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Faculty Research and Community Collaboration Presentations

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Presentations related to the First-Year Common Readingare designated with an asterisk.


Vampires, Monks, and Holy Fools: The Mystical in Russia and Eastern Europe
Charles Arndt (Russian Studies) Rockefeller Hall 210

* Spaghetti with a Chance of Meatballs: Exploring Italian Identity Through Food
Simona Bondavalli (Italian Studies) Chicago Hall 102

A Glimpse of Galaxies at the Dawn of the Universe
Debra Elmegreen (Physics & Astronomy) Sanders Classroom 212

Building Robots to Test Ideas About How Animals Behave
John Long (Cognitive Science/Biology) Olmsted Hall 169

Playing in the Mud! How Earth Scientists Learn About Climate Change
Kirsten Menking (Earth Science and Geography) Bridge for Laboratory Sciences 115

Body Awareness, the Feldenkrais Method and its Use in Singing
Drew Minter (Music) Skinner Hall - Thekla 400

Astana: Kazakhstan’s Utopia
Michaela Pohl (History) Rockefeller Hall 104

CEO Incentives and Bank Risk Over the Business Cycle
Tanseli Savaser (Economics) Kenyon Hall 132

* Toy Stories: Fairytales, Toys, and the Invention of Imaginative Play
Elliott Schreiber (German Studies) Rockefeller Hall 203

Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitisms, Anti-Zionisms
Ágnes Vetö (Jewish Studies) Blodgett Hall 105

China in the World: Territory and the Sacred
Michael Walsh (Religion) Blodgett Hall 201

* Race, Gender and Immigration in Educational Studies
Kimberly Williams Brown (Education) New England 105

Environmental Behemoth? What China Can Teach the United States
Yu Zhou (Geography) Ely Hall 200


Using Peer-to-Peer Lending Data to Study Monetary Policy
Esteban Argudo (Economics) Kenyon Hall 217

* Archaeology, Activism, and “There There”
April M. Beisaw (Anthropology) Blodgett Hall 101

What is ‘Civilization in Question?’ An Introduction to the Team-Taught College Course
Nancy Bisaha, Rachel Friedman, and Christopher Raymond (College Course) Rockefeller Hall 200

Picosecond Laser Ultrasonics – A Very Quick Look into the Nanoscale World
Brian Daly (Physics and Astronomy) Sanders Physics 206

Training the Next Generation of Scientists (You!) To Fix Scientific Institutions
Josh de Leeuw (Cognitive Science) Olmsted Hall 273

Subversive Politics in “Conventional” Art
Marc Michael Epstein (Religion/Jewish Studies) Taylor Hall 203

A Multisystem Illness Invisible In Plain Sight
David Esteban (Biology) Rockefeller Hall 210

* Gentrification & Displacement: A Growing Global Issue
Brian Godfrey (Geography) Ely Hall 200

Cinema and the Senses
Sophia Harvey (Film) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film - Rosenwald 109

The Poetic of the Erotic in the Russian Silver Age
Farida Tcherkassova (Russian Studies) Rockefeller Hall 201

Of Long and Short Skirts: Islam, Race, Gender in France
Kirsten Wesselhoeft (Religion) Blodgett Hall 201

Effect of Single Gene Manipulation On “Friendliness” In Mice
Bojana Zupan (Psychological Science) Olmsted Hall 162


Making Italians in America: Italian Migration and the Birth a New Culture in Film and Literature
Sole Anatrone (Italian Studies) Rockefeller Hall 203

Environmental GIS: How Does Geography Help Us Understand Urban Climate?
Mary Ann Cunningham (Earth Science and Geography) Ely Hall 200

How the Ribosome Puts Genes To Work
Colin Echeverría Aitken (Biology/Biochemistry) Olmsted Hall 266

Game of Thrones and Tolkein: Fantasy and the Middle Ages
Nancy Bisaha (History/Medieval and Renaissance Studies) Rockefeller Hall 310

Doing Justice to the Classics: Greco-Roman Antiquity and Hate Groups Online
Curtis Dozier (Greek and Roman Studies) New England 105

From NYC Street Life to Arctic Dream Life: Recent Films
Denise Iris (Film) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film, Rosenwald Theater 109

A Slap in the Face of Public Taste: Revolutionary Art in Russia 1910-1917
Nikolai Firtich (Russian Studies) Rockefeller Hall 210

Vassar Students Learning with and from Immigrant Students in K-12 Public Schools in Poughkeepsie
Tracey Holland (Latin American and Latino/a Studies/VCUEI) Kenyon Hall 217

When the Westboro Baptist Church Came to Vassar College: A Story of Activist Pedagogy and the Secular Liberal Arts
Jonathon Kahn (Religion) Blodgett Hall 201

* Water in Fiji and Singapore: Environment, Advertising, Postcoloniality
Martha Kaplan (Anthropology/Asian Studies) Blodgett Hall 105

Religion, Brain, Belief: The Cognitive Science of Religion
Ken Livingston (Cognitive Science) New England 206

Scientific Mythologies of the Past, Controversies of the Present, and Visions of the Future
José G. Perillán (Physics and Astronomy + STS) Sanders Physics 105

Microplastics on Cape Cod
Jill Schneiderman (Earth Science) Ely Hall 204

Other Worlds: Spirituality and the Search for Invisible Dimensions
Christopher White (Religion/Science, Technology, and Society) Blodgett Hall 029