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Ensuring Participation in Daily Health Screening

Dear All,

Please note the following about ensuring participation in the Health Screening Assessment Questionnaire, which is designed for the safety of all on campus and which New York State requires the College to conduct daily.  New York State also requires us to monitor daily participation in the Assessment and address any misses that may occur. 

As a result, beginning this week, if you are registered to work on campus and do not complete the Daily Health Screening Assessment, Human Resources (HR) will send a reminder to both you and your supervisor each time that you miss it.  If you are faculty, HR will send the reminder to both you and the Dean of Faculty office.  If you miss the questionnaire a second time, HR will also notify the relevant Senior Officer from your area.  On your third miss, HR will additionally notify the Card Office to suspend your building access. 

I want to acknowledge that participation in the Assessment has been very high.  Thank you for that, and for understanding that the “escalating” nature of these notifications is designed to rapidly identify and address non-participation across a diversity of roles - for example, acknowledging that some individuals may not check their e-mail everyday, even when they are actively working, or that supervisors may become aware of an individual's sudden inability to work and/or complete the Assessment. 

As communicated previously, all employees and faculty who are registered to work on campus must complete the Health Screening Assessment every day that they are working - even when working remotely. On remote work days, the questionnaire enables you to quickly record that you will be off campus. On the days you will be working on campus, you must answer all of the health-related questions.  

A reminder to complete the Assessment is sent daily via email, but it is important to note that if you are registered to work on campus but don't receive or see the email, you remain responsible for completing the Assessment.  The Assessment is also readily available: 

Thank you again for your efforts to maintain the health and safety of campus and contribute to Vassar's compliance with New York State requirements.  For more information about safely returning to campus, please visit the VassarTogether website:

Best wishes,

Carlos L. García
Vice President for Technology and Human Resources
Chief Information Officer