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Computing, IDs, & Phones FAQ

Computing & Information Services’ mission is to create and manage a campus environment that enables each member of the community to use information technologies productively for teaching, learning, research, administration, and outreach.

CIS maintains the latest status of the campus network and all of the systems supported on the Computing and Information Services website. Information and discussions are also shared on Facebook.


IDs, Phones and More


Where can I go for technical support?

Computing and Information Services has an end-to-end Service Desk in the College Center, North Atrium. This location is the one and only IT Service Desk location on campus, centrally located for your convenience. During the Academic Year, the Service Desk is open 8:30am–7pm, Monday–Friday. You can email the CIS Service Desk at or call (845) 437-7224 (x7224 from a campus phone) during normal business hours.

This Service Desk location offers convenient access for

  • Computer Support
  • Computer Hardware Repairs
  • Vassar ID Card Services

The CIS Service Desk provides technical support to all faculty, staff and students of Vassar College. The service desk staff is committed to assisting the community with issues related to the wealth of hardware and software supported on campus. The staff will also provide best-effort triage for unsupported hardware and software. In addition to computing assistance, the Service Desk staff directs requests to the appropriate party.

If further support is needed, the service desk will check-in your computer for consultation.

Once your accounts are set up, you can submit requests online for services such as desk-side support, hardware repair or technology training for individuals or groups.


Is technology training available?

Provided by Vassar College at no charge to Vassar students, faculty, and staff, the learning library offers access to more than 1044 self-paced training courses. Get comprehensive training in audio, video, photography, graphic design, web design, business, and development from expert instructors, 24/7. Additionally, you can visit our Service Desk to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Technology Trainer.


Are public computers available for use on campus?

Computing Locations
  • Digital Media Zone: (DMZ) Located on the first floor of the Vassar College Main Library adjacent to the Reference Desk, the Digital Media Zone is a do-it-yourself media production facility, with expert help available. All Vassar students, faculty, and community members may come here to work on video, audio, web and graphic design projects.
  • The Kiosk (2nd Floor of College Center): 4 iMacs
  • Main Library: There are over 20 computers in the Reference Room, and Laptop computers are available for loan while at the library.
  • Dorm Clusters: There is at least one public computer in each Dorm Cluster. All of these locations are open 24 hours a day during the academic year.
Printing Locations
  • Digital Media Zone: (DMZ): There are 6 Vprint printers (4 B&W and 2 Color).
  • Main Library: There are 3 additional B&W Vprint printers, one in Periodicals (2nd Floor), one in the basement and one in the Art Library.
  • Music Library: There is one B&W Vprint printer located in the basement.
  • The Kiosk (2nd Floor College Center): One B&W Vprint printer.
  • Dorm Clusters: There is one B&W Vprint printer located in each Dorm Cluster. TA’s & TH’s Vprint printers are located in their Laundry rooms.
  • College Center Service Desk: There are two printers located in the Service Desk in College Center.
  • New England: There is one B&W Vprint printer located in the basement of New England.
  • Sanders Physics and Computer Science: There is one B&W Vprint printer located on the 2nd Floor.
  • South Commons: There is one B&W Vprint printer located at Receiving.
  • ACDC: There is one B&W Vprint located on the 2nd Floor.
  • Old Laundry Building: There is one B&W Vprint located on the 2nd Floor.

How do I connect my personal computer to the network?

Vassar has a high-speed network that supports both wired and wireless (WiFi) connections from every dorm room as well as almost every other location on campus.


What is the recommended configuration for personal computers on campus?

Minimum Recommended Configuration (Laptops Preferred):


Windows PC

Intel Core i5 1.3ghz

Intel Core i5 1.5ghz

Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher

Microsoft Windows 7*

8GB RAM or more

8GB RAM or more

128GB SSD Hard Drive or greater

128GB SSD Hard Drive or greater

10/100 Ethernet & 802.11g Airport Card

10/100 Ethernet card & 802.11g/n wireless card

Word Processing: Microsoft Word 2011 or Microsoft Office 2011

Word Processing: Microsoft Word 2010 or Microsoft Office 2010

* Be sure to bring your operating system installation software with you when you come to campus.


Does Vassar have a computer store?

Yes. Vassar is an Apple Authorized service center. The Computer Store sells Dell computers on-premises but uses the Apple Store for special rates for Apple Computers. We offer education discounts for all computers. For questions about the store, email


How do I access my Vassar accounts?

Vassar College has an Identity and Access Management system (IAM) that acts as your key to many resources, including Google Apps for Education for email, unlimited Google Drive storage and more. Your information will be sent in your matriculation packet. You should receive this information around mid-May.

It is recommended that you activate your account as soon as you get the information. IAM will require that you create security questions and a 15–30 character passphrase. Once you’ve set up your account, you can go to or any Google login prompt to access your Google Apps account.

It’s important to note that Vassar utilizes Single Sign-On for many Vassar resources so if you are logged into IAM you are also logged into Google Apps, Moodle, Banner, Job X, Residence, Moodle and more. Therefore it is important to be diligent about logging out and quitting your browser, particularly on shared computers.

If you do not set up your accounts or lose the information sent to you, you will have to visit the Service Desk, in-person, upon your arrival to set up your accounts.


What are some services available to Vassar students?

Computing and Information Services offers a wide range of computing and technology services. Once your account is activated you can browse our service catalog in our online Service Desk. Our website has descriptions of some of the most common services.


How do I print on campus?

VPrint is Vassar College’s print management system. All active students receive a quota assigned to their Vassar Student ID Card. Each printed 8.5″ x 11″ standard laser print is charged at $.05 per side against this balance. You can print in color by sending your print jobs to the color queue (called Vassar_Color on a Mac and Vassar Color Printer on a PC)

VPrint printer/copiers are mutli-function devices capable of large volume printing, duplexing, copying and stapling. They are accessible to students, faculty, and employees of the college.


IDs, Phones and More

What do I need to know about my Vassar ID card?

Vassar College ID cards are issued to all students and employees of the college and must be carried all at times. Cards can be obtained at the Card Office, located at the College Center Service Desk, during normal business hours. There is no initial cost for the card but replacement fees may apply (see below).

Your Vassar College ID may be used for:

  • Building Access
  • On Campus Dining
  • Fitness Center
  • Libraries
  • On and Off Campus Merchants
  • Purchases at the College and Computer Store (VCash only)
  • Various campus events
  • Laundry
  • Vending

New students will receive their V-Card during orientation week.

For more information, you can contact the Card Office via email, call (845) 451-3333, or visit the Card Office website.


Is landline phone service available in my room?

Every floor of each residence hall is equipped with a hallway phone for on-campus and local calls. Pre-paid calling cards may be purchased at the Vassar College Store.