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Anuncio’s Thirteenth Last Love Song

Nathaniel Mackey

Toward the end we lived a bodiless life.
Anuncia kept sorrow at bay as I lay
busted up. I was feeling more alive than
even so, more alive albeit or because
life had grown strange, what was left of
bodily life gone waftless, no musk floated
our way... I lay observing a lilac’s routine
cle, opening as it did, seeming to say, of
all things, it would never die. Anuncia
turned and walked away. I noticed the lengthen-
ing sag of her buttocks, bodiless though we
were, the far side of bodily draw. A certain
something I saw words would not accrue to
I also noticed, something I took to be seeming
self, a certain something seeming nothing or
nothing in particular, the potential to seem, noth-
ing more... New terror attacks were on the TV
the foot of the bed, the world busted up it seemed.
Seeming’s attack on seeming I said let’s call it,
more to myself than to Anuncia though she heard it,
iless though we continued to be. What manner of
realm were we in we couldn’t help wondering, love’s
evident flight merely one of its provocations, what
ner and what put us there... An intergalactic dust
intervened I thought, no sooner thought than saw
it so clearly I rubbed my eyes and looked again,
 ry kiss of late a kiss good-

Excerpted here, available in full in print.

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