder 20.75Conferences
Folder 20.76Applications and Recommendations
Chemistry, 1914-1916
Folder 20.77Officers
Folder 20.78Reports
Folder 20.79Conferences
Folder 20.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.81Appointments
Folder 20.82Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.83Officers
Folder 20.84Reports
Folder 20.85Conferences
Folder 20.86Appointments
Folder 20.87Courses
Dean, 1914-1916
Folder 20.88Officers
Folder 20.89Reports
Folder 20.90Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.91Appointments
Folder 20.92Officers
Folder 20.93Enrollment
Economics, 1914-1916
Folder 20.94Reports
Folder 20.95Officers
Folder 20.96Appointments
Folder 20.97Officers
Folder 20.98Reports
Folder 20.99Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.100Appointments
Folder 20.101Conferences
Folder 20.102Conferences
English, 1914-1916
Folder 20.103Appointments
Folder 20.104Conferences
Folder 20.105Reports
Folder 20.106Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.107Conferences
Folder 20.108Reports
Folder 20.109Officers
Folder 20.110Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.111Appointments
Folder 20.112Courses
Folder 20.113Courses
Folder 20.114Reports
Folklore Foundation - Martha Beckwith: See English Department
French, 1914-1916
Folder 20.115Officers
Folder 20.116Reports
Folder 20.117Conferences
Folder 20.118Re: Mrs. Conrow
Folder 20.119Re: Miss Fahnstock
Folder 20.120Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.121Officers
Folder 20.122Reports
Folder 20.123Conferences
Folder 20.124Appointments
Geology, 1914-1916
Folder 20.125Officers
Folder 20.126Reports
Folder 20.127Conferences
Folder 20.128Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.129Appointments
Folder 20.130Officers
Folder 20.131Reports
Folder 20.132Conferences
German, 1914-1916
Folder 20.133Appointments
Folder 20.134Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.135Reports
Folder 20.136Conferences
Folder 20.137Officers
Folder 20.138Applications and Recommendations
Folder 20.139Officers
Folder 20.140Reports
Folder 20.141Appointments
Folder 20.142Conferences
Folder 20.143Courses
Folder 21.1Officers
Folder 21.2Reports
Folder 21.3Conferences
Folder 21.4Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.5Officers
Folder 21.6Reports
Folder 21.7Conferences
History, 1914-1916
Folder 21.8Officers
Folder 21.9Reports
Folder 21.10Courses
Folder 21.11Conferences
Folder 21.12Conferences
Folder 21.13Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.14Officers
Folder 21.15Reports
Italian and Spanish, 1914-1916
Folder 21.16Report - Romance Language
Folder 21.17Applications and Recommendations - Italian and Spanish
Folder 21.18Appointments
Folder 21.19Conferences
Folder 21.20Courses
Folder 21.21Officers
Folder 21.22Reports
Latin, 1914-1916
Folder 21.23Appointments
Folder 21.24Conferences
Folder 21.25Officers
Folder 21.26Reports
Folder 21.27Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.28Appointments
Folder 21.29Officers
Folder 21.30Conferences
Folder 21.31Reports: Library
Folder 21.32Appointments
Folder 21.33Conferences
Folder 21.34Donations
Folder 21.35Library Fund
Folder 21.36Officers
Folder 21.37Reports
Folder 21.38Officers
Folder 21.39Appointments
Folder 21.40Reports
Mathematics, 1914-1916
Folder 21.41Officers
Folder 21.42Conferences
Folder 21.43Reports
Folder 21.44Re: Miss Richardson
Folder 21.45Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.46Conferences
Folder 21.47Officers
Folder 21.48Reports
Music, 1914-1916
Folder 21.49Appointments
Folder 21.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.51Conferences
Folder 21.52Gifts
Folder 21.53Officers
Folder 21.54Reports
Folder 21.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.56Appointments
Folder 21.57Conferences
Folder 21.58Officers
Folder 21.59Reports
Philosophy, 1914-1916
Folder 21.60Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.61Appointments
Folder 21.62Conferences
Folder 21.63Courses
Folder 21.64Officers
Folder 21.65Re: Dr. Elkus
Folder 21.66Reports
Folder 21.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.68Appointments
Folder 21.69Conferences
Folder 21.70Courses
Folder 21.71Officers
Folder 21.72Reports
Folder 21.73Suggestions for 1915/1916
Physical Training, 1914-1916
Folder 21.74Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.75Appointments
Folder 21.76Officers
Folder 21.77Reports
Folder 21.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.79Officers
Folder 21.80Reports
Folder 21.81Appointments
Folder 21.82Re: Dr. Rondinella
Folder 21.83Reports
Folder 21.84Officers
Folder 21.85Officers
Folder 21.86Reports
Folder 21.87Conferences
Folder 21.88Complaints re: Medical Department
Physics, 1914-1916
Folder 21.89Conferences
Folder 21.90Officers
Folder 21.91Reports
Folder 21.92Appointments
Folder 21.93Conferences
Folder 21.94Officers
Folder 21.95Reports
Physiology, 1914-1916
Folder 21.96Reports
Political Science, 1914-1916
Folder 21.97Courses
Folder 21.98Conferences
Folder 21.99Officers
Folder 21.100Reports
Folder 21.101Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.102Appointments
Folder 21.103Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.104Appointments
Folder 21.105Courses
Folder 21.106Officers
Folder 21.107Reports
Psychology, 1914-1916
Folder 21.108Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.109Appointments
Folder 21.110Courses
Folder 21.111Officers
Folder 21.112Reports
Wardens, 1914-1916
Folder 21.113Officers
Folder 21.114Occupational Bureau
Folder 21.115Appointments
Folder 21.116Conferences
Folder 21.117Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.118Occupational Bureau
Folder 21.119Officers
Folder 21.120Conferences
Folder 21.121Reports
Folder 21.122Re: Miss Cochran
Folder 21.123Appointments
Folder 21.124Applications and Recommendations
Zoology-Botany, 1914-1916
Folder 21.125Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.126Appointments
Folder 21.127Conferences
Folder 21.128Courses
Folder 21.129Officers
Folder 21.130Reports
Folder 21.131Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.132Appointments
Folder 21.133Conferences
Folder 21.134Courses
Folder 21.135Officers
Folder 21.136Reports
Folder 21.137Re: Mrs. Moore
FACULTY, 1916-1918
General, 1916-1918
Folder 21.138Faculty Bibliography, 1917/1918
Folder 21.139Appointments-Dean's Office
Folder 21.140Dean's Office - Officers
Folder 21.141Dean - Reports and Count of Course
Folder 21.142Library-Applications and Recommendations
Folder 21.143Library - Appointments
Folder 21.144Library - Conferences
Folder 21.145Library - Officers
Folder 21.146Library - Officers
Folder 21.147Library - Rules
Folder 21.148Warden's - Conferences
Folder 22.1Warden's - Officers
Folder 22.2Warden's - Reports
Folder 22.3Warden's - Occupation Bureau
Art, 1916-1918
Folder 22.4Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.5Courses
Folder 22.6Officers
Folder 22.7Conferences
Folder 22.8Prospective Donors
Astronomy, 1916-1918
Folder 22.9Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.10Conferences
Folder 22.11Officers
Bible, 1916-1918
Folder 22.12Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.13Conferences
Folder 22.14Officers
Botany, 1916-1918
Folder 22.15Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.16Appointments
Folder 22.17Conferences
Folder 22.18Officers
Drama, 1916-1918
Folder 22.19Drama
Folder 22.20Drama
English, 1916-1918
Folder 22.21Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.22Appointments
Folder 22.23Conferences
Folder 22.24Officers
Folder 22.25Officers
French, 1916-1918
Folder 22.26Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.27Appointments
Folder 22.28Conferences
Folder 22.29Officers
Geology, 1916-1918
Folder 22.30Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.31Conferences
Folder 22.32Officers
German, 1916-1918
Folder 22.33Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.34Conferences
Folder 22.35Officers
Greek, 1916-1918
Folder 22.36Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.37Conferences
Folder 22.38Officers
History, 1916-1918
Folder 22.39Appointments, Applications and Recommendations
Folder 22.40Conferences
Folder 22.41Officers
Italian and Spanish, 1916-1918
Folder 22.42Appointments, Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.43Conferences
Folder 22.44Officers
Latin, 1916-1918
Folder 22.45Officers
Folder 22.46Reports
Folder 22.47Conferences
Folder 22.48Reports
Mathematics, 1916-1918
Folder 22.49Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.50Officers
Music, 1916-1918
Folder 22.51Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.52Appointments
Folder 22.53Conferences and Courses
Folder 22.54Officers
Philosophy, 1916-1918
Folder 22.55Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.56Courses
Folder 22.57Officers
Physical Training, 1916-1918
Folder 22.58Appointments, Application and Recommendations
Folder 22.59Conferences
Folder 22.60Officers
Physicians, 1916-1918
Folder 22.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 22.62Conference
Folder 22.63Officers
Folder 22.64Officers
Folder 22.65Re: Dr. Thelberg
Folder 22.66Re: Physicians' Complaint
Physics, 1916-1918
Folder 22.67Applications and Appointments
Folder 22.68Conferences
Folder 22.69Officers
Physiology, 1916-1918
Folder 22.70Appointment
Political Science, 1916-1918
Folder 22.71Applications and Appointments
Folder 22.72Conferences
Folder 22.73Officers
Psychology, 1916-1918
Folder 22.74Appointments
Folder 22.75Conferences
Folder 22.76Officers
Folder 22.77Applications and Appointments
Folder 22.78Officers
Zoology, 1916-1918
Folder 22.79Appointments
Folder 22.80Officers
FACULTY, 1918-1920
General, 1918-1920
Folder 23.1Faculty Bibliography, 1918/1919
Folder 23.2Faculty Bibliography, 1919/1920
Folder 23.3Faculty Bibliography, 1919/1920
Folder 23.4Committees, 1918/1919, 1919/1920
Folder 23.5Faculty Course Hours and Number of Students
Folder 23.6Faculty Secretary, 1918/1919, 1919/1920
Folder 23.7Faculty List, 1918/1919, 1919/1920
Folder 23.8Absences
Committees, 1918-1920
Folder 23.9Heads of Departments and General Faculty
Folder 23.10Curriculum Committee
Folder 23.11Conferences - Committee on Admission
Folder 23.12Meetings - Admission
Folder 23.13Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 23.14Reports - Admission
Folder 23.15Advisory Committee
Folder 23.16Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Dismissals
Folder 23.17Committee on Committees
Folder 23.18Convocation Committee
Folder 23.19Committee re: death of Miss Palmer
Folder 23.20Departmental Organization, Comm. on Recommendations
Folder 23.21Emergency Committee
Folder 23.22Faculty Rules Committee
Folder 23.23Committee on Fellowships
Folder 23.24Committee on Formal Occasions
Folder 23.25Freshmen Board
Folder 23.26Committee on Hall Management
Folder 23.27Intercollegiate Relations Committee
Folder 23.28Joint Committee
Folder 23.29Lecture Committee
Folder 23.30Library Committee
Folder 23.31Physical Training Committee
Folder 23.32Committee on Salary Revision
Folder 23.33Committee on Schedule
Folder 23.34Student Records Committee
Folder 23.35War Service Council
Budget, 1918-1920
Folder 23.36Budget of 1918/1919 for 1919/1920
Folder 23.37Budget of 1918/1919 for 1919/1920
Folder 23.38Budget of 1919/1920 for 1920/1921
Dean's Office, 1918-1920
Folder 23.39Conferences
Folder 23.40Officers
Folder 23.41Report
Warden's Office, 1918-1920
Folder 23.42Applications
Folder 23.43Appointments
Folder 23.44Conferences
Folder 23.45Occupation Bureau
Folder 23.46Officers
Folder 23.47Reports
Folder 23.48Re: Miss Stamford
Library, 1918-1920
Folder 23.49Appointments
Folder 23.50Conferences
Folder 23.51Officers
Folder 23.52Reports
Folder 23.53Applications and Recommendations
Art, 1918-1920
Folder 23.54Appointments
Folder 23.55Conferences
Folder 23.56Officers
Folder 23.57Reports
Astronomy, 1918-1920
Folder 23.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.59Appointments
Folder 23.60Conferences
Folder 23.61Officers
Folder 23.62Reports
Bible, 1918-1920
Folder 23.63Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.64Officers
Folder 23.65Reports
Botany, 1918-1920
Folder 23.66Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.68Appointments
Folder 23.69Conferences
Folder 23.70Officers
Folder 23.71Reports
Folder 23.72Re: Miss Moore
Chemistry, 1918-1920
Folder 23.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.74Appointments
Folder 23.75Conferences
Folder 23.76Officers
Folder 23.77Reports
Economics, 1918-1920
Folder 23.78Conferences
Folder 23.79Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.80Appointments
Folder 23.81Officers
Folder 23.82Reports
English, 1918-1920
Folder 23.83Applications and Recommendations
Folder 23.84Appointments
Folder 23.85Conferences
Folder 23.86Officers
Folder 23.87Reports
Folder 23.88Reports
Folder 23.89Reports
French, 1918-1920
Folder 24.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.2Appointments
Folder 24.3Conferences
Folder 24.4Officers
Folder 24.5Officers
Folder 24.6Officers
Folder 24.7Reports
Geology, 1918-1920
Folder 24.8Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.10Appointments
Folder 24.11Conferences
Folder 24.12Officers
Folder 24.13Reports
German, 1918-1920
Folder 24.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.15Conferences
Folder 24.16Officers
Folder 24.17Reports
Folder 24.18Applications and Recommendations
Greek, 1918-1920
Folder 24.19Appointments
Folder 24.20Officers
Folder 24.21Reports
History, 1918-1920
Folder 24.22Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.23Appointments
Folder 24.24Conferences
Folder 24.25Officers
Folder 24.26Reports
Italian and Spanish, 1918-1920
Folder 24.27Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.28Appointments
Folder 24.29Conferences
Folder 24.30Officers
Folder 24.31Reports
Latin, 1918-1920
Folder 24.32Reports
Folder 24.33Appointments
Folder 24.34Conferences
Folder 24.35Officers
Folder 24.36Applications and Recommendations
Mathematics, 1918-1920
Folder 24.37Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.38Appointments
Folder 24.39Conferences
Folder 24.40Officers
Folder 24.41Reports
Music, 1918-1920
Folder 24.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.43Appointments
Folder 24.44Conferences
Folder 24.45Officers
Folder 24.46Officers
Folder 24.47Reports
Philosophy, 1918-1920
Folder 24.48Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.49Conferences
Folder 24.50Officers
Folder 24.51Reports
Folder 24.52Re: Professor Riley
Physical Training, 1918-1920
Folder 24.53Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.54Appointments
Folder 24.55Conferences
Folder 24.56Officers
Folder 24.57Reports
Physician and Physiology, 1918-1920
Folder 24.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.59Appointments
Folder 24.60Conferences
Folder 24.61Officers
Folder 24.62Reports
Physics, 1918-1920
Folder 24.63Applications
Folder 24.64Appointments
Folder 24.65Conferences
Folder 24.66Officers
Folder 24.67Officers
Folder 24.68Reports
Political Science, 1918-1920
Folder 24.69Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.70Appointments and Conferences
Folder 24.71Officers
Folder 24.72Reports
Psychology, 1918-1920
Folder 24.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.74Appointments and Conferences
Folder 24.75Officers
Zoology, 1918-1920
Folder 24.76Applications and Recommendations
Folder 24.77Appointments
Folder 24.78Officers
Folder 24.79Reports and Conferences
Folder 24.80General Correspondence - Faculty, 1925-1926
Folder 24.81Personnel Bureau, 1925-1926
Folder 24.82Vocational Bureau, 1925-1926
Folder 24.83Admission Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.84Faculty Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.85Faculty - Secretary, 1925-1926
Folder 24.86Faculty - Absences, 1925-1926
Folder 24.87Committee on Admissions, 1925-1926
Folder 24.88Faculty Advisory Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.89Committee on Bibliography, 1925-1926
Folder 24.90Commencement Program Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.91Committee on Committees, 1925-1926
Folder 24.92Committee on the Curriculum, 1925-1926
Folder 24.93Convocation Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.94Emergency Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.95Committee on Foreign Study, 1925-1926
Folder 24.96Founder's Day Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.97Committee on Health Records, 1925-1926
Folder 24.98Joint Committee - Faculty - Student, 1925-1926
Folder 24.99Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies, 1925-1926
Folder 24.100Lecture Committee, 1925-1926
Folder 24.101Committee on Library, 1925-1926
Folder 24.102Committee on Student's Records, 1925-1926
Folder 25.1Faculty - General Correspondence, 1924-1925
Folder 25.2Faculty Secretary, 1924-1925
Folder 25.3Faculty Absences, 1924-1925
Folder 25.4Faculty Committees, 1924-1925
Folder 25.5A., P. and D. Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 25.6Commencement Program Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 25.7Committee on the Curriculum, 1924-1925
Folder 25.8Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1924-1925
Folder 25.9Founder's Day Degrees, 1924-1925
Folder 25.10Joint Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 25.11Library Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 25.12Privileges and Elections Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 25.13Committee on Social Matters, 1924-1925
Folder 25.14Committee on Student Records, 1924-1925
Folder 25.15Faculty Absences, 1923-1924
Folder 25.16Faculty Secretary, 1923-1924
Folder 25.17A., P. and D. Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.18Admission Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.19Commencement Program Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.20Committee on Committees, 1923-1924
Folder 25.21Convocation Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.21aCurriculum Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.22Committee on Faculty Rules, 1923-1924
Folder 25.23Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1923-1924
Folder 25.24Founder's Day Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.25Joint Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.26Lecture Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.27Committee on Faculty Rules, 1923-1924
Folder 25.28Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1923-1924
Folder 25.29Committee on Foreign Studies, 1923-1924
Folder 25.30Committee on Founder's Day, 1923-1924
Folder 25.31Lecture Committee, 1923-1924
Folder 25.32Committee on Social Matters, 1923-1924
Folder 25.33Committee on Students' Records, 1923-1924
Folder 25.34Faculty Committees, 1922-1923
Folder 25.35Faculty - General Correspondence, 1922-1923
Folder 25.36General - Chairman of Depts., etc., 1922-1923
Folder 25.37Committee on Advanced Degrees, 1922-1923
Folder 25.38Faculty Absences, 1922-1923
Folder 25.39Faculty Secretary, 1922-1923
Folder 25.40Committee on A. P. and D., 1922-1923
Folder 25.41Committee on Commencement Program, 1922-1923
Folder 25.42Convocation Committee, 1922-1923
Folder 25.43Committee on the Curriculum, 1922-1923
Folder 25.44Students' Records, 1922-1923
Folder 25.45Faculty Absences, 1921-1922
Folder 25.46Faculty Committees, 1921-1922
Folder 25.47Comm Re. American Philosophical Association, 1921-1922
Folder 25.48To Chairmen of Departments, 1921-1922
Folder 25.49Faculty Secretary, 1921-1922
Folder 25.50Committee on Committees, 1921-1922
Folder 25.51Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Dismissals, 1921-1922
Folder 25.52Commencement Program Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.53Convocation Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.54Curriculum Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.55Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1921-1922
Folder 25.56Founder's Day Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.57Joint Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.58Intercollegiate Relations Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.59Lecture Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.60Library Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.61Committee on Pensions, 1921-1922
Folder 25.62Committee on Physical Training, 1921-1922
Folder 25.63Students' Records Committee, 1921-1922
Folder 25.64Faculty Absences, 1920-1921
Folder 25.65General Correspondence, 1920-1921
Folder 25.66Faculty Secretary, 1920-1921
Folder 25.67Committee on Alumnae Anniversary, 1920-1921
Folder 25.68Faculty Committees, 1920-1921
Folder 25.69Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Dismissals, 1920-1921
Folder 25.70Committee on Commencement Program, 1920-1921
Folder 25.71Committee on Committees, 1920-1921
Folder 25.72Convocation Committee, 1920-1921
Folder 25.73Committee on the Curriculum, 1920-1921
Folder 25.74Committee on Faculty Rules, 1920-1921
Folder 25.75Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1920-1921
Folder 25.76Committee on Founder's Day, 1920-1921
Folder 25.77Freshman Board, 1920-1921
Folder 25.78Joint Committee, 1920-1921
Folder 25.79Lecture Committee, 1920-1921
Folder 25.80Library Committee, 1920-1921
Folder 25.81Privileges and Elections, 1920-1921
Folder 25.82Committee on Vocational Guidance, 1920-1921
Folder 25.83Committee on Students' Records, 1920-1921
Folder 25.84Faculty Secretary, 1926-1927
Folder 25.85Faculty Committees, 1926-1927
Folder 25.86Committee on Admission, 1926-1927
Folder 25.87Advisory Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.88Committee on the Catalogue, 1926-1927
Folder 25.89Committee on Chapel Exercises, 1926-1927
Folder 25.90Commencement Program Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.91Committee on Committees, 1926-1927
Folder 25.92Convocation Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.93Committee on the Curriculum, 1926-1927
Folder 25.94Committee on the Curriculum, 1926-1927
Folder 25.95Editorial Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.96Committee on Fellowships, 1926-1927
Folder 25.97Committee on Foreign Study, 1926-1927
Folder 25.98Founder's Day Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.99Committee on Health Records, 1926-1927
Folder 25.100Joint Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.101Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies, 1926-1927
Folder 25.102Committee on Lectures, 1926-1927
Folder 25.103Committee on Research, 1926-1927
Folder 25.104Ellen Richards Research Prize Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.105Lucy M. Salmon Fund Committee, 1926-1927
Folder 25.106Committee on Students' Records, 1926-1927
Folder 25.107Faculty Secretary, 1927-1928
Folder 25.108Chairmen of Departments, 1927-1928
Folder 25.109Faculty Advisory Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.110Faculty Advisory Committee - Minutes, 1927-1928
Folder 25.111Catalogue Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.112Committee on Committees, 1927-1928
Folder 25.113Convocation Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.114Curriculum Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.115Committee on Elections, 1927-1928
Folder 25.116Committee on Euthenics, 1927-1928
Folder 25.117Committee on Faculty Rules, 1927-1928
Folder 25.118Committee on Fellowships, 1927-1928
Folder 25.119Committee on Foreign Study, 1927-1928
Folder 25.120Founder's Day Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.121Joint Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.122Committee on Health Records, 1927-1928
Folder 25.123Committee on Health Records, 1927-1928
Folder 25.124Library Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.125Committee on Research, 1927-1928
Folder 25.126Committee on Student Records, 1927-1928
Folder 25.127Schedule Committee, 1927-1928
Folder 25.128Faculty Club, 1928-1929
Folder 25.129Faculty Secretary, 1928-1929
Folder 25.130Chairmen of Departments, 1928-1929
Folder 25.131Advisory Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.132Committee on Catalogue, 1928-1929
Folder 25.133Committee on Committees, 1928-1929
Folder 25.134Convocation Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.135Committee on Curriculum, 1928-1929
Folder 25.136Euthenics Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.137Extra Leaves Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.138Committee on Faculty Procedure, 1928-1929
Folder 25.139Fellowship Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.140Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies, 1928-1929
Folder 25.141Joint Committee, 1928-1929
Folder 25.142Committee on Statute of Instruction, 1928-1929
Folder 25.143Committee on Student Records, 1928-1929
Folder 25.144Faculty Club, 1929-1930
Folder 25.145Secretary of Faculty, 1929-1930
Folder 26.1Committee on Calendar, 1929-1930
Folder 26.2Catalogue Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.3Commencement Program Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.4Committee on Committees, 1929-1930
Folder 26.5Curriculum Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.6English Speech Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.7Committee on Euthenics, 1929-1930
Folder 26.8Joint Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.9Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1929-1930
Folder 26.10General Faculty Correspondence, 1929-1930
Folder 26.11Founder's Day Committee, 1929-1930
Folder 26.12Library Committee - Faculty, 1929-1930
Folder 26.13Subcommittee on Marks (Student Records Committee), 1929-1930
Folder 26.14Committee on Student Records, 1929-1930
Folder 26.15Committee for Educational Survey, 1929-1930
Folder 26.16Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Life, 1929-1930
Folder 26.17Faculty Business, 1930-1931
Folder 26.18Advisory Committee, 1930-1931
Folder 26.19Advisory Committee, 1930-1931
Folder 26.20Chairmen of Departments, 1930-1931
Folder 26.21Secretary of Faculty, 1930-1931
Folder 26.22Committee on Commencement, 1930-1931
Folder 26.23Committee on Committees, 1930-1931
Folder 26.24Sub-Committee of Joint Committee - Room Drawing, 1930-1931
Folder 26.25Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies, 1930-1931
Folder 26.26Committee on Foreign Study 1930-1931
Folder 26.27Committee on Fellowships and Advanced Degrees, 1930-1931
Folder 26.28Founder's Day Committee, 1930-1931
Folder 26.29Library Committee, 1930-1931
Folder 26.30Committee on Student Records, 1930-1931
Folder 26.31Curriculum Committee, 1930-1931
Folder 26.32Science Club, 1931-1932
Folder 26.33Advisory Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.34Board of Elections, 1931-1932
Folder 26.35Secretary of the Faculty, 1931-1932
Folder 26.36Chairmen of Departments, 1931-1932
Folder 26.37Catalogue Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.38Committee on Commencement, 1931-1932
Folder 26.39Committee on Committees, 1931-1932
Folder 26.40Curriculum Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.41Curriculum Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.42Committee on Fellowships, 1931-1932
Folder 26.43Committee on Foreign Study, 1931-1932
Folder 26.44Founder's Day Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.45Committee on Health Records, 1931-1932
Folder 26.46Joint Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.47Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies, 1931-1932
Folder 26.48Library Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.49Committee on Schedule, 1931-1932
Folder 26.50Scholarship Committee, 1931-1932
Folder 26.51Committee on Student Records, 1931-1932
FACULTY, 1920-1922
Folder 26.52Faculty Bibliography, 1920/1921
Folder 26.53Faculty Bibliography , 1921/1922
Folder 26.54Faculty List, 1920/1921
Folder 26.55Schedule of Classes
Admissions Committee, 1920-1922
Folder 26.56Conferences
Folder 26.57Meetings
Folder 26.58Officers
Folder 26.59Reports
Dean's Office, 1920-1922
Folder 26.60Applications
Folder 26.61Appointments
Folder 26.62Conferences
Folder 26.63Officers
Folder 26.64Reports
Warden's Office, 1920-1922
Folder 26.65Applications
Folder 26.66Appointments
Folder 26.67Conferences
Folder 26.68Occupation Bureau
Folder 26.69Officers
Folder 26.70Reports
Library, 1920-1922
Folder 26.71Applications
Folder 26.72Appointments
Folder 26.73Conferences
Folder 26.74Officers
Folder 26.75Officers
Folder 26.76Reports
Art, 1920-1922
Folder 26.77Applications and Recommendations
Folder 26.78Appointments
Folder 26.79Conferences
Folder 26.80Officers
Folder 26.81Reports
Astronomy, 1920-1922
Folder 26.82Conferences
Folder 26.83Officers
Folder 26.84Reports
Bible, 1920-1922
Folder 26.85Applications and Recommendations
Folder 26.86Appointments
Folder 26.87Conferences
Folder 26.88Officers
Folder 26.89Reports
Botany, 1920-1922
Folder 26.90Applications
Folder 26.91Appointments
Folder 26.92Conferences
Folder 26.93Officers
Folder 26.94Reports
Chemistry, 1920-1922
Folder 27.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.2Appointments
Folder 27.3Conferences
Folder 27.4Officers
Folder 27.5Reports
Economics, 1920-1922
Folder 27.6Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.7Appointments
Folder 27.8Conferences
Folder 27.9Officers
Folder 27.10Reports
English, 1920-1922
Folder 27.11Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.12Appointments
Folder 27.13Conferences
Folder 27.14Officers, 1920/1921
Folder 27.15Officers, 1920/1921
Folder 27.16Officers, 1921/1922
Folder 27.17Reports
French, 1920-1922
Folder 27.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.19Appointments
Folder 27.20Conferences
Folder 27.21Officers
Folder 27.22Officers
Folder 27.23Reports
Geology, 1920-1922
Folder 27.24Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.25Appointments
Folder 27.26Conferences
Folder 27.27Officers
Folder 27.28Reports
German, 1920-1922
Folder 27.29Conferences
Folder 27.30Officers
Folder 27.31Reports
Greek, 1920-1922
Folder 27.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.33Appointments
Folder 27.34Officers
Folder 27.35Reports
History, 1920-1922
Folder 27.36Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.37Conferences
Folder 27.38Officers
Folder 27.39Reports
Italian and Spanish, 1920-1922
Folder 27.40Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.41Appointments
Folder 27.42Conferences
Folder 27.43Officers
Folder 27.44Reports
Latin, 1920-1922
Folder 27.45Appointments
Folder 27.46Conferences
Folder 27.47Officers
Mathematics, 1920-1922
Folder 27.48Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.49Appointments
Folder 27.50Conferences
Folder 27.51Officers
Folder 27.52Reports
Music, 1920-1922
Folder 27.53Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.54Appointments
Folder 27.55Conferences
Folder 27.56Officers
Folder 27.57Reports
Philosophy, 1920-1922
Folder 27.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.59Appointments
Folder 27.60Conferences
Folder 27.61Officers
Folder 27.62Reports
Folder 27.63Re: Professor Drake
Physical Education, 1920-1922
Folder 27.64Appointments
Folder 27.65Conferences
Folder 27.66Officers
Folder 27.67Reports
Physics, 1920-1922
Folder 27.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.69Appointments
Folder 27.70Conferences
Folder 27.71Officers
Folder 27.72Reports
Physiology, 1920-1922
Folder 27.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.74Appointments
Folder 27.75Conferences
Folder 27.76Officers
Folder 27.77Reports
Political Science, 1920-1922
Folder 27.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.79Appointments
Folder 27.80Conferences
Folder 27.81Officers
Folder 27.82Reports
Psychology, 1920-1922
Folder 27.83Applications and Recommendations
Folder 27.84Appointments
Folder 27.85Conferences
Folder 28.1Officers
Zoology, 1920-1922
Folder 28.2Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.3Appointments
Folder 28.4Conferences
Folder 28.5Officers
Folder 28.6Reports
FACULTY, 1922-1924
Folder 28.7Faculty Bibliography, 1922/1923
Folder 28.8Faculty Bibliography, 1923/1924
Committee on Admissions, 1922-1924
Folder 28.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.10Appointments
Folder 28.11Conferences
Folder 28.12Officers
Folder 28.13Reports
Dean, 1922-1924
Folder 28.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.15Appointments
Folder 28.16Conferences
Folder 28.17Officers
Folder 28.18Reports
Library, 1922-1924
Folder 28.19Appointments
Folder 28.20Conferences
Folder 28.21Officers
Folder 28.22Officers
Folder 28.23Reports
Warden, 1922-1924
Folder 28.24Absent Regulations
Folder 28.25Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.26Appointments
Folder 28.27Chapel Cuts
Folder 28.28Conferences
Folder 28.29Inspection of halls
Folder 28.30Officers
Folder 28.31Reports
Folder 28.32Room Assignments
Folder 28.33Social Regulations
Folder 28.34Legislation
Art, 1922-1924
Folder 28.35Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.36Appointments
Folder 28.37Conferences
Folder 28.38Officers
Folder 28.39Officers
Folder 28.40Reports
Astronomy, 1922-1924
Folder 28.41Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.42Appointments
Folder 28.43Conferences
Folder 28.44Officers
Folder 28.45Reports
Bible, 1922-1924
Folder 28.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.47Appointments
Folder 28.48Conferences
Folder 28.49Officers
Folder 28.50Reports
Botany, 1922-1924
Folder 28.51Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.52Appointments
Folder 28.53Conferences
Folder 28.54Officers
Folder 28.55Reports
Chemistry, 1922-1924
Folder 28.56Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.57Appointments
Folder 28.58Conferences
Folder 28.59Officers
Folder 28.60Re: Professor Roberts
Economics, 1922-1924
Folder 28.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 28.62Appointments
Folder 28.63Officers
Folder 28.64Reports
English, 1922-1924
Folder 28.65Applications
Folder 28.66Appointments
Folder 28.67Conferences
Folder 28.68Officers, 1922- 1923
Folder 28.69Officers, 1922 -1923
Folder 28.70Officers, 1923- 1924
Folder 28.71Reports
French, 1922-1924
Folder 29.1Applications
Folder 29.2Appointments
Folder 29.3Conferences
Folder 29.4Officers
Folder 29.5Reports
Geology, 1922-1924
Folder 29.6Applications
Folder 29.7Conferences
Folder 29.8Officers
Folder 29.9Reports
German, 1922-1924
Folder 29.10Applications
Folder 29.11Appointments
Folder 29.12Conferences
Folder 29.13Officers
Folder 29.14Reports
Greek, 1922-1924
Folder 29.15Applications
Folder 29.16Appointments
Folder 29.17Conferences
Folder 29.18Officers
Folder 29.19Reports
History, 1922-1924
Folder 29.20Applications
Folder 29.21Appointments
Folder 29.22Conferences
Folder 29.23Officers
Folder 29.24Officers
Folder 29.25Reports
Italian, 1922-1924
Folder 29.26Applications and Recommendations
Folder 29.27Appointments
Folder 29.28Conferences
Folder 29.29Officers
Folder 29.30Reports
Latin, 1922-1924
Folder 29.31Applications
Folder 29.32Appointments
Folder 29.33Conferences
Folder 29.34Officers
Folder 29.35Reports
Mathematics, 1922-1924
Folder 29.36Conferences
Folder 29.37Officers
Folder 29.38Reports
Music, 1922-1924
Folder 29.39Applications
Folder 29.40Appointments
Folder 29.41Conferences
Folder 29.42Officers
Folder 29.43Reports
Philosophy, 1922-1924
Folder 29.44Applications
Folder 29.45Appointments
Folder 29.46Conferences
Folder 29.47Officers
Folder 29.48Reports
Physical Education, 1922-1924
Folder 29.49Applications
Folder 29.50Appointments
Folder 29.51Officers
Folder 29.52Reports
Physician and Physiology, 1922-1924
Folder 29.53Applications
Folder 29.54Appointments
Folder 29.55Conferences
Folder 29.56Officers
Folder 29.57Reports
Physics, 1922-1924
Folder 29.58Applications
Folder 29.59Appointments
Folder 29.60Conferences
Folder 29.61Officers
Folder 29.62Reports
Political Science, 1922-1924
Folder 29.63Applications
Folder 29.64Appointments
Folder 29.65Conferences
Folder 29.66Officers
Folder 29.67Reports
Psychology, 1922-1924
Folder 29.68Applications
Folder 29.69Appointments
Folder 29.70Conferences
Folder 29.71Officers
Spanish, 1922-1924
Folder 29.72Applications and Recommendations
Folder 29.73Appointments
Folder 29.74Applications
Folder 29.75Conferences
Folder 29.76Officers
Folder 29.77Reports
Zoology, 1922-1924
Folder 29.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 29.79Appointments
Folder 29.80Conferences
Folder 29.81Officers
Folder 29.82Reports
FACULTY, 1924-1926
Folder 29.83Faculty Bibliography, 1924/1925
Folder 29.84Faculty Bibliography, 1925/1926
Dean, 1924-1926
Folder 29.85Appointments
Folder 29.86Conferences
Folder 29.87Officers
Folder 29.88Reports
Library, 1924-1926
Folder 29.89Applications and Recommendations
Folder 29.90Appointments
Folder 29.91Conferences
Folder 29.92Officers
Folder 29.93Officers
Art, 1924-1926
Folder 29.94Applications and Recommendations
Folder 29.95Appointments
Folder 30.1Conferences
Folder 30.2Reports
Folder 30.3Reports
Astronomy, 1924-1926
Folder 30.4Appointments
Folder 30.5Officers
Folder 30.6Reports
Bible, 1924-1926
Folder 30.7Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.8Appointments
Folder 30.9Conferences
Folder 30.10Officers
Botany, 1924-1926
Folder 30.11Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.12Appointments
Folder 30.13Conferences
Folder 30.14Officers
Chemistry, 1924-1926
Folder 30.15Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.16Appointments
Folder 30.17Conferences
Folder 30.18Officers
Folder 30.19Officers
Economics, 1924-1926
Folder 30.20Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.21Appointments
Folder 30.22Conferences
Folder 30.23Officers
English, 1924-1926
Folder 30.24Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.25Appointments
Folder 30.26Conferences
Folder 30.27Officers
Folder 30.28Officers
Folder 30.29Officers
Folder 30.30Officers
Folder 30.31Officers
French, 1924-1926
Folder 30.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.33Appointments
Folder 30.34Conferences
Folder 30.35Officers
Geology, 1924-1926
Folder 30.36Appointments
Folder 30.37Conferences
Folder 30.38Officers
German, 1924-1926
Folder 30.39Appointments
Folder 30.40Conferences
Folder 30.41Officers
Greek, 1924-1926
Folder 30.42Appointments
Folder 30.43Conferences
Folder 30.44Officers
History, 1924-1926
Folder 30.45Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.46Appointments
Folder 30.47Conferences
Folder 30.48Officers
Folder 30.49Officers
Italian, 1924-1926
Folder 30.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.51Appointments
Folder 30.52Conferences
Folder 30.53Officers
Latin, 1924-1926
Folder 30.54Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.55Appointments
Folder 30.56Conferences
Folder 30.57Officers
Mathematics, 1924-1926
Folder 30.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.59Appointments
Folder 30.60Conferences
Folder 30.61Officers
Music, 1924-1926
Folder 30.62Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.63Appointments
Folder 30.64Conferences
Folder 30.65Officers
Folder 30.66Officers
Philosophy, 1924-1926
Folder 30.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 30.68Conferences
Folder 30.69Officers
Physical Education, 1924-1926
Folder 31.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.2Appointments
Folder 31.3Conferences
Folder 31.4Officers
Physics, 1924-1926
Folder 31.5Appointments
Folder 31.6Conferences
Folder 31.7Officers
Physiology, 1924-1926
Folder 31.8Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.9Appointments
Folder 31.10Conferences
Folder 31.11Officers
Political Science, 1924-1926
Folder 31.12Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.13Conferences
Folder 31.14Officers
Psychology, 1924-1926
Folder 31.15Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.16Appointments
Folder 31.17Conferences
Folder 31.18Officers
Spanish, 1924-1926
Folder 31.19Appointments
Folder 31.20Officers
Warden, 1924-1926
Folder 31.21Appointments
Folder 31.22Conferences
Folder 31.23Officers
Folder 31.24Officers
Folder 31.25Reports
Folder 31.26Vocational Bureau
Folder 31.27Vocational Bureau
Folder 31.28Vocational Bureau
Zoology, 1924-1926
Folder 31.29Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.30Appointments
Folder 31.31Conferences
Folder 31.32Officers
FACULTY, 1926-1928
Folder 31.33Faculty and Bibliography
Folder 31.34Faculty and Bibliography
Art, 1926-1928
Folder 31.35Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.36Appointments
Folder 31.37Conferences
Folder 31.38Officers
Astronomy, 1926-1928
Folder 31.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.40Appointments
Folder 31.41Officers
Bible, 1926-1928
Folder 31.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.43Appointments
Folder 31.44Conferences
Folder 31.45Officers
Botany, 1926-1928
Folder 31.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.47Appointments
Folder 31.48Conferences
Folder 31.49Officers
Chemistry, 1926-1928
Folder 31.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.51Appointments
Folder 31.52Conferences
Folder 31.53Officers
Dean, 1926-1928
Folder 31.54Appointments
Folder 31.55Conferences
Folder 31.56Officers
Folder 31.57Reports
Folder 31.58Committee on Admissions
Folder 31.59Conferences - Committee on Admissions
Folder 31.60Minutes - Committee on Admissions
Folder 31.61Vocational Bureau
Economics, 1926-1928
Folder 31.62Applications
Folder 31.63Appointments
Folder 31.64Officers
English, 1926-1928
Folder 31.65Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.66Appointments
Folder 31.67Conferences
Folder 31.68Officers, Sep 1927-June 1928
Folder 31.69Officers, Aug. 1926-June 1927
Euthenics, 1926-1928
Folder 31.70Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.71Appointments
Folder 31.72Conferences
Folder 31.73Officers
French, 1926-1928
Folder 31.74Applications and Recommendations
Folder 31.75Appointments
Folder 31.76Conferences
Folder 31.77Officers
Geology, 1926-1928
Folder 32.1Conferences
Folder 32.2Officers
German, 1926-1928
Folder 32.3Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.4Appointments
Folder 32.5Conferences
Folder 32.6Officers
Greek, 1926-1928
Folder 32.7Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.8Appointments
Folder 32.9Officers
History, 1926-1928
Folder 32.10Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.11Appointments
Folder 32.12Conferences
Folder 32.13Officers
Italian, 1926-1928
Folder 32.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.15Appointments
Folder 32.16Conferences
Folder 32.17Officers
Folder 32.18Officers
Latin, 1926-1928
Folder 32.19Appointments
Folder 32.20Conferences
Folder 32.21Officers
Library, 1926-1928
Folder 32.22Appointments
Folder 32.23Officers
Folder 32.24Officers
Mathematics, 1926-1928
Folder 32.25Appointments
Folder 32.26Officers
Music, 1926-1928
Folder 32.27Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.28Appointments
Folder 32.29Conferences
Folder 32.30Officers
Folder 32.31Officers
Nursery School, 1926-1928
Folder 32.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.33Appointments
Folder 32.34Conferences
Folder 32.35Conferences
Folder 32.36Officers
Folder 32.37Summer Institute of Euthenics
Philosophy, 1926-1928
Folder 32.38Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.39Officers
Physical Education, 1926-1928
Folder 32.40Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.41Appointments
Folder 32.42Conferences
Folder 32.43Officers
Physics, 1926-1928
Folder 32.44Appointments
Folder 32.45Conferences
Folder 32.46Officers
Physiology, 1926-1928
Folder 32.47Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.48Appointments
Folder 32.49Conferences
Folder 32.50Officers
Folder 32.51Officers
Political Science, 1926-1928
Folder 32.52Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.53Appointments
Folder 32.54Conferences
Folder 32.55Officers
Psychology, 1926-1928
Folder 32.56Applications
Folder 32.57Appointments
Folder 32.58Conferences
Folder 32.59Officers
Religion, 1926-1928
Folder 32.60Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.61Appointments
Folder 32.62Conferences
Folder 32.63Officers
Spanish, 1926-1928
Folder 32.64Applications
Folder 32.65Appointments
Folder 32.66Conferences
Folder 32.67Officers
Warden's Office, 1926-1928
Folder 32.68Appointments
Folder 32.69Conferences
Folder 32.70Officers
Folder 32.71Miss Palmer
Folder 32.72Reports
Zoology, 1926-1928
Folder 32.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 32.74Appointments
Folder 32.75Officers
FACULTY, 1928-1930
General, 1928-1930
Folder 33.1Faculty Bibliographies, 1928-1929
Folder 33.2Faculty Bibliographies, 1929-1930
Folder 33.3Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.4Appointments
Folder 33.5Conferences
Folder 33.6Officers
Folder 33.7Officers
Astronomy, 1928-1930
Folder 33.8Officers
Folder 33.9Officers
Botany, 1928-1930
Folder 33.10Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.11Appointments
Folder 33.12Conferences
Folder 33.13Officers
Folder 33.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.15Appointments
Folder 33.16Conferences
Folder 33.17Officers
Chemistry, 1928-1930
Folder 33.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.19Appointments
Folder 33.20Conferences
Folder 33.21Officers
Folder 33.22Officers
Folder 33.23Appointments
Child Study, 1928-1930
Folder 33.24Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.25Appointments
Folder 33.26Conferences
Folder 33.27Officers
Folder 33.28Officers
Folder 33.29Conferences
Folder 33.30Officers
Dean, 1928-1930
Folder 33.31Committee on Admissions
Folder 33.32Answers to letters referred to Comm. on Admission
Folder 33.33Committee on Admission - minutes
Folder 33.34Conferences
Folder 33.35Officers
Folder 33.36Vocational Bureau
Folder 33.37Officers
Folder 33.38Answers to letters referred to Comm. on Admission
Folder 33.39Officers
Folder 33.40Reports
Folder 33.41Conferences
Folder 33.42Vocational Bureau
Economics, 1928-1930
Folder 33.43Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.44Appointments
Folder 33.45Officers
Folder 33.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.47Appointments
Folder 33.48Officers
English, 1928-1930
Folder 33.49Appointments
Folder 33.50Conferences
Folder 33.51Officers
Folder 33.52Officers
Folder 33.53Officers
Folder 33.54Officers
Folder 33.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.56Appointments
Folder 33.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.58Conferences
Euthenics, 1928-1930
Folder 33.59Summer Institute
Folder 33.60Appointments
Folder 33.61Conferences
Folder 33.62Handcraft Courses
Folder 33.63Officers
Folder 33.64Officers
Folder 33.65Summer Institute
Folder 33.66Conferences
Folder 33.67Summer Institute - Progressive Association
French, 1928-1930
Folder 33.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.69Conferences
Folder 33.70Officers
Folder 33.71Officers
Folder 33.72Appointments
Folder 33.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.74Appointments
Geology, 1928-1930
Folder 33.75Appointments
Folder 33.76Officers
Folder 33.77Officers
Folder 33.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.79Appointments
German, 1928-1930
Folder 33.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.81Appointments
Folder 33.82Conference
Folder 33.83Officers
Folder 33.84Officers
Folder 33.85Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.86Appointments
Folder 33.87Conferences
Folder 33.88Applications and Recommendations
Folder 33.89Officers
Folder 33.90Conferences
Folder 33.91Officers
History, 1928-1930
Folder 34.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.2Conferences
Folder 34.3Officers
Folder 34.4Appointments
Folder 34.5Officers
Folder 34.6Appointments
Folder 34.7Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.8Conferences
Italian, 1928-1930
Folder 34.9Officers
Folder 34.10Appointments
Folder 34.11Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.12Officers
Folder 34.13Appointments
Folder 34.14Applications and Recommendations
Latin, 1928-1930
Folder 34.15Officers
Folder 34.16Conferences
Folder 34.17Officers
Library, 1928-1930
Folder 34.18Officers
Folder 34.19Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.20Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.21Appointments
Folder 34.22Conferences
Folder 34.23Officers
Mathematics, 1928-1930
Folder 34.24Officers
Folder 34.25Officers
Folder 34.26Applications and Recommendations
Music, 1928-1930
Folder 34.27Officers
Folder 34.28Officers
Folder 34.29Appointments
Folder 34.30Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.31Conferences
Folder 34.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.33Appointments
Folder 34.34Conferences
Philosophy, 1928-1930
Folder 34.35Appointments
Folder 34.36Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.37Officers
Folder 34.38Appointments
Folder 34.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.40Officers
Political Science, 1928-1930
Folder 34.41Officers
Folder 34.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.43Officers
Folder 34.44Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.45Appointments
Physics, 1928-1930
Folder 34.46Officers
Folder 34.47Appointments
Folder 34.48Officers
Folder 34.49Appointments
Physiology, 1928-1930
Folder 34.50Conferences
Folder 34.51Appointments
Folder 34.52Officers
Folder 34.53Officers
Folder 34.54Appointments
Folder 34.55Conferences
Folder 34.56Officers - Health
Folder 34.57Appointments -Health
Folder 34.58Applications and Recommendations - Health
Folder 34.59Conferences - Health
Physical Education, 1928-1930
Folder 34.60Officers
Folder 34.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.62Appointments
Folder 34.63Conferences
Folder 34.64Officers
Folder 34.65Appointments
Folder 34.66Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.67Dalcroze Eurythmics
Psychology, 1928-1930
Folder 34.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.69Conferences
Folder 34.70Officers
Folder 34.71Officers
Religion, 1928-1930
Folder 34.72Appointments
Folder 34.73Officers
Folder 34.74Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.75Officers
Folder 34.76Applications and Recommendations
Spanish, 1928-1930
Folder 34.77Conferences
Folder 34.78Officers
Folder 34.79Officers
Folder 34.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 34.81Appointments
Warden's Office, 1928-1930
Folder 34.82Officers
Folder 34.83Officers
Folder 34.84Reports
Folder 34.85Conferences
Folder 34.86Officers
Folder 34.87Officers
Folder 34.88Applications and Recommendations
Zoology, 1928-1930
Folder 34.89Officers
Folder 34.90Appointments
Folder 34.91Officers
Folder 34.92Appointments
Folder 34.93Conferences
FACULTY, 1930-1932
General, 1930-1932
Folder 35.1Faculty Bibliographies, 1930 - 1931
Folder 35.2Faculty Bibliographies, 1931 - 1932
Admissions Committee, 1930-1932
Folder 35.3Appointments
Folder 35.4Conferences
Folder 35.5Officers
Folder 35.6Officers
Dean, 1930-1932
Folder 35.7Appointments
Folder 35.8Conferences
Folder 35.9Reports
Folder 35.10Officers
Folder 35.11Officers
Library, 1930-1932
Folder 35.12Appointments
Folder 35.13Officers
Folder 35.14Officers
Art, 1930-1932
Folder 35.15Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.16Appointments
Folder 35.17Conferences
Folder 35.18Officers
Folder 35.19Officers
Folder 35.20Landscape Architecture (proposed major)
Astronomy, 1930-1932
Folder 35.21Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.22Appointments
Folder 35.23Conferences
Folder 35.24Officers
Chemistry, 1930-1932
Folder 35.25Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.26Appointments
Folder 35.27Conferences
Folder 35.28Officers
Child Study, 1930-1932
Folder 35.29Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.30Appointments
Folder 35.31Conferences
Folder 35.32Officers
Folder 35.33Officers
Economics, 1930-1932
Folder 35.34Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.35Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.36Appointments
Folder 35.37Conferences
Folder 35.38Officers
Euthenics, 1930-1932
Folder 35.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.40Conferences
Folder 35.41Officers
Folder 35.42Officers
Folder 35.43Crafts
Folder 35.44Summer School of Euthenics
Folder 35.45Summer School of Euthenics
English, 1930-1932
Folder 35.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.47Conferences
Folder 35.48Officers
Folder 35.49Officers
Folder 35.50Appointments
Folder 35.51Appointments
Folder 35.52Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.53Conferences
Folder 35.54Officers
Folder 35.55Officers
Folder 35.56Dramatic Productions
French, 1930-1932
Folder 35.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.58Appointments
Folder 35.59Conferences
Folder 35.60Officers
Geology, 1930-1932
Folder 35.61Conferences
Folder 35.62Officers
German, 1930-1932
Folder 35.63Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.64Appointments
Folder 35.65Conferences
Folder 35.66Officers
Greek, 1930-1932
Folder 35.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.68Officers
Health, 1930-1932
Folder 35.69Applications and Recommendations
Folder 35.70Appointments
Folder 35.71Conferences
Folder 35.72Officers
Folder 35.73Mr. Calver
Folder 35.74Mr. Calver
History, 1930-1932
Folder 36.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.2Appointments
Folder 36.3Conferences
Folder 36.4Officers
Folder 36.5Officers
Italian, 1930-1932
Folder 36.6Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.7Appointments
Folder 36.8Conferences
Folder 36.9Officers
Folder 36.10Officers
Folder 36.11Roselli Resignation
Latin, 1930-1932
Folder 36.12Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.13Appointments
Folder 36.14Officers
Mathematics, 1930-1932
Folder 36.15Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.16Appointments
Folder 36.17Conferences
Folder 36.18Officers
Music, 1930-1932
Folder 36.19Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.20Appointments
Folder 36.21Conferences
Folder 36.22Officers
Folder 36.23Officers
Philosophy, 1930-1932
Folder 36.24Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.25Appointments
Folder 36.26Officers
Physical Education, 1930-1932
Folder 36.27Appointments
Folder 36.28Conferences
Folder 36.29Officers
Physics, 1930-1932
Folder 36.30Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.31Conferences
Folder 36.32Officers
Physiology, 1930-1932
Folder 36.33Appointments
Folder 36.34Conferences
Folder 36.35Officers
Political Science, 1930-1932
Folder 36.36Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.37Conferences
Folder 36.38Officers
Psychology, 1930-1932
Folder 36.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.40Conferences
Folder 36.41Officers
Religion, 1930-1932
Folder 36.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.43Appointments
Folder 36.44Conferences
Folder 36.45Officers
Spanish, 1930-1932
Folder 36.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.47Appointments
Folder 36.48Conferences
Folder 36.49Officers
Warden's Office, 1930-1932
Folder 36.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.51Appointments
Folder 36.52Conferences
Folder 36.53Officers
Folder 36.54Officers
Folder 36.55Reports
Folder 36.56Personnel Research Bureau
Folder 36.57Vocational Bureau
Board of Residents, 1930-1932
Folder 36.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.59Appointments
Folder 36.60Officers
Zoology, 1930-1932
Folder 36.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 36.62Appointments
Folder 36.63Conferences
Folder 36.64Officers
FACULTY, 1932-1934
General, 1932-1934
Folder 36.65Faculty Bibliographies, 1933-1934
Folder 36.66Faculty Secretary
Folder 36.67Faculty Science Club
Folder 36.68Chairmen of Departments
Folder 36.69Advisory Committee
Folder 36.70Committee on Committees
Folder 36.71Committee on Commencement
Folder 36.72Convocation Committee
Folder 36.73Curriculum Committee
Folder 36.74Curriculum Committee
Folder 36.75Committee on Euthenics
Folder 36.76Committee on Fellowships
Folder 36.77Committee on Foreign Study
Folder 36.78Founder's Day Committee
Folder 36.79Committee on Health
Folder 36.80Joint Committee
Folder 36.81Library Committee
Folder 36.82Committee on Research
Folder 36.83Schedule Committee
Folder 36.84Scholarship Committee
Folder 36.85Scholarship Committee
Folder 36.86Scholarship Committee
Folder 37.1Science Discussion Group
Folder 37.2Committee on Student Records
Folder 37.3Committee on Unemployment in Poughkeepsie
Art, 1932 -1934
Folder 37.4Officers
Folder 37.5Officers
Folder 37.6Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.7Conferences
Folder 37.8Appointments
Folder 37.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.10Conferences
Astronomy, 1932 -1934
Folder 37.11Officers
Folder 37.12Officers
Folder 37.13Appointments
Folder 37.14Conferences
Botany, 1932-1934
Folder 37.15Officers
Folder 37.16Appointments
Folder 37.17Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.18Conferences
Folder 37.19Officers
Folder 37.20Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.21Conferences
Folder 37.22Officers
Folder 37.23Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.24Conferences
Folder 37.25Appointments
Folder 37.26Conferences
Folder 37.27Botany Situation
Folder 37.28Officers
Folder 37.29Appointments
Folder 37.30Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.31Conferences
Folder 37.32Officers
Folder 37.33Appointments
Folder 37.34Conferences
Child Study, 1932-1934
Folder 37.35Officers
Folder 37.36Appointments
Folder 37.37Conferences
Folder 37.38Officers
Folder 37.39Conferences
Folder 37.40Appointments
Dean, 1932-1934
Folder 37.41Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 37.42Officers
Folder 37.43Conferences
Folder 37.44Reports
Folder 37.45Officers - Board of Residents
Folder 37.46Appointments - Board of Residents
Folder 37.47Personnel Bureau
Folder 37.48Vocational Bureau
Folder 37.49Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 37.50Officers
Folder 37.51Conferences
Folder 37.52Officers - Board of Residents
Folder 37.53Appointments - Board of Residents
Folder 37.54Personnel Bureau
Folder 37.55Vocational Bureau
Economics, 1932-1934
Folder 37.56Officers
Folder 37.57Officers
Folder 37.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.59Appointments
Folder 37.60Conferences
Folder 37.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.62Appointments
Folder 37.63Conferences
English, 1932-1934
Folder 37.64Appointments
Folder 37.65Officers
Folder 37.66Officers
Folder 37.67Conferences
Folder 37.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.69Officers
Folder 37.70Officers
Folder 37.71Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.72Conferences
Euthenics, 1932-1934
Folder 37.73Officers
Folder 37.74Conferences
Folder 37.75Summer Institute of Euthenics
Folder 37.76Officers
Folder 37.77Conferences
Folder 37.78Summer Institute
French, 1932-1934
Folder 37.79Officers
Folder 37.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.81Conferences
Folder 37.82Officers
Folder 37.83Applications and Recommendations
Folder 37.84Conferences
Folder 37.85Appointments
Geology, 1932-1934
Folder 38.1Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.2Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.3Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.4Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.5Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.6Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.7Conferences, 1933-1934
German, 1932-1934
Folder 38.8Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.9Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.10Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.11Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.12Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.13Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.14Conferences, 1933-1934
Folder 38.15Appointments, 1933-1934
Greek, 1932-1934
Folder 38.16Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.17Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.18Officers, 1933-1934
Health, 1932-1934
Folder 38.19Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.20Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.21Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.22Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.23Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.24Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.25Conferences, 1933-1934
History, 1932-1934
Folder 38.26Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.27Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.28Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.29Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.30Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.31Conferences, 1933-1934
Italian, 1932-1934
Folder 38.32Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.33Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.34Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.35Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.36Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.37Conferences, 1933-1934
Latin, 1932-1934
Folder 38.38Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.39Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.40Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.41Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.42Conferences, 1933-1934
Library, 1932-1934
Folder 38.43Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.44Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.45Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.46Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.47Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Mathematics, 1932-1934
Folder 38.48Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.49Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.50Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.51Officers, 1933-1934
Music, 1932-1934
Folder 38.52Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.53Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.54Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 38.55Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.56Applications, 1933-1934
Folder 38.57Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.58Conferences, 1933-1934
Philosophy, 1932-1934
Folder 38.59Applications, 1933
Folder 38.60Applications, 1933
Folder 38.61Applications, 1934
Folder 38.62Applications, 1934
Folder 38.63Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.64Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.65Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.66Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.67Conferences, 1933-1934
Physical Education, 1932-1934
Folder 38.68Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.69Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.70Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.71Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.72Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 38.73Conferences, 1933-1934
Physics, 1932-1934
Folder 38.74Conferences,
Folder 38.75Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.76Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.77Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.78Applications and Recommendations
Physiology, 1932-1934
Folder 38.79Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.80Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.81Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.82Appointments, 1932-1933
Folder 38.83Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 38.84Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.85Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 38.86Conferences, 1933-1934
Psychology, 1932-1934
Folder 38.87Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 38.88Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 38.89Applications and Recommendations,
Folder 38.90Conferences,
Religion, 1932-1934
Folder 39.1Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 39.2Applications and Recommendations, 1932-1933
Folder 39.3Conferences, 1932-1933
Folder 39.4Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 39.5Applications and Recommendations,
Spanish, 1932-1934
Folder 39.6Officers, 1932-1933
Folder 39.7Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 39.8Applications and Recommendations,
Folder 39.9Conferences
Warden, 1932-1934
Folder 39.10Officers
Folder 39.11Officers
Folder 39.12Conferences
Folder 39.13Conferences
Folder 39.14Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 39.15Conferences, 1933-1934
Zoology, 1932-1934
Folder 39.16Officers
Folder 39.17Appointments
Folder 39.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.19Officers, 1933-1934
Folder 39.20Applications and Recommendations, 1933-1934
Folder 39.21Appointments, 1933-1934
Folder 39.22Conferences, 1933-1934
FACULTY, 1934-1935
Art, 1934-1935
Folder 39.23Conferences
Folder 39.24Officers
Folder 39.25Applications and Recommendations
Astronomy, 1934-1935
Folder 39.26Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.27Officers
Folder 39.28Prof. Caroline E. Furness Memorial Service
Botany, 1934-1935
Folder 39.29Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.30Appointments
Folder 39.31Conferences
Folder 39.32Officers
Chemistry, 1934-1935
Folder 39.33Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.34Appointments
Folder 39.35Officers
Child Study, 1934-1935
Folder 39.36Appointments
Folder 39.37Conferences
Folder 39.38Officers
Dean, 1934-1935
Folder 39.39Appointments
Folder 39.40Board of Residents
Folder 39.41Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 39.42Conferences
Folder 39.43Officers
Folder 39.44Personnel Bureau
Folder 39.45Vocational Bureau
Economics, 1934-1935
Folder 39.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.47Officers
Folder 39.48Dr. Mathilde
English, 1934-1935
Folder 39.49Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.50Conferences
Folder 39.51Drama Department
Folder 39.52Officers
Euthenics, 1934-1935
Folder 39.53Appointments
Folder 39.54Conferences
Folder 39.55Crafts
Folder 39.56Officers
Folder 39.57Summer Institute of Euthenics
French, 1934-1935
Folder 39.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.59Appointments
Folder 39.60Officers
Geology, 1934-1935
Folder 39.61Appointments
Folder 39.62Officers
German, 1934-1935
Folder 39.63Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.64Appointments
Folder 39.65Conferences
Folder 39.66Officers
Greek, 1934-1935
Folder 39.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.68Conferences
Folder 39.69Officers
Health, 1934-1935
Folder 39.70Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.71Appointments
Folder 39.72Officers
History, 1934-1935
Folder 39.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.74Appointments
Folder 39.75Conferences
Folder 39.76Officers
Italian, 1934-1935
Folder 39.77Officers
Latin, 1934-1935
Folder 39.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 39.79Conferences
Folder 39.80Officers
Mathematics, 1934-1935
Folder 40.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.2Appointments
Folder 40.3Officers
Music, 1934-1935
Folder 40.4Appointments
Folder 40.5Conferences
Folder 40.6Officers
Personnel, 1934-1935
Folder 40.7Personnel
Folder 40.8Vassar Community Church
Folder 40.9Vassar Undergraduate Journal
Philosophy, 1934-1935
Folder 40.10Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.11Conferences
Folder 40.12Officers
Physical Education, 1934-1935
Folder 40.13Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.14Appointments
Folder 40.15Officers
Physics, 1934-1935
Folder 40.16Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.17Officers
Physiology, 1934-1935
Folder 40.18Appointments
Folder 40.19Officers
Political Science, 1934-1935
Folder 40.20Conferences
Folder 40.21Officers
Psychology, 1934-1935
Folder 40.22Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.23Appointments
Folder 40.24Officers
Religion, 1934-1935
Folder 40.25Appointments
Folder 40.26Conferences
Folder 40.27Officers
Spanish, 1934-1935
Folder 40.28Appointments
Folder 40.29Officers
Zoology, 1934-1935
Folder 40.30Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.31Appointments
Folder 40.32Conferences
Folder 40.33Officers
General, 1934-1935
Folder 40.34Bibliographies, 1934/1935
FACULTY, 1935-1936
General, 1935-1936
Folder 40.35Faculty - General Business
Folder 40.36Chairmen of Departments - Faculty
Folder 40.37Chairmen of Departments
Folder 40.38Faculty Club
Folder 40.39Science Club
Faculty Committees, 1935-1936
Folder 40.40Advisory Committee
Folder 40.41Faculty Advisory Committee
Folder 40.42Commencement Committee
Folder 40.43Commencement Committee
Folder 40.44Committee on Committees
Folder 40.45Committee on Committees
Folder 40.46Convocation Committee
Folder 40.47Curriculum Committee
Folder 40.48Curriculum Committee
Folder 40.49Curriculum Committee
Folder 40.50Faculty - General
Folder 40.51Committee on Faculty Procedures
Folder 40.52Committee on Films
Folder 40.53Committee on Founder's Day
Folder 40.54Founder's Day Committee
Folder 40.55Committee on Graduate Studies
Folder 40.56Committee on Graduate Studies
Folder 40.57Committee on Health Records
Folder 40.58Committee of Student Health Records
Folder 40.59Joint Committee
Folder 40.60Joint Committee
Folder 40.61Sub-Committee of Joint Committee on Leaves
Folder 40.62Library Committee
Folder 40.63Committee on Library
Folder 40.64Committee on Marks
Folder 40.65Committee on Research
Folder 40.66Committee on Research
Folder 40.67Schedule Committee
Folder 40.68Committee on the Schedule
Folder 40.69Scholarship Committee
Folder 40.70Scholarship Committee
Folder 40.71Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 40.72Committee on Social Science Requirements
Folder 40.73Committee on Student Records
Folder 40.74Committee on Student Records
Applications, 1935-1936
Folder 40.75Applications (1)
Folder 40.76Applications (2)
Folder 40.77Applications (2)
Folder 40.78Applications (3)
Art, 1935-1936
Folder 40.79Conferences
Folder 40.80Appointments
Folder 40.81Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.82Officers
Folder 40.83Officers
Astronomy, 1935-1936
Folder 40.84Conferences
Folder 40.85Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.86Officers
Folder 40.87Appointments
Botany, 1935-1936
Folder 40.88Conferences
Folder 40.89Applications and Recommendations
Folder 40.90Officers
Chemistry, 1935-1936
Folder 40.91Conferences
Folder 40.92Appointments
Folder 40.93Officers
Child Study, 1935-1936
Folder 40.94Conferences
Folder 40.95Officers
Dean, 1935-1936
Folder 40.96Conferences
Folder 40.97Officers
Faculty, 1935-1936
Folder 40.98Officers - Committee on Admissions
Folder 40.99Vocational Bureau
Folder 40.100Personnel Bureau
Folder 40.101Board of Residents
Folder 40.102Bibliographies, 1935/1936
Economics, 1935-1936
Folder 41.1Officers
Folder 41.2Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.3Appointments
English, 1935-1936
Folder 41.4Officers
Folder 41.5Officers
Folder 41.6Conferences
Folder 41.7Appointments
Folder 41.8Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.9Summer Institute in the Theatre
Euthenics, 1935-1936
Folder 41.10Officers
Folder 41.11Conferences
Folder 41.12Summer School of Euthenics
French, 1935-1936
Folder 41.13Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.14Appointments
Folder 41.15Officers
Geology, 1935-1936
Folder 41.16Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.17Officers
German, 1935-1936
Folder 41.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.19Appointments
Folder 41.20Officers
Greek, 1935-1936
Folder 41.21Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.22Conferences
Folder 41.23Officers
Health, 1935-1936
Folder 41.24Officers
Folder 41.25Applications and Recommendations
History, 1935-1936
Folder 41.26Conferences
Folder 41.27Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.28Officers
Italian, 1935-1936
Folder 41.29Officers
Folder 41.30Appointments
Latin, 1935-1936
Folder 41.31Officers
Folder 41.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.33Conferences
Library, 1935-1936
Folder 41.34Appointments
Folder 41.35Conferences
Folder 41.36Officers
Mathematics, 1935-1936
Folder 41.37Officers
Folder 41.38Appointments
Folder 41.39Applications and Recommendations
Music, 1935-1936
Folder 41.40Appointments
Folder 41.41Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.42Conferences
Folder 41.43Officers
Folder 41.44Officers
Philosophy, 1935-1936
Folder 41.45Officers
Folder 41.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.47Conferences
Physical Education, 1935-1936
Folder 41.48Officers
Folder 41.49Conferences
Folder 41.50Appointments
Folder 41.51Applications and Recommendations
Physics, 1935-1936
Folder 41.52Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.53Officers
Physiology, 1935-1936
Folder 41.54Appointments
Folder 41.55Officers
Political Science, 1935-1936
Folder 41.56Officers
Folder 41.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.58Conferences
Folder 41.59Appointments
Psychology, 1935-1936
Folder 41.60Officers
Religion, 1935-1936
Folder 41.61Officers
Folder 41.62Applications and Recommendations
Spanish, 1935-1936
Folder 41.63Officers
Folder 41.64Applications and Recommendations
Warden, 1935-1936
Folder 41.65Conferences
Folder 41.66Officers
Zoology, 1935-1936
Folder 41.67Officers
Folder 41.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 41.69Conferences
FACULTY, 1936-1939
General, 1936-1939
Folder 41.70Bibliographies, 1936/1937
Folder 41.71Count of Courses Sep 1936 thru June 1939,
Folder 41.72Count of Courses, Sep 1936 thru June 1939
Folder 41.73Faculty Business
Folder 41.74Faculty Business
Folder 41.75Faculty - General
Folder 41.76Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 41.77Faculty Science Club
Folder 41.78Chairmen of Departments
Folder 41.79Chairmen of Departments
Folder 41.80Classical Club
Folder 41.81Faculty Club
Faculty Committees, 1936-1939
Folder 41.82Committee on Admissions - Officers
Folder 41.83Committee on Admissions - Officers
Folder 41.84Committee on Admissions - Officers
Folder 41.85Advisory Committee
Folder 41.86Advisory Committee
Folder 41.87Committee on Broadcasting
Folder 41.88Committee on Commencement
Folder 41.89Committee on Commencement
Folder 41.90Committee on Committees
Folder 41.91Convocation Committee
Folder 41.92Curriculum Committee
Folder 41.93Committee on Curriculum
Folder 41.94Committee on Curriculum
Folder 42.1Committee on Elections
Folder 42.2Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 42.3Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 42.4Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 42.5Committee on Films
Folder 42.6Film Committee
Folder 42.7Committee on Foreign Study
Folder 42.8Founder's Day Committee
Folder 42.9Committee on Founder's Day
Folder 42.10Committee on Graduate Study
Folder 42.11Committee on Health Insurance
Folder 42.12Joint Committee
Folder 42.13Joint Committee
Folder 42.14Joint Committee
Folder 42.15Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 42.16Lecture Committee
Folder 42.17Library Committee
Folder 42.18Committee on Marking System
Folder 42.19Committee on Marking System
Folder 42.20Committee on Marking System
Folder 42.21Committee on Memorial Tablets
Folder 42.22Committee on Motion Pictures
Folder 42.23Committee on Research
Folder 42.24Committee on Research
Folder 42.25Committee on Research
Folder 42.26Council on Residence
Folder 42.27Scholarship Committee
Folder 42.28Schedule Committee
Folder 42.29Committee on Student Health Records
Folder 42.30Committee on Scholarships
Folder 42.31Committee on Scholarships
Folder 42.32Committee on Student Records
Folder 42.33Committee on Student Records
Folder 42.34Student Records Committee
Folder 42.35Committee for Study of Library Facilities
Dean, 1936-1939
Folder 42.36Appointments
Folder 42.37Conferences
Folder 42.38Officers
Folder 42.39Officers
Folder 42.40Officers
Folder 42.41Board of Residents
Folder 42.42Board of Residents
Folder 42.43Personnel Bureau
Folder 42.44Vocational Bureau
Library, 1936-1939
Folder 42.45Appointments
Folder 42.46Officers
Folder 42.47Officers
Folder 42.48Officers
Anthropology, 1936-1939
Folder 42.49Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.50Appointments
Folder 42.51Officers
Art, 1936-1939
Folder 42.52Appointments
Folder 42.53Appointments
Folder 42.54Appointments
Folder 42.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.56Conferences
Folder 42.57Officers
Folder 42.58Officers
Folder 42.59Officers
Folder 42.60Officers
Folder 42.61Officers
Folder 42.62Officers
Astronomy, 1936-1939
Folder 42.63Officers
Folder 42.64Appointments
Folder 42.65Appointments
Folder 42.66Officers
Folder 42.67Appointments
Folder 42.68Officers
Botany, 1936-1939
Folder 42.69Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.70Appointments
Folder 42.71Officers
Folder 42.72Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.73Officers
Folder 42.74Appointments
Folder 42.75Officers
Chemistry, 1936-1939
Folder 42.76Appointments
Folder 42.77Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.78Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.79Conferences
Folder 42.80Officers
Folder 42.81Officers
Folder 42.82Officers
Child Study, 1936-1939
Folder 42.83Appointments
Folder 42.84Appointments
Folder 42.85Appointments
Folder 42.86Conferences
Folder 42.87Officers
Folder 42.88Officers
Folder 42.89Officers
Drama, 1936-1939
Folder 42.90Drama
Folder 42.91Appointments
Folder 42.92Applications and Recommendations
Folder 42.93Officers
Economics, 1936-1939
Folder 43.1Appointments
Folder 43.2Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.3Officers
Folder 43.4Officers
Folder 43.5Officers
English, 1936-1939
Folder 43.6Appointments
Folder 43.7Appointments
Folder 43.8Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.10Conferences
Folder 43.11Officers
Folder 43.12Officers
Folder 43.13Officers
Folder 43.14Officers
Euthenics, 1936-1939
Folder 43.15Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.16Officers
Folder 43.17Conferences
Folder 43.18Summer Institute of Euthenics
Folder 43.19Summer Institute of Euthenics
Folder 43.20Summer Institute of Euthenics
Folder 43.21Summer Institute of Euthenics
Folder 43.22Survey and Appraisal of Summer Institute
French, 1936-1939
Folder 43.23Appointments
Folder 43.24Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.25Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.26Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.27Conferences
Folder 43.28Officers
Folder 43.29Officers
Folder 43.30Officers
Geology, 1936-1939
Folder 43.31Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.32Conferences
Folder 43.33Officers
Folder 43.34Officers
Folder 43.35Officers
German, 1936-1939
Folder 43.36Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.37Appointments
Folder 43.38Appointments
Folder 43.39Appointments
Folder 43.40Conferences
Folder 43.41Officers
Folder 43.42Officers
Folder 43.43Officers
Greek, 1936-1939
Folder 43.44Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.45Appointments
Folder 43.46Officers
Folder 43.47Officers
Folder 43.48Officers
Health, 1936-1939
Folder 43.49Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.51Conferences
Folder 43.52Appointments
Folder 43.53Appointments
Folder 43.54Officers
Folder 43.55Officers
Folder 43.56Officers
History, 1936-1939
Folder 43.57Appointments
Folder 43.58Appointments
Folder 43.59Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.60Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.61Conferences
Folder 43.62Officers
Folder 43.63Officers
Folder 43.64Officers
Italian, 1936-1939
Folder 43.65Appointments
Folder 43.66Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.68Conferences
Folder 43.69Officers
Folder 43.70Officers
Folder 43.71Officers
Latin, 1936-1939
Folder 43.72Officer
Folder 43.73Officers
Folder 43.74Officers
Mathematics, 1936-1939
Folder 43.75Appointments
Folder 43.76Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.77Officers
Folder 43.78Officers
Folder 43.79Officers
Music, 1936-1939
Folder 43.80Officers
Folder 43.81Officers
Folder 43.82Officers
Folder 43.83Conferences
Folder 43.84Conferences
Folder 43.85Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.86Applications and Recommendations
Folder 43.87Appointments
Folder 43.88Appointments
Philosophy, 1936-1939
Folder 44.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.2Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.3Applications and Recommendations A - H
Folder 44.4Applications and Recommendations A - H
Folder 44.5Applications and Recommendations J - Z
Folder 44.6Applications and Recommendations J - Z
Folder 44.7Applications and Recommendations J - Z
Folder 44.8Appointments
Folder 44.9Appointments
Folder 44.10Appointments
Folder 44.11Conferences
Folder 44.12Officers
Folder 44.13Committee on Moritz Geiger Memorial Service
Folder 44.14Officers
Folder 44.15Officers
Physical Education, 1936-1939
Folder 44.16Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.17Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.19Appointments
Folder 44.20Appointments
Folder 44.21Conferences
Folder 44.22Conferences
Folder 44.23Officers
Folder 44.24Officers
Folder 44.25Officers
Physics, 1936-1939
Folder 44.26Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.27Appointments
Folder 44.28Officers
Folder 44.29Officers
Folder 44.30Officers
Physiology, 1936-1939
Folder 44.31Appointments
Folder 44.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.33Officers
Folder 44.34Officers
Folder 44.35Officers
Political Science, 1936-1939
Folder 44.36Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.37Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.38Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.39Conferences
Folder 44.40Officers
Folder 44.41Officers
Folder 44.42Officers
Folder 44.43Officers
Psychology, 1936-1939
Folder 44.44Appointments
Folder 44.45Appointments
Folder 44.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.47Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.48Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.49Conferences
Folder 44.50Officers
Folder 44.51Officers
Folder 44.52Officers
Religion, 1936-1939
Folder 44.53Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.54Appointments
Folder 44.55Conferences
Folder 44.56Officers
Folder 44.57Officers
Russian, 1936-1939
Folder 44.58Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.59Officers
Folder 44.60Officers
Spanish, 1936-1939
Folder 44.61Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.62Appointments
Folder 44.63Appointments
Folder 44.64Officers
Folder 44.65Officers
Warden, 1936-1939
Folder 44.66Officers
Folder 44.67Officers
Folder 44.68Officers
Folder 44.69Vocational Bureau
Folder 44.70Vocational Bureau
Zoology, 1936-1939
Folder 44.71Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.72Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.73Applications and Recommendations
Folder 44.74Appointments
Folder 44.75Conferences
Folder 44.76Officers
Folder 44.77Officers
FACULTY, 1939-1940
Committees, 1939-1940
Folder 45.1Faculty - Miscellaneous
Folder 45.2Chairmen of Departments
Folder 45.3Faculty Science Club
Folder 45.4Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 45.5Advisory Committee
Folder 45.6Faculty Committee of Conference
Folder 45.7Committee on Commencement
Folder 45.8Committee on Committees
Folder 45.9Committee on Conservation of American Landscape
Folder 45.10Committee on Convocation
Folder 45.11Curriculum Committee
Folder 45.12Committee on Elections
Folder 45.13Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 45.14Committee on Films
Folder 45.15Founder's Day Committee
Folder 45.16Committee on Graduate Study
Folder 45.17Joint Committee
Folder 45.18Library Committee
Folder 45.19Committee on Low-Cost Housing
Folder 45.20Committee on Marking System
Folder 45.21Committee on Refugee Scholars
Folder 45.22Committee on Refugee Scholars
Folder 45.23Faculty Committee on Research
Folder 45.24Schedule Committee
Folder 45.25Committee on Scholarship
Folder 45.26Committee to Study Teaching Methods
Folder 45.27Student Records Committee
Folder 45.28Committee on Swift Hall
Folder 45.29Committee on Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Study
Anthropology, 1939-1940
Folder 45.30Appointments
Folder 45.31Officers
Folder 45.32Archeological Projects [includes corresp. re Mary Butler and excavations at West Point]
Art, 1939-1940
Folder 45.33Appointments
Folder 45.34Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.35Officers
Astronomy, 1939-1940
Folder 45.36Officers
Folder 45.37Applications
Botany, 1939-1940
Folder 45.38Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.39Appointments
Folder 45.40Officers
Chemistry, 1939-1940
Folder 45.41Appointments
Folder 45.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.43Officers
Child Study, 1939-1940
Folder 45.44Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.45Appointments
Folder 45.46Conferences
Folder 45.47Officers
Dean, 1939-1940
Folder 45.48Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 45.49Appointments - Committee on Admission
Folder 45.50Appointments
Folder 45.51Conferences
Folder 45.52Officers
Folder 45.53Vocational Bureau
Drama, 1939-1940
Folder 45.54Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.55Officers
Economics, 1939-1940
Folder 45.56Appointments
Folder 45.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.58Officers
English, 1939-1940
Folder 45.59Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.60Appointments
Folder 45.61Officers
Euthenics, 1939-1940
Folder 45.62Institute of Euthenics
French, 1939-1940
Folder 45.63Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.64Appointments
Folder 45.65Officers
Geology, 1939-1940
Folder 45.66Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.67Appointments
German, 1939-1940
Folder 45.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.69Appointments
Folder 45.70Officers
Greek, 1939-1940
Folder 45.71Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.72Appointments
Folder 45.73Officers
Health, 1939-1940
Folder 45.74Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.75Officers
History, 1939-1940
Folder 45.76Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.77Appointments
Folder 45.78Officers
Italian, 1939-1940
Folder 45.79Officers
Latin, 1939-1940
Folder 45.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.81Officers
Library, 1939-1940
Folder 45.82Appointments
Folder 45.83Officers
Mathematics, 1939-1940
Folder 45.84Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.85Officers
Music, 1939-1940
Folder 45.86Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.87Appointments
Folder 45.88Officers
Philosophy, 1939-1940
Folder 45.89Applications and Recommendations
Folder 45.90Appointments
Folder 45.91Officers
Physical Education, 1939-1940
Folder 46.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.2Appointments
Folder 46.3Officers
Physics, 1939-1940
Folder 46.4Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.5Appointments
Folder 46.6Officers
Physiology, 1939-1940
Folder 46.7Appointments
Folder 46.8Officers
Political Science, 1939-1940
Folder 46.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.10Officers
Psychology, 1939-1940
Folder 46.11Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.12Officers
Religion, 1939-1940
Folder 46.13Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.14Officers
Russian, 1939-1940
Folder 46.15Officers
Spanish, 1939-1940
Folder 46.16Conferences
Folder 46.17Appointments
Folder 46.18Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.19Officers
Warden, 1939-1940
Folder 46.20Officers
Folder 46.21Conferences
Zoology, 1939-1940
Folder 46.22Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.23Appointments
Folder 46.24Officers
Folder 46.25Conferences
Folder 46.26Officers
FACULTY, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Anthropology, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.27Officers
Art, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.28Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.29Appointments
Folder 46.30Officers
Astronomy, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.31Appointments
Folder 46.32Officers
Botany, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.33Officers
Chemistry, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.34Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.35Appointments
Folder 46.36Officers
Child Study, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.37Appointments
Folder 46.38Officers
Dean, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.39Appointments
Folder 46.40Conferences
Folder 46.41Officers
Folder 46.42Count of Courses, 1939-1940
Folder 46.43Vocational Bureau
Drama, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.44Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.45Appointments
Folder 46.46Officers
Economics, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.47Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.48Conferences
Folder 46.49Officers
English, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.51Appointments
Folder 46.52Conferences
Folder 46.53Memorial for Mary Maccoll
Folder 46.54Officers
Euthenics, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.55Officers
Folder 46.56Summer Institute of Euthenics
French, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.58Officers
Geography, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.59Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.60Officers
Geology, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.61Appointments
Folder 46.62Officers
German, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.63Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.64Conferences
Folder 46.65Officers
Greek, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.66Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.67Officers
Folder 46.68Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.69Appointments
Folder 46.70Officers
History, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.71Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.72Appointments
Folder 46.73Officers
Italian, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.74Applications and Recommendations
Latin, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.75Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.76Officers
Library, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.77Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.78Appointments
Folder 46.79Officers
Mathematics, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.80Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.81Appointments
Folder 46.82Officers
Music, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.83Conferences
Folder 46.84Appointments
Folder 46.85Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.86Officers
Philosophy, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.87Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.88Officers
Physical Education, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.89Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.90Officers
Physics, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.91Appointments
Folder 46.92Conferences
Folder 46.93Officers
Physiology, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.94Appointments
Folder 46.95Officers
Political Science, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.96Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.97Officers
Psychology, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.98Applications and Recommendations
Folder 46.99Appointments
Religion, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.100Officers
Russian, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 46.101Officers
Spanish, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 47.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.2Officers
Folder 47.3Appointments
Warden, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 47.4Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.5Appointments
Folder 47.6Officers
Zoology, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 47.7Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.8Appointments
Folder 47.9Officers
Faculty Committees, Aug 1940 - July 1941
Folder 47.10Committee on Academic Statute
Folder 47.11Officers - Committee on Admission
Folder 47.12Secretary of the Faculty
Folder 47.13Advisory Committee
Folder 47.14Committee on Commencement
Folder 47.15Committee on Committees
Folder 47.16Committee on Conference
Folder 47.17Committee on Convocation
Folder 47.18Committee on Cooperative Houses
Folder 47.19Curriculum Committee
Folder 47.20Emergency Committee
Folder 47.21Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 47.22Film Committee
Folder 47.23Founder's Day Committee
Folder 47.24Committee on Graduate Study
Folder 47.25Joint Committee
Folder 47.26Committee on Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 47.27Library Committee
Folder 47.28Committee on Pre-medical Work
Folder 47.29Radio Workshop Committee
Folder 47.30Committee on Refugee Scholars
Folder 47.31Faculty Committee on Research
Folder 47.32Schedule Committee
Folder 47.33Committee on Scholarships
Folder 47.34Committee on Student Records
Folder 47.35Committee on Survey of Academic Buildings
Folder 47.36Committee on Swift Hall
Folder 47.37Committee on Teacher Training Law
Folder 47.38Officers - Dean
Folder 47.39Count of Courses, 1942-1943
Folder 47.40Count of Courses
Folder 47.41Vocational Bureau
Folder 47.42Officers - Committee on admission
Folder 47.43Officers - Warden
Folder 47.44Board of Residents
FACULTY, 1941-1943
Library, 1941-1943
Folder 47.45Appointments
Folder 47.46Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.47Officers
Anthropology, 1941-1943
Folder 47.48Officers
Folder 47.49Survey Part 1
Folder 47.50Survey Part 2
Art, 1941-1943
Folder 47.51Appointments
Folder 47.52Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.53Officers
Astronomy, 1941-1943
Folder 47.54Appointments
Folder 47.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.56Officers
Chemistry, 1941-1943
Folder 47.57Appointments
Folder 47.58Officers
Folder 47.59Applications and Recommendations
Child Study, 1941-1943
Folder 47.60Appointments
Folder 47.61Officers
Folder 47.62Child Study Material for the Curriculum Committee and Professors Fisher and Lanier
Folder 47.63Child Study Material for the Curriculum Committee and Professors Fisher and Lanier
Drama, 1941-1943
Folder 47.64Appointments
Folder 47.65Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.66Officers
Economics, 1941-1943
Folder 47.67Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.68Appointments
Folder 47.69Officers
Folder 47.70Officers
English, 1941-1943
Folder 47.71Appointments
Folder 47.72Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.73Officers
Euthenics, 1941-1943
Folder 47.74Officers
Folder 47.75Summer Institute of Euthenics
French, 1941-1943
Folder 47.76Applications and Recommendations
Folder 47.77Officers
Geography, 1941-1943
Folder 48.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.2Officers
Geology, 1941-1943
Folder 48.3Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.4Appointments
Folder 48.5Officers
German, 1941-1943
Folder 48.6Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.7Appointments
Folder 48.8Officers
Greek, 1941-1943
Folder 48.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.10Appointments
Folder 48.11Officers
Health, 1941-1943
Folder 48.12Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.13Appointments
Folder 48.14Consulting Psychiatrist
Folder 48.15Officers
History, 1941-1943
Folder 48.16Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.17Appointments
Folder 48.18Officers
Italian, 1941-1943
Folder 48.19Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.20Appointments
Folder 48.21Officers
Latin, 1941-1943
Folder 48.22Appointments
Folder 48.23Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.24Officers
Mathematics, 1941-1943
Folder 48.25Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.26Appointments
Folder 48.27Officers
Music, 1941-1943
Folder 48.28Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.29Appointments
Folder 48.30Officers
Folder 48.31Officers
Philosophy, 1941-1943
Folder 48.32Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.33Appointments
Folder 48.34Officers
Physical Education, 1941-1943
Folder 48.35Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.36Appointments
Folder 48.37Officers
Physics, 1941-1943
Folder 48.38Memorial to Miss Wick
Folder 48.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.40Appointments
Folder 48.41Officers
Physiology, 1941-1943
Folder 48.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.43Appointments
Folder 48.44Officers
Plant Science, 1941-1943
Folder 48.45Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.46Appointments
Folder 48.47Officers
Political Science, 1941-1943
Folder 48.48Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.49Officers
Psychology, 1941-1943
Folder 48.50Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.51Officers
Folder 48.52Officers
Religion, 1941-1943
Folder 48.53Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.54Officers
Russian, 1941-1943
Folder 48.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.56Officers
Spanish, 1941-1943
Folder 48.57Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.58Appointments
Folder 48.59Officers
Zoology, 1941-1943
Folder 48.60Applications and Recommendations
Folder 48.61Appointments
Folder 48.62Officers
Committees, 1941-1943
Folder 48.63Faculty Club
Folder 48.64Faculty - General
Folder 48.65Chairmen of Departments
Folder 48.66Committee on Academic Statute
Folder 48.67Faculty Committee to Study Acceleration (Joint comm. w/trustees)
Folder 48.68Advisory Committee
Folder 48.69Committee on Committees
Folder 48.70Committee on Conferences
Folder 48.71Conservation Committee
Folder 48.72Committee on Displaced Scholars
Folder 48.73Curriculum Committee
Folder 48.74Curriculum Committee
Folder 48.75Committee on Faculty Procedure
Folder 48.76Committee on Fellowships and Graduate Study
Folder 48.77Film Committee
Folder 48.78Joint Committee
Folder 48.79Committee on Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 48.80Committee on Key Center
Folder 48.81Committee on Library
Folder 48.82Radio Workshop Committee
Folder 48.83Committee on Plans for Training Reconstruction Workers
Folder 48.84Faculty Committee on Research
Folder 48.85Subcommittee on Residence
Folder 48.86Scholarship Committee
Folder 48.87Committee on Self-Help
Folder 48.88Committee on Teacher Education
Folder 48.89Budget
FACULTY, 1943-1945
Dean, 1943-1945
Folder 49.1Vocational Bureau
Folder 49.2Committee on Admissions
Folder 49.3Count of Courses
Folder 49.4Count of Courses
Folder 49.5Officers - Dean
Folder 49.6Assistant Dean
Warden, 1943-1945
Folder 49.7Board of Residents
Folder 49.8Appointments
Folder 49.9Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.10Officers
Folder 49.11Officers
Library, 1943-1945
Folder 49.12Miss Fay's Survey of Vassar College Library
Folder 49.13Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.15Appointments
Folder 49.16Officers
Folder 49.17Officers
Anthropology, 1943-1945
Folder 49.18Officers
Art, 1943-1945
Folder 49.19Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.20Appointments
Folder 49.21Officers
Folder 49.22Officers
Astronomy, 1943-1945
Folder 49.23Officers
Chemistry, 1943-1945
Folder 49.24Appointments
Folder 49.25Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.26Officers
Child Study, 1943-1945
Folder 49.27Appointments
Folder 49.28Officers
Drama, 1943-1945
Folder 49.29Appointments
Folder 49.30Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.31Officers
Economics, 1943-1945
Folder 49.32Appointments
Folder 49.33Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.34Conferences
Folder 49.35Officers
English, 1943-1945
Folder 49.36Appointments
Folder 49.37Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.38Officers
Folder 49.39Officers
Folder 49.40Officers
Euthenics, 1943-1945
Folder 49.41Officers
French, 1943-1945
Folder 49.42Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.43Appointments
Folder 49.44Officers
Geography, 1943-1945
Folder 49.45Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.46Officers
Geology, 1943-1945
Folder 49.47Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.48Appointments
Folder 49.49Officers
German, 1943-1945
Folder 49.50Appointments
Folder 49.51Officers
Greek, 1943-1945
Folder 49.52Appointments
Folder 49.53Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.54Officers
Health, 1943-1945
Folder 49.55Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.56Appointments
Folder 49.57Consulting Psychiatrist
Folder 49.58Officers
History, 1943-1945
Folder 49.59Applications and Recommendations
Folder 49.60Appointments
Folder 49.61Officers
Italian, 1943-1945
Folder 50.1Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.2Appointments
Folder 50.3Officers
Latin, 1943-1945
Folder 50.4Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.5Officers
Mathematics, 1943-1945
Folder 50.6Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.7Appointments
Folder 50.8Officers
Music, 1943-1945
Folder 50.9Appointments
Folder 50.10Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.11Conferences
Folder 50.12Officers
Folder 50.13??
Philosophy, 1943-1945
Folder 50.14Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.15Appointments
Folder 50.16Officers
Physics, 1943-1945
Folder 50.17Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.18Appointments
Folder 50.19Officers
Physiology, 1943-1945
Folder 50.20Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.21Appointments
Folder 50.22Officers
Physical Education, 1943-1945
Folder 50.23Appointments
Folder 50.24Officers
Plant Science, 1943-1945
Folder 50.25Appointments
Folder 50.26Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.27Officers
Political Science, 1943-1945
Folder 50.28Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.29Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.30Appointments
Folder 50.31Officers
Psychology, 1943-1945
Folder 50.32Appointments
Folder 50.33Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.34Officers
Religion, 1943-1945
Folder 50.35Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.36Appointments
Folder 50.37Officers
Russian, 1943-1945
Folder 50.38Appointments
Folder 50.39Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.40Officers
Spanish, 1943-1945
Folder 50.41Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.42Appointments
Folder 50.43Officers
Zoology, 1943-1945
Folder 50.44Applications and Recommendations
Folder 50.45Officers
Folder 50.46Department of Graduate Study
Folder 50.47Department of Graduate Study
Graduate Dept. on Conservation, 1943-1945
Folder 50.48Annual Reports - Art through Plant Science, 1943-1944
Folder 50.49Annual Reports - Art through Plant Science, 1943-1944
Folder 50.50Annual Reports - Art through Plant Science, 1943-1944
Folder 50.51Bibliographies, 1943-1945
Folder 50.52Annual Reports - Political Science through Zoology, 1943-1944
Folder 50.53Annual Reports - Political Science through Zoology, 1943-1944
Folder 50.54Annual Reports - Political Science through Zoology, 1943-1944
Former Faculty
Folder 50.55A - I (not recent)
Folder 50.56J - Z (not recent)
Folder 50.57J - Z (not recent)
Folder 50.58J - Z (not recent)
Folder 50.59Resignations - Faculty Private Data
Folder 50.60Resignations - Faculty Private Data
Folder 50.61M.C. Bracq
Folder 50.62Roy C. Cooley, Professor Emeritus
Folder 50.63Confidential re Prof. Drake
Folder 50.64Miss Ella M. Freeman
Folder 50.65Miss Kueffner
Folder 50.66Miss Abby Leach
Folder 50.67Miss Elizabeth H. Palmer
Folder 50.68Miss Richardson
Folder 50.69Dorothy Stimson
Folder 50.70Mr. Strelsky - Russian
Folder 50.71Taylor, James M.
Folder 50.72Emilie Louise Wells
Folder 50.73Mary H. Whitney


Students, 1915 - 1 Aug 1920
Folder 51.1R - Discipline
Folder 51.2R - Students' Records
Folder 51.3S - Students' Records
Folder 51.4Class of 1915
Folder 51.5Class of 1916
Folder 51.6Class of 1917
Folder 51.7Class of 1918
Folder 51.8Class of 1919
Folder 51.9Class of 1920
Folder 51.10Class of 1921
Folder 51.11Class of 1922
Folder 51.12Class of 1923
Folder 51.13Class of 1924
Folder 51.14Report - Christian Association, 1914/1915
Folder 51.15Report - Christian Association, 1915/1916
Folder 51.16Report - Christian Association, 1916-1920
Folder 51.17Christian Association - Students
Folder 51.18Christian Association - Students
Folder 51.19Class Day Committee - Students'
Folder 51.20College Settlement Association
Folder 51.21Community Vesper Service - Christian Assoc.
Folder 51.22Competitive Class Singing
Folder 51.23Cost Per Student
Folder 51.24Students' Debate
Folder 51.25Exceptional Promise
Folder 51.26Extra-Curricular Activities
Folder 51.27Fathers of Students
Folder 51.28Students' Som. Fiftieth Anniversary
Folder 51.29Fire Captain
Folder 51.30General Service Committee
Folder 51.31Glee Club
Folder 51.32Guides
Folder 51.33Student Gov't
Folder 51.34Handbook, 1918/1919
Folder 51.35Handbook, 1917/1918
Folder 51.36Handbook, 1916/1917
Folder 51.37Hebrew Students, Class
Folder 51.38Honor Group 1916/17 - Entrance 1917/18
Folder 51.39Honors, 1916-1919
Folder 51.40Honor Group 1916/17 - Conference with
Folder 51.41Honor List, 1915/1916
Folder 51.42Honor System - Students
Folder 51.43Intercollegiate Community Service Association
Folder 51.44League to Enforce Peace
Folder 51.45Lincoln Center Social Workers
Folder 51.46Mission Study Class
Folder 51.47Petitions - Students
Folder 51.48Philaletheis
Folder 51.49Poetry Group
Folder 51.50Public Health Committee
Folder 51.51Poetry Group
Folder 51.52Refunds
Folder 51.53Religious Discussion Class
Folder 51.54Roosevelt School Program
Folder 51.55Sales by Students
Folder 51.56Smoking by Students
Folder 51.57Social Engagements Committee
Folder 51.58Socialist Club
Folder 51.59Students' Association
Folder 51.60Conferences - Students' Association
Folder 51.61Employment Bureau - Students' Association
Folder 51.62Students' Association - Officers
Folder 51.63Students' Building
Folder 51.64Student Monitors and Assistants
Folder 51.65Students' Volunteer Band
Folder 51.66Subscription Concerts
Folder 51.67Tennis Association
Folder 51.68Tuition - Students
Folder 51.69Unpaid Bills
Folder 51.70Vocational Conferences - Miss Tindle
Folder 51.71Wake Robin Club - Students
Folder 51.72War Service Committee
Folder 51.73A - Students
Folder 51.74B - Students
Folder 51.75C - Students
Folder 51.76D - Students
Folder 51.77E - Students
Folder 51.78F - Students
Folder 51.79G - Students
Folder 51.80H - Students
Folder 51.81I - Students
Folder 51.82J - Students
Folder 51.83K - Students
Folder 51.84L - Students
Folder 51.85M - Students
Folder 51.86N- Students
Folder 51.87P - Students
Folder 51.88Q- Students
Folder 51.89R - Students
Folder 51.90S - Students
Folder 51.91T - Students
Folder 51.92V - Students
Folder 51.93W - Students
Folder 51.94Y - Students
Folder 51.95A - Student discipline
Folder 51.96B - Student discipline
Folder 51.97C - Student discipline
Folder 51.98D - Student discipline
Folder 51.99F - Student discipline
Folder 51.100G - Student discipline
Folder 51.101H - Student discipline
Folder 51.102K - Student discipline
Folder 51.103L - Student discipline
Folder 51.104M - Student discipline
Folder 51.105S - Student discipline
Folder 51.106T- Student discipline
Folder 51.107U - Student discipline
Folder 51.108W - Student discipline
Folder 51.109Recommendations from Study Groups
Folder 51.110A - Student Records
Folder 51.111B - Student Records
Folder 51.112C - Student Records
Folder 51.113D - Student Records
Folder 51.114E - Student Records
Folder 51.115F - Student Records
Folder 51.116G - Student Records
Folder 51.117H - Student Records
Folder 51.118I - Student Records
Folder 51.119K - Student Records
Folder 51.120L - Student Records
Folder 51.121M - Student Records
Folder 51.122P - Student Records
Folder 51.123T - Student Records
Folder 51.124W - Student Records
Folder 51.125Students to and from Foreign Countries
Students, Aug 1920 - Aug 1924
Folder 52.1A - Discipline
Folder 52.2B - Discipline
Folder 52.3C - Discipline
Folder 52.4D - Discipline
Folder 52.5E - Discipline
Folder 52.6G - Discipline
Folder 52.7H - Discipline
Folder 52.8I - Discipline
Folder 52.9J - Discipline
Folder 52.10K - Discipline
Folder 52.11L - Discipline
Folder 52.12M - Discipline
Folder 52.13O - Discipline
Folder 52.14P - Discipline
Folder 52.15R - Discipline
Folder 52.16S - Discipline
Folder 52.17T - Discipline
Folder 52.18V - Discipline
Folder 52.19W - Discipline
Students' Records, 1920-1924
Folder 52.20A
Folder 52.21B
Folder 52.22C
Folder 52.23D
Folder 52.24E
Folder 52.25F
Folder 52.26G
Folder 52.27H
Folder 52.28J
Folder 52.29M
Folder 52.30P
Folder 52.31S
Folder 52.32T
Folder 52.33W
Folder 52.34A - Students
Folder 52.35B - Students
Folder 52.36C - Students
Folder 52.37D - Students
Folder 52.38E - Students
Folder 52.39F - Students
Folder 52.40G - Students
Folder 52.41H - Students
Folder 52.42J - Students
Folder 52.43K - Students
Folder 52.44L - Students
Folder 52.45M - Students
Folder 52.46M - Students
Folder 52.47N - Students
Folder 52.48P - Students
Folder 52.49R - Students
Folder 52.50S - Students
Folder 52.51T - Students
Folder 52.52V - Students
Folder 52.53W - Students
Folder 52.54Students' Association Reports, 1920-1923
Folder 52.55World Citizenship Club - Students
Folder 52.56Wake Robin Club
Folder 52.57Vocational Conference - Students
Folder 52.58Tennis Players
Folder 52.59Socialist Club
Folder 52.60Speakers' Bureau
Folder 52.61Smoking - Students'
Folder 52.62Student Self-Help
Folder 52.63Religious Denominational Meetings
Folder 52.64Student Petitions
Folder 52.65Philaletheis
Folder 52.66Political Association
Folder 52.67Athletic Association
Folder 52.68Students' Accounts
Folder 52.69Jewish Students
Folder 52.70Honor System
Folder 52.71Guides
Folder 52.72Glee Club
Folder 52.73Freshmen - Liberty
Folder 52.74Students' Fees
Folder 52.75Debate - Students
Folder 52.76Student Curriculum Committee
Folder 52.77Current Event Class
Folder 52.78Cost Per Student Hour
Folder 52.79Class of 1925
Folder 52.80Class of 1926
Folder 52.81Class of 1927
Folder 52.82Class of 1928
Folder 52.83Christian Association Report, 1921/1922
Folder 52.84Christian Association
Folder 52.85Christian Association
Folder 52.86A - Students
Folder 52.87A - Students
Folder 52.88B - Students
Folder 52.89B - Students
Folder 52.90C - Students
Folder 52.91C - Students
Folder 53.1D - Students
Folder 53.2D - Students
Folder 53.3E - Students
Folder 53.4E - Students
Folder 53.5F - Students
Folder 53.6F - Students
Folder 53.7G - Students
Folder 53.8G - Students
Folder 53.9H - Students
Folder 53.10H - Students
Folder 53.11I - Students
Folder 53.12J - Students
Folder 53.13J - Students
Folder 53.14K - Students
Folder 53.15K - Students
Folder 53.16L - Students
Folder 53.17L - Students
Folder 53.18M - Students
Folder 53.19M - Students
Folder 53.20N - Students
Folder 53.21N - Students
Folder 53.22O - Students
Folder 53.23O - Students
Folder 53.24P - Students
Folder 53.25P - Students
Folder 53.26Q - Students
Folder 53.27R - Students
Folder 53.28R - Students
Folder 53.29S - Students
Folder 53.30S - Students
Folder 53.31T - Students
Folder 53.32T - Students
Folder 53.33V - Students
Folder 53.34V - Students
Folder 53.35W - Students
Folder 53.36W - Students
Folder 53.37X, Y, and Z - Students
Folder 53.38X, Y, and Z - Students
Folder 53.39Athletic Association
Folder 53.40Athletic Association Reports, 1924-1925
Folder 53.41Christian Association
Folder 53.42Christian Association Reports
Folder 53.43Curriculum Committee - Students
Folder 53.44Debate Council
Folder 53.45Glee Club
Folder 53.46Goodfellowship Club Reports
Folder 53.47Negro Students [correspondence between MacCracken and Louise C. Taylor (VC 1897) about Ellen Love (VC 1927) and her mother Anita Hemmings Love (VC 1897)]
Folder 53.48Outing Club
Folder 53.49Philaletheis Association
Folder 53.50Philaletheis Association Reports, 1925-1926, 1926-1927
Folder 53.51Political Association
Folder 53.52Political Association Reports, 1924-1926
Folder 53.53Smoking - Students
Folder 53.54Student Association - Charters
Folder 53.55Student association - Officers
Folder 53.56Student association - Officers
Folder 53.57Student Association Reports, 1924-1926
Folder 53.58Student Constitution (Student association)
Folder 53.59Students' Fees
Folder 53.60Student Petitions
Folder 53.61The Vocational Conference
Folder 53.62Youth Movement
Folder 53.63H - Student Records
Folder 53.64M - Student Records
Folder 53.65R - Student Records
Folder 53.66S - Student Records
Folder 53.67W - Student Records
Students, 1924-1934
Folder 54.1Student Association Officers
Folder 54.2Student Association Officers
Folder 54.3Student Association Officers
Folder 54.4Reports of Student Organizations, 1927-1930
Folder 54.5Reports of Student Organizations, 1927-1930
Folder 54.6Reports of Student Organizations, 1930-1932
Folder 54.7Reports of Student Organizations, 1932-1934
Folder 54.8Athletic Association
Folder 54.9Christian Science Organization
Folder 54.10Circle Francais
Folder 54.11Circolo Leonardo
Folder 54.12Community Church Conference
Folder 54.13Curriculum Committee - Students
Folder 54.14Davison Hall
Folder 54.15Debate Council
Folder 54.16Foreign Students
Folder 54.17Freshmen Forum
Folder 54.18Glee Club
Folder 54.19Goodfellowship Clubhouse
Folder 54.20Golf Committee
Folder 54.21Granddaughters Club
Folder 54.22Handbook
Folder 54.23Honors List - Students
Folder 54.24"Housatonic" Magazine
Folder 54.25International Club
Folder 54.26Junior Class
Folder 54.27League for Industrial Democracy
Folder 54.28Model League of Nations
Folder 54.29Mohonk Conference
Folder 54.30Newman Club
Folder 54.31Outing Club
Folder 54.32Philaletheis Association
Folder 54.33Political Association
Folder 54.34Self-Help Bureau
Folder 54.35Senior Class
Folder 54.36Silver Bay Conference
Folder 54.37Smoking - Students
Folder 54.38Stationery Committee - Students
Folder 54.39Steering Committee
Folder 54.40Student Ushers
Folder 54.41Study Committee
Folder 54.42Travel Bureau
Folder 54.43Vassar Christian Association
Folder 54.44Vassar State on campus
Folder 54.45Vassarion
Folder 54.46Vocational Conference
Folder 54.47Worship Committee - Students
Folder 54.48A, B, C - Student Records
Folder 54.49D, E, and F - Student Records
Folder 54.50G, H, I - Student Records
Folder 54.51J, K, L - Student records
Folder 54.52M, N, O, and P - Student Records
Folder 54.53R, S, and T - Student Records
Folder 54.54U, V, and W, X, Y, Z - Student Records
Folder 54.55Thefts
Folder 54.56A - Discipline
Folder 54.57A - Discipline
Folder 54.58B - Discipline
Folder 54.59B - Discipline
Folder 54.60C - Discipline
Folder 54.61C - Discipline
Folder 54.62D - Discipline
Folder 54.63D - Discipline
Folder 54.64E - Discipline
Folder 54.65E - Discipline
Folder 54.66F - Discipline
Folder 54.67F - Discipline
Folder 54.68G - Discipline
Folder 54.69G - Discipline
Folder 54.70H - Discipline
Folder 54.71H - Discipline
Folder 54.72I - Discipline
Folder 54.73I - Discipline
Folder 54.74J - Discipline
Folder 54.75J - Discipline
Folder 54.76K - Discipline
Folder 54.77K - Discipline
Folder 54.78L - Discipline
Folder 54.79L - Discipline
Folder 54.80M - Discipline
Folder 54.81M - Discipline
Folder 55.1N - Discipline
Folder 55.2N - Discipline
Folder 55.3O - Discipline
Folder 55.4O - Discipline
Folder 55.5P - Discipline
Folder 55.6P - Discipline
Folder 55.7R - Discipline
Folder 55.8R - Discipline
Folder 55.9S - Discipline
Folder 55.10S - Discipline
Folder 55.11S - Discipline
Folder 55.12T - Discipline
Folder 55.13T - Discipline
Folder 55.14U - Discipline
Folder 55.15U - Discipline
Folder 55.16V - Discipline
Folder 55.17V - Discipline
Folder 55.18W - Discipline
Folder 55.19W - Discipline
Folder 55.20X, Y, and Z - Discipline
Students, 1934-1938
Folder 55.21Reports of Student Association, 1936-1937
Folder 55.22Reports of Student Association, 1936-1937
Folder 55.23Reports of Student Association, 1935-1936
Folder 55.24Reports of Student Association, 1934-1935
Folder 55.25Reports of Student Association, 1934-1935
Folder 55.26Debate Council
Folder 55.27Community Church - Fall Conference
Folder 55.28Community Church
Folder 55.29Athletic Association
Folder 55.30American Student Union
Folder 55.31Annual Reports of Student Association, 1937-1938
Folder 55.32Annual Reports of Student Association, 1937-1938
Folder 55.33Committee on Student Welfare
Folder 55.34Student Health Committee
Folder 55.35Student Handbook
Folder 55.36Student Curriculum Committee
Folder 55.37Social Problems Club
Folder 55.38Sophomore Party
Folder 55.39Senior Class
Folder 55.40Political Association
Folder 55.41Philaletheis Association
Folder 55.42Peace Council
Folder 55.43Vassar Outing Club
Folder 55.44Model Assembly of League of nations
Folder 55.45Left Wing Club
Folder 55.46House Presidents
Folder 55.47Hall Plays
Folder 55.48Deutsche Verein
Folder 55.49P - Student Records
Folder 55.50M - Student Records
Folder 55.51L - Student Records
Folder 55.52K - Student Records
Folder 55.53G - Student Records
Folder 55.54B - Student Records
Folder 55.55Travel Bureau
Folder 55.56Students Association
Folder 55.57A - Discipline
Folder 55.58B -Discipline
Folder 55.59C -Discipline
Folder 55.60D -Discipline
Folder 55.61E - Discipline
Folder 55.62F - Discipline
Folder 55.63G- Discipline
Folder 55.64H - Discipline
Folder 55.65K - Discipline
Folder 55.66L - Discipline
Folder 55.67M - Discipline
Folder 55.68N - Discipline
Folder 55.69O - Discipline
Folder 55.70P -Discipline
Folder 55.71R - Discipline
Folder 55.72S - Discipline
Folder 55.73T - Discipline
Folder 55.74U, V - Discipline
Folder 55.75W - Discipline
Folder 55.76X, Y, and Z - Discipline
Folder 55.77Thefts
Folder 55.78S - Student Records
Folder 55.79A - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.80B - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.81C - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.82D - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.83E - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.84G - Students, Misc.
Folder 55.85H - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.1J - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.2K - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.3L - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.4M - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.5N - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.6O - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.7P - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.8Q - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.9R - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.10S - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.11T - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.12V - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.13W - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.14X, Y, Z - Students, Misc.
Students, 1938 - 1950
Folder 56.15Advisory System, 1943 -1945
Folder 56.16Probation Letters to Parents
Folder 56.17General Academic Advisers
Folder 56.18American Student Union
Folder 56.19Athletic Association
Folder 56.20Baccalaureate
Folder 56.21Bulletin Boards
Folder 56.22Cap and Gown Committee
Folder 56.23Classical Society
Folder 56.24Committee to Investigate the Governance of V.C.
Folder 56.25Committee on Public Safety
Folder 56.26Founder's Day
Folder 56.27Freshmen Class
Folder 56.28Freshmen, 1949-1950
Folder 56.29Freshmen - "Definition of Marks"
Folder 56.30Freshmen - Warning Letters
Folder 56.31Hall Plays
Folder 56.32International Club
Folder 56.33Newman Club
Folder 56.34Peace Council
Folder 56.35Political Association
Folder 56.36Political Association Conference
Folder 56.37Russian Club
Folder 56.38Reports Sent to Schools
Folder 56.39Reports Sent to Schools
Folder 56.40Reports Sent to Schools
Folder 56.41Reports Sent to Schools
Folder 56.42Sophomore Class
Folder 56.43Student Budgets
Folder 56.44Student Curriculum Committee
Folder 56.45Student Health Committee
Folder 56.46Student Schedule Committee
Folder 56.47Student Science Club
Folder 56.48Students Association
Folder 56.49Students' Building Chairman
Folder 56.50Student Welfare Committee
Folder 56.51Three-Year Plan
Folder 56.52Vassar Community Church
Folder 56.53Vassar Community Church - Conferences
Folder 56.54Vassar Community Church - Political Association Conference
Folder 56.55Vassar Outing Club
Folder 56.56A - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.57B - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.58C - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.59D - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.60E - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.61F - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.62G - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.63H - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.64I - Students, Misc.
Folder 56.65J - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.1K - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.2L - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.3M - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.4N - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.5O - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.6P - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.7R - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.8S - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.9T - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.10U, V - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.11W - Students, Misc.
Folder 57.12X, Y, Z, - Student, Misc.
Folder 57.13Student Records, 1947-1948
Folder 57.14F - Student Records
Folder 57.15G - Student Records
Folder 57.16H -Student Records
Folder 57.17L - Student Records
Folder 57.18R - Student Records
Folder 57.19V -Student Records


Folder 57.20National Registration Office for Independent Schools, Honor Letters, etc. Alumnae, 1915-1920
Alumnae, 1915-1920
Folder 57.21A - Alumnae
Folder 57.22B -Alumnae
Folder 57.23C - Alumnae
Folder 57.24D -Alumnae
Folder 57.25E - Alumnae
Folder 57.26F - Alumnae
Folder 57.27G -Alumnae
Folder 57.28H - Alumnae
Folder 57.29I - Alumnae
Folder 57.30J - Alumnae
Folder 57.31K - Alumnae
Folder 57.32L - Alumnae
Folder 57.33M - Alumnae
Folder 57.34N - Alumnae
Folder 57.35P - Alumnae
Folder 57.36R - Alumnae
Folder 57.37S - Alumnae
Folder 57.38T - Alumnae
Folder 57.39U - Alumnae
Folder 57.40V - Alumnae
Folder 57.41W - Alumnae
Folder 57.42Y - Alumnae
Folder 57.42aMiscellaneous
Folder 57.43Associate Alumnae
Folder 57.44Endowment Committee - Alumnae
Folder 57.45Board of Directors' Meeting -Associate Alumnae, Aug, 1918
Folder 57.46Brooklyn Alumnae
Folder 57.47California Alumnae
Folder 57.48Chicago Alumnae
Folder 57.49Cleveland Alumnae
Folder 57.50Indiana Alumnae
Folder 57.51New Haven Alumnae
Folder 57.52Philadelphia Alumnae
Folder 57.53Pittsburgh Alumnae
Folder 57.54Provisional Alumnae Council
Folder 57.55St. Louis Alumnae
Folder 57.56Alumnae Trustees - List of
Folder 57.57Alumnae in War Work
Folder 57.58Alumnae Council Committee Report
Folder 57.59Provisional Alumnae Council - Faculty Statistics
Folder 57.60Washington Alumnae
Folder 57.61Class of 1870
Folder 57.62Class of 1886
Folder 57.63Class of 1889
Folder 57.64Class of 1896
Folder 57.65Class of 1900
Folder 57.66Class of 1901
Folder 57.67Class of 1901
Folder 57.68Class of 1906
Folder 57.69Class of 1910
Folder 57.70Class of 1911
Folder 57.71Class of 1918
Folder 57.72B - Invitations
Folder 57.73C - Invitations
Folder 57.74D - Invitations
Folder 57.75E - Invitations
Folder 57.76F - Invitations
Folder 57.77H - Invitations
Folder 57.78K - Invitations
Folder 58.1M - Invitations
Folder 58.2R - Invitations
Folder 58.3T - Invitations
Folder 58.4Aid Society
Folder 58.5Associate Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.6Atlanta Alumnae
Folder 58.7Binghamton Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.8Birmingham Alumnae
Folder 58.9Boston Alumnae
Folder 58.10Buffalo Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.11California Alumnae
Folder 58.12Charleston Alumnae
Folder 58.13Chicago Alumnae
Folder 58.14Cincinnati Alumnae
Folder 58.15Class of 1915
Folder 58.16Class of 1913
Folder 58.17Class of 1911
Folder 58.18Class of 1900
Folder 58.19Cleveland Alumnae - Invitations
Folder 58.20Detroit Alumnae
Folder 58.21Grand Rapids Alumnae
Folder 58.22Hartford Alumnae
Folder 58.23Indiana Alumnae
Folder 58.24Kansas City Alumnae
Folder 58.25Milwaukee Alumnae
Folder 58.26New Haven Alumnae
Folder 58.27New York Alumnae
Folder 58.28Northern New York Alumnae
Folder 58.29Omaha Alumnae
Folder 58.30Pacific Branch Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.31Philadelphia Alumnae
Folder 58.32Pittsburgh Alumnae
Folder 58.33Richmond Alumnae
Folder 58.34Southeastern Branch
Folder 58.35Springfield, Ohio Alumnae
Folder 58.36St. Louis Alumnae
Folder 58.37Twin City Alumnae - Minneapolis
Folder 58.38Washington Alumnae
Folder 58.39Western New York Alumnae
Alumnae, 1920-1924
Folder 58.40A - Alumnae
Folder 58.41B - Alumnae
Folder 58.42C - Alumnae
Folder 58.43D - Alumnae
Folder 58.44E - Alumnae
Folder 58.45F - Alumnae
Folder 58.46G - Alumnae
Folder 58.47H - Alumnae
Folder 58.48I - Alumnae
Folder 58.49J - Alumnae
Folder 58.50K - Alumnae
Folder 58.51L - Alumnae
Folder 58.52M - Alumnae
Folder 58.53N - Alumnae
Folder 58.54P - Alumnae
Folder 58.55R - Alumnae
Folder 58.56S - Alumnae
Folder 58.57T - Alumnae
Folder 58.58U - Alumnae
Folder 58.59V -Alumnae
Folder 58.60W - Alumnae
Folder 58.61Y - Alumnae
Folder 58.62Associate Alumnae
Folder 58.63Associate Alumnae
Folder 58.64Alumnae in Post-Graduate Work
Folder 58.65Vassar Unit
Folder 58.66Vassar Club
Folder 58.67Class of 1900
Folder 58.68Class of 1917
Folder 58.69Class of 1918
Folder 58.70Class of 1920
Folder 58.71Class of 1921
Folder 58.72Kansas City Alumnae
Folder 58.73A - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.74Akron Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.75Atlanta Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.76B - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.77Birmingham Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.78Boston Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.79Brooklyn Alumnae Invitations
Folder 58.80C - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.1Chicago Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.2Cincinnati Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.3Cleveland Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.4Columbus Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.5Connecticut Valley Branch Invitations
Folder 59.6Des Moines Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.7Detroit Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.8E - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.9F - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.10H - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.11Indianapolis Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.12Little Rock Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.13Louisville Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.14M - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.15Memphis Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.16N - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.17New Haven Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.18New York Branch Invitations
Folder 59.19New York State Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.20P - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.21Rochester Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.22Richmond Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.23S - Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.24St. Louis Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.25Sam Francisco Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.26Toledo Alumnae Invitations
Folder 59.27W - Alumnae Invitations
Alumnae, 1924 - 1927
Folder 59.28Alumnae Miscellaneous
Folder 59.29B
Folder 59.30B
Folder 59.31C
Folder 59.32D
Folder 59.33E
Folder 59.34F
Folder 59.35G
Folder 59.36H
Folder 59.37J
Folder 59.38K
Folder 59.39L
Folder 59.40M
Folder 59.41M
Folder 59.42M
Folder 59.43N
Folder 59.44O
Folder 59.45P
Folder 59.46Q
Folder 59.47R
Folder 59.48S
Folder 59.49T
Folder 59.50V
Folder 59.51W
Folder 59.52W
Folder 59.53X, Y, and Z
Folder 59.54Class of 1897
Folder 59.55Class of 1900
Folder 59.56Class of 1908
Folder 59.57Class of 1912
Folder 59.58Class of 1917
Folder 59.59Class of 1918
Folder 59.60Class of 1919
Folder 59.61Class of 1927
Folder 59.62Class of 1929
Folder 59.63Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.64Baltimore Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.65Boston Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.66Brooklyn Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.67California Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.68Chicago Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.69Cleveland Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.70Columbus Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.71Connecticut Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.72Louisiana Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.73Louisville Branch
Folder 59.74Michigan Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.75New York Branch - Alumnae Associate
Folder 59.76Philadelphia Branch - Alumnae Associate
Folder 59.77San Francisco Brach - Alumnae Association
Folder 59.78Vassar Club of Syracuse
Folder 59.79Vassar Club
Folder 59.80Washington Branch - Associate Alumnae
Folder 59.81Western New York
Alumnae, 1927-1930
Folder 60.1A - Alumnae
Folder 60.2B - Alumnae
Folder 60.3B - Alumnae
Folder 60.4C - Alumnae
Folder 60.5D - Alumnae
Folder 60.6E - Alumnae
Folder 60.7F - Alumnae
Folder 60.8G - Alumnae
Folder 60.9H - Alumnae
Folder 60.10J - Alumnae
Folder 60.11K - Alumnae
Folder 60.12L - Alumnae
Folder 60.13M - Alumnae
Folder 60.14N - Alumnae
Folder 60.15O, P, and R - Alumnae
Folder 60.16S - Alumnae
Folder 60.17S - Alumnae
Folder 60.18T - Alumnae
Folder 60.19V, W - Alumnae
Folder 60.20X, Y, and Z - Alumnae
Folder 60.21Alumnae Announcements
Folder 60.22Alumnae Fund
Folder 60.23Associate Alumnae
Folder 60.24Associate Alumnae
Folder 60.25Conferences Alumnae
Folder 60.26"Listening In" - Alumnae
Folder 60.27Boston Chapter - A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.28Chicago Branch - A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.29Fall River Vassar Club
Folder 60.30Hartford Vassar Club
Folder 60.31New Haven Branch A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.32Northern New York Branch A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.33Philadelphia A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.34Providence A.A.V.C.
Folder 60.35Vassar Alumnae Association - Southern California
Folder 60.36Class of 1878
Folder 60.37Class of 1880
Folder 60.38Class of 1897
Folder 60.39Class of 1900
Folder 60.40Class of 1912
Folder 60.41Class of 1918
Folder 60.42Class of 1919
Folder 60.43Class of 1926
Folder 60.44Class of 1927
Folder 60.45Euthenics Institute Alumnae
Alumnae, 1930-1934
Folder 60.46A - Alumnae
Folder 60.47B - Alumnae
Folder 60.48B - Alumnae
Folder 60.49C - Alumnae
Folder 60.50D - Alumnae
Folder 60.51E - Alumnae
Folder 61.1F - Alumnae
Folder 61.2G - Alumnae
Folder 61.3H - Alumnae
Folder 61.4I - Alumnae
Folder 61.5J - Alumnae
Folder 61.6K - Alumnae
Folder 61.7L - Alumnae
Folder 61.8M - Alumnae
Folder 61.9M - Alumnae
Folder 61.10N - Alumnae
Folder 61.11O - Alumnae
Folder 61.12P - Alumnae
Folder 61.13R - Alumnae
Folder 61.14S - Alumnae
Folder 61.15T - Alumnae
Folder 61.16V - Alumnae
Folder 61.17W - Alumnae
Folder 61.18X, Y, and Z - Alumnae
Folder 61.19Alumnae Fund
Folder 61.20Classes
Folder 61.21Information
Folder 61.22Alumnae - Vassar Movie
Folder 61.23Georgine de Bobula Szalay
Folder 61.24Vassar Club
Folder 61.25Pittsburgh A.A.V.C.
Folder 61.26Alumnae Invitations
Folder 61.27Alumnae Invitations
Folder 61.28Associate Alumnae
Folder 61.29Associate Alumnae
Alumnae, 1934-1938
Folder 61.30Alumnae Letters
Folder 61.31A - Alumnae
Folder 61.32B - Alumnae
Folder 61.33B - Alumnae
Folder 61.34C - Alumnae
Folder 61.35D - Alumnae
Folder 61.36E - Alumnae
Folder 61.37F - Alumnae
Folder 61.38G - Alumnae
Folder 61.39H - Alumnae
Folder 61.40I - Alumnae
Folder 61.41J - Alumnae
Folder 61.42K - Alumnae
Folder 61.43L - Alumnae
Folder 61.44M - Alumnae
Folder 61.45N - Alumnae
Folder 61.46O - Alumnae
Folder 61.47P - Alumnae
Folder 61.48Q - Alumnae
Folder 61.49R - Alumnae
Folder 62.1S - Alumnae
Folder 62.2S - Alumnae
Folder 62.3T - Alumnae
Folder 62.4U - Alumnae
Folder 62.5V - Alumnae
Folder 62.6W - Alumnae
Folder 62.7X, Y, and Z - Alumnae
Folder 62.8Guggenheim Foundation -Re Muriel Rukeyser
Folder 62.9Christmas Letter to Alumnae Abroad
Folder 62.10Associate Alumnae
Folder 62.11Associate Alumnae
Folder 62.12Associate Alumnae
Folder 62.13Alumnae Honorary Award
Folder 62.14Alumnae Fund
Folder 62.15Class of 1878
Folder 62.16Class of 1881
Folder 62.17Class of 1887
Folder 62.18Class of 1900
Folder 62.19Class of 1925
Folder 62.20Class of 1927
Folder 62.21Cleveland Branch - A.A.V.C.
Folder 62.22Alumnae Invitations - Miscellaneous
Folder 62.23Alumnae Invitations - Miscellaneous
Folder 62.24St. Louis Meeting, Nov 1936
Folder 62.25Indianapolis - A.A.V.C.
Folder 62.27Alumnae Invitations - Cleveland, Ohio, March 26, 1937
Folder 62.28Western New York Branch
Folder 62.29Petition of Mabel P. Schmidt
Alumnae, 1938-1945
Folder 62.30Associate Alumnae, 9/1938-/1940
Folder 62.31Associate Alumnae, 9/1938-/1940
Folder 62.32Associate Alumnae, 1/1941-5/1942
Folder 62.33Associate Alumnae, 1/1941-5/1942
Folder 62.34Associate Alumnae, 6/1942-5/1944
Folder 62.35Associate Alumnae, 6/1942-5/1944
Folder 62.36Associate Alumnae, 7/1944-8/1945
Folder 62.37Associate Alumnae, 7/1944-8/1945
Folder 62.38A - Alumnae
Folder 62.39B - Alumnae
Folder 62.40B - Alumnae
Folder 62.41C - Alumnae
Folder 62.42D - Alumnae
Folder 62.43E - Alumnae
Folder 62.44F - Alumnae
Folder 62.45G - Alumnae
Folder 62.46H - Alumnae
Folder 62.47I - Alumnae
Folder 62.48J - Alumnae
Folder 62.49K - Alumnae
Folder 63.1L - Alumnae
Folder 63.2M - Alumnae
Folder 63.3M - Alumnae
Folder 63.4N - Alumnae
Folder 63.5O - Alumnae
Folder 63.6R - Alumnae
Folder 63.7R - Alumnae
Folder 63.8S - Alumnae (1)
Folder 63.9S - Alumnae (2)
Folder 63.10S - Alumnae (2)
Folder 63.11T - Alumnae
Folder 63.12U, V - Alumnae
Folder 63.13W - Alumnae
Folder 63.14W - Alumnae
Folder 63.15X, Y, and Z - Alumnae
Folder 63.16President MacCracken's Trip to Alumnae Branches, Apr 13-30, 1943
Folder 63.17President MacCracken's Trip to Alumnae Branches, Apr 13-30, 1943


Invitations, Aug. 1931-1936; Lectures, 1932-1935; Preachers, 1933-1935
Folder 63.18Invitations Accepted - A
Folder 63.19Invitations Accepted - B
Folder 63.20Invitations Accepted - C
Folder 63.21Invitations Accepted - D
Folder 63.22Invitations Accepted - E
Folder 63.23Invitations Accepted - F
Folder 63.24Invitations Accepted - G
Folder 63.25Invitations Accepted - H
Folder 63.26Invitations Accepted - I
Folder 63.27Invitations Accepted - K
Folder 63.28Invitations Accepted - L
Folder 63.29Invitations Accepted - M
Folder 63.30Invitations Accepted - O
Folder 63.31Invitations Accepted - P
Folder 63.32Invitations Accepted - R
Folder 63.33Invitations Accepted - S
Folder 63.34Invitations Accepted - T
Folder 63.35Invitations Accepted - U
Folder 63.36Invitations Accepted - W
Folder 63.37Invitations Declined - A
Folder 63.38Invitations Declined - B
Folder 63.39Invitations Declined - C
Folder 63.40Invitations Declined - D
Folder 63.41Invitations Declined - F
Folder 63.42Invitations Declined - H
Folder 63.43Invitations Declined - L
Folder 63.44Invitations Declined - M
Folder 63.45Invitations Declined - N
Folder 63.46Invitations Declined - O
Folder 63.47Invitations Declined - P
Folder 63.48Invitations Declined - S
Folder 63.49Invitations Declined - T
Folder 63.50Invitations Declined - U
Folder 63.51Invitations Declined - W
Folder 63.52Lectures Accepted, 1933-1934
Folder 63.53Lectures Accepted, 1933-1934
Folder 63.54Lecture Committee Correspondence, 1933-1934
Folder 63.55Lecture Contracts, 1930-1934
Folder 63.56Lecture Lists, 1933-1934
Folder 63.57Lecture Regrets, 1933-1934
Folder 63.58Lecture Regrets, 1933-1934
Folder 63.59Lecture Committee, 1934-1935
Folder 63.60Lecture Contracts, 1934-1935
Folder 63.61Lecture Lists, 1934-1935
Folder 64.1Lecture Acceptances, 1934-1935
Folder 64.2Lecture Acceptances, 1934-1935
Folder 64.3Lecture Regrets, 1934-1935
Folder 64.4Lecture Regrets, 1934-1935
Folder 64.5Preachers List, 1933-1934
Folder 64.6Preachers List, 1934-1935
Folder 64.7Preacher Acceptances, 1933-1934
Folder 64.8Preacher Regrets, 1933-1934
Folder 64.9Preacher Regrets, 1934-1935
Folder 64.10Preacher Acceptances, 1934-1935
Lectures, 1936/1937 - 1937/1938
Folder 64.11Film Showings, 1937
Folder 64.12Lecture Lists, 1936/1937
Folder 64.13Lecture Regrets, 1936/1937
Folder 64.14Lecture Regrets, 1936/1937
Folder 64.15Dr. and Mrs. Jaroslav Kose
Folder 64.16Lecture Regrets (1), 1937/1938
Folder 64.17Lecture Regrets (2), 1937/1938
Folder 64.18Lecture Approval Slips
Folder 64.19Lecture Acceptances, 1937/1938
Folder 64.20Lecture Acceptances, 1937/1938
Folder 64.21Lecture Committee, 1937/1938
Folder 64.22Lecture Contracts, 1937/1938
Folder 64.23Lecture Correspondence, 1937/1938
Folder 64.24Lecture Lists, 1937/1938
Folder 64.25Lectures - Folger Fund
Folder 64.26Lectures - Housing, 1937/1938
Preachers, 1935/1936 - 1938/1939
Folder 64.27Preacher Acceptances, 1935/1936
Folder 64.28Preacher Acceptances, 1935/1936
Folder 64.29Preacher Regrets, 1935/1936
Folder 64.30Preacher's List, 1935/1936
Folder 64.31Preacher Acceptances, 1936/1937
Folder 64.32Preacher's List, 1936/1937
Folder 64.33Preacher Regrets, 1936/1937
Folder 64.34Preacher Acceptances, 1937/1938
Folder 64.35Preacher's List, 1937/1938
Folder 64.36Preacher Regrets, 1937/1938
Folder 64.37Preacher Acceptances, 1938/1939
Folder 64.38Preacher Suggestions


Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1914-1920
Folder 65.1Miscellaneous Publications and Programs, 1915-1933
Folder 65.2Miscellaneous Publications and Programs, 1915-1933
Folder 65.3Academic Freedom
Folder 65.4Activities
Folder 65.5Alma Mater Contest
Folder 65.6Admission
Folder 65.7Admission Requirements (1)
Folder 65.8Admission Requirements (2)
Folder 65.9Ambulance
Folder 65.10American Association for Labor Legislation
Folder 65.11American Council on Education
Folder 65.12American Council on Education
Folder 65.13American Birth Control League, Inc.
Folder 65.14American Glossary
Folder 65.15Anonymous Letters
Folder 65.16Arlington
Folder 65.17Association Membership
Folder 65.18Athletic Association
Folder 65.19Athletic Competition
Folder 65.20Baccalaureate Service, 1914/1915
Folder 65.21Baccalaureate Service, 1915/1916
Folder 65.22Baccalaureate, 1917/1918
Folder 65.23Baccalaureate Service, 1918/1919
Folder 65.24Baccalaureate Preacher, 1919/1920
Folder 65.25Ballad of Isaac Abbott
Folder 65.26Athletics
Folder 65.27Bailey, Bill
Folder 65.28Visit of Belgian King and Queen
Folder 65.29Bird Boxes
Folder 65.30Book of Vassar Verse
Folder 65.31Botanical Gardens
Folder 65.32British Federation of University Women
Folder 65.33British Educational Mission
Folder 65.34British Museum
Folder 65.35Brown, H., 1912
Folder 65.36Bureau of Education - Washington
Folder 65.37Business Education
Folder 65.38Campus Charges
Folder 65.39Carnegie Foundation
Folder 65.40Carnegie Foundation
Folder 65.41Carnegie Medal - Carnegie Hero Fund Commission
Folder 65.42Catalogue
Folder 65.43Child Labor
Folder 65.44Choralcelo
Folder 65.45Christian Science Faith
Folder 65.46Church Forms
Folder 65.47Church Organizations
Folder 65.48Classics
Folder 65.49Mlle. Clement Lectures
Folder 65.50Cleveland Superintendent of Schools, Recommendations for
Folder 65.51Clubs - Requests for Vassar Information
Folder 65.52Coeducation
Folder 65.53College Degrees
Folder 65.54College Entrance Examination Board
Folder 65.55College Entrance Examination Board
Folder 65.56Committee on Commencement Program
Folder 65.57Correspondence, re Commencement - Announcements, etc., 1914/1915
Folder 65.58Commencement, 1915/1916
Folder 65.59Commencement, 1916/1917
Folder 65.60Commencement Program Committee, 1916/1917
Folder 65.61Commencement Program, 1917/1918
Folder 65.62Commencement Program Committee, 1918/1919
Folder 65.63Committee on Commencement Program, 1919/1920
Folder 65.64C.E.E.B. - Committee on Inquiry
Folder 65.65College Entrance Examination Board - Comm. on Time Schedule
Folder 65.66College Finance
Folder 65.67Collegiate Anti-Militarism League
Folder 65.68Colored Students
Folder 65.69Coningsby Dawson
Folder 65.70Community Theatre
Folder 65.71Candidates for Elementary Progressive School
Folder 65.72Confidential Letters
Folder 65.73Cultural Course
Folder 65.74Curriculum
Folder 65.75Curriculum
Folder 65.76Des Moines Conference
Folder 65.77Diploma
Folder 65.78Diploma
Folder 65.79Domestic Science
Folder 65.80Prof. Drake's Book
Folder 65.81Dutchess County Historical Society
Folder 65.82Ecole de Sevres Fellowship
Folder 65.83College Gov't and Administration
Folder 65.84College Presidents
Folder 65.85College Lecture and Entertainment Policy
Folder 65.86Education
Folder 65.87Dept. of Education
Folder 65.88Elizabethan Stage
Folder 65.89Encyclopedia International
Folder 65.90Engrossing
Folder 65.91Engraving
Folder 65.92Evening Classes
Folder 65.93Extension Courses
Folder 65.94College Matters - MacCracken on the Road, 23 Feb 1918
Folder 66.1Faculty Club
Folder 66.2Fairhope League - Mrs. Marieta Johnson
Folder 66.3Finance Campaign Expert
Folder 66.4Fire Drills
Folder 66.5Flag
Folder 66.6Food Problem
Folder 66.7Food Problem
Folder 66.8Forms
Folder 66.9Dr. Flexner
Folder 66.10Founder's Day Committees
Folder 66.11Founder's Day Committee, 1914/1915
Folder 66.12Founder's Day Committee, 1915/1916
Folder 66.13Founder's Day Correspondence, 1915/1916
Folder 66.14Founder's Day, 1917
Folder 66.15Founder's Day Committee, 1917/1918
Folder 66.16Founder's Day, 1918/1919
Folder 66.17Committee on Founder's Day, 1919/1920
Folder 66.18French Letter
Folder 66.19French School
Folder 66.20Fund Raising Companies
Folder 66.21Funds Campaigns
Folder 66.22General Education Board
Folder 66.23Golf Links
Folder 66.24Good Fellowship Clubhouse Report, 1915-1919
Folder 66.25Good Fellowship Club - Miss Griffith, Supervisor
Folder 66.26Gowns
Folder 66.27Graduate Scholarships - Empire and the U.S.
Folder 66.28Greeting to France - girls of
Folder 66.29Gymnasium Record Blanks - Wellesley College
Folder 66.30A.V. Haight Co.
Folder 66.31Hall of Fame
Folder 66.32Re Hanson Matter - Public Statement
Folder 66.33Handbook for Freshmen
Folder 66.34Hearers at Classes
Folder 66.35History of Education
Folder 66.36History of Science
Folder 66.37Honor Students - Age of
Folder 66.38Honors, Rules for
Folder 66.39Horticulture Summer School
Folder 66.40House Mother
Folder 66.41Int'l Comm. to Secure Employment for Refugee Prof. Workers
Folder 66.42Int'l Conference of Women Physicians
Folder 66.43Insurance
Folder 66.44Introduction, Letters of
Folder 66.45Jewish Organizations
Folder 66.46Re Fritz Kreisler
Folder 66.47Lake Mohonk Conference on Int'l Arbitration
Folder 66.48Language Study
Folder 66.49Law Courses
Folder 66.50Magic Lantern
Folder 66.51Maps
Folder 66.52Matthew Fontaine Maury Association
Folder 66.53Memorials - Companies
Folder 66.54Mensendieck Institute
Folder 66.55The Morgan Plan
Folder 66.56Moving Pictures
Folder 66.57Moving Picture Machine
Folder 66.58Moving Pictures of Vassar
Folder 66.59Music
Folder 66.60Naples Table
Folder 66.61Nat'l Dept. of Education
Folder 66.62Nat'l Forward to Land League
Folder 66.63Necrology
Folder 66.64N.J. Foundation of Women's Clubs
Folder 66.65New York State
Folder 66.66New York State Natural Resources Survey
Folder 66.67Newspapers
Folder 66.68Nursing - Public Health, etc.
Folder 66.69Occupation Agencies
Folder 66.70Occupation Therapy
Folder 66.71Open Forum
Folder 66.72Opening of College, 1916/1917
Folder 66.73Pageant Wagon
Folder 66.74Panama Exposition
Folder 66.75Paris College
Folder 66.76Francis W. Parker School Students??? Records
Folder 66.77Peace Programs
Folder 66.78Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 66.79Plays
Folder 66.80Poems
Folder 66.81Policy re Advertising - Exec. Comm.
Folder 66.82Preparedness Courses, 1917/1918
Folder 66.83Poughkeepsie Board of Charities
Folder 66.84Poughkeepsie Board of Health
Folder 66.85Poughkeepsie City and Wappingers Falls Electricity Co.
Folder 66.86Poughkeepsie Government
Folder 66.87Poughkeepsie Hotel
Folder 66.88Poughkeepsie Public Schools
Folder 66.89Preparatory Schools
Folder 66.90Press
Folder 67.1Political Issues
Folder 67.2Private School Recommendations
Folder 67.3Prison Site
Folder 67.4Prohibition
Folder 67.5Public Service
Folder 67.6Putnam Hall Students
Folder 67.7Raymond Ave. Improvements
Folder 67.8Reduction in Costs
Folder 67.9Required Courses at Vassar - Suggestions of
Folder 67.10Richards Memorial
Folder 67.11Ellen H. Richards Research Fund
Folder 67.12Rockefeller Foundation
Folder 67.13Rules of Order
Folder 67.14Rumford Press
Folder 67.15Ritter Tablet
Folder 67.16Registration - President's List
Folder 67.17Registration Request
Folder 67.18Registration Request
Folder 67.19Russian Literature
Folder 67.20Scientific Management
Folder 67.21Sedgewick Memorial Fellowship
Folder 67.22Sewage
Folder 67.23Conference on Sex Education
Folder 67.24Shakespeare Celebration
Folder 67.25Sing Sing Prison
Folder 67.26Slang
Folder 67.27Social List
Folder 67.28Social Service
Folder 67.29Songs
Folder 67.30State Conference - Charities and Corrections
Folder 67.31State Charities Aid Association
Folder 67.32Stationery - Book Makers
Folder 67.33Statutes
Folder 67.34Summer Courses
Folder 67.35Swimming Pool
Folder 67.36Swimming Pool Gift
Folder 67.37Miss Swan - Official Tutor
Folder 67.38Society for Religious Inquiry
Folder 67.39Special Delivery Letters
Folder 67.40Tax Exemptions
Folder 67.41Taxation - Exec. Comm. Trustees
Folder 67.42Teachers' Salaries
Folder 67.43Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 67.44Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 67.45Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 67.46Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 67.47Treasurer - Messenger Service
Folder 67.48Reformation Quadricentenary
Folder 67.49Treasurer - Telegraph Service
Folder 67.50Trustees - Exec. Comm. - Interim Provision
Folder 67.51Trustees Exec. Comm.- Photographer
Folder 67.52Joint Committee of Alumnae Faculty and Trustees
Folder 67.53Trustee - Faculty Conference
Folder 67.54Trustees - Exec. Comm. - Ullman Subscription
Folder 67.55Tuition
Folder 67.56Twelve-Hour Privilege
Folder 67.57Undesirable People
Folder 67.58United States
Folder 67.59Vassar Brothers Institute
Folder 67.60Vassar College Registration Policy
Folder 67.61Vassar Organization
Folder 67.62Vassariana
Folder 67.63Vocational Courses
Folder 67.64Workshop
Folder 67.65Wagner Inn
Folder 67.66Why I want to go to College
Folder 67.67Wing Farm
Folder 67.68Women
Folder 67.69Worrall Farm
Miscellaneous within Vassar College, Aug 1919 - June 1925
Folder 68.1Bakule Institute, Prague
Folder 68.2Class Absence
Folder 68.3Anable School Alumnae of Philadelphia
Folder 68.4Trustees Exec. Comm. - Annuity
Folder 68.5Dietician Applications
Folder 68.6Engineer Applications
Folder 68.7Miscellaneous Applications, March 1919-1924
Folder 68.8Miscellaneous Applications, Jan- Apr 1925
Folder 68.9Secretary Applications
Folder 68.10Superintendent Applications
Folder 68.11Trustees' Archives Listed
Folder 68.12Armistice Day Celebration, Nov 11, 1920
Folder 68.13Armistice Day, Nov 11, 1921
Folder 68.14Baccalaureate Service, June 1921
Folder 68.15Baccalaureate Service, 1922/1923
Folder 68.16Baccalaureate, 1923/1924
Folder 68.17Baccalaureate Service, 1924/1925
Folder 68.18Trustees Exec. Comm. - Bailie Subscription
Folder 68.19Lucy Sellers Barnes Memorial Fund
Folder 68.20Vassar Book Store
Folder 68.21Conference Committee - Faculty - Alumnae - Trustees
Folder 68.22Mary H. Bowen Fund
Folder 68.23Commendation of Policy
Folder 68.24Conference on Christian Basis of World Relations
Folder 68.25Conventions of Liberal College Students, 1921
Folder 68.26Auga Corning Fund
Folder 68.27Curriculum
Folder 68.28Ruth Cutler fund
Folder 68.29Bertha Adele Deane Fund
Folder 68.30Dutchess County Day
Folder 68.31Decennial Catalogue, 1920
Folder 68.32Advanced Degrees
Folder 68.33Deed of Gift Book
Folder 68.34Educational Endowment
Folder 68.35The 1867 Fund - Flag Endowment
Folder 68.36General Education Board - Endowment Fund
Folder 68.37Endowments - Extracts from Trustees' Minutes
Folder 68.38Enrollment
Folder 68.39Department of Education
Folder 68.40Extra-Curriculum
Folder 68.41Faculty Club
Folder 68.42Faculty Conference with Alumnae
Folder 68.43Fee Increase, 1925/1926
Folder 68.44Fiftieth Anniversary Funds Founded in memory of Maria Peirce Cushing and Jennie Cushing Underwood
Folder 68.4550th Anniversary Volumes
Folder 68.46Folklore Foundation
Folder 68.47Food
Folder 68.48Foreign Students
Folder 68.49Freshman rules
Folder 68.50"Friends of Vassar"
Folder 68.51Requests for Furniture
Folder 68.52Goodfellowship Clubhouse
Folder 68.53Jackson Corset Co.
Folder 68.54The Justice Fund
Folder 68.55Harriet Roseburgh Kelly Fund
Folder 68.56Gertrude Besse King Fund
Folder 68.57Laboratory Hours - Credits for
Folder 68.58Abby Leach Memorial Fellowship Fund
Folder 68.59Living Endowment Fund
Folder 68.60Maids
Folder 68.61Marks
Folder 68.62Charges for Courses - Matriculation Fee
Folder 68.63Medieval Studies - Vassar Book
Folder 68.64Inez Milholland Memorial Fund
Folder 68.65Charles Wm. Moulton Memorial Fund
Folder 68.66Mental Hygiene Consultant
Folder 68.67Moving Pictures
Folder 68.68Museum
Folder 68.69Music - Value of
Folder 68.70National League of Girls Clubs
Folder 68.71N.Y. State Experiment Station
Folder 68.72Off-Campus Situation
Folder 68.73Orton Memorial Fund
Folder 68.74Katherine Drexel Penrose Fund
Folder 68.75Personnel Bureau
Folder 68.76Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 68.77Photography - College
Folder 68.78College Physical Survey
Folder 68.79Physicians Dept. - Charges Against
Folder 68.80Recommendations
Folder 68.81Registration, Aug. 1919 - Dec 1919
Folder 68.82Registration, Jan 1920 - Dec 1920
Folder 68.83Registration, Jan 1921 - Dec 1921
Folder 68.84Registration, Jan 1922 - Dec 1922
Folder 68.85Registration, Jan 1923 - Dec 1923
Folder 68.86Registration, Jan 1924 - Dec 1924
Folder 68.87Registration, 1925 - through July
Folder 68.88Responsive Readings
Folder 68.89Revenue
Folder 68.90Trip to Europe, 1922
Folder 69.1Mrs. Russell Sage Bequest
Folder 69.2Professor Lucy Salmon
Folder 69.3Science Club
Folder 69.4Mary Auga Scott Fund
Folder 69.5Securities
Folder 69.6Re-Sequential Study
Folder 69.7Sharpe Memorial Fund for Law Lectures
Folder 69.8Special Delivery Mail
Folder 69.9Social Regulations
Folder 69.10Raymond Avenue Speeding
Folder 69.11The Elizabeth Drinker Storer Memorial Fund
Folder 69.12Student Assistant
Folder 69.13Student Wages
Folder 69.14Fannie Hazen Talcott Fund
Folder 69.15James Monroe Taylor Fund
Folder 69.16Mary Clark Thompson Estate
Folder 69.17Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 69.18Tuition
Folder 69.19Tutors
Folder 69.20Vassar Brothers Laboratory Fund
Folder 69.21Vassarion
Folder 69.22Elizabeth Weeks Annuity
Folder 69.23Weyerhauser Foundation Professorship Fund
Folder 69.24M. Antoinette Whitman Bequest
Folder 69.25Workshop
Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1 July 1925 - 1 Aug 1929
Folder 69.26Annuities
Folder 69.27Applications - Miscellaneous
Folder 69.28Automobiles - Admission of
Folder 69.29Myra H. Avery - Bequest - Confidential - Dr. MacCracken, Mr. Polk
Folder 69.30Baccalaureate Service, 1925/1926
Folder 69.31Baccalaureate, June 5, 1927
Folder 69.32Campaign Agents
Folder 69.33Catalogue
Folder 69.34Voluntary Chapel, 1926
Folder 69.35College Calendar
Folder 69.36College Entrance Examination Board
Folder 69.37College Seal
Folder 69.38Convocation
Folder 69.39Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 69.40Employment Agencies
Folder 69.41Employment Bureau
Folder 69.42Esperanto
Folder 69.43Applications and Recommendations - Euthenics
Folder 69.44Appointments - Euthenics
Folder 69.45Articles -Statements (Euthenics)
Folder 69.46Blodgett, Mrs. J.W. (Euthenics)
Folder 69.47Euthenics Library
Folder 69.48Lists, etc. (Euthenics)
Folder 69.49Euthenics - Miscellaneous
Folder 69.50Professor Macleod (Euthenics)
Folder 69.51Euthenics Summer School
Folder 69.52Faculty Club
Folder 69.53Committee on Foreign Study - Geneva Plan
Folder 69.54Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 69.55Hearers at Classes - Students from Outside
Folder 69.56Hening Annuity
Folder 69.57Hershey Annuity
Folder 69.58Immigration Classes
Folder 69.59Instruction by Officers of Administration
Folder 69.60Insurance - Employees
Folder 69.61Justice Fund
Folder 69.62Harriet Roseburgh Kelly Memorial Fund
Folder 69.63Gertrude Bessie King Fund
Folder 69.64Laboratory Fees
Folder 69.65President MacCracken's Reports (Misc. Pamphlets, Books, etc.)
Folder 69.66Leverett Moore Research Fund
Folder 69.67The Moulton Fund
Folder 69.68Museum
Folder 69.69Music and Practice Art Fees
Folder 69.70Nursery School
Folder 69.71Personnel Research Bureau
Folder 69.72Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 69.73Relative to Registration
Folder 69.74Ellen H. Richards Fund
Folder 69.75Lucy Salmon Fund for Research
Folder 69.76Talman Annuity
Folder 69.77Vassar Data
Folder 69.78Emilie Louise Wells Memorial Fund
Folder 69.79Vassar Ring
Folder 69.80Water Mains on College View Avenue
Institute for a Christian Basis of World Relations, 14-20 June 1924
Folder 70.1H. N. MacCracken
Folder 70.2Other Conferences
Folder 70.3Printing
Folder 70.4Programs
Folder 70.5Publicity
Folder 70.6Development of Plan
Folder 70.7Vassar
Folder 70.8Booklets, etc.
Folder 70.9Vassar Institute for a Christian Basis for World Relations
Folder 70.10Vassar Institute for a Christian Basis for World Relations
Folder 70.11Vassar Institute for a Christian Basis for World Relations
Folder 70.12Invitations, Acceptances, Regrets, Lists - Registrants and Discussion Leaders
Folder 70.13Acceptances
Folder 70.14Regrets
Folder 70.15Held-Over Replies
Folder 70.16Advisory Committee
Folder 70.17Catholic Women
Folder 70.18Finance
Folder 70.19General Correspondence, Accts., etc.
Folder 70.20General - 2
Folder 70.21Hospitality Comm.
Folder 70.22Unfiled Letters
Folder 70.23Luncheon Guests - Minutes
Folder 70.24Leaders and Speakers
Folder 70.25Receipts - Membership
Folder 70.26Advertising and Publicity
Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1929-1935
Folder 70.27Agricultural Experiment Station
Folder 70.28Appraisal of College Buildings
Folder 70.29Armistice Day Celebration, Nov 11, 1930
Folder 70.30Assemblies
Folder 70.31Auditing
Folder 70.32Audition
Folder 70.33Baccalaureate Preacher
Folder 70.34Bankers Trust Company
Folder 70.35Bird Sanctuary
Folder 70.36Board of Residents
Folder 70.37Book Plates
Folder 70.38Revised Budget Code
Folder 70.39Bureau of Publications - Applications and Appointments
Folder 70.40Bureau of Publications - Appointment
Folder 70.41By-Laws
Folder 70.42Campaign Agents
Folder 70.43Chemistry Week
Folder 70.44Class Ring
Folder 70.45College Chaplain
Folder 71.1College Flags
Folder 71.2College Insurance
Folder 71.3College Seal
Folder 71.4Compensation - Student
Folder 71.5Conference on International Studies for Peace
Folder 71.6Conference on Student Life
Folder 71.7Convocation
Folder 71.8Cooperative Buildings
Folder 71.9Cooperative Test Service
Folder 71.10Curriculum
Folder 71.11Curriculum Change
Folder 71.12Dalcroze Eurythmics
Folder 71.13Diplomas
Folder 71.14Curriculum Discussion Groups
Folder 71.15Dutchess Ice, Fuel, and Cold Storage
Folder 71.16Education
Folder 71.17Emergency Comm. in Aid of Displaced German Scholars
Folder 71.18Engineering
Folder 71.19Engineering
Folder 71.20Experimental School
Folder 71.21Extension Courses
Folder 71.22Fees
Folder 71.23Fees - Graduate
Folder 71.24Fellowships
Folder 71.25Fidac Medal
Folder 71.26Form Manual
Folder 71.27Form Manual
Folder 71.28Forms
Folder 71.29Freshman Parents' Meeting, Apr 5, 1930
Folder 71.30Freshman Parents' Day, May 9, 1931
Folder 71.31Freshman Parents' Day, May 21, 1932
Folder 71.32Gift Acknowledgement Forms
Folder 71.33Golf Rules
Folder 71.34Government Depository
Folder 71.35Gowns
Folder 71.36Greek Play, Dec 12, 1931
Folder 71.37Guidance Record Cards
Folder 71.38Institute for Salvaging Old Age
Folder 71.39Inventory
Folder 71.40History of the Department of Economics- Mills Book
Folder 71.41Hymnal
Folder 71.42Immigration Problems
Folder 71.43Labrador Folklore Expedition
Folder 71.44Legal Aid - Immigration
Folder 71.45Leaves of Absence for Sickness
Folder 71.46Dean McCaleb
Folder 71.47Alumnae Marriage Percentage
Folder 71.48Marking System
Folder 71.49Memorials - Correspondence
Folder 71.50Menus
Folder 71.51Midwestern Trip, Nov 25-30
Folder 71.52Mid-Year Examinations
Folder 71.53Mohonk Conference
Folder 71.54Motion Pictures
Folder 71.55Museum
Folder 71.56N.S.F.A. News Service
Folder 71.57Newspaper Photographs
Folder 71.58Noise
Folder 71.59Nunan Bill
Folder 71.60Outside Pupils - Applied Arts
Folder 71.61Parents' Day, May 12, 1934
Folder 71.62Parents' Dinner - New York, Jan 26, 1932
Folder 71.63Personnel Bureau
Folder 71.64Personnel Test Methods
Folder 71.65Pensions
Folder 71.66Pensions - Faculty
Folder 71.67Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 71.68Philosophy and Religious Week
Folder 71.69Photographer
Folder 71.70Pianos in Dormitory Rooms
Folder 71.71Planning Council - Dutchess County
Folder 71.72Pot Luck
Folder 71.73Power Conference
Folder 71.74Presidents' Leave of Absence
Folder 71.75President's Trip, Spring, 1934
Folder 71.76Press
Folder 71.77Printing Committee
Folder 71.78Psychiatrist
Folder 71.79Psychiatry
Folder 71.80Miss Cornelia M. Raymond
Folder 71.81Registration
Folder 71.82Registration
Folder 72.1Special Lecturer on Religion
Folder 72.2Religious Conference - Dean Sperry, Apr 5 - 10, 1933
Folder 72.3Council on Residence
Folder 72.4Residence Plan
Folder 72.5Room Assignment - New Plan
Folder 72.6Welcome to President Roosevelt, Aug 26, 1933
Folder 72.7Russian Class
Folder 72.8Salaries
Folder 72.9Mrs. Henry Sanger
Folder 72.10Skinner Hall Dedication
Folder 72.11Social Science Research Council
Folder 72.12Smoke Nuisance
Folder 72.13Smoking
Folder 72.14Committee on Stationery
Folder 72.15Statute of Instruction
Folder 72.16Townsend Old Age Revolving Fund Pension
Folder 72.17President Taylor's Family
Folder 72.18Third Hall
Folder 72.19"Time" Magazine
Folder 72.20Trip to Southwest, March 6-21, 1933
Folder 72.2120th Anniversary of President MacCracken
Folder 72.22Vassar Booklet
Folder 72.23Vassar Community Church
Folder 72.24Vassar Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 72.25Vassar Foundation at Istanbul
Folder 72.26Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 72.27Vassar Poetry, 1930
Folder 72.28Vereinigung Carl Schurz E.V.
Folder 72.29Virgil Institute, 1930-31
Folder 72.30Visas
Folder 72.31Mr. C.H. Whitaker
Folder 72.32Dean R.R. Wicks, March 1-6, 1934
Folder 72.33Woman's College Board
Folder 72.34Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Folder 72.35Wylie Memorial
Folder 72.36The X's, the Y's, and the Z's Song
Miscellaneous within Vassar College, Aug 1935 - Aug 1937
Folder 72.37American Student Union Convention
Folder 72.38American Student Union Convention
Folder 72.39Assemblies
Folder 72.40Assemblies
Folder 72.41Advertising Publicity
Folder 72.42Automobiles - Use by Students
Folder 72.43Audition
Folder 72.44Baccalaureate Preacher
Folder 72.45Broadcasting
Folder 72.46Bulletin Boards
Folder 72.47Bureau of Publication - New Direction
Folder 72.48Chapel Service Form
Folder 72.49Miss Jessie Chapin
Folder 72.50Miss Jessie Chapin
Folder 72.51Chaplain (Secretary of Religious Activities)
Folder 72.52Class Insurance
Folder 72.53Paul Cassat
Folder 72.54Comprehensive Examinations
Folder 72.55Conference on Student Life
Folder 72.56Constitution Sesquicentennial
Folder 72.57Cooperative Housing
Folder 72.58Crime Study Problem - Conference
Folder 72.59Marie Curie's Portrait
Folder 72.60Dutchess Co. Recreational Council
Folder 72.61Dutchess Junction
Folder 72.62Education - Teacher Training
Folder 72.63Education - Teacher Training
Folder 72.64Evaluation of Science Course
Folder 72.65Fingerprinting
Folder 72.66Fire Insurance - College
Folder 72.67Fire Insurance - College
Folder 72.68Gold Star Mothers of Veterans of Future Wars
Folder 72.69Graduate Fees
Folder 72.70Group Health Insurance - Faculty
Folder 73.1Celebration at University of Heidelberg
Folder 73.2"History of Vegetation of Dutchess County"
Folder 73.3Horace Festival
Folder 73.4House Libraries
Folder 73.5Housing
Folder 73.6Hymnal
Folder 73.7Institute of Student Aid
Folder 73.8Mrs. Kurt John
Folder 73.9Lighting
Folder 73.10Magazine - Publication of Quarterly (Ruth E. Campbell)
Folder 73.11Marriage and Family Life - Conferences and Lectures
Folder 73.12Mid-Year Examinations
Folder 73.13Museum
Folder 73.14National Youth Administration, 1935-1936
Folder 73.15Night in Poland Ball
Folder 73.16Pot Luck
Folder 73.17Publishing Project - L.B. Birk
Folder 73.18Register of Funds in Trust
Folder 73.19Pushkin Centenary Celebration
Folder 73.20President's Trip to Lexington, Ky., Macon and Atlanta, Ga., Richmond, Washington, and Baltimore, Oct 17-29, 1936
Folder 73.21Pensions - Faculty
Folder 73.22Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 73.23President's Trip, June 9-19, 1937
Folder 73.24Parent's Conference
Folder 73.25President's Trip to Canada, Oct 25-28, 1937
Folder 73.26President's Trip to Texas (1), Nov 19- Dec 3, 1937
Folder 73.27President's Trip to Texas (2), Nov 19- Dec 3, 1937
Folder 73.28President's Trip to Texas (3), Nov 19- Dec 3, 1937
Folder 73.29Raymond Reading Room
Folder 73.30Registration
Folder 73.31A. Maude Royden
Folder 73.32Russian Class
Folder 73.33Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Sanders
Folder 73.34National Youth Administration, 1936-1937
Folder 73.35Scholarship Policy
Folder 73.36Religious Conferences - Dr. Kinsolving (Feb 1935) and Prof. Bixler (Apr, 1936)
Folder 73.37Social Security at Vassar College
Folder 73.38Social Science Conference
Folder 73.39Social Science Museum
Folder 73.40Songs for Founder's Day
Folder 73.41Student Assistants
Folder 73.42Student Loan Funds
Folder 73.43Survey of Religion
Folder 73.44Survey of Religion
Folder 73.45Student Reimbursement Insurance
Folder 73.46Summer School of the Theatre
Folder 73.47Taxicabs
Folder 73.48Thomas Thompson Trust
Folder 73.49Traffic
Folder 74.1Teacher's Oath Conference
Folder 74.2Teacher's Oath Conference
Folder 74.3Vassar Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 74.4Vassar Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 74.5Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 74.6Vineyard Shore Schools
Folder 74.7Professor H.S. White
Folder 74.8Whitlock House
Miscellaneous within Vassar College, 1938-1943
Folder 74.9Academic Freedom
Folder 74.10Assembly Speech on Academic Freedom, Oct 10, 1940
Folder 74.11Addresses - Foreign Students, etc.
Folder 74.12Alma Mater Poem
Folder 74.13Vassar Chapter, A.A.U.P.
Folder 74.14American Student Union
Folder 74.15Auditors
Folder 74.16Auditor's Report, June 30, 1937
Folder 74.17Austen Riggs Foundation
Folder 74.18Baccalaureate Preacher
Folder 74.19Baccalaureate Service
Folder 74.20Bankers Trust Company
Folder 74.21Broadcasting
Folder 74.22Broadcasting
Folder 74.23Bulletin Boards
Folder 74.24Caldwell Portrait
Folder 74.25James H. Causey and Co.
Folder 74.26Classical Museum
Folder 74.27College Assembly
Folder 74.28Temporary Commission on the Condition of the Urban Colored Population
Folder 74.29Comparative Analysis of Budgets
Folder 74.30Comparative Income and Expenditure Study of Women's Colleges
Folder 74.31Comprehensive Examinations
Folder 74.32Comparison of Teaching Salaries
Folder 74.33Comenius Celebration
Folder 74.34Comparative Study of College Finances
Folder 74.35Czechoslovakian Emergency
Folder 74.36Deferred Annuities
Folder 74.37Dessertless Meals
Folder 74.38Episcopal Communion Service
Folder 74.39Experiment Station
Folder 74.40Faculty Pensions
Folder 74.41Family - Community Digest
Folder 74.42Mid-Year Examinations
Folder 74.43Faculty Annuities
Folder 74.44Faculty Salary Comparison
Folder 74.45Federal Art Project
Folder 74.46Beatrice T. Spencer's Fees
Folder 74.47Fees
Folder 74.48Michael Floy Diary
Folder 74.49Food Survey
Folder 74.50Form Manual
Folder 74.51Office Files
Folder 74.52Film of Vassar College
Folder 74.53Folksongs from Hudson Valley - Constance Varney
Folder 74.54Founder's Day, 1938
Folder 74.55Founder's Day, 1940
Folder 74.56John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Folder 74.57Health Survey
Folder 74.58Highway By-Pass
Folder 74.59House Libraries
Folder 74.60Hymnal
Folder 74.61Hymnal
Folder 74.62Institute of General Semantics
Folder 74.63John Dewey School
Folder 74.64Margaret Lambie
Folder 74.65Laws in Relation to Negroes
Folder 74.66Lecturer in Applied Religion
Folder 74.67Claudia Lyon's House
Folder 74.68Medical Service for Employees
Folder 74.69Memorial Service for Professor Washburn
Folder 74.70Committee on Conservation of Cultural Resources of Nat'l Resources Planning Board
Folder 74.71National Youth Administration
Folder 74.72National Youth Administration
Folder 74.73New York State Historical Association
Folder 74.74Nursing School
Folder 74.75Peace Council
Folder 74.76Phi Beta Kappa
Folder 75.1"Plan for Marriage"
Folder 75.2Poison Ivy
Folder 75.3Poughkeepsie Public Forum
Folder 75.4Poughkeepsie Housing
Folder 75.5Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls Railway Co.
Folder 75.6President MacCracken's 25th Anniversary
Folder 75.7Miss Raymond
Folder 75.8Raymond Reading Room
Folder 75.9Reception on Feb 11, 1938
Folder 75.10Registration
Folder 75.11Registration
Folder 75.12Registration
Folder 75.13Refugee Children
Folder 75.14Relief Appeals
Folder 75.15Religion on the Campus - Conference
Folder 75.16Religious Conference
Folder 75.17Riding Instruction
Folder 75.18Safety
Folder 75.19Scholarship for German Refugee
Folder 75.20Scholarship for Negro Student
Folder 75.21Social Science Museum
Folder 75.22Social Museum
Folder 75.23Song Contest
Folder 75.24Student Reimbursement Insurance
Folder 75.25The Statute of Instruction
Folder 75.26Summer Course in Science
Folder 75.27Vassar Summer Institute - Abstracts and Excerpts of Lectures
Folder 75.28Summer Experimental Theatre, 1938
Folder 75.29Advisory Committee for Summer Institute
Folder 75.30Summer Institute for Family and Child Care Services
Folder 75.31Survey-Consultant Service [see "Food Survey"]
Folder 75.32Portrait of President Taylor
Folder 75.33Tennis
Folder 75.34Three-Year Plan [see also f. 75.46 Acceleration of Courses - Vassar]
Folder 75.35Use of Auditoriums by Outside Organization, 1940
Folder 75.36Portrait of Matthew Vassar
Folder 75.3775th Anniversary - Miscellaneous
Folder 75.38Vassar Community Church
Folder 75.39Vassar Cooperative Bookshop
Folder 75.40Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies
Folder 75.41Vassar Medal
Folder 75.42"Vassar Museums"
Folder 75.43Vassar Song Book
Folder 75.44Vassar's Folly
Folder 75.45Wylie House
Folder 75.46Wartime Problems - Acceleration of Courses at Vassar
Folder 75.47Wartime Problems - Course in Map-Making
Folder 75.48Wartime Problems - Blackout Regulations
Folder 75.49Wartime Problems - Agriculture - Student Help
Folder 75.50Wartime Problems - Acceleration of Courses - Students
Folder 75.51Wartime Problems - Acceleration - Miscellaneous
Folder 75.52Wartime Problems - Acceleration of Courses - Inquiries
Folder 75.53Wartime Problems - Acceleration of Courses - Discussion Meeting
Folder 75.54Wartime Problems - Positions Open to Students
Folder 75.55Wartime Problems - Coordinating Council for War Activities
Folder 75.56Wartime Problems - Defense Education
Folder 75.57Wartime Problems - Emergency Committee
Folder 75.58Wartime Problems - Emergency Council
Folder 75.59Wartime Problems - Emergency Relief Drive Committee
Folder 75.60Wartime Problems - Vassar Defense Council
Folder 75.61Wartime Problems - Committee on Emergency Use of Campus
Folder 75.62Wartime Problems - Faculty Advisers of Students on War Program
Folder 75.63Wartime Problems - Key Center in New York State
Folder 75.64Wartime Problems - Trading Post
Folder 75.65Wartime Problems - War Savings Bond
Folder 75.66Wartime Problems - Navy Department Training Course
Folder 75.67Committee for Inter-American Artistic and Intellectual Relations
Folder 75.68Institute of General Semantics
Folder 75.69International Student Service
Folder 75.70National Student Federation of America
Folder 75.71The Reverend James H. Robinson
Folder 75.72The Russian Review
Folder 75.73Tax Laws for Colleges and Universities
World Youth Congress, 1938
Folder 76.1World Youth Congress - Protests Pro and Con
Folder 76.2World Youth Congress Misc., July 1, 1938
Folder 76.3World Youth Congress - Speeches
Folder 76.4World Youth Congress - Pres. MacCracken's Reports to Alumnae and Trustees
Folder 76.5World Youth Congress Misc. Reports
Folder 76.6American Youth Congress
Folder 76.7World Youth Congress - Commissions
Folder 76.8World Youth Congress - Misc. through June 30, 1938
Folder 76.9World Youth Congress - Miss Kenyon's correspondence re petitions
Folder 76.10World Youth Congress - Miss Kenyon's correspondence re petitions
Folder 76.11World Youth Congress - Faculty Reports
Radicalism - Protests
Folder 76.12Radicalism Charges
Folder 76.13Mrs. Stephen Abbot - re "radicalism"
Folder 76.14Mrs. Frederick Krull
Folder 76.15Mr. Gene Tunney


Dr. MacCracken's Courses
Folder 76.16MacCracken's Lecture Notes
Folder 76.17Education 10b - Lecture Outlines, 1929
Folder 76.18Education 10b, 1930
Folder 76.18aEducation 10b - Bibliography, 1930
Folder 76.19Education 10b, 1931
Folder 76.20Education 10b - General, 1932
Folder 76.21Education 10b - Notes, 1932
Folder 76.22Education 10b - General, 1933
Folder 76.23Education 10b, 1934
Folder 76.24Education Lectures-1935; and Misc. -1936
Folder 76.25Education Lectures, 1937 and 1938
Folder 77.1Education Lectures, 1941
Folder 77.2Education Lectures, 1942 and 1943
Folder 77.3Education Class, 1944
Folder 77.4Education Class, 1945 and 1946
Folder 77.5Bibliography - Education 10b
Folder 77.6Chaucer, 1929
Folder 77.7Chaucer, 1933
Folder 77.8Chaucer, Fall, 1933
Folder 77.9Drama 220
Folder 77.10Drama 255, Fall, 1934
Folder 77.11Drama 255 (1), Fall, 1934/1935
Folder 77.12Drama 255 (2), Fall, 1934/1935
Folder 77.13Drama 255 (3), Fall, 1934/1935
Folder 77.14Drama 255 (4), Fall, 1934/1935
Folder 77.15English 245
Folder 77.16English 255
Folder 77.17English 260 b
Folder 77.18English 264 a and b, 1945
Folder 77.19English 265 - Shakespeare, 1940
Folder 77.20English 265, 1941
Folder 77.21English 266 c
Folder 77.22Shakespeare Class - English 265
Folder 77.23English 360 a
Folder 77.24English 368 c
Folder 77.25English 405
Folder 77.26English 500 - Drama, 1934
Folder 77.27English 500, 1934
Dr. MacCracken's Class in Drama, 1919/1920
Folder 77.28Class in Drama, 1919/1920
Folder 77.29Abbott, Joan
Folder 77.30Alexander, J.B.
Folder 77.31Ames, Adelaide
Folder 77.32Askew, Mary E.
Folder 77.33Bacon, Francis
Folder 77.34Baldwin, Charlotte
Folder 77.35Beale, Mary
Folder 77.36Beede, Faustina R.
Folder 77.37Barton, Faith
Folder 77.38Buffum, M.F.
Folder 77.39Burdick, Mary S.
Folder 77.40Childs, Alice M.
Folder 78.1Cowles, Harriet
Folder 78.2Dern, Mary J.
Folder 78.3Doble, Alice
Folder 78.4Doughten, Marie L.C.
Folder 78.5Drislane, Genevieve
Folder 78.6Fenton, Frances B.
Folder 78.7Folwell, Helen M.
Folder 78.8Foster, Evelyn L.
Folder 78.9Fox, D.
Folder 78.10Gallagher, Emily
Folder 78.11Haines, E. Marian
Folder 78.12Hanna, Katherine
Folder 78.13Hicks, Harriet
Folder 78.14Hooker, Emily H.
Folder 78.15Huling, Elizabeth H.
Folder 78.16Johnson, Ella G.
Folder 78.17Kaufmann, L.
Folder 78.18Lea. Elise F.
Folder 78.19Lyon, Doreen
Folder 78.20Sasse, Maria
Folder 78.21Schacht, Franziska
Folder 78.22Stern, Helen H.
Folder 78.23Stillman, Elizabeth L.
Folder 78.24Taylor, May Belle
Folder 78.25Vaughn, Olive
Folder 78.26Vinsonhaler, Frances
Folder 78.27Wasson, E.D.
Folder 78.28Whaley, Carol W.
Folder 78.29Willis, M.H.


Associations; Schools; V.C. Publicity and Publications - Aug 1919 - Aug 1923
Folder 78.30University Organizations - Questionnaire
Folder 78.31Entrance Requirements
Folder 78.32American Association for the Advancement of Science
Folder 78.33American Association of Collegiate Registrars
Folder 78.34American Association of University Professors
Folder 78.35American Association of University Women
Folder 78.36American College Bureau
Folder 78.37American Council on Education
Folder 78.38American Dialect Society
Folder 78.39American Philosophical Association
Folder 78.40American Psychological Association
Folder 78.41American University Union
Folder 78.42American University Union
Folder 78.43Association of American Colleges
Folder 78.44Association of Colleges and Prep. Schools of the Middle Atlantic States and Maryland
Folder 78.45Association of Colleges and Universities of New York State
Folder 78.46Association of Collegiate Alumnae
Folder 78.47C.R.B. Educational Foundation (Comm. for Relief in Belgium)
Folder 78.48Classical Conference
Folder 78.49College Conference on English
Folder 78.50Conference of Four Colleges
Folder 78.51Conference of Four Colleges - Minutes of Meetings
Folder 78.52Conference of Four Colleges - Minutes of Meetings
Folder 78.53Headmistress Association
Folder 78.54Institute of International Education
Folder 78.55Institute of International Education
Folder 78.56Institute of Politics
Folder 78.57Int'l Federation of University Women
Folder 78.58Mathematical Associations
Folder 78.59Modern Language Association of America
Folder 78.60Nat'l Association of Teachers of English
Folder 78.61Nat'l Education Association
Folder 78.62Nat'l Research Council
Folder 78.63Nat'l University Extension Association
Folder 78.64N.Y. State Colleges, Campaigns by
Folder 78.65Publicity Campaigns by Colleges
Folder 78.66Wisconsin Colleges Associated
Folder 78.67Baldwin School
Folder 78.68Bennett School
Folder 79.1Berry School
Folder 79.2Birmingham School
Folder 79.3Margaret Booth School
Folder 79.4Bradford Academy
Folder 79.5Brearley School
Folder 79.6Calhoun Colored School
Folder 79.7The Castle School
Folder 79.8Centenary Collegiate Institute
Folder 79.9Columbia High School - South Orange, N.J.
Folder 79.10Gunnery School
Folder 79.11The Halsted School
Folder 79.12Hartridge School
Folder 79.13Hathaway- Brown School
Folder 79.14Highland Hall
Folder 79.15Hill School
Folder 79.16Hillside School
Folder 79.17Holmewood School
Folder 79.18Intermountain Institute
Folder 79.19Kent Place School
Folder 79.20Lauringburg Normal and Industrial Institute
Folder 79.21Lincoln School
Folder 79.22Mary Institute
Folder 79.23Miss Mason's School - "The Castle"
Folder 79.24Misses Masters School
Folder 79.25Mercersburg Academy
Folder 79.26Moraine Park School
Folder 79.27New Haven High School
Folder 79.28Phillips Academy
Folder 79.29Putnam Hall
Folder 79.30The Roxbury School
Folder 79.31Rutherford Public Schools
Folder 79.32St. Paul's School
Folder 79.33Miss Spence's School
Folder 79.34State Normal School
Folder 79.35The Ethel Walker School
Folder 79.36Alumnae Quarterly
Folder 79.37Miscellany Monthly
Folder 79.38Miscellany News
Folder 79.39Publicity - Mr. Johnson
Folder 79.40Vassarion
Associations; Schools; V.C. Publications -Aug 1922 - Aug 1926
Folder 79.41American Association for the Advancement of Science
Folder 79.42American Association of University Professors
Folder 79.43American Association of University Women
Folder 79.44American Astronomical Society
Folder 79.45American College Bureau
Folder 79.46American Council on Education
Folder 79.47American Historical Association
Folder 79.48Archeologica Institute of America
Folder 79.49Association of American Colleges
Folder 79.50Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools
Folder 79.51Association to Aid Scientific Research by Women
Folder 79.52Bureau of Vocational Information
Folder 79.53Classical Associations
Folder 79.54Confederation Internationale des Estudiants
Folder 79.55Conference of Four Colleges
Folder 79.56Conference of Four Colleges - Minutes
Folder 79.57Continental Pedagogical Congress
Folder 79.58Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers
Folder 79.59Educational Aid Society
Folder 79.60Institute of Historical Research
Folder 79.61Institute of International Education
Folder 79.62Institute of International Education
Folder 79.63Institute of International Education
Folder 79.64Institute of Politics
Folder 79.65Mathematical Association of America - American Mathematical Society
Folder 79.66Modern Language Association
Folder 79.67National Education Association
Folder 79.68National Research Council
Folder 79.69New York Library Association
Folder 79.70Albany Academy for Girls
Folder 79.71Avon Junior College
Folder 79.72The Baldwin School
Folder 79.73The Bennett School
Folder 79.74Bradford Academy
Folder 79.75Bradford Academy
Folder 79.76Katherine Branson School
Folder 79.77Brearley School
Folder 79.78Colonial School for Girls, Washington, D.C.
Folder 79.79Columbus School for Girls
Folder 79.80Dana Hall
Folder 79.81Ely School
Folder 79.82Ethical Culture School
Folder 79.83Foreign Schools
Folder 79.84Garrett Biblical Institute
Folder 79.85Greenwich Academy
Folder 79.86Halsted School
Folder 79.87Highland Hall
Folder 79.88Hill School
Folder 79.89Hillside School
Folder 79.90Miss Howe and Miss Marot's School
Folder 79.91John Burroughs School, Clayton, MO
Folder 79.92Kemper Hall
Folder 79.93Kendall Hall
Folder 79.94Kent Place
Folder 79.95Macduffie School for Girls
Folder 79.96Mary Lyon School
Folder 79.97Miss Mason's School
Folder 79.98The Master's School
Folder 79.99Meadville Theological School
Folder 79.100Mercersburg Academy
Folder 79.101Oakwood School
Folder 79.102Piney Woods School
Folder 79.103Putnam Hall
Folder 79.104Miss Ransom and Miss Bridge's School
Folder 79.105Rosemary Cottages
Folder 79.106Shady Hill School
Folder 79.107Miss Spence's School
Folder 80.1Westover School
Folder 80.2Miss Wright's School
Folder 80.3Bureau of Publication
Folder 80.4Alumnae Quarterly
Folder 80.5Freshman Bible
Folder 80.6Grist
Folder 80.7Miscellany Monthly
Folder 80.8Miscellany News
Folder 80.9The Vagabond
Folder 80.10The Vassarion
Other Colleges, Aug 1918 - Aug 1923
Folder 80.11Adelphi College
Folder 80.12Agnes Scott College
Folder 80.13Agricultural College of Utah
Folder 80.14Alfred College
Folder 80.15American Academy in Rome
Folder 80.16American School in Athens
Folder 80.17Amherst College
Folder 80.18Antioch College
Folder 80.19Barnard College
Folder 80.20Bates College
Folder 80.21Baylor University
Folder 80.22Bedford College (University of London)
Folder 80.23Brown University
Folder 80.24Brenau College
Folder 80.25Bryn Mawr College
Folder 80.26Canton Christian College
Folder 80.27Carleton College
Folder 80.28Carroll College
Folder 80.29Clark University
Folder 80.30Colgate University
Folder 80.31College of Industrial Arts (Texas)
Folder 80.32College of the City of New York
Folder 80.33Colorado School of Mines
Folder 80.34Colorado Women's College
Folder 80.35Columbia University
Folder 80.36Connecticut College
Folder 80.37Constantinople College
Folder 80.38Cornell University
Folder 80.39Dartmouth College
Folder 80.40Delaware College
Folder 80.41Des Moines College
Folder 80.42Drexel Institute
Folder 80.43Elmira College
Folder 80.44Florida State College for Women
Folder 80.45Florida University
Folder 80.46Ginling College
Folder 80.47Goucher College
Folder 80.48Grinnell College
Folder 80.49Johns Hopkins University
Folder 80.50Hamilton College
Folder 80.51Harvard College
Folder 80.52Hobart College
Folder 80.53Hollins College
Folder 80.54Hunter College
Folder 80.55Illinois Wesleyan University
Folder 80.56Illinois Woman's College
Folder 80.57Indiana University
Folder 80.58Kansas Agricultural College
Folder 80.59Keuka College
Folder 80.60Knox College
Folder 80.61LaFayette College
Folder 80.62Lindenwood College
Folder 80.63Macalester College
Folder 80.64Marietta College
Folder 80.65Marquette University
Folder 80.66Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 80.67Mills College
Folder 80.68Milwaukee-Downer College
Folder 80.69Mount Holyoke College
Folder 80.70Mount Union College
Folder 80.71New School for Social Research
Folder 80.72New York State College for Teachers
Folder 80.73New York University
Folder 80.74North Carolina College for Women
Folder 80.75Northwestern University
Folder 80.76Oberlin College
Folder 80.77Ohio Wesleyan University
Folder 80.78Park College
Folder 80.79George Peabody College for Teachers
Folder 80.80Pomona College
Folder 80.81Princeton University
Folder 80.82Queens University
Folder 80.83Radcliffe College
Folder 80.84Randolph-Macon College
Folder 80.85Reed College
Folder 80.86Rice Institute
Folder 80.87Roberts College
Folder 80.88St. Stephen's College
Folder 80.89Simmons College
Folder 80.90Skidmore School of the Arts
Folder 80.91Smith College
Folder 80.92State University of New Jersey
Folder 80.93State College of Washington
Folder 80.94Stephens College
Folder 80.95Stevens Tech
Folder 80.96Leland Stanford Jr. University
Folder 80.97Sweet Briar College
Folder 80.98Teachers College
Folder 80.99Syrian Protestant College
Folder 80.100Syracuse University
Folder 80.101Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
Folder 80.102Union College
Folder 80.103Union University
Folder 80.104U.S. Naval Academy
Folder 80.105University of Brussels
Folder 80.106University of Buffalo
Folder 80.107University of California
Folder 80.108University of Chicago
Folder 80.109University of Delaware
Folder 80.110University of Florida
Folder 80.111University of Illinois
Folder 80.112University of Kentucky
Folder 80.113University of Louisville
Folder 80.114University of Manitoba
Folder 80.115University of Maryland
Folder 80.116University of Michigan
Folder 80.117University of Minnesota
Folder 80.118University of North Carolina
Folder 80.119University of North Dakota
Folder 80.120University of Oregon
Folder 80.121University of Pennsylvania
Folder 80.122University of the Philippines
Folder 80.123University of Rochester
Folder 80.124University of Southern California
Folder 80.125University of the State of New York
Folder 80.126University of Vermont
Folder 80.127University of Virginia
Folder 80.128University of Wooster
Folder 80.129George Washington University
Folder 80.130Wellesley College
Folder 80.131Wells College
Folder 80.132Western Reserve University
Folder 80.133Williams College
Folder 80.134Winthrop College
Folder 80.135Wilson College
Folder 80.136Women's College of Delaware
Folder 80.137Yale University
Other Colleges, Aug 1922 - Aug 1926
Folder 81.1Agnes Scott College
Folder 81.2Allegheny College
Folder 81.3American Academy in Rome
Folder 81.4American School of Classical Studies - Athens
Folder 81.5American School of Oriental Research
Folder 81.6American University Union in Europe
Folder 81.7Amherst College
Folder 81.8Antioch College
Folder 81.9Bangor Theological Seminary
Folder 81.10Barnard College
Folder 81.11Battle Creek College
Folder 81.12Baylor College
Folder 81.13Beaver College for Women
Folder 81.14Beloit College
Folder 81.15Boston University
Folder 81.16The Robert Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Gov't
Folder 81.17Brown University
Folder 81.18Bryn Mawr College
Folder 81.19Carleton College
Folder 81.20Central College
Folder 81.21Clark University
Folder 81.22Colorado College
Folder 81.23College of the City of New York
Folder 81.24Columbia University
Folder 81.25Connecticut Agricultural College
Folder 81.26Connecticut College
Folder 81.27Cornell University
Folder 81.28Dartmouth College
Folder 81.29Denison University
Folder 81.30De Pauw University
Folder 81.31Drexel Institute
Folder 81.32Elmira College
Folder 81.33Fisk University
Folder 81.34Florida State College for Women
Folder 81.35George Washington University
Folder 81.36Gooding College
Folder 81.37Goucher College
Folder 81.38Grinnell College
Folder 81.39Hamilton College
Folder 81.40Hampton Institute
Folder 81.41Hartford Seminary Foundation
Folder 81.42Harvard University
Folder 81.43Hebrew University
Folder 81.44Hollins College
Folder 81.45Illinois Wesleyan
Folder 81.46Hood College
Folder 81.47Johns Hopkins University
Folder 81.48Keuka College
Folder 81.49Knox College
Folder 81.50Lafayette College
Folder 81.51Lake Forest College
Folder 81.52Lawrence College
Folder 81.53Lehigh University
Folder 81.54Lindenwood College
Folder 81.55Louisiana State University
Folder 81.56Mexico-National University
Folder 81.57Mills College
Folder 81.58Miami University
Folder 81.59Milwaukee-Downer College
Folder 81.60Mount Holyoke College
Folder 81.61Near East Colleges - Roberts, Constantinople, American U. at Beirut
Folder 81.62Newcomb College
Folder 81.63New York State College for Teachers
Folder 81.64New York University
Folder 81.65Northwestern University
Folder 81.66Oberlin College
Folder 81.67Occidental College
Folder 81.68Ohio State University
Folder 81.69Olivet College
Folder 81.70Oregon Agricultural College
Folder 81.71Ozark College
Folder 81.72Princeton University
Folder 81.73Purdue University
Folder 81.74Radcliffe College
Folder 81.75Randolph-Macon College
Folder 81.76Russell Sage College
Folder 81.77Rutgers College
Folder 81.78St. John's College
Folder 81.79St. Lawrence University
Folder 81.80St. Stephen's College
Folder 81.81Skidmore College
Folder 81.82Smith College
Folder 81.83South Dakota State College
Folder 81.84Southern Methodist University
Folder 81.85Southern Texas State Teachers College
Folder 81.86Stanford University
Folder 81.87Swarthmore University
Folder 81.88Syracuse University
Folder 81.89Teachers College
Folder 81.90Texas State College for Women
Folder 81.91Tsuda College
Folder 81.92Tufts College
Folder 81.93Union College
Folder 81.94University of Arkansas
Folder 81.95University of Buffalo
Folder 81.96University of California
Folder 81.97University of Chicago
Folder 81.98University of Delaware
Folder 81.99University of Detroit
Folder 81.100University of Florida
Folder 81.101University of Illinois
Folder 81.102University of Kentucky
Folder 81.103University of Maine
Folder 81.104University of Maine
Folder 81.105University of Michigan
Folder 81.106University of Minnesota
Folder 81.107University of Missouri
Folder 81.108University of Nebraska
Folder 81.109University of the State of New York
Folder 81.110University of North Carolina
Folder 81.111University of Pennsylvania
Folder 81.112University of Pittsburgh
Folder 81.113University of Puerto Rico
Folder 81.114University of Southern California
Folder 81.115University of Tennessee
Folder 81.116University of Texas
Folder 81.117University of Toronto
Folder 81.118University of Tulsa
Folder 81.119University of Washington
Folder 81.120University of Wisconsin
Folder 81.121Wellesley College
Folder 81.122Wells College
Folder 81.123Wesleyan University
Folder 81.124Wesleyan College (Macon, Georgia)
Folder 81.125West Tennessee State Teachers College
Folder 81.126West Virginia University
Folder 81.127Western Reserve University
Folder 81.128Western State Normal School and Teachers College (Kentucky)
Folder 81.129Westmoreland College
Folder 81.130Wharton School of Finance
Folder 81.131Wheaton College
Folder 81.132Williams College
Folder 81.133Wilson College
Folder 81.134Wittenberg College
Folder 81.135Women's Christian College of Japan
Folder 81.136Women's College of Alabama
Folder 81.137Yale University
Associations, July 1923 - Aug 1932
Folder 81.138American Academy of Arts and Letters
Folder 81.139American Academy in Rome
Folder 81.140American Association for Adult Education
Folder 81.141American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
Folder 81.142American Association of Collegiate Registrars
Folder 81.143American Association of University Professors
Folder 81.144American Association of University Women
Folder 81.145American Bankers Association Educational Foundation
Folder 81.146American Historical Association
Folder 81.147American Red Cross
Folder 81.148American-Scandinavian Foundation
Folder 81.149American Schools of Oriental Research
Folder 81.150American School of Prehistoric Research
Folder 81.151Association to Aid Scientific Research by Women
Folder 81.152Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Folder 81.153Association of American Colleges
Folder 81.154Bureau of Vocational Information
Folder 82.1Carnegie Corporation
Folder 82.2Carnegie Foundation
Folder 82.3Carnegie Foundation for International Peace
Folder 82.4Charity Organization Society - "Junior Month"
Folder 82.5College Art Association
Folder 82.6Confederation Internationale Des Estudiantes
Folder 82.7Cooperative Bureau For Women Teachers - Reports and Minutes
Folder 82.8Cooperative Bureau For Women Teachers
Folder 82.9Council of Christian Association
Folder 82.10Foreign Policy Association
Folder 82.11Harmon Foundation
Folder 82.12Institute of Historical Research
Folder 82.13Institute of International Education
Folder 82.14Modern Language Association
Folder 82.15National Council of Parent Education
Folder 82.16National Education Association
Folder 82.17National Research Council
Folder 82.18Presser Foundation
Folder 82.19Society of Experimental Psychologists
Folder 82.20World Federation Of Education Associations
Colleges, July 1923 - Aug 1932
Folder 82.21Adelphi College
Folder 82.22Agnes Scott College
Folder 82.23Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
Folder 82.24Alabama College
Folder 82.25Alfred University
Folder 82.26Allegheny College
Folder 82.27Alliance College
Folder 82.28American Academy in Rome
Folder 82.29American College Bureau
Folder 82.30American Junior College - Old Phaleron, Greece
Folder 82.31American School at Athens
Folder 82.32American School of Classical Studies in Rome
Folder 82.33American University at Beirut (Syria)
Folder 82.34American University (Washington, D.C.)
Folder 82.35Amherst College
Folder 82.36Antioch College
Folder 82.37Ashland College
Folder 82.38Baldwin Wallace College
Folder 82.39Barnard College
Folder 82.40Baylor College
Folder 82.41Beaver College for Women
Folder 82.42Bennington College
Folder 82.43Berea College
Folder 82.44Bethune-Cookman College
Folder 82.45Boiling Springs College
Folder 82.46Boston University
Folder 82.47Brown University
Folder 82.48Bryn Mawr College
Folder 82.49Bucknell University
Folder 82.50Carleton College
Folder 82.51Clark University
Folder 82.52Colby College
Folder 82.53Colgate-Robertson Divinity School
Folder 82.54College of City of New York
Folder 82.55College of Industrial Arts
Folder 82.56College of William and Mary
Folder 82.57Colleges of the Near East
Folder 82.58Colorado State Teachers College
Folder 82.59Colorado College
Folder 82.60Columbia College
Folder 82.61Connecticut College
Folder 82.62Constantinople Women's College
Folder 82.63Cornell University
Folder 82.64Cottey Junior College for Women
Folder 82.65Dartmouth College
Folder 82.66Dental Educational Council of America
Folder 82.67Des Moines University
Folder 82.68Drake University
Folder 82.69Earlham College
Folder 82.70Elmira College
Folder 82.71Flora Stone Mather College
Folder 82.72Florida State College for Women
Folder 82.73Fordham University
Folder 82.74Furman University
Folder 82.75Geneva School of International Studies
Folder 82.76George Peabody College for Teachers
Folder 82.77George Washington University
Folder 82.78Gingling College (China)
Folder 82.79Goucher College
Folder 82.80Greenbriar College
Folder 82.81Grinnell College
Folder 82.82Hamilton College
Folder 82.83Hampton Institute
Folder 82.84Harvard University
Folder 82.85Haverford College
Folder 82.86Hobart College
Folder 82.87Hollins College
Folder 82.88Hood College
Folder 82.89Howard University
Folder 82.90Humboldt State Teachers College
Folder 82.91Hunter College of the City of New York
Folder 82.92Huron College
Folder 83.1Illinois Women's College
Folder 83.2Indiana University
Folder 83.3Institute of Politics - Williamstown, Massachusetts
Folder 83.4Irving College
Folder 83.5Ithaca College
Folder 83.6Japan Women's University
Folder 83.7Johns Hopkins University
Folder 83.8Judson College
Folder 83.9Junior Year - University of Munich
Folder 83.10Kentucky Wesleyan College
Folder 83.11LaFayette College
Folder 83.12Lake Forest College
Folder 83.13LaVerne College
Folder 83.14Lignan University
Folder 83.15Louisiana State University
Folder 83.16Loyola University
Folder 83.17Lutheran College for Women
Folder 83.18Marietta College
Folder 83.19Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 83.20Middlebury College
Folder 83.21Mills College
Folder 83.22Muskingum College
Folder 83.23Near East College - Robert College, Constantinople; American U. of Beirut, Syria; Constantinople Women's College, International College, Smyrna, Turkey; Sofia American Schools, Bulgaria; Athens College, Greece
Folder 83.24New Jersey College for Women
Folder 83.25New York University
Folder 83.26Milwaukee-Downer University
Folder 83.27Mount Holyoke College
Folder 83.28Northwestern University
Folder 83.29Oberlin College
Folder 83.30Occidental College
Folder 83.31Ohio State University
Folder 83.32Ohio University
Folder 83.33Ohio Wesleyan University
Folder 83.34Oklahoma College for Women
Folder 83.35Oklahoma Agricultural College
Folder 83.36Oregon State Agricultural College
Folder 83.37Oxford Female College
Folder 83.38Oxford University, England
Folder 83.39Princeton University
Folder 83.40Purdue University
Folder 83.41Radcliffe College
Folder 83.42Reed College
Folder 83.43Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Folder 83.44Rollins College
Folder 83.45Russell Sage College
Folder 83.46Rutgers University
Folder 83.47St. Joseph's College for Women
Folder 83.48St. Stephen's College
Folder 83.49Scripps College
Folder 83.50Simmons College
Folder 83.51Skidmore College
Folder 83.52Smith College
Folder 83.53Southwestern University
Folder 83.54Spellman College
Folder 83.55Stanford University
Folder 83.56State College of Washington
Folder 83.57State Teachers College, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Folder 83.58Stephens College
Folder 83.59Stevens Institute of Technology
Folder 83.60Swarthmore College
Folder 83.61Sweet Briar College
Folder 83.62Syracuse University
Folder 83.63Texas State College for Women
Folder 83.64Tokyo Medical College
Folder 83.65University of Buffalo
Folder 83.66University of California
Folder 83.67University of Cambridge
Folder 83.68University of Chattanooga
Folder 83.69University of Chicago
Folder 83.70University of Delaware
Folder 83.71University of Denver
Folder 83.72University of Havana
Folder 83.73University of Illinois
Folder 83.74University of Iowa
Folder 83.75University of Kentucky
Folder 83.76University of Michigan
Folder 83.77University of Minnesota
Folder 83.78University of North Carolina
Folder 83.79University of Notre Dame
Folder 83.80University of Oregon
Folder 83.81University of Pennsylvania
Folder 83.82University of Pittsburgh
Folder 83.83University of Puerto Rico
Folder 83.84University of Rochester
Folder 83.85University of the State of New York
Folder 83.86University of Tennessee
Folder 83.87University of Texas
Folder 83.88University of Toronto
Folder 83.89University of Utah
Folder 83.90University of Virginia
Folder 83.91University of Washington
Folder 83.92University of Wisconsin
Folder 83.93Washington University
Folder 83.94Wells College
Folder 83.95Wellesley College
Folder 83.96Wesleyan College
Folder 83.97Wesleyan University
Folder 83.98Western Reserve University
Folder 83.99Western State Teachers College
Folder 83.100West Point Military Academy
Folder 83.101Wheaton College
Folder 83.102Williams College
Folder 83.103Wilson College
Folder 83.104Winthrop College
Folder 83.105Women's Christian College, Madras, India
Folder 83.106Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania
Folder 83.107Yale University
Folder 83.108Yeshiva College
Seven Colleges, 1928-1936
Folder 83.109Seven Women's Colleges - Minutes
Folder 83.110Seven Women's Colleges July 1928 - July 1929
Folder 83.111Seven Women's Colleges May 1928 - Jan 1931
Folder 83.112Seven Women's Colleges Jan 1931 - May 1932
Folder 83.113Seven Women's Colleges May 1932 - May 1933
Folder 83.114Seven Women's Colleges May 1933 - Sep 1934
Folder 83.115Seven Women's Colleges Sep 1934 - Aug. 1936
Folder 84.1Seven Women's Colleges Aug. 1926 - July 1928
Folder 84.2Correlations Of English - Seven College Conference
Folder 84.3Seven College Dinner - Boston Aug. 1926 - July 1928
Folder 84.4St. Louis Dinner 2 Nov 1933
Folder 84.5Cincinnati Dinner 22 Nov 1934
Folder 84.6Seven College Dinner - Washington, D.C. 1 Nov 1935
Folder 84.7Dinner 30 Oct 1935
Five College Conference, 1926-1935
Folder 84.8Conference Of Five Colleges - Minutes
Folder 84.9Five Colleges - Correspondence Sep 1926 - May 1931
Folder 84.10Five Colleges - Correspondence May 1931 - Oct 1935
Sarah Lawrence College
Folder 84.11Permanent Charter - Sarah Lawrence
Folder 84.12Constitution and By-Laws
Folder 84.13Statements, Lists, etc. - Sarah Lawrence
Folder 84.14Board of Trustees - Meetings 1926-1929
Folder 84.15Committee on Business Administration
Folder 84.16Board of Trustees - Meetings 1930-1936
Folder 84.17Sarah Lawrence - Board of Examiners
Folder 84.18Building Committee
Folder 84.19Sarah Lawrence College - Architects
Folder 84.20Committee on Education
Folder 84.21Finance Committee
Folder 84.22Budget, and Treasurer's Reports, Jan, 1930- Aug., 1932
Folder 84.23Budget , and Treasurer's Reports, Sep 1932 ??? Dec 1936
Folder 84.24Index to Correspondence Filed at Sarah Lawrence College, 30 July 1924 - 9 Sep 1929
Folder 84.25Faculty Central Committee
Folder 84.26Comptroller, Sarah Lawrence College - Mr. Cassat
Folder 84.27Director of Education, Sarah Lawrence College - Miss Doerschuk
Folder 84.28Secretary - Treasurer - Miss Fitsworth
Folder 84.29Director of Works ??? Mr. Whitehouse
Folder 84.30Sarah Lawrence College - Pres. Warren, Nov 1 1933 - 1 July 1935
Folder 84.31Faculty - Sarah Lawrence
Folder 84.32President's Reports - Sarah Lawrence College
Folder 84.33Interview with MacCracken by Constance Warren re the founding of Sarah Lawrence College, Oct 1961
Folder 85.1Correspondence ??? Misc., Jan 1929 - July 1932
Folder 85.2Correspondence - Misc. - through Nov 1929
Folder 85.3Correspondence - Trustees, 1929-1931
Folder 85.4Correspondence - Misc., July 1932 - July 1937
Folder 85.5Correspondence - Trustees, 1932-1937
Folder 85.6Account Audits Reports, 30 June 1930-30 June 1936
War Correspondence, 1915-20
Folder 85.7Base Hospital
Folder 85.8Book of British and American Friendship
Folder 85.9Church Organizations
Folder 85.10Civilian Relief
Folder 85.11Club for Women in France
Folder 85.12Collegiate Periodical League
Folder 85.13Colleges - Resolution of Service to President Wilson
Folder 85.14Committee on Public Information
Folder 85.15Dr. Culbertson Case; re: Charges against Red Cross Nurses
Folder 85.16Council of National Defense
Folder 85.17Division of Instruction - Chief of
Folder 85.18Division of Instruction - Chief of
Folder 85.19Emergency Council on Education
Folder 85.20Employees in War Service
Folder 85.21Expense Accounts - Loyalty Week Campaign
Folder 85.22Farm Work by Women
Folder 85.23Flag Book - N.Y. State Library
Folder 85.24Food Conservation
Folder 85.25French School
Folder 85.26French Brochure
Folder 85.27Future Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 86.1League to Enforce Peace
Folder 86.2League to Enforce Peace
Folder 86.3League of Nations
Folder 86.4National Security League
Folder 86.5National League for Women's Services
Folder 86.6Navy
Folder 86.7Nurses Military Rank
Folder 86.8Positions Assigned in War Work
Folder 86.9Preparedness
Folder 86.10Red Cross Masque
Folder 86.11Red Cross - Expense Account
Folder 86.12Relief Work - Requests for
Folder 86.13Richrath Case
Folder 86.14Soldiers' Memorial
Folder 86.15Vassar Units
Folder 86.16Joseph Walker and Sons
Folder 86.17Oliver Walker and Sons
Folder 86.18War Correspondence
Folder 86.19War Correspondence
Folder 86.20War Correspondence
Folder 86.21War Maps
Folder 86.22War Risk Insurance Bill
Folder 86.23War Savings Fund
Folder 86.24War Service Library Committee - Books and Periodicals
Folder 86.25War Tax Table
Folder 86.26Y.M.C.A.
Folder 86.27Y.M.C.A.
Dutchess County Health Association, 1915-1945
Folder 86.28Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 86.29Dutchess County Health Assn. - Chairmen MacCracken
Folder 86.30Dutchess County Health Assn. - Circulars, Lists, Reports, etc.
Folder 87.1Insurance
Folder 87.2Dutchess County Health Assn. Pamphlets, etc., Constitution
Folder 87.3Dutchess County Health Assn. Office
Folder 87.4Dutchess County Health Assn. Office
Folder 87.5Minutes of Meetings
Folder 87.6A - Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 87.7B - Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 87.8Bradley, Richards M.
Folder 87.9C, D, and E
Folder 87.10F, G, and H
Folder 87.11J, K, and L
Folder 87.12M
Folder 87.13N, O, and P
Folder 87.14S
Folder 87.15Sherman, George H.
Folder 87.16T, W, and Z
Folder 87.17Weber, J.J.
Folder 87.18State Charities Aid Association
Folder 87.19Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 87.20Dutchess County Health Assn. - (1), 1927-1934
Folder 87.21Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 87.22Dutchess County Health Assn. - (2), 1927-1934
Folder 87.23Dutchess County Health Assn., 1934-1936
Folder 87.24Dutchess County Health Assn.
Folder 87.25Dutchess County Health Assn.
Kosciuszko Foundation, 1923-1934
Folder 87.26Join the Common Weal
Folder 87.27Kosciuszko Foundation Balls
Folder 87.28Kosciuszko Foundation, 1923-1926
Folder 87.29Kosciuszko Foundation Correspondence, Jan 1927- May, 1927
Folder 88.1Correspondence, June 1927 ??? Dec 1927
Folder 88.2Kosciuszko Correspondence, Jan 1928 - May 1928
Folder 88.3Kosciuszko Correspondence, June 1928 - June 1929
Folder 88.4Kosciuszko Foundation - Dyboski Lectures, 1927-1929
Folder 88.5Kosciuszko Correspondence, July 1929-1930
Folder 88.6Kosciuszko Correspondence, Jan 1931 - Dec 1932
Folder 88.7Kosciuszko Correspondence, 1933
Folder 88.8Kosciuszko Correspondence, Jan - June 1934
Folder 88.9Kosciuszko Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Folder 88.10Kosciuszko Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Folder 88.11Kosciuszko Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Kosciuszko Foundation, 1934-1946
Folder 88.12Kosciuszko Foundation, Sep 1934 - July 1936
Folder 88.13Kosciuszko Correspondence, Aug. 1936 - Dec 1937
Folder 88.14Correspondence, Jan 1938 ??? Dec 1939
Folder 88.15Correspondence, 1940
Folder 89.1Correspondence, Jan 1941 - June 1942
Folder 89.2Correspondence, July 1942 - Dec 1942
Folder 89.3Kosciuszko Foundation, Jan 1943 - June 1943
Folder 89.4Kosciuszko Foundation, July 1943 - Dec 1944
Folder 89.5Kosciuszko Foundation, Jan 1945 - June 1946
Folder 89.6Commission for Polish Relief - Kosciuszko Foundation Letter, 2/15/1941
Folder 89.7Newsletter, 1946-1962
Folder 89.8Reports on Accounts and Financial Statements, 1946-1957
Folder 89.9Minutes, By-Laws, And Annual Reports
Folder 89.10Photographs with Pres. MacCracken and Kosc. Foundation
Folder 89.11Programs - Balls, Exhibits, and Anniversaries
Folder 89.12Programs - Balls, Exhibits, and Anniversaries


Personal Organizations, 1915-1924
Folder 89.13American Association of University Professors
Folder 89.14American Comm. of the Village Liberes
Folder 89.15American Friends of Greece
Folder 89.16American Geographical Society
Folder 89.17America's Liberty Fund Committee - Advisory Board
Folder 89.18American Library in Paris
Folder 89.19American Peace Society
Folder 89.20American Red Cross
Folder 89.21American Society
Folder 89.22Amrita Club
Folder 89.23American Medical Relief Assn. of America
Folder 89.24Associated Charities
Folder 89.25Blind Relief War Fund
Folder 89.26Boy Scouts of America
Folder 89.27Bureau of Vocational Information
Folder 89.28Camp Fire Girls
Folder 89.29Camp Fire Girls - Library Committee
Folder 89.30Camp Fire Girls
Folder 89.31Century Association
Folder 89.32Chamber of Commerce
Folder 89.33The China Society of America
Folder 89.34Citizenship Conference Comm.
Folder 89.35Comm. of Reference and Counsel of Foreign Missions - Conference of North America
Folder 89.36Commonwealth Club
Folder 89.37Cosmos Club
Folder 90.1Dutchess County Chapter - American Red Cross
Folder 90.2Dutchess County Chapter - American Red Cross
Folder 90.3Dutchess County Historical Society
Folder 90.4Dutchess County Historical Society
Folder 90.5Educational Foundation
Folder 90.6Foreign Policy Association
Folder 90.7H.R.S.H. Comm. on Mental Hygiene
Folder 90.8Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupations
Folder 90.9Intercollegiate Liberty Loan Comm.
Folder 90.10International Assn. of Daily Vacation Bible Schools
Folder 90.11International Reconstruction League
Folder 90.12Japan Society
Folder 90.13Dr. MacCracken and Jr. Red Cross
Folder 90.14Modern Humanities Research Assn.
Folder 90.15Nantucket Maria Mitchell Assn.
Folder 90.16National Comm. on Mental Hygiene
Folder 90.17National Comm. on Prisons and Prison Labor
Folder 90.18National Community Board
Folder 90.19National Congress of Mothers and Parent Teacher Assns.
Folder 90.20National Consumers League
Folder 90.21Literary Club
Folder 90.22National Council of Teachers of English
Folder 90.23National Economic League
Folder 90.24National Institute of Social Sciences
Folder 90.25National Round Table for the Improvement of Speech
Folder 90.26National Round Table for the Improvement of Speech
Folder 90.27New York State Association
Folder 90.28N.Y. State Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Assns.- Advisory Board
Folder 90.29Parents' Association
Folder 90.30Parents' Association, 1918/1919
Folder 90.31Permanent Blind Relief War Fund
Folder 90.32Poughkeepsie Auto Club
Folder 90.33Chamber of Commerce - Poughkeepsie
Folder 90.34Prison Assn.
Folder 90.35Republican Party
Folder 90.36Southern Women's Educational Alliance
Folder 90.37State Assn. (N.Y.)
Folder 90.38State Charities Assn.
Folder 90.39United Daughters of Confederacy
Folder 90.40University Club
Folder 90.41World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches
Folder 90.42World Alliance of Churches - American Branch
Folder 90.43World League Against Alcoholism
Folder 90.44World League for Restitution of Alsace-Lorraine
Folder 90.45The World's Court League
Folder 90.46The World's Court League
Folder 90.47Y.M.C.A.
Personal Organizations, Aug 1921 - Aug 1926
Folder 90.48American Chemical Society Prize - National Comm.
Folder 90.49American Library in Paris
Folder 90.50American Social Hygiene Society
Folder 90.51American Tariff Reform League
Folder 90.52Arlington Library Assn.
Folder 90.53Boy Scouts
Folder 90.54The Caucasian Society of America
Folder 90.55Century Association
Folder 90.56China Society
Folder 90.57Citizenship
Folder 90.58The Club
Folder 90.59Cosmos Club
Folder 90.60Council on Foreign Relations
Folder 91.1Cream Hill Lake Association
Folder 91.2The Cross of Officer of the "Order of White Lion"
Folder 91.3Decorations
Folder 91.4John W. Davis, re: Endorsement of for Pres.
Folder 91.5Dutchess Co. Chapter Red Cross
Folder 91.6Dutchess Co. Historical Society
Folder 91.7Elizabethan Club
Folder 91.8Foreign Policy Assn.
Folder 91.9General Comm. Geneva School of International Studies
Folder 91.10Herman Peace Plan
Folder 91.11International Migration Service
Folder 91.12Joint Comm. for American Student Travel in Europe - American Advisory Comm.
Folder 91.13League of Academic Democracy
Folder 91.14League of Nations Non- Partisan Assn.
Folder 91.15League of Nations Union
Folder 91.16Livingston and Co. - Monthly Statements, 1925 and 1926
Folder 91.17Lotus Club
Folder 91.18The Medieval Academy of America
Folder 91.19Military Order of the World
Folder 91.20Modern Humanities Research Assn.
Folder 91.21Nantucket Maria Mitchell Assn.
Folder 91.22National Comm. for Mental Hygiene
Folder 91.23National Comm. for Mental Hygiene
Folder 91.24National Comm. on the Christian Way of Life
Folder 91.25National Community Board
Folder 91.26National Economic League
Folder 91.27National Educational Assn. - Comm. on International Relationships
Folder 91.28National Jefferson Centennial Comm., cooperating w/ Nat'l Educational Committee
Folder 91.29National Round Table for Speech Improvement
Folder 91.30National Security League
Folder 91.31N.Y. Congress of Mothers and Parent Teachers Assns.
Folder 91.32N.Y. State Board of Examinations
Folder 91.33Ohio Society of New York
Folder 91.34Potluck Club
Folder 91.35Poughkeepsie Tuberculosis Comm.
Folder 91.36Delta of Psi Upsilon
Folder 91.37Science Club
Folder 91.38Southern Women's Educational Alliance
Folder 91.39Student Friendship Fund - Advisory Board
Folder 91.40Washington - Lafayette Institution - Advisory Council
Folder 91.41Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Folder 91.42Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Folder 91.43Woodrow Wilson Memorial
Folder 91.44Yale Club
Folder 91.45Yelping Hill Assn. - Cornwall, Conn.
Personal Organizations, 1927-1929
Folder 91.46American Assn. Favoring Reconsideration of War Debts Advisory Council
Folder 91.47American Chemical Society - National Comm.
Folder 91.48American Comm. - Cit?? Universitaire
Folder 91.49American Committee for Establishment in London University of a Chair for Instruction in American History
Folder 91.50American Council on Education
Folder 91.51American Library in Paris
Folder 91.52American Russian Society
Folder 91.53American School and University - Advisory Board
Folder 91.54American School Citizenship League
Folder 91.55American Social Hygiene Assn.
Folder 91.56Beethoven Centennial Comm.
Folder 91.57Boy Scouts of America
Folder 91.58Century Assn.
Folder 91.59The Club
Folder 91.60Century Club
Folder 91.61Children's Village
Folder 91.62Citizens' Committee
Folder 91.63Congress of Moral Education
Folder 91.64Consumers League
Folder 91.65Cosmos Club
Folder 91.66Cottage Twilight Park
Folder 91.67Debt Question Debate w/ Hamilton Fish, 8 May 1927
Folder 91.68Czechoslovakia
Folder 91.69Dutchess County Child Welfare Bill
Folder 92.1Dutchess County Historical Society
Folder 92.2Foreign Policy Assn.
Folder 92.3International Confederation of Students
Folder 92.4International Migration Service
Folder 92.5Junior Red Cross
Folder 92.6League of Nations
Folder 92.7League of Nations Non-Partisan Assn.
Folder 92.8Lincoln Center
Folder 92.9Lincoln Center
Folder 92.10Medieval Academy of America
Folder 92.11Modern Humanities Research Assn.
Folder 92.12National Citizens' Comm. on Relations w/ Latin America
Folder 92.13National Comm. for Mental Hygiene
Folder 92.14National Consumers' League
Folder 92.15National Economic League
Folder 92.16National Economic League Nat'l Council
Folder 92.17National Educational Assn. Comm. on International Relationships
Folder 92.18National Student Federation of America
Folder 92.19N.Y. Congress of Mothers and Parent - Teachers Assn.
Folder 92.20N.Y. State Board of Examination
Folder 92.21N.Y. State Congress of Parents and Teachers
Folder 92.22Ohio Society of N.Y.
Folder 92.23Open Forum Speakers Bureau
Folder 92.24The Open Road Inc.
Folder 92.25Osterreichisches Jugendrotkreuz
Folder 92.26People's Forum - Montreal
Folder 92.27Poughkeepsie Tuberculosis Comm.
Folder 92.28Progressive Education Assn.
Folder 92.29Red Cross
Folder 92.30Schubert Centennial
Folder 92.31Society of Arts and Sciences - Edison Dinner
Folder 92.32Southern Women's Educational Alliance
Folder 92.33State Examination Board
Folder 92.34Student's International Union
Folder 92.35Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions
Folder 92.36Thos. Jefferson Memorial Foundation - Educational Comm., National Jefferson Centennial Comm.
Folder 92.37U.S. Federation of Justice
Folder 92.38Psi Upsilon Club of New York
Folder 92.39Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Memorial
Folder 92.40World Topics
Folder 92.41Yale Club
Personal Organizations, Aug 1929-1936
Folder 92.42American Civil Liberties Union
Folder 92.43American Council on Education
Folder 92.44American Institute in Prague
Folder 92.45American Red Cross
Folder 92.46Avon School
Folder 92.47Bennett School
Folder 92.48American National Institute
Folder 92.49American Physical Society Meeting
Folder 92.50Boy Scouts of America
Folder 92.51Child Labor Amendment
Folder 92.52China Institute in America
Folder 92.53Cite Universitaire
Folder 92.54Conference on Canadian - American Affairs
Folder 92.55Congregational Church
Folder 93.1Delta Chapter of Psi Upsilon
Folder 93.2Dutchess County Civil Works Administration
Folder 93.3Floating University
Folder 93.4John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Folder 93.5International Migration Service
Folder 93.6International Music Festival
Folder 93.7Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial
Folder 93.8League of Nations Assn.
Folder 93.9League of Nations
Folder 93.10Liberal Arts College Movement
Folder 93.11N.R.A. (National Recovery Administration)
Folder 93.12National Student-Faculty Conference, Detroit
Folder 93.13National Student Federation of U.S.A.
Folder 93.14National Student Federation
Folder 93.15National Student Federation of U.S.A. News Weekly
Folder 93.16International Student Service
Folder 93.17Open Road, Inc.
Folder 93.18Open Road, Inc.
Folder 93.19Penn Normal Industrial School
Folder 93.20Political Offprints
Folder 93.21Progressive Education Assn.
Folder 93.22Psi Upsilon
Folder 93.23Radio
Folder 93.24Southern Woman's Educational Alliance
Folder 93.25T.E.R.A. (Temporary Emergence Relief Administration)
Folder 93.26T.E.R.A. and E.R.B. (Emergence Relief Bureau)
Folder 93.27Town Hall Club
Folder 93.28U.S. Federation of Justice
Folder 93.29University in Exile
Folder 93.30W.P.A. - T.E.R.A.
Folder 93.31Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)
Folder 93.32World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches
Personal Organizations, Aug. 1936 - July 1940
Folder 93.33American Committee of International Commission on Teacher Training
Folder 93.34American Friends of German Freedom
Folder 93.35American Guild for German Cultural Freedom
Folder 93.36Bennett School
Folder 93.37Bennett School
Folder 94.1Commission for Polish Relief, Inc.
Folder 94.2Community Chest of Poughkeepsie
Folder 94.3Community Chest of Poughkeepsie
Folder 94.4Delta Chapter of Psi Upsilon
Folder 94.5Geneva School of International Studies
Folder 94.6Good Neighbor League, Inc.
Folder 94.7Intercollegiate Committee to Aid Student Refugees
Folder 94.8Italy
Folder 94.9Maison International Des Etudiantes
Folder 94.10Masaryk Institute
Folder 94.11N.S.F.A. - News
Folder 94.12National Student Federation
Folder 94.13National Student Federation of America
Folder 94.14Near East College Association
Folder 94.15Penn Normal Industrial and Agricultural School
Folder 94.16Padarewski: Fund for Polish Relief (See also f. 94.1: Commission for Polish Relief)
Folder 94.17Poughkeepsie Broadcasting Corporation
Folder 94.18Poughkeepsie Open Forum
Folder 94.19Progressive Education Association
Folder 94.20Progressive School Experiment - Admission
Folder 94.21Ulster Irish Society
Folder 94.22World Congress
Personal Organizations, 1941-1946
Folder 94.23Tappan Zee Council - American Red Cross
Folder 94.24American Rescue Ship Mission
Folder 94.25Bennett School
Folder 94.26Bennett School
Folder 94.27British War Relief Society
Folder 94.28Bureau of Marriage Counsel and Education for Social and Family Relations
Folder 94.29Conference of Democratic Processes
Folder 94.30Conference of Canadian-American Affairs
Folder 94.31Congregational and Christian Churches
Folder 94.32Congregational and Christian Churches
Folder 94.33Delta of Psi Upsilon
Folder 95.1Lisle Fellowship
Folder 95.2National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies
Folder 95.3National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies
Folder 95.4Prospectus - National Stewardship Institute of the Golden Rule Foundation
Folder 95.5Northwestern University Conference, 13-14 Nov 1942
Folder 95.6Padarewski Fund for Polish Relief
Folder 95.7Penn Normal and Industrial Institute
Folder 95.8Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America
Folder 95.9Poughkeepsie Broadcasting Corp.
Folder 95.10Community Chest of Poughkeepsie
Folder 95.11Poughkeepsie United War Fund
Folder 95.12Ulster-Irish Society
Folder 95.13United Service Organization
Folder 95.14War Chest of Poughkeepsie
Folder 95.15War Chest of Poughkeepsie
National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1939-1946
Folder 95.16National Conference of Christians and Jews
Folder 95.17National Conference of Christians and Jews
Folder 95.18National Conference of Christians and Jews, Aug. 1940 - Dec 1940
Folder 95.19National Conference of Christians and Jews, Aug 1942
Folder 95.20National Conference of Christians and Jews, Aug 1942
Folder 95.21National Conference of Christians and Jews, Aug 1942
Folder 95.22Trip for National Conference of Christians and Jews, Dec 1945
Folder 95.23National Conference of Christians and Jews, (Jan 1, 1941 -)
Folder 95.24National Conference of Christians and Jews - Dr. Aydelotte
Folder 95.25National Conference of Christians and Jews - Commission on Educational Organization
Folder 96.1National Conference of Christians and Jews - Commission on Human Rights
Folder 96.2National Conference of Christians and Jews - Comm. of Writers
Folder 96.3National Conference of Christians and Jews - "Inside America"
Folder 96.4Manuscript of Dr. Landis' Booklet for Youth
Folder 96.5National Conference of Christians and Jews - New Haven Office
Folder 96.6National Conference of Christians and Jews - Misc.
Folder 96.7National Conference of Christians and Jews - Printed Materials
Folder 96.8National Conference of Christians and Jews - Printed Materials


Personal, 1915-1921
Folder 96.9A
Folder 96.10A - Misc. Outside
Folder 96.11B - Misc. Outside
Folder 96.12B
Folder 96.13B - Personal
Folder 96.14C
Folder 96.15C
Folder 96.16C- Misc. Outside
Folder 96.17D
Folder 96.18D, E
Folder 96.19E
Folder 96.20F
Folder 96.21G
Folder 97.1F, G
Folder 97.2H - Misc. Outside
Folder 97.3H
Folder 97.4H
Folder 97.5I
Folder 97.6I, J, K
Folder 97.7J
Folder 97.8K
Folder 97.9L
Folder 97.10L
Folder 97.11M
Folder 97.12M
Folder 97.13N
Folder 97.14N
Folder 97.15O
Folder 97.16O, P
Folder 97.17Owings, Chloe
Folder 97.18P
Folder 97.19P
Folder 97.20Q, R
Folder 97.21R
Folder 97.22R - Misc. Outside
Folder 97.23S
Folder 97.24S
Folder 98.1T - Misc. Outside
Folder 98.2T, U, and V
Folder 98.3T
Folder 98.4Peter H. Troy
Folder 98.5U, V
Folder 98.6V
Folder 98.7W
Folder 98.8W, Y
Folder 98.9Y
Folder 98.10Z - Personal
Folder 98.11From President to Secretary
Folder 98.12Automobiles
Folder 98.13Bank Deposits
Folder 98.14Books Ordered
Folder 98.15Colt-Stratton Co.
Folder 98.16Ethics Book
Folder 98.17Guaranty Trust Co.
Folder 98.18Guaranty Trust Co.
Folder 98.19Income Tax, 1919
Folder 98.20Insurance
Folder 98.21Irish Situation
Folder 98.22Colleges (Pine Hill) and Summer Homes
Folder 98.23Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 98.24Prescription for Eyes
Folder 98.25Re: Religio Magistri
Folder 98.26Royalties
Personal, Aug 1921 - July 1924
Folder 98.27A - Personal
Folder 98.28B - Personal
Folder 98.29C - Personal
Folder 99.1D - Personal
Folder 99.2E - Personal
Folder 99.3F - Personal
Folder 99.4G - Personal
Folder 99.5H - Personal
Folder 99.6I - Personal
Folder 99.7J - Personal
Folder 99.8K - Personal
Folder 99.9L - Personal
Folder 99.10M - Personal
Folder 99.11N - Personal
Folder 99.12O - Personal
Folder 99.13P - Personal
Folder 99.14R - Personal
Folder 99.15S - Personal
Folder 99.16S - Personal
Folder 99.17T - Personal
Folder 99.18U - Personal
Folder 99.19V - Personal
Folder 99.20W - Personal
Folder 99.21W - Personal
Folder 99.22Y - Personal
Folder 99.23Y, Z - Personal
Folder 99.24Album
Folder 99.25Automobile
Folder 99.26Book - Europe Guides the Way
Folder 99.27Books Ordered
Folder 99.28Bratislava
Folder 99.29European Tour of Universities???Planning, (1922)
Folder 99.30European Tour of Universities???Itinerary, (1922)
Folder 99.31European Tour of Universities???Typed Transcipts of Letters Home, (1922)
Folder 99.32European Tour of Universities???Letters Home, (Sept - Oct 1922)
Folder 99.33European Tour of Universities???Letters Home, (Nov 1922
Folder 99.34European Tour of Universities???Letters Home, (Dec 1922)
Folder 99.35European Tour of Universities???Letters Home, (Jan 1923, n.d.)
Folder 100.1Guaranty Trust Co.
Folder 100.2Insurance
Folder 100.3Irish Question
Folder 100.4Letters of Introduction
Folder 100.5Paintings from Cracow
Folder 100.6Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 100.7Relief Appeals
Folder 100.8Royalties
Folder 100.9Russian Books
Folder 100.10Steamship Lines
Folder 100.11Summer Homes
Folder 100.12Peter H. Troy
Personal, 1923-1926
Folder 100.13A - Personal
Folder 100.14B - Personal
Folder 100.15C - Personal
Folder 100.16D - Personal
Folder 100.17E - Personal
Folder 100.18F - Personal
Folder 100.19G - Personal
Folder 100.20H - Personal
Folder 100.21I - Personal
Folder 100.22J - Personal
Folder 100.23K - Personal
Folder 100.24L - Personal
Folder 100.25M - Personal
Folder 100.26N - Personal
Folder 100.27O - Personal
Folder 100.28P - Personal
Folder 100.29Q - Personal
Folder 100.30R - Personal
Folder 100.31T - Personal
Folder 100.32Peter H. Troy, 1926
Folder 100.33U - Personal
Folder 100.34V - Personal
Folder 100.35W - Personal
Folder 101.1Y - Personal
Folder 101.2Z - Personal
Folder 101.3Automobile
Folder 101.4Bank Deposits
Folder 101.5Bankers Trust Co.
Folder 101.6Community Trust of Poughkeepsie
Folder 101.7Cooperative Book Shop - Books Purchased and Correspondence
Folder 101.8European Trip - Summer, 1925
Folder 101.9Insurance
Folder 101.10Raoul Nadeau
Folder 101.11Personal Property
Folder 101.12Personal securities
Folder 101.13Photographs
Folder 101.14Photographs of Yelping Hill
Folder 101.15Pictures - Misc.
Folder 101.16Poughkeepsie Automobile Club
Folder 101.17Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 101.18Royalties
Folder 101.19Vassar Brothers Hospital
Folder 101.20Vassar Bank
Personal, 1927-1940
Folder 101.21Atlantic Funding Corporation
Folder 101.22Automobile
Folder 101.23Car Theft
Folder 101.24Bank Deposits
Folder 101.25W.H. Baker, Inc.
Folder 101.26Bankers Trust Co.
Folder 101.27Books Loaned
Folder 101.28Community Trust
Folder 101.29Community Trust of Poughkeepsie
Folder 101.30Cooperative Book Shop - Books Purchased and Correspondence
Folder 101.31Financial File - Misc.
Folder 101.32Misc. Financial, 1927
Folder 101.33Misc. Financial, 1927
Folder 101.34Financial Misc.
Folder 101.35Misc. Financial
Folder 101.36Misc. Financial
Folder 101.37Holdings
Folder 101.38Holdings
Folder 101.39Holdings
Folder 101.40Hornyback
Folder 101.41Hotels
Folder 101.42Internal Revenue Tax
Folder 101.43Income Tax
Folder 101.44Insurance
Folder 102.1Insurance - Personal
Folder 102.2Insurance
Folder 102.3Insurance
Folder 102.4Insurance
Folder 102.5Itineraries of Trips
Folder 102.6Trip Outlines
Folder 102.7European Trip, June 20, 1928
Folder 102.8Auga, Georgia, Trip, Jan 1929
Folder 102.9Seminar in Mexico
Folder 102.10Mexican Trip, July 1934
Folder 102.11Livingston and Co. - Misc.
Folder 102.12M.S. Batory
Folder 102.13Photographs
Folder 102.14Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 102.15Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 102.16Poughkeepsie Trust Co.
Folder 102.17Royalties
Folder 102.18Royalties
Folder 102.19Stock Exchange
Folder 102.20Summer Camps
Folder 102.21Peter H. Troy
Folder 102.22Vassar Bank
Folder 102.23Vassar Bank
Folder 102.24Vassar Bank
Folder 102.25Vassar Bank
Folder 102.26Vassar Bank
Folder 102.27Widmann and Co.
Folder 102.28Yelping Hill
Folder 102.29Yelping Hill Association
Folder 102.30Yelping Hill Association
Folder 102.31Yelping Hill Association
Personal Correspondence, Aug 1926 - Aug 1931
Folder 102.32A - Personal
Folder 102.33B - Personal
Folder 103.1D - Personal
Folder 103.2E - Personal
Folder 103.3F - Personal
Folder 103.4G - Personal
Folder 103.5H - Personal
Folder 103.6I - Personal
Folder 103.7J - Personal
Folder 103.8K - Personal
Folder 103.9L - Personal
Folder 103.10M - Personal
Folder 103.11N - Personal
Folder 103.12O - Personal
Folder 103.13P - Personal
Folder 103.14R - Personal
Folder 103.15S - Personal
Folder 103.16T - Personal
Folder 103.17U, V - Personal
Folder 103.18W - Personal
Folder 103.19X, Y, and Z - Personal
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Aug 1926-1928
Folder 103.20Broadcasting
Folder 103.21Carnegie Corp.
Folder 103.22Church Organizations - Misc.
Folder 103.23Cite Universitaire, Paris
Folder 103.24The Commonwealth Fund
Folder 103.25Faculty Pensions
Folder 103.26Harmon Foundation
Folder 103.27Honorary Degrees
Folder 103.28Hotels
Folder 103.29International House
Folder 103.30International University Cruise
Folder 103.31Japanese Association of America
Folder 103.32John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Folder 103.33Journal of Education
Folder 103.34The Kahn Foundation for the Foreign Travel of American Teachers
Folder 104.1The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial
Folder 104.2Leopold Schepp Foundation
Folder 104.3Letchworth Village
Folder 104.4Near East College Association
Folder 104.5Near East Relief
Folder 104.6The New York Times Current Events Contest
Folder 104.7Pan American Union
Folder 104.8The Rockefeller Foundation
Folder 104.9School of Foreign Travel, Inc.
Folder 104.10United States
Folder 104.11University Travel Association
Folder 104.12A - Misc.
Folder 104.13B - Misc.
Folder 104.14C - Misc.
Folder 104.15D - Misc.
Folder 104.16E - Misc.
Folder 104.17F - Misc.
Folder 104.18G - Misc.
Folder 104.19H - Misc.
Folder 104.20I - Misc.
Folder 104.21J - Misc.
Folder 104.22K - Misc.
Folder 104.23L - Misc.
Folder 104.24M - Misc.
Folder 104.25N - Misc.
Folder 104.26O - Misc.
Folder 104.27P - Misc.
Folder 104.28Q - Misc.
Folder 104.29R - Misc.
Folder 104.30S - Misc.
Folder 104.31T - Misc.
Folder 104.32U - Misc.
Folder 104.33V - Misc.
Folder 104.34W - Misc.
Folder 104.35Y - Misc.
Folder 104.36Z - Misc.
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1928-1933
Folder 104.37A - Misc.
Folder 104.38A - Misc.
Folder 104.39B - Misc.
Folder 104.40C - Misc.
Folder 104.41C - Misc.
Folder 105.1D - Misc.
Folder 105.2E - Misc.
Folder 105.3F - Misc.
Folder 105.4G - Misc.
Folder 105.5H - Misc.
Folder 105.6I - Misc.
Folder 105.7J - Misc.
Folder 105.8K - Misc.
Folder 105.9L - Misc.
Folder 105.10M - Misc.
Folder 105.11N - Misc.
Folder 105.12O - Misc.
Folder 105.13P - Misc.
Folder 105.14R - Misc.
Folder 105.15S - Misc.
Folder 105.16S - Misc.
Folder 105.17T - Misc.
Folder 105.18U - Misc.
Folder 105.19V - Misc.
Folder 105.20W - Misc.
Folder 105.21W - Misc.
Folder 105.22Y - Misc.
Folder 105.23Z - Misc.
Folder 105.24Bibliographies, 1932-1933
Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence, July 1931 - July 1936
Folder 105.25Personal A
Folder 105.26A Misc.
Folder 105.27Personal B
Folder 106.1B Misc.
Folder 106.2Personal C
Folder 106.3C Misc.
Folder 106.4D Personal
Folder 106.5D Misc.
Folder 106.6E Personal
Folder 106.7E Misc.
Folder 106.8F Personal
Folder 106.9F Misc.
Folder 106.10G Personal
Folder 106.11G Misc.
Folder 106.12H Personal
Folder 106.13H Misc.
Folder 106.14I, J, K Personal
Folder 106.15I Misc.
Folder 106.16J Misc.
Folder 106.17K Misc.
Folder 106.18L Personal
Folder 106.19L Misc.
Folder 106.20M Personal
Folder 106.21M Misc.
Folder 106.22David Moorehead
Folder 106.23N Personal
Folder 106.24N Misc.
Folder 106.25O Personal
Folder 106.26O Misc.
Folder 106.27Personal P, Q
Folder 107.1P Misc.
Folder 107.2R Personal
Folder 107.3R Misc.
Folder 107.4S Personal
Folder 107.5S Misc.
Folder 107.6T Personal
Folder 107.7T Misc.
Folder 107.8U, V Personal
Folder 107.9U Misc.
Folder 107.10V Misc.
Folder 107.11W, X, Y, Z Personal
Folder 107.12W Misc.
Folder 107.13Y Misc.
Folder 107.14Z Misc.
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Aug 1935 - Aug 1938
Folder 107.15A - Misc.
Folder 107.16A - Misc.
Folder 107.17B - Misc.
Folder 107.18B - Misc.
Folder 107.19C - Misc.
Folder 107.20C - Misc.
Folder 107.21D - Misc.
Folder 107.22D - Misc.
Folder 107.23E - Misc.
Folder 107.24E - Misc.
Folder 107.25F - Misc.
Folder 107.26F - Misc.
Folder 107.27G - Misc.
Folder 107.28G - Misc.
Folder 107.29H - Misc.
Folder 107.30H - Misc.
Folder 107.31I - Misc.
Folder 107.32I - Misc.
Folder 107.33J - Misc.
Folder 107.34J - Misc.
Folder 107.35K - Misc.
Folder 107.36K - Misc.
Folder 107.37L - Misc.
Folder 107.38L - Misc.
Folder 108.1M - Misc.
Folder 108.2M - Misc.
Folder 108.3N - Misc.
Folder 108.4N - Misc.
Folder 108.5O - Misc.
Folder 108.6O - Misc.
Folder 108.7P - Misc.
Folder 108.8P - Misc.
Folder 108.9Q - Misc.
Folder 108.10R - Misc.
Folder 108.11R - Misc.
Folder 108.12S - Misc.
Folder 108.13S - Misc.
Folder 108.14T - Misc.
Folder 108.15T - Misc.
Folder 108.16U - Misc.
Folder 108.17V - Misc.
Folder 108.18V - Misc.
Folder 108.19W - Misc.
Folder 108.20W - Misc.
Folder 108.21X, Y, and Z - Misc.
Folder 108.22X, Y, and Z - Misc.
Personal Correspondence, 1936-1940
Folder 108.23Uncategorized Misc. Correspondence
Folder 108.24Personal A
Folder 108.25Personal A
Folder 108.26Personal A
Folder 108.27Personal B
Folder 108.28Personal C
Folder 108.29Personal C
Folder 108.30Personal D
Folder 108.31Personal E
Folder 108.32Personal F
Folder 108.33Personal G
Folder 108.34Personal H
Folder 108.35Personal I
Folder 109.1Personal J
Folder 109.2Personal K
Folder 109.3Personal L
Folder 109.4Personal M
Folder 109.5Personal M
Folder 109.6Personal N
Folder 109.7Personal N
Folder 109.8Personal O
Folder 109.9Personal P
Folder 109.10Personal P
Folder 109.11Personal R
Folder 109.12Personal R
Folder 109.13Personal S
Folder 109.14Personal S
Folder 109.15Personal T
Folder 109.16Personal U
Folder 109.17Personal V
Folder 109.18Personal W
Folder 109.19Personal X, Y, and Z
Personal Correspondence, 1940-1943
Folder 109.20Personal A
Folder 109.21Personal A
Folder 109.22Personal B
Folder 109.23Personal B
Folder 109.24Personal C
Folder 109.25Personal C
Folder 109.26Personal D
Folder 109.27Personal E
Folder 109.28Personal F
Folder 109.29Personal G
Folder 109.30Personal H
Folder 109.31Personal H
Folder 110.1Personal I
Folder 110.2Personal I
Folder 110.3Personal J
Folder 110.4Personal K
Folder 110.5Personal K
Folder 110.6Personal L
Folder 110.7Personal M
Folder 110.8Personal M
Folder 110.9Personal N
Folder 110.10Personal N
Folder 110.11Personal O
Folder 110.12Personal P and Q
Folder 110.13Personal R
Folder 110.14Personal S
Folder 110.15Personal S
Folder 110.16Personal T
Folder 110.17Personal U
Folder 110.18Personal V
Folder 110.19Personal W
Folder 110.20Personal W
Folder 110.21Personal X, Y, and Z
Personal Correspondence, Aug 1943-1946
Folder 110.22Personal A
Folder 110.23Personal B
Folder 110.24Personal C
Folder 110.25Personal D
Folder 110.26Personal E
Folder 110.27Personal F
Folder 110.28Personal G
Folder 110.29Personal H
Folder 110.30Personal I
Folder 110.31Personal J
Folder 110.32Personal K
Folder 110.33Personal L
Folder 110.34L Misc.
Folder 110.35Personal M
Folder 110.36Personal N
Folder 110.37Personal O
Folder 110.38Personal P and Q
Folder 110.39Personal R
Folder 110.40Personal S
Folder 110.41Personal T
Folder 110.42Personal U and V
Folder 110.43Personal W


Bibliographical; Recognition; MacCracken Family
Folder 111.1Attempt to get MacCracken to resign
Folder 111.2Attempt to get MacCracken to resign
Folder 111.3MacCracken - Biographical, General
Folder 111.4Biographical Notebook - MacCracken's listing of his contributions to Various Organizations
Folder 111.5Inauguration
Folder 111.6Inaugural Congratulations
Folder 111.7-23Congratulations A - Y
Folder 111.24Resignation, 1918
Folder 111.25Resignation, 1918
Folder 111.26Resignation, 1918
Folder 111.27MacCracken, Henry Mitchell
Folder 111.28Letters from Intimate Friends, Alumnae, Students, and Family, 1918
Folder 111.29Letters from Intimate Friends, Alumnae, Students, and Family, 1918
Folder 111.30Letters from Intimate Friends, Alumnae, Students, and Family, 1918
Folder 111.31Letters from Intimate Friends, Alumnae, Students, and Family, 1918
Folder 111.32Letters from Faculty and Trustees, 1918
Folder 111.33Letters from Faculty and Trustees, 1918
Folder 111.34Letters from Faculty and Trustees, 1918
Folder 111.35Letters from Faculty and Trustees, 1918
Folder 111.36Return to College 1918; 54th Commencement Program (1919),
Folder 111.37Buffalo Office, 1921
Folder 111.38Re: Invitation to be Chancellor of University of Buffalo
Folder 111.3910th Anniversary at Vassar
Folder 111.4020th Anniversary at Vassar
Folder 111.4125th Anniversary at Vassar
Folder 111.42President's War Service
Folder 111.43MacCracken
Folder 111.44MacCracken
Folder 111.45Calvin MacCracken
Folder 111.46MacCracken Genealogy
Folder 111.47George Gere MacCracken
Folder 111.48MacCracken, John
Folder 111.49MacCracken, John
Folder 111.50MacCracken, John
Folder 111.51MacCracken, John
Folder 111.52MacCracken, John
Folder 111.53MacCracken, John
Folder 111.54MacCracken, Joy
Folder 111.55Pedigree
Folder 111.56Maisry MacCracken
Folder 111.57Marjorie MacCracken
Folder 111.58Letters of Sympathy
Folder 111.59Miss S.B. Dodd
Folder 111.60James Inouye
Folder 111.61Clippings - Vassar, MacCracken; 3 Programs - Speeches made, 1915-1933
Folder 111.62Misc. Clippings, 1915-1940
Folder 111.63Misc. Clippings, 1915-1940
Folder 111.64Misc. Clippings, 1915-1940
Folder 111.65Clippings - Election
Publications, Speeches and Misc Professional Activities, 1907-1946
Folder 112.1Publications, 1919-1926
Folder 112.2Articles Written
Folder 112.3Articles Written
Folder 112.4"Pathfinder" Article
Folder 112.5Article "Personal View" in Alumnae Magazine
Folder 112.6Brooklyn Church and Mission Federation Speech
Folder 112.7Cantor Conteat
Folder 112.8Chaucer Manuscript
Folder 112.9Chaucer
Folder 112.10Chaucer and Lydgate
Folder 112.11Child Labor Amendment
Folder 112.12Conference on Canadian-American Affairs, June 14, 1937
Folder 112.13Encomiums
Folder 112.14Fair Play
Folder 112.15Hand Book
Folder 112.16"Information Please" Program
Folder 112.17" 5 Intelligent Women"
Folder 112.18Invitations to Speak - Declined
Folder 112.19Invitations to Speak - Declined
Folder 112.20Invitations to Speak - Declined
Folder 112.21Speaking Invitations Accepted, 1931-1932
Folder 112.22Child Labor
Folder 112.23Religion
Folder 112.24President's Speeches, 1932-1933
Folder 112.25Speeches
Folder 112.26"Mediaeval Casements" Lectures - see Speeches #246
Folder 112.27Lecture on "Racism," 1942/1943
Folder 112.28Lydgate
Folder 112.28aLydgate's Serpent of Division
Folder 112.29Response to America First Rally Speech at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 8/20/1941
Folder 112.30Response to America First Rally Speech at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 8/20/1941
Folder 112.31Response to America First Rally Speech at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 8/20/1941
Folder 112.32Response to America First Rally Speech at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 8/20/1941
Folder 113.1New York Times
Folder 113.2New York Times Letter
Folder 113.3New York University
Folder 113.4New York Urban League
Folder 113.5Open Forum Speakers Bureau
Folder 113.6Poughkeepsie Open Forum
Folder 113.7Radio Broadcasts
Folder 113.8Radio Talks
Folder 113.9Reviews of Books by HNM
Folder 113.10Reviews
Folder 113.11Senate Comm. on Foreign Relations
Folder 113.12Shakespeare
Folder 113.13"Shakespeare's Principal Plays"
Folder 113.14"Sad Shepherd"
Folder 113.15Travel Material
Folder 113.16President's Southern Trip, 5-20 Nov 1941
Folder 113.17Trip to Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto (Cancelled)
Folder 113.18Jokes and Amusing Letters Notebook
Folder 113.19Alumnae - Speech Material
Folder 113.20College Assemblies - Speech Material
Folder 113.21Ballads - Speech Material
Folder 113.22Careers - Speech Material
Folder 113.23Chaucer - Speech Material
Folder 113.24Colleges - Speech Material
Folder 113.25Democracy - Speech Material
Folder 113.26Defense - Speech Material
Folder 113.27Speech Material - Dialect
Folder 113.28Notes - Drama Classes
Folder 113.29Speech Material - Education
Folder 113.30Efficiency - Speech Material
Folder 113.31Extracurriculum and Curriculum - Speech Material
Folder 113.32Freedom - Speech Material
Folder 113.33Function of the Woman's College - Speech Material
Folder 113.34"The Historic Sense" - Speech Material
Folder 113.35A Liberal Education - Speech Material
Folder 113.36H. N. MacCracken - Speech Material
Folder 113.37Mental Hygiene - Speech Material
Folder 113.38Middle Ages - Speech Material
Folder 113.39Modern Languages - Speech Material
Folder 113.40N. R. A. - Speech Material
Folder 113.41Neutrality - Speech Material
Folder 113.42"One Team" - Speech Material
Folder 113.43Peace - Speech Material
Folder 113.44Personnel and Personality - Speech Material
Folder 113.45Poland Speech Material
Folder 113.46Political Situations - Speech Material
Folder 113.47Reconstruction After the War and Vassar College Speech Material
Folder 113.48"Roots" - Speech Material
Folder 113.49Schools - Speech Material
Folder 113.50Material for Sermons
Folder 113.51Slump in Science - Speech Material
Folder 113.52Standards - Speech Material
Folder 113.53Suggestions for Speech Subjects
Folder 113.54Speech Material - Town and Gown
Folder 113.55Speech Material - Source of the University College
Folder 113.56Vassar College - Speech Material
Folder 113.57Speech Suggestions - Vocational Training
Folder 113.58War Crisis - Speech Material
Folder 113.59Weaning of the Mind - Speech
Folder 114.1Substitute for Chivalry
Folder 114.2New York Times
Folder 114.3Teachers Faith for National Education Association Journal
Folder 114.4Training Camp for Nurses
Folder 114.5What are we Educating for? Alumnae Quarterly
Folder 114.6Women Police
Folder 114.7Vassar Miscellany
Folder 114.8NY Times - "The Out of Doors Test"
Folder 114.8aHoccleve and The Poems from DeGuileville, 26, Sep 1907
Folder 114.9New York American: "High Brow," 20 July 1915
Folder 114.10Good Housekeeping: "Off for College," Sep 1916
Folder 114.11NY Tribune Editorial, re: Henry P. Davidson, 29 Feb 1919
Folder 114.12War Record of Education. A Rejoinder
Folder 114.13Miscellany News: "... Freedom of Thought," Oct 1920
Folder 114.14"Educated Women in American Life," Sep 1923
Folder 114.15"Fighting the World" - a review
Folder 114.16International Red Cross Courier, 2 Aug 1925
Folder 114.17"Higher Education and Int'l Cooperation" School and Society, 15 Aug 1925
Folder 114.18" The Interpreter of Europe," 16 Aug 1925
Folder 114.19Prager Presse: Demokratic und Parlament, 3 Feb 1926
Folder 114.20NY Times: Vocational Education, 15 Feb 1926
Folder 114.21NY Sunday Times, Student Movement Surges, 30 May 1926
Folder 114.22Red Cross Courier: " The Junior Red Cross as a Factor in Education," 1 Sep 1926
Folder 114.23Sunday Times: " Weak Spot in American Education"
Folder 114.24Vox Studentium, 1928
Folder 114.25Thomas Killigrew
Folder 114.26Articles Suggested
Folder 114.27College Minds in the Making of "New Republic"
Folder 114.28"The College President"
Folder 114.29Prague Press: Crisis of Modern Democracy
Folder 114.30NY Herald, "Democracy and Darwinism"
Folder 114.31Democratization of American College
Folder 114.32"Of Good Manners"
Folder 114.33History of the World War
Folder 114.34Ilyas. The Consul's Tale
Folder 114.35Helen Fraser's Book - Foreword: " Our War Loan From England"
Folder 114.36A University Problem
Folder 114.37Miscellany: Review of a book, Vassar Verse, 21 Dec 1916
Folder 114.38Reconstruction Policy of the American Red Cross
Folder 114.39The Peace, from a Cracker Barrel
Folder 114.40The Integrity of Intellect
Folder 114.41"Democratization of College Gov't"
Folder 114.42Miscellany Monthly: "Int'l Relations in Education," May 1921
Folder 114.43Christian Register, "Creative Educators," 9 Aug. 1923
Folder 114.44Columbia Magazine: "The Educated Woman in American Life," Aug 1923
Folder 114.45NY Times, "The Colleges Face a New Era"
Folder 114.46Prophets of Ill
Folder 114.47Eagle News, " Military Training in Colleges and Schools,??? 10 Dec 1925
Folder 114.48Programs for an Int'l Student union
Folder 114.49Herald Tribune, 8 March 1926
Folder 114.50The Chaucer Tradition - Brusendorff
Folder 114.51The Spires of Oxford
Folder 114.52NY Tribune: League of Nations, 14 Feb 1920
Folder 114.53Kipling Poem: " In the Matter of One Compass"
Folder 114.54"Women's Colleges Under Fire, or the Attack Upon the Women's College"
Folder 114.55Gymnasium
Folder 114.56Belle Skinner, Vassar, 1887
Folder 114.57Milo P. Jewett
Folder 114.58Century Today: What it Means to be Educated Today, March 1930
Folder 114.59Journal of Higher Education: "At Random"
Folder 114.60"The College Library"
Folder 114.61Red Cross Courier, 16 Oct 1928
Folder 114.62John Howard Raymond
Folder 114.63"Poland," May 1925
Folder 114.64NY Times: " Contrast Between American and English University Life," 12 Sep 1931
Folder 114.65Quarterly: " Roads to Knowledge"
Folder 114.66Development of Harvard University, 1869-1929
Folder 114.67"Encyclopedia Britannica" (Review)
Folder 114.68"Examining the Examinations in English"
Folder 114.69Theory of Education in the U.S.
Folder 114.70Miscellany News: "Faculty of Vassar College"
Folder 114.71" Place of Music in a Liberal Arts College"
Folder 114.72"Duty of Governments to Promote Human Intercourse"
Folder 114.73James Monroe Taylor - Biographical Encyclopedia
Folder 114.74Preface to Book in Honor of Professor Mills
Folder 114.75NY Times: "Foreign Language Study," 18 June 1933
Folder 114.76Democracy in Education
Folder 114.77The Jeffersonian: "A Million Neglected Voters!"
Folder 114.78"The American College Curriculum"
Folder 114.79Professor Laura Wylie
Folder 114.80On Reading Shakespeare, by Logan Pearsall Smith
Folder 114.81The New Deal
Folder 114.82Academic Illusions by Martin Schutze - review for Saturday Review
Folder 114.83John the Common Weal;
Folder 114.84Matthew Vassar - Biography
Folder 114.85Article for first issue of " Vassar Club Bulletin"
Folder 114.86Child Labor Amendment
Folder 114.87Notes on the Curriculum
Folder 114.88Quarterly, "Lincoln Center," 1934
Folder 114.89Dave Chaucer - Henry Dwight Sedgwick, Review for Saturday Review of Literature, Oct 1934
Folder 114.90NY Times: " Changes in Vassar Curriculum," Students' Attitudes Towards Politics, 3 March 1935
Folder 114.91Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.92"Scholarship at Vassar"
Folder 114.93Alumnae Magazine: The Functions of the Alumnae, "What Gifts"
Folder 114.94"Passing of the Textbook"
Folder 114.95"Seven Times One Is Seven"
Folder 114.96Alumnae Magazine: Alumnae Award, July 1936
Folder 114.97Mediaeval Universities and Was College Worth While. Reviews.
Folder 114.98Comprehending Comprehensives
Folder 114.99Vassar's Well-Wishers (2) Henry and Eleanor Sanders
Folder 114.100Social Security at Vassar College
Folder 114.101Alumnae Magazine: Social Science Museum, Statue of Instruction
Folder 114.102Kosciuszko Foundation
Folder 114.103"The Principle of Conference"
Folder 114.104Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.105Alumnae Magazine Articles: Miscellaneous
Folder 114.106Purpose and Fulfillment Blodgett Hall
Folder 114.107"Letter to a Gratified Husband"
Folder 114.108"The Well Tempered Mind"
Folder 114.109Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.110Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.111Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.112Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.113Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.114Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.115Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.116Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.117Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.118Miscellaneous Articles
Folder 114.118ain Modern Language Notes
Folder 114.118bSpur of the clear Spirit in "Vogue"
Folder 114.119Miscellaneous Reviews
Folder 114.120Correspondence: re Articles
Folder 114.121Speech Notes
Folder 114.122Speech Notes
Folder 141.122aDictation
Folder 114.123Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.124Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.125Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.126Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.127Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.128Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.129Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.130Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Folder 114.131Notes on a Decades Progress in Higher Education
Folder 114.132Reprint Form School Science and Mathematics, vol. XXVI, Preliminary Report on the Progress and Encouragement of Science Instruction in American Colleges and Universities
Folder 114.133Challenge to Education, by Mark M. Jones
Folder 114.134Purposes of Vassar College
Folder 114.135What Vassar Means
Folder 114.136What Vassar Means (2nd Version)
Folder 114.137What Vassar Means (3rd Version)
Folder 114.138What Vassar Means (4th Version)
Folder 115.1Problems of Colleges for Women
Folder 115.2College as a Civic Forum to Philadelphia Alumnae
Folder 115.3Matthew Vassar's Motto
Folder 115.4Commencement Address, 13 June 1922
Folder 115.5Commencement Address, 13 June 1932
Folder 115.6President's Speeches, 1915/1916 - 1945/1946
Folder 115.7American Education
Folder 115.8"The Aim of Education," Cooper Union, 8 Nov 192?
Folder 115.9American University Life
Folder 115.10Chapel Talks
Folder 115.11The College Alumnus
Folder 115.12The Cultural Effects of War
Folder 115.13The Dialect Base of the King's Quair Faculty Club
Folder 115.14History of Literature vs. A Literature of History
Folder 115.15The Illiteracy of Educated People
Folder 115.16Imitation, Parody, and Plagiarism
Folder 115.17Manners in Transition
Folder 115.18Market-Cross - History Lecture
Folder 115.19The Town in Mediaeval History
Folder 115.20Men as Trees
Folder 115.21The New Wine of Europe
Folder 115.22Pilate's Question
Folder 115.23Predecessors of Don Quixote in England
Folder 115.24Problems of the Freshmen Curriculum
Folder 115.25Religion and the College Student
Folder 115.26Remarks to Serenading Alumnae
Folder 115.27Russia of Today
Folder 115.28The School for Parents
Folder 115.29Semantics
Folder 115.30Sermon
Folder 115.31Sermon at Wellesley
Folder 115.32Sense, Sentiment, and Sensibility
Folder 115.33The Share of America in World Literature
Folder 115.34The Slump in Science
Folder 115.35The Social Laboratory - Congress of Moral Education
Folder 115.36The Struggle for Democracy in the American University
Folder 115.37A War to Enforce Peace
Folder 115.38Unity in Alliance - C.A. Talk
Folder 115.39Address to NY Alumnae - "extra Curriculum," 30 Jan 1915
Folder 115.40The Fetich of the Grove - to Washington, D.C. Alumnae
Folder 115.41Initiative and Referendum for Women - Federation of Women's Clubs, Kingston, N.Y., 20 March 1915
Folder 115.42Departmental Organization within the Faculty - New Haven Alumnae, 3 Apr 1915
Folder 115.43Rewards of Learning - to Soldan High School, 16 Apr 1915
Folder 115.44Some New Humanities in a Woman's College - Chicago Women's Club, 14 May 1915
Folder 115.45League to Enforce Peace - at Williamsburg Old Home, Week of 5 Sep 1915
Folder 115.46Sermon, 19 Sep 1915
Folder 115.47Convocation Speech, 20 Sep 1915
Folder 115.48Open Forum - Chapel, 27 Sep 1915
Folder 115.49The Learned Profession of Motherhood - N.Y. State Assembly of Mothers, 8 Oct 1915
Folder 115.50Associate Alumnae Business Meeting, 11 Oct 1915
Folder 115.51Entrance Requirements - Head Mistress Assn. - Brearley School, 13 Nov 1915
Folder 115.52Inaugural Address - "The Cause of Learning," 13 Oct 1915
Folder 115.53The Scientific Management of Mental Habit - Emma Willard Assn., 18 Nov 1915
Folder 115.54Does the High School Menace the College - Assn. of Principals of N.Y. Syracuse, 29 Dec 1915
Folder 115.55The Man of Letters - Dinner Club, 10 Jan 1916
Folder 115.56Freedom of Thought in the American College - Cleveland College Club, 15 Jan 1916
Folder 115.57Young Fogies - Erasmus Hall H.S. Commencement, 27 Jan 1916
Folder 115.58The Greatest English Moralist - Brooklyn Institute, 19 Feb 1916
Folder 115.59The Measure of Value in School and College Studies, 22 Feb 1915; - 20th Century Club, Detroit; Parents League Chicago , 23 March 1916
Folder 115.60Ethics and Education - Waterbury Women's Club, 14 March 1916
Folder 115.61Faith and the Facts of Christian Experience - Lafayette Ave. Pres. Church, 16 Jan 1916
Folder 115.62Interstate Commerce in Education - General Federation of Women's Clubs, 30 May 1916
Folder 115.63Everyman's Hamlet - Commencement, 6 June 1916
Folder 115.64Ophelia
Folder 115.65Huldah - Vesper Services, 8 Oct 1916
Folder 115.66Convocation, 1916
Folder 115.67Discrimination and Comprehension - State Supts. of Public Schools, 14 Oct 1916
Folder 115.68Vassar and the Completed Endowment - Boston Alumnae, 25 Nov 1916
Folder 115.69The Place of Anglo-Saxon and Middle English - College conf. on English, 2 Dec 1916
Folder 115.70Chaucer Tradition - Lecture to Sophomores in English, 12 Dec 1916
Folder 115.71College as a Civic Laboratory - Congregational Club of New York, 8 Jan 1917
Folder 115.72Democracy and Dialect - Lafayette College English Dept., 16 Jan 1917
Folder 115.73What Next? Associate Alumnae Luncheon, Pittsburgh, 10 Feb 1917
Folder 115.74Washington and Education - Smith College, 22 Feb 1917
Folder 115.75City Building - Chamber of Commerce, 29 March 1917
Folder 115.76Can Democracy Prepare? National League for Women's Services, 9 Apr 1917
Folder 115.77Woman's Greatest Contribution in the Nat'l Crisis - Woman's Service League, 24 Apr 1917
Folder 115.78Founder's Day, 27 Apr 1917
Folder 115.79The Technique of Leadership - Commencement, 1917
Folder 115.80National Research Council - Intercollegiate Alumnae Luncheon, New Haven, 5 May 1917
Folder 115.81A New Folkway - Mt. Holyoke Commencement Address, 13 June 1917
Folder 115.82The Meaning of Loyalty - Convocation, 24 Sep 1917
Folder 115.83Address at Christian's Assn. Meeting, 30 Sep 1917
Folder 115.84Women and Imitation - Woman's College in Brown University, 20 Oct 1917
Folder 115.85Freshmen Advisers - Chapel Talk, 23 Oct 1917
Folder 115.86Red Cross Address - V.C., 11 Nov 1917
Folder 115.87The Philosophy of the Red Cross - Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, 23 Dec 1917
Folder 115.88Academic Freedom - Boston Alumnae, 5 Jan 1918
Folder 115.89The Treasure and the Heart - Commencement Address, June 1918
Folder 115.90Dr. Luther H. Gulick - Address at Funeral Service, Aug 1918
Folder 115.91Thanksgiving Day Community Meeting Address - Poughkeepsie High School, 27 Nov 1918
Folder 115.92Education as Energy - N.E. Assn. of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 6 Dec 1918
Folder 115.93The Time's Currents in Education, Jan 1919
Folder 115.94A Catechism of Education - N.Y. Alumnae Luncheon, 1 Feb 1919
Folder 115.95The Basis of Our Religious Feeling
Folder 115.96Education as Propaganda - Evanston, Ill. Community Meeting, Apr 1919
Folder 115.97Troilus and Cressida - English Class, 25 Apr 1919
Folder 115.98Convocation Address, Sep 1919
Folder 115.99N.Y. Alumnae Luncheon, Oct 1919
Folder 115.100The Growth of the College - Associate Alumnae Speech
Folder 115.101The Court of Love - History Dept., 16 Dec 1919
Folder 115.102Religio Magistri Literary Club, 1919/1920
Folder 115.103The Inviolable Neutrality of Education - N.Y. Alumnae Luncheon, 7 Feb 1920
Folder 115.104On Being a Contemporary - Freshman English, 17 Feb 1920
Folder 115.105Golden Rule and the Iron Rule - Rotary Club, 17 March 1920
Folder 115.106The Castle of Ladies - Commencement, 1920
Folder 115.107Convocation Speech, 27 Sep 1920
Folder 115.108Our School Friends of Tomorrow - Jr. Red Cross Abroad ??? Albany Convocation, 8 Oct 1920
Folder 115.109The College for Women, Wilson College, 50th Anniversary, 15 Oct 1920
Folder 115.110National Traits in Education - Mass. Federation of Women's Clubs - Dorchester, Mass., 15 Oct 1920
Folder 115.111Speech before Intern Liberal Assn., 3 Apr 1921
Folder 115.112A Citizen of the World - Commencement, 1921
Folder 115.113Convocation Address - Alumnae 50th, 15 June 1921
Folder 115.114Convocation, 26 Sep 1921
Folder 115.115The Four Daughters of God - Bradford Academy, 2 Oct 1921
Folder 115.116Roemer Hall Dedication - - Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Mo., 20 Oct 1921
Folder 115.117Dr. Stone's Church, Chicago - , 23 Oct 1921
Folder 115.118Thanksgiving Address, Union Service, Carnegie Hall - , 24 Nov 1921
Folder 115.119Grand Rapids - Endowment Speech
Folder 115.120United Council of Churches - Washington, D.C., 12 March 1922
Folder 115.121Renaissance of Music in American Life - Music Supervision Conference, 24 March 1922
Folder 115.122Making It Unanimous - Commencement, 1922
Folder 115.123Address at Cornwall-Harding Memorial
Folder 115.124Convocation, 25 Sep 1922
Speeches, 1923-1935
Folder 116.1Convocation, 26 Sep 1932
Folder 116.2"How a College Meets Present Conditions," Radio Address, WJZ , 1 Feb 1933
Folder 116.3Education in Balkanized Europe, 20 Feb 1928
Folder 116.4The Creative College - Commencement, 1928
Folder 116.5World's Social Laboratory and the Red Cross Movements - N.E.A. Oakland, 1 July 1923
Folder 116.6Education for Int'l Goodwill - Chautauqua, 22 Aug 1923
Folder 116.7Convocation - The Remoter Environment of Vassar, Sep 1923
Folder 116.8League of Nations - Baltimore, 6 Apr 1924
Folder 116.9Hamlet's Question - Stephens College and Hartridge School, 2 June and 5 June 1924
Folder 116.10The American Inquisition - Commencement, 1924
Folder 116.11The Purpose of College - Nat'l Meeting A.A.V.C. - Boston, Nov 1924
Folder 116.12The Recognition of Russia - Economic Club of N.Y., March 1925
Folder 116.13Study and Leisure - Commencement, 1925
Folder 116.14The Message of the Hudson Broadcast, 20 Oct 1925
Folder 116.15Chapel Talk, V.C., 7 Oct 1925
Folder 116.16The Value of Being Different - Sons of Italy, 12 Oct 1925
Folder 116.17Concentration and Correlation - A.A.V.C. Washington Meeting, Nov 1925
Folder 116.18The Unpleasant Truth - Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, 9 Apr 1926
Folder 116.19Freedom of Inquiry - Educational Conference - Ohio State U., 9 Apr 1926
Folder 116.20Founder's Day Speech, 30 Apr 1926
Folder 116.21The Open Road - Millbrook Memorial School, 22 June 1926
Folder 116.22"There Came One Running," Commencement, 8 June 1926
Folder 116.23The Academic Contract - Convocation, 1926
Folder 116.24The Complaint Against the Times, Weil Lecture, U. of NC, 28 Oct 1926
Folder 116.25"Leisure and Loyalties," Weil Lecture, U of NC, 30 Oct 1926
Folder 116.26"Neighborhood," Weil Lecture, U of NC, 31 Oct 1926
Folder 116.27The Learned Profession of Parenthood
Folder 116.28The Student's Part in Education - Nat'l Student Federation of America, 2 Dec 1926
Folder 116.29Sermon, Chapel, 16 Jan 1927
Folder 116.30The Neutrality of Education, Chicago, Jan 1927
Folder 116.31The Effective College - Chicago Woman's Club, 29 Jan 1927; Highland Park Women's Club, 1 Feb 1927
Folder 116.32What of Our Young People - Evanston Sunday Evening Club, 30 Jan 1927; Jewish Arts Club, 1 Feb 1927
Folder 116.33The Aim of a College Course - Wilmette Sunday Evening Club, 30 Jan 1927; Nineteenth Century Club, Chicago, 31 Jan 1927
Folder 116.34Can Character be Taught? United Parent's Assn., 26 March 1927
Folder 116.35Education, the Foundation of Democracy - Kentucky Education Assn., 20 Apr 1927
Folder 116.36The Tale of a River - Exchange Club, Louisville, 21 Apr 1927
Folder 116.37A Vassar Luck Penny - Founder's Day, 29 Apr 1927
Folder 116.38"One Equal Temper." Commencement Address, June 1927
Folder 116.39The Art of Being Understood - Albany Academy, 14 June 1927
Folder 116.40A New Map of Vassar, Convocation, Sep 1927
Folder 116.41Sermon, 16 Oct 1927
Folder 116.42Rights of Parents - Lecture Course of Nursery School, 16 Jan 1928
Folder 116.43A College for Liberals - Educ. Conference, Brooklyn, N.Y., 18 Jan 1928
Folder 116.44A.A.V.C. New York City, 4 Feb 1928
Folder 116.45Is Vassar Progressive? - Lincoln School, NYC, 14 Feb 1928
Folder 116.46Philosophy and Food - Phi Beta Kappa Dinner, 7 March 1928
Folder 116.47Founder's Day, 27 Apr 1928
Folder 116.48Paderewski Dinner, 16 May 1928
Folder 116.49Law in Vassar College, Commencement, 1928
Folder 116.50Alice in Wonderland - An Allegory in Education, Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, 13 June 1928
Folder 116.51Winter of Our Discontent,
Folder 116.52A Balanced Life - Convocation, 24 Sept 1928
Folder 116.53Students Bill of Rights
Folder 116.54"Bystanders and Understanders" - Radio Broadcast - "Collier's Hour," WJZ, 17 Feb 1929
Folder 116.55Thrift and Education
Folder 116.56"Public Schools and Higher Education"
Folder 116.57Assoc. Alumnae, NYC, 5 Nov 1921
Folder 116.58Selection and Civilization
Folder 116.59Latin Poems of Thomas Gray
Folder 116.60The American Conception of Higher Education
Folder 116.61Whatsoever Thing is Good - Sermon, VC Chapel
Folder 116.62De RE Sophistica - Commencement, 11 June 1929
Folder 116.63Are College Women Exclusive? - Radio, 7 Nov 1929
Folder 116.64"Budgets," Assembly, 7 Apr 1930
Folder 116.65Founder's Day Speech
Folder 116.66The American Conception of the University - I.S.S. at Mt. Holyoke, 2 Sep 1931
Folder 116.67"Seeing Things at Vassar," Alumnae Council, Oct 1929
Folder 116.68Speech before Schoolmasters Council, 8 Oct 1915
Folder 116.69"The Forest of Arden," Convocation, 7 Oct 1931
Folder 116.70???Will the American College Survive???? 1st Presbyterian. Church, Buffalo, 10 Jan 1932
Folder 116.71"College Material"
Folder 116.72The Strategy of the Unexpected Washington
Folder 116.73"Will the American College Survive?" Phi Beta Kappa Dinner at A.Y.U. Centennial, 2 March 1932
Folder 116.74"The American Fraternity System," Psi Upsilon Dinner, NYC, 9 Apr 1932
Folder 116.75Debate at St. Stephen's w/ Dr. Nocke (?), 17 Apr 1932
Folder 116.76Frontiers and Free Thought, NSFA Broadcast, WMCA, 21 Nov 1932
Folder 116.77Address at Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland, 12 Dec 1932
Folder 116.78Discovery of the Individual
Folder 116.79"Youth in the New Era," Nat'l Red Cross, Washington, 25 Apr 1933
Folder 116.80Guernsey Milk
Folder 116.81Physical Education as a Fine Art
Folder 116.82Assembly Talks
Folder 116.83Chapel Talks
Folder 116.84Misc. Speeches
Folder 116.85Misc. Speeches
Folder 116.86Commencement- Old Men for Action, Young Men for Counsel, 1934
Folder 116.87Misc. - "Lincoln's Birthday," "Three Values," etc.
Folder 116.88"The Crisis in Education"
Folder 116.89Miscellany Speeches
Folder 116.90"Advice from a Caterpillar," Radio WOR, 21 June 1934
Folder 116.91Mexican Lecture at University of Mexico, July 1934
Folder 116.92A Mexican Vignette - Summer Institute of Euthenics, July 1934
Folder 116.93Tower of Learning
Folder 116.94The Parent
Folder 116.95The Students' Share in College Gov't, NSFA, 28 Dec 1934
Folder 116.96The Child Labor Amendment, Radio Broadcast, 28 Jan 1935
Folder 116.97Miscellany Speeches, 10 March 1935; Chicago Ithaca, 27 Feb 1935
Folder 116.98"The Language of Personality," Univ. of Chicago Convocation, 10 March 1935
Folder 116.99Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 116.100Commencement, 10 June 1935
Folder 116.101Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 116.102Convocation Speech, 23 Sep 1935
Folder 116.103The Book of Life Sermon
Folder 116.104Radio Dialogue
Folder 116.105Misc. Speech
Folder 116.106Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 116.107"Ulster Traditions in the U.S."
Folder 116.108Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 116.109Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 116.110Chapel Talks, 1933/1934
Folder 116.111"Thinking is Real," Convocation, 24 Sep 1934
Folder 116.112Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.1Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.2Sarah Lawrence College, Speech at 10th Anniversary Dinner, 9 Dec 1936
Folder 117.3Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.4Training for Civic Responsibility, St. Louis A.A.V.C., 14 Nov 1936
Folder 117.5Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.6Mediaeval Casements - Town Hall Lectures
Folder 117.7Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.8Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.9Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.10Convocation, Sep 1937
Folder 117.11Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.12American Student Union, Welcome to Conference, 28 Dec 1937
Folder 117.13Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.14Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.15Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.16Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.17Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.18Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.19Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.20Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.21Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.22Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.23Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.24Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.25Of Human Intercourse
Folder 117.26Conference on Canadian-American Affairs
Folder 117.27Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.28Recreation and Better Human Relations
Folder 117.29The Faith of an Independent, Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims
Folder 117.30Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.31The Religious Front, Brooklyn Church and Mission Federation, 30 Jan 1941
Folder 117.32Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.33Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.34Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.35Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.36Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.37"Racism and the Origin of the Aryan Myth"
Folder 117.38Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.39Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.40"The Law in Liberty," Commencement, 1943
Folder 117.41Baccalaureate Sermon at Vassar College, 1946
Folder 117.42Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.43Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.44Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.45Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 117.46Miscellaneous Speeches


Box 118Correspondence, clippings, material relating to publications, etc.
Box 119Alphabetical correspondence (1960s), writings, etc
Box 120U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children, speeches, Vassar alumnae correspondence, etc
Box 121Correspondence, clippings, etc
Box 122Plans, maps and other material relating to "Hornyback" and possibly other properties
Box 123Alphabetical correspondence (1960s) and material re: the Kosciuszko Foundation
Box 124Old Dutchess Forever correspondence
Box 125Writings, notes, correspondence
Box 126Awards, clippings, programs, congratulatory correspondence
Box 127Manuscript material from Rebel at Law and Prologue to Independence (NY: James H. Heineman, 1964)
Box 128Research files on Dutchess County and NY history
Box 129HNM speeches on reel-to-reel tape, transferred from the Music Library 5/7/1991 (see also boxes 144-145)
Boxes 130-133Notes for book (Old Dutchess Forever) and miscellaneous notes on NY history
Box 134Correspondence from HNM
Boxes 135-137Photographs
Box 138Correspondence from HNM
Boxes 139-140Correspondence from HNM to Maisry MacCracken
Box 141Scrapbooks, Experimental Theatre photos, miscellaneous, school notebooks, unidentified manuscript, etc.
Boes 142-143Miscellaneous research files and notes
Boxes 144-145HNM speeches on reel-to-reel tape, transferred from the Music Library 5/7/1991 (see also box 129 )
Box 146Class notebooks, unidentified manuscript, material re: the Kosciuszko Foundation, etc.
Box 147Engagement books
Box 148Autograph album/scrapbook
Box 149Card index to articles and speeches
Box 150Honorary plaques (2)
Box 151Printers blocks
Box 152Photographs, medals, pins and ribbons
Box 153Miscellaneous manuscripts
Box 154Correspondence, 1960s
Box 154Clippings
Box 155Clippings, correspondence, 1920s-1930s
Box 156Manuscripts, correspondence, notes, etc
Box 157Mackinac College material, 1960s
Box 158United States Committee for the Care of European Children material, 1940s
Box 159Scrapbook "Religious Liberty in the U.S."
Box 160Scrapbook, 30th anniversary of the Kosciuszko Foundation
Box 161Miscellaneous index cards
Box 162Photographs and newsclippings
Box 163MacCracken Family Christmas cards, miscellaneous correspondence
Box 164Scrapbook/photo album presented to HNM "from the Vassar Experimental Theatre, 1915-1946" with a foreword written and signed by Hallie Flanagan Davis
Box 165Oversized family photographs and certificates
Box 166Oversized family photographs and "t.p. mechanicals"
Box 167Condolence letters (A2004-005), "Nor Long Remember" manuscript, HDN correspondence, scrapbooks, Hornyback index cards, etc.
Box 168Oversized photographs
Box 169Oversized photographs
Map Case - Drawer 36Diplomas and Foreign Scholarship Fund Proclamation

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